A Sinful Temptation (Sins & Scandals, #3)

A Sinful Temptation (Sins & Scandals, #3)❰Read❯ ➳ A Sinful Temptation (Sins & Scandals, #3) Author Kelly Boyce – Bluevapours.co.uk Mr Marcus Bowen former ward and now trusted man of business to the Maruess of Ellesmere has returned from the brink of death after surviving a knife wielding thief only to have his perfectly ordered l Mr Marcus Bowen former ward and now trusted man of business to the Maruess of Ellesmere has returned from the brink of death after surviving a knife wielding thief only to have his perfectly ordered life fall into chaos A mysterious package arrives and reveals his past is nothing but a lie To make matters worse the woman he once shared a passionate ill A Sinful PDF/EPUB ² fated kiss with insists he help her capture a proposal from another man—a man far befitting her station than the son of servants

 The dictates of her father’s will are clear—Lady Rebecca Sheridan must put away her childhood fantasies of Marcus Bowen and marry the very proper Lord Selward A feat she must accomplish before her next birthday or watch as her family fortunes are forfeited When Lord Selward drags his feet on a proposal Rebecca grows desperate and turns to the one man she trusts above all others for assistance—Marcus But Rebecca soon learns how easily unspoken passions can be re ignited and how thin the line between love and friendship can be As Marcus works to unravel the mystery of his past and discover his true identity can he ignore the sinful temptation Lady Rebecca presents Or will long ignored desires and well buried secrets bring them both to the brink of ruin destroying any hope of a happy future.

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A Sinful Temptation eBook ã A Sinful  PDF/EPUB ²
  • Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • A Sinful Temptation (Sins & Scandals, #3)
  • Kelly Boyce
  • English
  • 20 December 2015

10 thoughts on “A Sinful Temptation (Sins & Scandals, #3)

  1. Michelle says:

    I think with each title in this series they get better and I loved the relationship between Rebecca and Marcus in this book It's kind of a friends to lovers story with a mystery thrown in around Marcus' parentage that really gripped me I might have even shed a tear or two at a particular scene towards the end of the book and I don't generally do that I think what I'm coming to enjoy most about this series is the intrigue and attention paid to the secondary characters Lady Franklyn who we meet in book two and maybe she's in book one but I can't remember now is turning out to be one of the most fascinating people and I hope she gets her own novella or SOMETHING because she deserves it No one is uite what they appear and I love that in a story Highly recommended

  2. Cristina says:

    Story of Marcus Bowen better than the first book yet worse than the second one in my opinion The issue I have with this author is that she used or less the same plot line for all three novels hopefully she will stop

  3. Rose Swalla says:

    Loved the plot twistThis wasn’t your average love story I liked they kept much of Bowen’s history in the dark and fed it to you piece by piece I knew what would eventually happen in the end but thoroughly enjoyed the storyline getting there

  4. Booklovinglady says:

    The dialogues between Nick Spence and Marcus are hugely funny 😃 As I've also read the previous two parts of the series I think the author is getting better and better every time

  5. Letschat1974 says:

    Stars 34 Kate Pearce Maureen Driscoll Elisa Braden Hey fellow readers I don’t summarize the books as there are always great full summaries written that I read myself I only give it my personal general summary of 5 stars to 1 star3 stars This book is worth a read but didn’t really have me excited about interacting with the book where I could not put it down It lacks the excitement and well roundness of my personal markers for a great read throughout the book Development and interest in main characters secondary characters humorous movement of the book writingconversation and romanticsexual content 1 2 scenes or too much unnecessaryRead it once and that is enough for me However if this book is part of a series I would read the next book pervious book in the series as it would still peek my reading interest I’ll continue reading from this author I wouldn’t cross the author out of my potential reads in the future

  6. Lily says:

    The Sins and Scandals series just keeps getting better I love how each book just continues where the last left off and includes characters from the previous books So I would suggest starting from the beginning A Sinful Temptation was my favorite so far I was looking forward to reading Marcus Bowen's story I was riveted to this story where all kinds of plot twists and turns were revealed I didn't expect it to get so intense and emotional The characters were so well developed and I really loved so many of them Their personalities really come alive I think that is one of Kelly Boyce's strengths how well we get to know her characters and care about them I also love how passionate the stories arethe erotic moments between characters really sizzles I am eager to get to Book 4 in the series

  7. Lorelei Frank says:

    I loved this book what a surprise it was too I expected a story of stuffy characters instead I found a story of family love It's a story of a family torn apart because of rape years earlier When Mr Bowen receives a package from a women with no idenity attached to it he discovers his whole life has been a big lie As he reads the journal from this package and identifies the crest on the watch that came with the package the truth of who he is is discovered Lady Rebecca who is in love with him proves her love for him even when he is under suspicion for murder Lady Rebecca is a strong character full of life and love This is a wonderful love story and now I must go out and buy the other two books in the series

  8. Dottiebears says:

    I liked this whole series a lot but this book was my favorite of the three I loved the Marcus character and it was nice to read a book that the main character actually had a real job rather than just swanning around being an aristocratMy only real complaint with this series is that the author used the same plot device in each of the three books the hero pretending to court the heroine for one reason or another I probably wouldn't have noticed that had I not read all three books one right after the other

  9. Jultri says:

    Kelly Boyce a relatively new author has been consistently good so far in this series Her characters are appealing their interactions with another are affectionate and humorous and her ability to tell a story is uite skilful In the case of this book the compelling mystery of Marcus Bowen's parentage takes the focus somewhat sidelining his romance with his best friend's sister Lady Rebecca Sheridan

  10. Cary says:

    I liked it loved the characters and their loyalty Plus happy endings are my favorite

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