Darcys Tale (Darcys Tale #1-3)

Darcys Tale (Darcys Tale #1-3)[EPUB] ✺ Darcys Tale (Darcys Tale #1-3) By Stanley Michael Hurd – Bluevapours.co.uk All three volumes in one edition fully re edited Note each volume is also sold separatelyLet yourself be drawn into the world of Fitzwilliam Darcy landed gentleman scholar and very eligible bachelor w All three volumes in one edition fully re edited Note each volume is also sold separatelyLet yourself be drawn into the world of Fitzwilliam Darcy landed gentleman scholar and very eligible bachelor whose engaging and enthusiastic friend Mr Bingley has acuired a new manor Darcy accompanies his friend into the wilds of Hertfordshire where he meets the enchanting Miss Elizabeth Bennet Darcy was a wealthy well intentioned intelligent and educated man; how on Earth did he become so thoroughly tangled by his acuaintance with the daughter of a country gentleman Follow the story that will take Darcy from the heights of wealth and status to the depths of pain and self condemnation and ultimately to the safe haven of the love and respect of his heart's mistress This lovingly crafted companion to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice will give her fans a feeling of home coming and a chance to see this beloved story from a new perspective all the while immersed in the endearing world of Regency England Austen so masterfully created.

Stan Hurd is a PhD neurochemist who currently occupies himself writing teaching fencing and Karate and polishing samurai sword blades He was introduced to Jane Austen's works late in life but became immediately captivated by the unlabored beauty of her prose Having read one of the many adaptations written to extend the story of Pride and Prejudice while he was delighted to be back in tha.

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  • 24 June 2015

10 thoughts on “Darcys Tale (Darcys Tale #1-3)

  1. Meredith (Austenesque Reviews) says:

    OVERVIEW In this thoughtful and illuminating trilogy author Stanley Hurd tells the story of Pride and Prejudice from Mr Darcy’s point of view Revealing the inner workings of Darcy’s mind – his analytical thought process his reflections on love and marriage as well as his interactions with close friends and family and private correspondence with his sister – Mr Hurd gives readers a very complete and intimate depiction of Fitzwilliam Darcy with these three phenomenal volumesVolume One – Into HertfordshireTime Frame Just before Bingley begins his lease to the departure of the Netherfield party to LondonWhat We Learn The Darcys are introspective – in this volume Georgiana is reflecting on the incident in Ramsgate her mistakes and the nature of love While Darcy ponders the married state his parent’s happy union and his years out in society The Netherfield Ball was a night of acute torment for Mr Darcy WowWhat I Loved How it felt to be inside Darcy’s head To see him work out ideas and analyze react contemplate – we learn everything We learn the truth about Mr Darcy I also loved how I will now never look at the Netherfield Ball the same again poor Darcy what a night of disappointment stress and frustrationRating 5 out of 5 starsVolume Two – Into KentTime Frame Darcy’s arrival in London after the Netherfield Ball to Darcy giving Elizabeth his letter after the first proposalWhat We Learn Darcy repeatedly misunderstood and misinterpreted practically every interaction he had with Elizabeth Poor Darcy imagined hidden subtext where there was none interpreted her blushes and smiles incorrectly and assumed Elizabeth’s open candor and teasing was a sign of her partiality for him Darcy is very awkward and inexperienced around women He doesn’t see through their machinations is unsure of how to make normal conversation with them and is very bad at flirting but that is kinda cute While in London trying to forget Elizabeth he almost falls into a trap set by a very devious lady Loved how he revenged himself thoughWhat I Loved I loved everything Such wonderful insight into this character But what I loved most was seeing the proposal refusal and letter from Darcy’s point of view The intense despair and heartache Darcy experiences are palpable and profoundly movingRating 5 out of 5 starsVolume Three – The Way HomeTime Frame Darcy returning to London after receiving a devastating rejection from Elizabeth to Christmas Day an epilogueWhat We Learn Darcy is a man of action There is a lot scenes devoted to Darcy’s “hunts and confronts” Wickham seuence in this volume With the precision strategy and skill Darcy uses to negotiate Wickham you’d think he had experience in the military Darcy is a matchmaker Darcy involves himself in two other couples’ love affairs Love how he lent them his assistanceWhat I Loved Corporal Sands a brilliant comic relief character And of course I loved Darcy with all his strength and manliness as he expertly handled Wickham sigh I also enjoyed Darcy’s relationship with his aunt Lady AndoverRating 5 out of 5 starsCONCLUSION This series is brilliant and a MUST own for every Darcy fan I love how Mr Hurd gives us an objective view of this iconic hero Darcy’s flaws aren’t completely explained away and how closely he pays attention to and doesn’t stray from Jane Austen’s vision of this beloved iconic hero he truly is very much what he ever was Mr Hurd has done a marvelous job with Mr Darcy and I am all eager anticipation to see what he does with Colonel Fitzwilliam and Captain Wentworth next

  2. Cathryn says:

    Was a bit skeptical when I started but this was incredibly well done I really enjoyed seeing one of my favourite stories from another character's perspective

  3. Julie says:

    I have successfully reread this volume and adore it just the sameAn addendum to this review Mr Hurd read of my problem with my copy and kindly sent me a copy of the book that does not have the text error inside I can now recommend this story without reservation Adaptations of Austen’s novels are written almost exclusively by women It is rare indeed that a man takes up the task of rewriting the story of Darcy and Miss Bennet After reading this series though I wish would tryWhile many others have tried to capture Darcy’s perspective of Pride and Prejudice this version captures his spirit and personality in a way Austen I think would approve Here we receive a before during and after view of Darcy's character and we witness the transformation Elizabeth sparks in him from his own eyes Darcy’s public vs private face is made clear using letters between he and his sister who is has a much larger role in this story than the original which I enjoyed immenselyI will admit there were times when the sheer amount of philosophy Darcy used to analyze his life made me skim some of the pages However I did enjoy the analytical side of Darcy overall compared to the sickly sweet version some adaptations put forward This version of Darcy is much closer to the one I envision when I read Pride and Prejudice Hurd captured all the characters’ essence and I enjoyed the extra characters he created just as much My only complaint is a problem with the format or printing Some of the italicized letters were boxes like you sometimes see when an emoji doesn't come through correctly Overall the story was fantastic This is a great read for any Austen adaptation fan and a uniue way to read Darcy's story I really enjoyed the different perspective of Darcy's life

  4. Dung says:

    OVERVIEW I would highly recommend this series I held off reading at first because the series was incomplete and I hate waiting for the next book to come out I then held off reading because I wanted to enjoy it over the holiday season and end my year with a great PP variationMy only regret is that I waited so long to read it and the only disappointment regarding the series is that the story ended Stan has a wonderful way with words and truly captures Ms Austen’s story There are parts in the story that tugs at your heartIn this poignant trilogy author Stanley Hurd tells the story of Pride and Prejudice through Mr Darcy’s point of view Exploring the inner workings of Darcy’s mind – his thought process his reflections on love and marriage his interactions with close friends and family and private correspondence with his sister – Mr Hurd provides readers and opportunity to insert themselves in Fitzwilliam Darcy's life and get a sense of his thoughts and actions with these three phenomenal volumes

  5. Susan says:

    Very nice trilogy of Pride Prejudice retoldfrom Mr Darcy's point of view entertainingand well conceived

  6. Anne says:

    I was pleasantly surprised by this book it turned out to be probably the best Pride and Prejudice variant I have read And I've read a lot of them I was most impressed by the writing style which was strongly reminiscent of Austen and other novelists of the era There were even passages that stood of their own merit in their turn of phrase and elouence passages that I actually underlined Additionally I appreciated the male perspective and the POV that was almost exclusively Darcy's occasionally Georgiana's I think it was a believable and well considered perspective that fleshed out the story fully My one complaint is the additional storylines introduced by the author and not found in the original Those supplementary plot lines were awkward and I found it difficult to place Darcy in them However all the parts of the original story were written well enough to make up for this lack Over all I recommend this book for any Pride and Prejudice fan even if you don't normally indulge in the variations and fan fictions

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