Keeping My Heart Safe

Keeping My Heart Safe[KINDLE] ❂ Keeping My Heart Safe ❆ A. Sloan – Ever Since Emmaline Hale Was Years Old She Has Kept Her Heart GuardedThe Only Time She Ever Tried It Ended In Heartbreak And If She Was Honest With Herself Her Heart Wasn T Even Really In It Then On H Ever Since Emmaline Hale Was Years Old She Has Kept Her Heart GuardedThe Only Time She Ever Tried It Ended In Heartbreak And If She Was Honest With Herself Her Heart Wasn T Even Really In It Then On Her th Birthday Emma Decides To Finally Get Out There And Try Again She Finds Herself In An Elevator Having An Almost Instant Connection With A Man Having Feelings She Has Never Felt Before Alcide Sloan Is The Type Of Man Women Can T Keeping My Kindle - Say No To He Has It All The Looks The Wealth And Power Not To Mention His Own Trust Issues With All Of His Past Sexual Encounters As Well As Friendships He Has Never Found Or Felt A Connection With Anyone That Is Until He Steps Into The Elevator Of One Of His Buildings With A Simple Touch He Realizes His World As He Knew It Has Just Been Turned Upside Down With That Small Touch From Alcide Emma Is Completely Turned Inside Out However Will Her Fears And The Past That Comes Back To Haunt Her Stop Her New Life Before It Even Starts Will Emma Be Enough For Him Will Alcide Be Able To Trust Her With His Heart Will Emma Be Able To Trust Him With Her Past Will Alcide Be Able To Keep Both His Heart And Emma Safe.

I m a mommy wife daughter and friend I have a wonderful husband he is also an amazing father We have a beautiful year old daughter who is pretty awesome I worked in retail for years Out of those years where in management I love photography and have taken photos for a long time I also love to read and write I got out of reading a few years ago and was brought back into the ligh.

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  • Keeping My Heart Safe
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  • 01 October 2015

10 thoughts on “Keeping My Heart Safe

  1. Amanda says:

    Ever since Emmaline Hale was 16 years old she has kept her heart guarded.The only time she ever tried it ended in heartbreak, and if she was honest with herself her heart wasn t even really in it then On her 27th birthday Emma decides to finally get out there and try again She finds herself in an elevator having an almost instant connection with a man, having feelings she has never felt before Alcide Sloan is the type of man women can t say no to, he has it all the looks, the wealth and power Not to mention his own trust issues With all of his past sexual encounters as well as friendships, he has never found or felt a connection with anyone That is until he steps into the elevator of one of his buildings With a simple touch he realizes his world as he knew it has just been turned upside down With that small touch from Alcide, Emma is completely turned inside out However, will her fea...

  2. Heather Cicio says:

    I found this book by chance and I am so happy that I did It was a quick read with some mystery and lots of love I absolutely fell in love with Alcide He is extremely amazing and Emma is a very lucky girl to have won his heart I was on the edge of my seat a few tim...

  3. Terra J says:

    Amazing Story about two people that guard their heart too the fullest extent Alcide is wealthy and has reasons not to trust but with Emma his heart feels safe Emma has a lot of pain from past experiences that have happened to her but Alcide makes her want t...

  4. Monique says:

    Debut novel from A.Sloan so I wasn t sure what to expect Thinking that this was going to be a straight lovey dovey romance novel, I WAS SO WRONG There are hot steamy scenes and action that will suck you in and have you not wanting to put your book down until it...

  5. Sabra Barowski says:

    I absolutely LOVE Emma and Alcide This book pulls you in and doesn t let go The chemistry between Emma and Alcide is HOT Every woman should have a man like Alcide I don t give spoilers, so if you want to know what happens, you need to read this book Can t wait to see what A...

  6. Raven Wolf says:

    WOW this was a wonderful Book It was filled with Love, Lust, Tragic Past, Unlimited possibilities for the future for Emma Alcide.I was taken by this book from the start with it s twist and Turns I was sucked in Before i realized it I was done and still wanting .If you are looking for a new book I h...

  7. Nicole Guerrero says:

    I love it We should all have man as dedicated as Alcide Sloan Emma is a strong woman that has her week moments I just wish she didn t put herself down so much, Alcide always having to reassure her Other than that I loved this book It s a must read Can t wait to see what Amanda comes out with next

  8. Betty Erskine says:

    A Sloan did an amazing job on Keeping My Heart Safe You are hooked on the first few pages And won t want to set it down at all Alcide is something else He s the man every woman would love to have And Emma will steal your heart They are both wonderful characters I recommend this book highly

  9. Janet Mota says:

    Emma and Alcide s story is so beautiful They hook you into their steamy love affair from the first page This is a great read The story was a hot love story with a few twists and turns thrown in there for good measure This is an amazing debut from A Sloan and I look forward to readin...

  10. Meledy Blumberg says:

    OmgThis was a awesome book Emma had so much pain in her life but she finally meets the man of her dreams Alcide but can he help her Or can she help him with all his baggage Well there love be enough from the heartache that comes out To...

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