Fashioned for Power (Women of Power, #3)

Fashioned for Power (Women of Power, #3)❴PDF / Epub❵ ☉ Fashioned for Power (Women of Power, #3) Author Kathleen Brooks – Allegra Simpson is the Vice President of Simpson Fashion and she's always handled life like her mother taught her — with manners and a smile But Allegra learns being nice can get you in trouble as s Allegra Simpson is the Vice President of Simpson Fashion and she's always handled life like her mother taught her — with manners Fashioned for PDF or and a smile But Allegra learns being nice can get you in trouble as someone haunts her from the shadows and turns her life to one of secrets She fears she’ll never be able to have a relationship with Finn because it would put everyone she loves in dangerFinn Williams had a promising professional baseball career until an injury disrupted everything But Finn wouldn't let that stop him He went to law school and started his own sports agency with the support of the Simpson family The only thing missing was Allegra’s love The chemistry between the two had been undeniable But Finn knew there was something that Allegra is holding back from him He just has to get her to trust him enough to tell himThe man in the shadows is watching He’s always watching He knows Allegra’s every move He’s been in her house laid in her bed and has plans to make her love him She rejected him but they are destined for each other He’s seen her with Finn and knows this new man is no match for him Soon she’ll come to see they are meant to be Because if he can’t have her then no one can.

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  • 250 pages
  • Fashioned for Power (Women of Power, #3)
  • Kathleen Brooks
  • English
  • 01 February 2016

10 thoughts on “Fashioned for Power (Women of Power, #3)

  1. Abra says:

    This book was terrible which is really a shame because I liked the first two The heroine Allegra is being stalked Her secret love Finn is threatened by the stalker so at first she gets rid of Finn to save him He turns out to love her too and they briefly get together until Finn walks in on Allegra hugging and kissing on the cheek a man not wearing a shirt The man turns out to be her best friend and the couple reconcile Allegra is snatched by her stalker and then rescued She and Finn have their HEAThe plot holes in this book were huge1 The heroine knows that Finn is jealous of her best friend but she doesn't explain her relationship with him so that Finn can feel better The best friend Nate has a secret but there's a lot Allegra could have said without exposing it 2 The stalker sends Allegra several gifts She assumes they're from Finn and despite a lot of talk about being raised to have strict Southern manners she never thanks Finn for anything She asks Finn if he likes each gift as she wears it and he says the same thing my husband does you look beautiful in everything Since Allegra never says thank you Finn never has the opportunity to tell her he didn't buy the present The truth isn't discovered until after Allegra is abducted3 Allegra sets her home security alarm code to an important date in her life No one not the FBI nor the police detective nor the private security agency tell her to change her code to a random set of numbers Her assailant has no trouble running through the dates until on the fourth try he finds the right one4 A camera is never set up in Allegra's home My husband set up a camera to watch the neighbor's cat come in and eat our cat food He was able to watch from his iPhone This was really cheap yet not even the private security agency sets one up If they had they would have caught the bad guy in the first few chaptersOther annoying things Finn recalls giving a woman an orgasm just by whispering in her ear Really The stalker is somehow able to hold Allegra's arms to her sides as well as a knife to her neck This means he has one hand on each side of her and a third on the knife Allegra's family ask if she's going to marry Finn from before they get together and continue until the end of the book These are supposed to be very nice people yet they continually make her feel embarrassed and uncomfortable Child psychology works What are these people eight No I won't do that You're too afraid to do that I'll show you I'm not afraid I want to do that The romantic scenes were so over the top that there was no way I could buy into themThe next book is about a Big Mis so I won't be continuing the series It's a shame because the first two were fun

  2. Tracy T. says:

    This series gets better with each book Loved it audible whispersync reviewI loved this book It was so good Loved how Allegra got stronger and even confident She was a great character Funny smart and beautiful I loved Finn too He was great Also strong smart and handsome The chemistry between them was great and believable there was a couple of hot and steamy sex scenes too So this is not a rated G book but its also not erotica at all Just nicely written sex scenes The story line and plot was great I really enjoyed the stalker mystery I never guessed who it was Which is a bonus for me to be surprised I really love this the writing style of this authorin this series It's not insta attraction and jumping in to bed The characters get to know each other and are very likeable I enjoyed all the secondary characters that show up from the previous books Just a really enjoyable story from beginning to endAs for the narration it was great I am becoming a bigger fan of Amy McFadden the I listen to her The men sound like men and everyone gets their own distinct voice She also has a very nice reading voice and reads with emotion as called for LIke whispering and yelling etc I am looking forward to readinglistening via whispersync to the next book in the series Destined for Power It's Mallory's book YAY

  3. Karen says:

    Once again Kathleen has done it I loved Allegra and how she felt like she had to handle this on her own so she could prove that she wasn't a baby and always had to be rescued by her family Finnwhat can I say about Finn he was remarkable I really loved his protectiveness and love for Allegra all the while thinking that she would not love him once she saw his past I was Totally shocked by who the actual stalker was I never would have thought it was him I actually thought it was the guy that Archer told her liked her but never talked to her I love how the family dynamics are there and they all help each other out I just wish we would have explored Allegra and Finn a little Although they or shall I say we discovered their attraction to each other in the end of book 2 they went from zero to I love you real uick Shirley what can I say about her I love her she is hysterical I would love for her to take a trip to Keeneston and run into the Rose sisters That would be really funny I am really looking forward to book 4 I hope we learn about Mallory and what happened to her I also hope that we see of Ahmed and the tie in with Blue Grass You do need to read this series from book one in order to get all the characters and understand the family

  4. Laura Hannaway says:

    A bit disappointing I had read the previous novels in the series so I was really looking forward to reading about Allegra and Finn finally getting together However the reality wasn't that great Allegra was a bit too weak for my tastes though she did gradually improve and I felt that she caused a lot of the problems between her and Finn by her failure to communicate her wishes and stand up for herself I did like Finn though I though his insecurities were understandable and I liked the way he dealt with them and with other characters in a clear and direct way The plot was good though I had worked out what wS happening pretty early onI probably would have only given this two stars but I though the build up for the next story in the series Destined For Power was excellent and i can't wait to read it in April

  5. Krystal says:

    I enjoyed this story I do love hearing about the family and I love their relationships however one thing I feel that this book lacks a deeper connection between all of the characters I feel like I needed a bit depth to them It could have been so much but yet it wasn't

  6. Shy says:

    I sooooo love Finn and Alegra's story I think it's the fact that I have read about how they start to get to know each other from the first book of the series that made me feel that I know them better than Allegra's other two sisters As I am sure I have mentioned before I am not really a fan of whirlwind romances The fact that Allegra and Finn went to several phases of getting to know each other to helping each other and being friends before they came to the romantic side of things made it easier to feel and relate to their love storyI love how Allegra's character throughout the book From the sweet sister she is from the first book of the series to the independent and gutsy gal she is in this book Next to love stories I always love reading about characters growing up That made them real and easier to believe too It's nice to see Allegra trying so hard to steel herself and admitting to her weaknesses and be able to ask for help when necessary I think that was made her such a strong woman Learning that strength is not being someone who is flawless but having the guts and the will to address your weaknessFinn's love for Allegra was also heartwarming I love how supportive he was and how he wouldn't give up for the one he love Mos of all I like his humble beginnings and how he made a name for himself and still keep himself on the groundThe family of both characters were an added bonus I love how they love cherish and support each other Even so I love how they tease each other when an awkward situation arises That scene where Allegra's family caught Finn naked was hilarious And of course Shirley is always the life of it all I don't think any story in this series would ever be the same if you remove her out of the picture Her walker banner makes my side hurt from laughingThe suspense side of the story is so thrilling you couldn't ask for I think it's the way Kathleen write the suspense parts that set aside her books from others It had me guessing as I read along It even made me contradict myself at times I felt like playing detective as I read through the story I could have easily been there nosing my way around without any of them knowing except maybe MalloryThat cliff hanger in the end pertaining to Mallory and Reid had left me hanging very well thank you very much I now can't wait for the next book to come out And much as I love Reid I think Terrell just caught my attention I would love to see of him in future booksAll in all reading Finn and Alegra's story has been a wonderful journey complete with romance suspense and comedy There's nothing can ask forMore reviews at

  7. Heidi says:

    Title Fashioned For PowerAuthor Kathleen BrooksStars 5 out of 5ReviewAllegra Simpson Vice President of Simpson Fashion is the perfect daughter sister and Vice President because she hides her emotions behind a pretty smile and perfect manners Finn Williams though he lost everything when he blew out his knee ending his baseball career her found the love of his life Allegra Simpson but little does he know that a mystery man has fallen in love with her to and will do anything to make her his Even death Kathleen Brooks created a book that is family centered; around love compassion and no matter what family comes first Each book in this series is a standalone novel but read in order the reader will follow along as the characters develop and grow Each story only adds to each other having the reader investing in the power series with each of the family member’s struggles love and life The author takes on heavy topics for her mysteries with Allegra the author dives into stalkers and how the victims are often see it is their fault someone is terrorizing them While the story is dark the author creates some humorous and sweet moments to keep their reader focused on the love story Kathleen Brooks throw uite a few optional stalkers at you so when you meet the man you’re a little taken backThis story ends as all of the authors other books but not without twist and turns that make you wonder if Allegra will have her happily ever after like her sistersehttpwwwdpB00PO36FUCrhttpwwwbarnesandnoblecomwfashi

  8. Jo says:

    this is a stalker story each of the book goes to tell something serious in woman Allerga a sweet and has a good heart She forgives everyone even they did bad to her She is a really nice girl but i do think she never protect herself she just open and invitie people to hurt her Don't get me wrong i am not blaming her for the death of Harry or the hurts of the people around her but it can be avoid when the stalker comes to her i do think Allerga needs to do extra protection when she felt about someone was in the house she need to change the password of the security system When she was given gifts she needs to say something maybe just ask about or thank what Finn has been given She never did she takes it for granted that caused so many things happened in the laterif Allerga has some senes in her mind maybe things will not be that badSo did Finn He is insecure he never believes himself even he did great to achive what he had He was 34 and being a VP He runs the compnay in good way but he doubt himself As a poor boy gorwth up in nothing he plays hard to be the baseball player even he hurt and end of his career he was good to Elle that's why he bemcae her driver not cap driver any then study hard in night and maybe we all like Allerga and Finn always assume the we are the worst and play nice to the other even they hurt us in deep Sometime no matter men or women we need to fight for our own stand up for our own to tell people who hurting us to STOP

  9. Alima Livzletlivz says:

    Fashion clothes photo shoots and runways are Allegra Simpson’s life As the Vice President of Simpson Fashion she does her job with manners and a smile As much as she is confident and poised she’s too nice for her own good and her family always swoops in to protect her As much as she is in the limelight for all the right reasons she can also be a target for an obsessive stalker hell bent on making her his wifeBut Allegra’s heart and soul belong to Finn Williams who runs a sports agency and is affiliated with the Simpsons Finn has always loved Allegra and even as they confess their feelings for each other he knows that Allegra is keeping him at a distance and hiding somethingAs they try to work through misunderstandings and jealousies the obsessive stalker in the shadows is getting too close for comfort and the twist in the story sure is a surprise It’s wonderful visiting Elle and Drake Logan and Bree and let’s not forget the sassy Shirley with her puns and humor“Fashion For Power” is the third book in her Woman Of Power Series and is just another fabulous love story Allegra and Finn make you laugh cry and pull your hair sometimes but you just can’t help falling in love with them And the suspense was well maintained till the end of the storyAs much as I liked Allegra and Finn my favorites are Drake and Elle Can’t wait for Mallory to kick some sense into Read Simpson

  10. Tracy says:

    In a nutshell Eh The dialogue did not do anything to enhance the characters Instead it made me dread picking up the book to read it The tense fiery ending made up for some of the drivel that came out of Finn’s mouth but not enough for me to think fondly of the storyI had been looking forward to this book because I liked the Finn and Allegra characters from previous books in the Women of Power series While I enjoyed the setting and overall style of the book the tone was lacking This story doesn't seem to be as flushed out as the books in the Bluegrass series I wanted David Josh and Nate There were interesting elements to their characters that could have enhanced the story Instead it seems as if they were just stuck in periodically because a situation called for another characterFinally I was disappointed with Finn's dialogue and Allegra's coming into her own Both seemed to be too rushed and very unlike their characters in the previous books The dialogue seemed almost like a first or second draft and did not do much to move the plot along Finn's character came across as weak and besotted while Allegra's transformation was not believable She changed from a mouse to a lion in a single moment of crisisWhile I am intrigued about Mallory Reid's upcoming story in Destined for Power I hope the story is engaging and the dialogue is improved after reading Fashioned for Power

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