Letters from an Indian Summer

Letters from an Indian Summer❮Reading❯ ➹ Letters from an Indian Summer ➱ Author Siddharth Dasgupta – Bluevapours.co.uk A love story between an Indian photographer and a French artist Letters from an Indian Summer is suffused with a strong sense of serendipity and spiritually liberal doses of the things Arjun Bedi and A love story between an an Indian PDF/EPUB Ä Indian photographer and a French artist Letters from an Indian Summer is suffused with a strong sense of serendipity and spiritually liberal doses of the things Arjun Bedi and Genevieve Casta hold dear in this world The past though lurks constantly around every chosen corner Will the secrets they harbour end up destroying them or will the unspoken belief in their entwined cosmic paths be much too strong a force.


Letters from an Indian Summer eBook Ý from an Indian
  • Paperback
  • 328 pages
  • Letters from an Indian Summer
  • Siddharth Dasgupta
  • English
  • 22 May 2016

10 thoughts on “Letters from an Indian Summer

  1. Pankaj Giri says:

    I had heard about this book long ago as I tend to follow books by Fingerprint Publishing Not one of their three books Losing my Religion by Vishwas Mudagal Manhattan Mango by Madhuri Iyer and this one have disappointed me till now Editing is brilliant language exudes class and the storytelling is good It is my dream to be published by themComing back to the book I picked it up in a bookstore in Kolkata during a vacation Madhuri Iyer whose language is also excellent had penned an appreciation for it on the back page so I couldn't help myself from grabbing a copy After I read the first few pages I immediately realized that I had made a great decision by opting for this book Frankly speaking I am not ualified to comment on the language of this book I've read Arundhati Roy Jhumpa Lahiri Prajwal Parajuly and am currently reading Haruki Murakami and Khaled Hosseini but Siddharth Dasgupta beats them hands down The manner in which he constructs sentences is ethereal I would die to write like that but I simply can't Very few writers are blessed with such ability To believe my words you have to experience the exceedingly literary prose for yourself This is how ideally Indian authors should write rather than following the easy option of emulating the ordinary writing of some top selling Indian authors whose literary skills can't be even compared with Siddharth's I was re reading and savoring the unparalleled beauty of each and every sentence as I navigated the novel The only minor suggestion from me to Siddharth is if you're so comfortable playing with nouns and verbs and weaving such poetic sentences you could lessen the usage of adverbsDescriptions of cities is flawless although sometimes a bit too detailed It really makes you visit them then and there Descriptions of food music and pictures are also marvelous throughoutThe characterization too is great Despite both the lead characters being likable they have flaws The balance is maintained with delicate precision Their traits their thought processes and their mental battles are described well The secrets which they harbor are also revealed at appropriate times and they were unexpected at least for meThe only inconseuential and totally forgivable flaws I did notice were1 The ending is a bit predictable2 The language in a few dialogues and letters is too poetic to be true It lacks a bit of realness and simplicity which generally accompany normal conversations3 Although parts of the story had sprinklings of emotion especially the Maya episode yet overall I think the story couldn't move me to tears or made me feel any other strong emotion A few love stories by bestselling authors have despite the ordinary language managed to make me emotional Nevertheless a majestic piece of fiction by a supremely talented author one to watch out for I would reuest all Indian readers to read this book and make it a bestseller With so many below average books achieving the bestseller status it is sheer injustice that this masterpiece has failed to hit the bestseller shelf Wake up India read proper fiction like this 45 glorious stars to 'Letters from an Indian Summer'

  2. Neeraja Sasidharan says:

    Sometimes certain books just happen to you at the right time when you want it the most This was definitely one such for meA light yet an impressive read Siddharth's narrative style had got me right from the beginning to the very end I was clinged to the book for everything it had to offer; the beautiful characters places arts romance letters and too much of insights and validations that came along as a pleasant surprise Being relatively new to Pune each reference in the book made me want to know and about the place Same was the case with the rest of the places too Arjun and Genevieve's story made me think about life love passion and The book if not anything will make the wanderer in you restless intensify your love for places and enhance your sense of aestheticsA must read for anybody who is an aesthete at heart It will be too hard for you to dislike

  3. Shree says:

    Note This review can be found Readers' Muse French artist Indian summer and doses of spirituality The perfect recipe for a picture postcard love story The book was exactly that A Picture postcard love story which delivered a soul stirring message to me Our protagonists Arjun and Genevieve are two nomadic souls who are in love with each other but don’t really realize that But when they do their emotional baggage from the past disrupts their harmony of sorts Romance novels these have become like Instant Coffee They give you a good shot of energy but you really don’t have a recollection of having it They don’t linger they don’t affect you the way the good old traditionally brewed coffee does Not being racist or stereotyping Indian book market these days are inundated with such books that don’t leave an impression really Thanks to trend that was started by a particular writer who “apparently” brought about “a much refreshing change” to the writing industry as many people claim This “refreshing change” is killing off writers like Siddharth Dasgupta the writer of this book Is writing masala stuff the sure shot recipe to success What of such beautiful books that ooze of love and romance as it should This book is for a pure literature lover It has a beautiful story narrated in an exemplar and exuisite manner Yet it wouldn’t possibly sell like other “hot” romantic books I would know for a fact that the book wouldn’t be “Welcomed” by the “masses” read people who read books based on the buzz that the book creates English isn’t our country’s mother tongue It’s a borrowed language that was lent to us to help us communicate with the rest of the world Aren’t we all taught to take good care of borrowed stuff Then why does a book written in a rotten language sell like hot cake I can vouch for the language used in this book The writer has maintained the original charisma of our borrowed language The plot isn’t racy the narration does slack at times but at least the writer hasn’t abused the language – a very common phenomenon with Indian romance novels I am not being biased There are still some good writers around who can cook up a decent novelIt is apparent that the writer is a well read and a well travelled person for his reading and travels are reflected in his story The writer has made even the crowded city of Delhi look so beautiful with an ethereal writing Characterization is another area that the writer definitely needs to be lauded for Portraying two nomadic characters can look easy on the outset but bringing that minuscule difference in shades of characterization is herculean task take is from a “writer in making” trying to write a love story The writer is smart for sure Making the female protagonist a French person made the romance magical without consuming much effort After all the French are romantics at heart Not stereotyping again Just admiring The cover and the font of the title are simply beautiful The beautiful cover the smell of a freshly minted book and the exuisite love story with rich characters – I feel in love with the book in spite of its slow narration VERDICT Only for literature loves who can truly appreciate the art of writing and the beauty of the language RATING 45 on 5

  4. Purnendu Chatterjee says:

    ‘Letters from an Indian Summer’ is the debut work of Siddharth Dasgupta The most uniue thing of this book is the author’s story telling skillsAfter holding the book physically the first thing that left my mouth was the word gorgeous It is one of the best cover I have seen for a story like this till date The font in which the name is written the color of the back ground the dry rose and leaves scattered all over the cover makes this look blissful The name is different as the cover and will invite the readers to grab it The blurb is small but gives a glimpse of the plot The first look of the book is so good that it will definitely attract the reader’s eyesThe books starts with Arjun Bedi the male protagonist an Indian photographer meeting a French artist Genevieve Casta the female protagonist in a café in Pune The first thing the readers will notice is the author saying Pune as Poona but as soon the author describes why it starts to sound perfect The story moves on with their first meeting in Kathmandu and with describing exotic places like Kathmandu Paris Istanbul Banaras and of course Pune in small and charming chapters The readers are going to like the way the author has framed the whole story and specially the endThe thing that takes this book to a new height is the effortless describing style of this debut author The narrating style is poetic and expressive From describing scenes to conversations all through the story the delightful words will keep the readers hypnotized The chosen words are a treat to the reader’s eyes and they will appreciate the author for the rich literary touch When the author describes outlandish scenes the readers will feel an urgent urge to visit the places or witness the beauty The author has the ability to mesmerize the readers by his beautiful and calm narrating story telling styleThe way the author created his characters is perfect for a story like this I loved the names of the characters because those names suits their personality and doesn’t confuse the readersThere are a few scenes which can make the readers feel a bit bored because of the continuous descriptions and the slow speed The speed being the one and only drawback of the story and I would say a story and a narrative like this should be enjoyed slowly by sinking himself totally under the author’s brilliantly created atmosphere A story that will be loved by all those who can appreciate good literature and are in search of a wonderful and pure love story controlled by fateFinal Words The serenity and the composure of the author's narrating style and the author's command over the language will enthrall the readers to the core Kudos to the writer for writing such a book in his debut attemptFor reviews click on wwwtimidfingersblogspotin

  5. Bookish Indulgenges with b00k r3vi3ws says:

    What can a photographer from India and an Artist of French origin have in common Well there’s their flighty nature love for travelling and a bunch of lettersWhen Arjun Bedi and Genevieve Casta meet for the first time in the beautiful Kathmandu they hit it off almost instantly As they part ways they keep in touch through letters But as time passes their letter writing declines and then comes their meeting in Pune They both feel the attraction that has been brewing over time yet their individual pasts keep them apart Will these wandering souls finally find a home and would it be with each otherThe first thing about this book that stands out is its language Right from page one you know this is not going to be one of those commercially successful novels that sell masala plot and sex in name of literature Once you realise that it is impossible to not keep turning the pages until the very end Siddharth Dasgupta has a very matured and grand sense of language that has the wow factor without feeling heavy Then there are the two characters of Arjun and Genevieve who are endearing flawed and very real They are so different yet so similar to each other It could not have been easy to portray the characters with all their imperfections yet make them so loveable Another factor in this book is the detailed descriptions of places The author must be well travelled to have captured so many details about so many different places It cannot be the result of research – the vivid descriptions help paint a clear picture of the places in the readers’ minds This is a rather refreshing IWE book that I recommend to all fiction lovers

  6. Madhusmita says:

    Sometimes a book speaks to you from its cover itself It makes you want to pick it up and read it then and there Letters from an Indian Summer was one such book for me The book is much than what the blurb saysIt is a mature love story between an Indian photographer Arjun and a French artist Genevieve Destiny is what brings them together and as their relationship grows in the years to come the reader is also taken on a virtual tour to different cities across the globe namely PoonaPune Benaras Kathmandu Istanbul Dubai ParisThis love story is like any other love story with its fair amount of denial attraction romance etc But what takes the story a level up is the underlying spirituality purity maturityRead full review here

  7. Garima says:

    Letters from an Indian summer this fine book that came along when Delhi was welcoming it's first breeze of winters A heart warming story with absolutely attractive characters expressing life the way it should be expressed Completely and beautifully The poetic flow of the story is spellbinding The collage of life has been strikingly composed portraying greys in a soulful manner You may pick this book going by it's enticing cover it wouldn't disappoint you

  8. Shajith P R says:

    This story has its moment But overall it is very much predictable A smearing story which do not get into the depth of anything

  9. Menaka Sankaralingam says:

    A poetic love story of an Indian photographer Arjun Bedi and a french artist Genevieve Casta and their global escapades narrated in exceedingly literary language and a lyrical style best suited for the romantics at heart and the literarily inclinedFor a detailed review check this

  10. Vani says:

    It is one of those guilty pleasure readings The story is predictable the language is flowery the characters are not very strong however the story has it's heart at the right place and the old style of letter writing makes is interesting PS I admit to have loved and longed for a few of the travel experiences shared in here

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