Giftchild[Reading] ➶ Giftchild By Janci Patterson – Penny adores her best friend Rodney He’s always there for her and she knows they’d be the perfect couple—except that they’re still in high school and she’s watched too many friends go throug Penny adores her best friend Rodney He’s always there for her and she knows they’d be the perfect couple—except that they’re still in high school and she’s watched too many friends go through painful breakups Besides Penny has bigger things to worry about—like her mother who desperately wants to have childrenAfter an endless string of miscarriages and failed adoptions Penny’s mother is ready to give up hope But Penny has the perfect plan if she gets pregnant she can give her mother the baby she’s always wanted Penny’s sure this is the right thing to do but only after she sets her plan in motion does she realize that sex will change her relationship with Rodney—in ways that she never expected And the she tries to fix things for her mother the she risks losing everything she wants for herself All Penny wants is for the people she loves to be happy So why isn’t anything going the way that she planned.

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  • Paperback
  • 266 pages
  • Giftchild
  • Janci Patterson
  • English
  • 08 December 2015

10 thoughts on “Giftchild

  1. Kathy says:

    Review to come Content If you read the summary then you know that there must be teen sex in this one cause obviously that's reuired to get pregnant but it was fade to black Mild language

  2. Jamie says:

    Oh my goodness what an emotional rollercoaster This book was incredibly well written I never became frustrated with the pace or the characters and the pregnancy stuff made me actually feel pregnant again my youngest is six so it's been a while The story is bitter sweet and it will wring you out emotionally So you've been warned I criedThe narrative was pretty heavy on the internal thought but I didn't care at all which is weird because that is sometimes one of my pet peeves So I'm impressed by the author's skills is what I'm trying to say I'm surprised this doesn't have reviews on Goodreads This book was recommended by Brandon Sanderson on Writing Excuses for goodness sake FYI this book features teen pregnancy but it is pretty clean fades to black before sex I would actually recommend this story for teens It deals with like every possible conseuence of the main character's actions

  3. Mimi ♡ says:

    This book Wow I did not see it going that way I thought in the end Penny would just keep her baby and understand how the other mothers chose to keep their babies Penny’s mother has been through failed adoptions miscarriages and failed fertility treatments each leaving her broken than the last Despite having two teenage daughters she wants a baby Penny realizes that she can help her mom by giving her a child so she sets out to get pregnant at sixteen by her best friend Rodney Only she doesn’t tell Rodney Rodney has been in love with Penny for years and when he find out what she has done he doesn’t know how to feel Penny realizes the situation isn’t as easy as she thought it would be At seventeen weeks Penny starts bleeding internally and delivers her son shortly after with Rodney by her side They hold him Rodney takes pictures of him and Penny names him Gabriel This scene is so real and so touching I definitely cried Penny grows up uick from being the naive girl to a much understanding friend and daughter She loves her mom a little too much at the risk of her own happiness and then realizes how detrimental that is to her health I hated Penny’s mother and she seemed very self centered throughout the whole novel even in the end She isn’t a good mother to either daughter Penny’s character goes through a major transformation as a result of what happens to her and even though she was so naive at the start I loved and felt for her Rodney was such a pushover He stood up for himself a bit and was so sweet but I would have liked him to have of an opinion about what is happening The end with Penny and Rodney being able to just hold each other was so nice Rodney gives Penny a locket with the picture of their son inside and they talk about their future

  4. Peyton says:

    425 for uality 35 for enjoyment—I was reading it in e book format which makes it harder for me to focus and it's out of my preferred genres but I'd heard it was really good It definitely is I read it in about 7 hours This family is so damaged There is so much heartbreak in this story; you could really feel for Penny and Rodney Ms Patterson has done an amazing job in showing the stress and pain caused by infertility not to mention the confused logic that comes out of teenage mindsA big part of me wishes there had been two viewpoint characters—I would have loved to have Rodney's feelings on pretty much the entire story and I could have used an occasional break from Penny's naval gazing and controlling behavior But overall a great story and I look forward to reading of Patterson's work hopefully in other genres than contempo YA

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