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Writing Affirmations[Reading] ➶ Writing Affirmations Author Rob Bignell – Bluevapours.co.uk Suffering from writer’s block Self doubt about your talent Has creative writing lost its joy With Writing Affirmations A Collection of Positive Messages to Inspire Writers you can reclaim the pleasu Suffering from writer’s block Self doubt about your talent Has creative writing lost its joy With Writing Affirmations A Collection of Positive Messages to Inspire Writers you can reclaim the pleasure of writing and pen the book you’ve always dreamed of Respected and award winning author Rob Bignell offers uplifting meaningful phrases that can be read out loud or internalized weekly over the course of a year Writing prompts and tips follow each affirmation giving you the inspiration and motivation to keep writing When you’ve completed this book you’ll be able to say “I am a writer” with confidence.

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  • Writing Affirmations
  • Rob Bignell
  • English
  • 15 December 2015
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10 thoughts on “Writing Affirmations

  1. Emily L. Rooks says:

    I’ve started writing stories and novels often than a smoker has tried to stop using cigarettes Neither of us was able to make the deal either So a couple of days ago when a friend of mine told me about this book I was excited to see what advice I could glean from it I was ASTOUNDED I skipped the prompts and exercises at the end of each affirmation and exhilarated by how the writing inspired me just read the whole book straight through When the new year begins I plan to read the affirmations week by week as they were intended and do all of the prompts and exercises In the meantime though I’m back to working on my novel all thanks to this book

  2. Lasher Lane says:

    Rob Bignell writes that No one is born being afraid of telling a story Instead people learn to distrust themselves For those of us who are so close to our work that we often doubt our ability the authoreditor guides us through an entire year fifty two weeks of affirmations with some interesting prompts including randomly selecting four words from a dictionary or thesaurus then carrying that list to an unfamiliar setting where we might be inspired to write a paragraph with them In another he suggests What piece of advice would you give a newborn that would stick with them forever The author also mentions life's interruptions both good and bad which can interfere with our ability to focus on our craft but he encourages us to keep at it saying that Writing itself is a healing activity It allows you to detach This is a companion in print definitely worth befriending

  3. Elyse Walters says:

    Thank you Rob For this gift I enjoyed 'every' sentence in your book It was a perfect book to be alone with during my sauna uiet time I'm not a writer I'm a passionate reader Yet I felt empowered by Rob's book I'm clear why I write I write to express to share to connect with other readers about the books we read I'm also clear that if were serious about being a writer folding laundry would not build my muscles Same goes for 'reading'I hear people tell me they have no time to read I think Rob's message about 'WRITING' are also many of the same great tips about READING Find a place that you can write or read that you can write or read each day where whatever distracts you isn't visibleAMEN THANK YOU again ROB GREAT BOOK

  4. Dierks Johnson says:

    A solid book I want to write nature travel essays but never really could get started mainly because I was a little paralyzed with fear about my own writing abilities Not any This book offers inspiration and practical tips to overcome your writing fears

  5. Greg F. says:

    While meant to be read week by week There's a 52 affirmations one for every week of the year I found myself fascinated by the first entry and couldn't help but read ahead and through the whole darn book Park reflection on writing part practical tips the book always inspires Some of my favorite affirmations from it are Each draft of book marks another year in the building of a cathedral Your best writing teacher is a passage that challenged you and To write is to realize my destiny I intend to use parts of this book in my classroom

  6. Toi Thomas says:

    I give this book a 5I’m not here to jump on a bandwagon but for someone who struggles to read what I consider “self help” I was amazed at how much I enjoyed this book and actually learned from it My original intent with this book was to read it as uickly as possible and focus on any positive points I could find so I could write a decent review when the time came Fortunately for me life got in the way of my plans and I had to take time to read pages of this book here and there whenever I could sueeze it in In doing so I believe I tricked myself into seeing the true value of this book Yes the book is motivational and helps wanna be writers gain confidence and encouragement but it is also practical Finding practical advice and examples to apply within my own path to publication was than I could have asked for I think it’s great that the book is broken down into weeks giving a new writer a chance ease into the role of author but I think it’s versatile enough to be adapted to any schedule or writing plan I personally have started to use some of the exercises on projects I started but never finished I’m skipping around and using it as a reference However it’s still nice to know that should I need motivation this book can help me get or find motivation I recommend this book to anyone wanting to write whether for pleasure or a career It’s a great desk top companion or nightstand accessory Disclaimer I received a digital arc of this book in exchange for an honest review and later purchased a copy of my own

  7. Kyle Janison says:

    I’ve read some of the author’s other writing guidebooks and found them helpful While those were extremely practical how to books this one is a bit philosophical full of reflections on writing What all of his guides have in common is that they encourage and inspire you to write – and “Writing Affirmations” takes that up a couple of notches Some of the great affirmations in this book are “Telling myself an idea is no good before I even write it is creativity cancer”; “Replace your old books with the books you’ve always wanted to write”; and “Never be afraid to write what you believe” If you’re having trouble completing your book or are starting to wonder if you really have the talent to be a published writer this book definitely is for you – you won’t have those problems once you’ve finished reading it

  8. L.B. Conahan says:

    As I began to read “Writing Affirmations A Collection of Positive Messages to Inspire Writers” I expected to find what one usually would in a writers guide–little bits of the standard writing advice amassed beside suitable uotes Instead however I found a writers’ advisory that set itself apart from the others The prose was as if author Rob Bignell sat beside you and a campfire one night as you pondered over a writer’s exploits and said “look let me tell you something about writing” Heartfelt depth complemented full spectrum consideration into the nuances and challenges we must all face as writers This practical and well grounded perspective on writing was easy to follow and various examples and comparisons covered a wide array of ideas for a message that is sure to feed or rekindle the spark in the heart of any writer

  9. Marla Madison says:

    Just what I needed This book is a real inspiration for ALL authors New writers who are struggling with how to get started seasoned authors when they hit a bad spot where they feel they need new direction or any writer really who needs a jump start in the motivation departmentThis is definitely a book to keep in your library in a spot where you will have it at your fingertips The weekly tips affirmations and suggestions are all inspiringHighly recommend this one for anyone even thinking about writing and for all writers no matter how experienced great Christmas gift if you have a wannabe writer on your list

  10. The Little French eBooks says:

    A source of inspiration for those writers who experience some ideas blockade or are on the road to gain back their muse again And for those beginners give the essential tools for develop the craft of writting into a mastery

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