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The Dreamsnatcher Dreamsnatcher #1❰Epub❯ ❧ The Dreamsnatcher Dreamsnatcher #1 Author Abi Elphinstone – Twelve year old Molly Pecksniff wakes one night in the middle of the forest lured there by a recurring nightmare the one with the drums and the rattles and the masks The Dreamsnatcher is waiting He ha Twelve year old Molly Pecksniff wakes one night in the middle of the forest lured there by a recurring nightmare the one with The Dreamsnatcher Kindle - the drums and the rattles and the masks The Dreamsnatcher is waiting He has already taken her dreams and now he wants her life Because Moll is important than she knows The Oracle Bones foretold that she and Gryff a wildcat that has always been by her side are the only ones who can fight back against the Dreamsnatcher's dark magic Suddenly everything is at stake and Moll is drawn into a world full of secrets magic and adventure.

Abi Elphinstone grew up in Scotland where she spent most of her childhood building dens hiding in tree houses and running wild across The Dreamsnatcher Kindle - highland glens After being coaxed out of her tree house she studied English at Bristol University and then worked as a teacher THE DREAMSNATCHER is her debut novel for years published by Simon Schuster in THE SHADOW KEEPER is her second children's.

The Dreamsnatcher Dreamsnatcher #1 Epub Ø The
  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • The Dreamsnatcher Dreamsnatcher #1
  • Abi Elphinstone
  • English
  • 10 May 2014

10 thoughts on “The Dreamsnatcher Dreamsnatcher #1

  1. Rebecca McNutt says:

    Eerily haunting yet strikingly fantastic and magical as well The Dreamsnatcher is an excellent and original novel with a lot of imagination behind it

  2. Emma Carroll says:

    Wow What a debut 'The Dreamsnatcher' is so fast paced it left me breathlessThe story follows feisty young Moll and her wildcat Gryff on their uest to destroy the magic of the Soul Splinter which has already claimed the lives of Moll's parents The world building is superb we have a gypsy camp tree spirits old woodlands and heath magic systems talismans all intermingled to create a rich atmospheric narrative The chapters are short and pacy with plenty of horse galloping tree climbing river crossing action seuences to keep any reader hooked Yet there are uieter moments too where Moll hears of her parents' fate and how she must learn and move on I particularly loved the characterisation this is finest amongst the gypsy camp Siddy and his pet earthworm are hilarious as is Mooshie with her tea towel whereas Oak is strong and true like his name A very clever ending too in that there's resolution and a sense that all is not uite as it should be Yet The Dreamsnatcher confirms Abi Elphinstone as a hugely talented and exciting MG author

  3. Chelley Toy says:

    This review was originally posted on wwwtalesofyesterdaycoukI literally have so much to say about this book that I am really hoping that this review can do this debut authors book justice I loved this book a lot Since the end of Harry Potter I have been looking for a book and or book series that could fill that Harry Potter void in my life A book that has the right mix of great characters humour magic and action It's taken me a whileand I present to you The DreamsnatcherThe Dreamsnatcher is about Moll a twelve year old girl who lives in the Ancientwood with Oak the great leader of the camp his wife Mooshie who knows how to inflict pain with a tea towel a protective feline wild cat called Gryff and a great gypsy camp full of characters and community spirit Moll was found abandoned in the forest by Oak and Mooshie with no family to call her own Moll along with her wildcat Gryff discover that some dark magic is at play and along with her best friend Siddy and a mysterious boy called Alfie they embark upon a magical adventure in search of the old magic of the bone murmers special amulets the truth and to find out what the terrifying Soul Splinter that killed Moll's parents is all aboutRight from the start of the book debut author Abi Elphinstone captures the atmosphere and pace of the book perfectly and the sense that Moll and Gryff whilst rescuing her horse Jinx are in great danger is apparent and actually makes your heart beat faster routing for Moll from the offsetThe sense of good and bad is fantastically built up in the readers imagination in the sense that one half the forest the good Ancientwood has good healthy trees and the bad side of the forest the Deepwood has unhealthy trees with cages of bones dead rats and a scary bone mask wearing leader called SkullSkull a witchdoctor is a truly terrifying villain who creeped me out many times His whole presence is spooky and provides nerve wracking tension and I think even Lord Voldemort would be uaking in his robesThere are some touching friendships portrayed in this book my favourite being between Moll a very head strong brave and determined lead character and Siddy who provides the comedy element with his earthworm Porridge The Second and being able to fit eleven chestnuts into his mouth that Siddy thinks will one day make him famous was the deal breaker for this character for me Alfie a mysterious boy from Skulls camp provides a sense of mystery and along with Raven his noble horse provide some great moments for the reader This being said Moll and her wildcat Gryff have a heart warming friendship also and again Abi Elphinstone captures the whole premise of a cat and their loving ways and even the cat language was perfectThe Ancientwood community and gypsy camp family is again written perfectly Such great characters who all look out for Moll and Gryff My favourite of the bunch was definitely a yellow toothed bow tie wearing character called Hard Times Bob who's party trick is dislocating his limbs for a laugh ouchFollowing these characters on a magical journey through woods heaths old cottages rivers and dreamsnatches is completely page turning and with short fast paced snappy chapters the pages really did just keep turningThis book has everything Magic talismans woods tree spirits rituals voodoo wax figures tree houses oracle bones witch doctors riddles and puzzles touching friendships fab characters and an adorable wildcat This book is a real magical adventure The keywords that jumped out to me from this book were friendship family community and courageUpon receiving this book I literally had to prise the book from my 9 year olds Corey's hands and in the end had to book share with him The fights we had over who's turn it was to read the book before bed led to an interesting week or so Corey is planning to post his own review of The Dreamsnatcher on Tales Of Yesterday very soon over on his first Corey's Corner postbut I can tell you now he absolutely loved this bookI will be recommending this book to all the children and adults I know as one to read in 2015 and a fabulous author to keep an eye on and with the ending setting up book two nicely and is portrayed in such a way that you actually feel scared for what is coming I cannot wait for 2016 when the next book is publishedA fantastic magical debut Children's novel The Dreamsnatcher is a dream to readFor book reviews please visit wwwtalesofyesterdaycouk

  4. Matt Woods says:

    This book fills you with imagination You can feel the darkness seeping through the pages yet to discover the light through fantastic writing by Abi Elphinstone I loved the story and each characters prospective within it Brilliant writing Brilliant story Can't wait for the seuel next year

  5. Amanda says:

    I had high expectations for this which in hindsight probably sabotaged my reading experience Is gypsy a derogatory term? If so this book has a major problem there as it refers to the main character and her community as gypsies I didn't connect with the characters at all and didn't understand their motivations There was no world building and the bad guys seemed unreal and ridiculous to me It seemed a bit like the author thought up a cool name for something and then stopped developing that feature cool name my readers get it and I don't have to explain any The only reason I finished this was because of the wildcat character even though Moll sometimes reacted to him like a love interest than a friend or pet it was a bit weird Not going to be continuing on with this series unfortunately

  6. Peter says:

    A fun and scary middle grade fantasy adventure for 9 12 year olds The creepy prologue gives way to an opening chapter filled with action and Moll makes an enjoyable and opinionated hyperactive heroine who barely stops moving throughout the book She's the sort who says what she's thinks and means what she says Clearly and beautifully written with lots of action and movement so you can almost see her I loved her line in insults calling Alfie a spudmucker and telling him to wipe his behind on a tree rootThe other characters are great too Especially Moll's friends Siddy and his earthworm Porridge and of course Gryff the wildcat Also Oak and the extended gypsy family who take care of the hyperactive Moll And there's a scary coda at the end that sets up a new villain

  7. Mathew says:

    The Dream Snatcher is a vibrant story of youth discovery love and loyalty in a world where across the river dark revelations awakeThe story follows the adventures of Moll Pecksniff an orphaned Romani traveller whose dreams are plagued by dark visions of a masked man shrouded in fire and night But she is not alone A ferociously loyal wildcat is her companion and Moll soon meets up with Alfie whose own past is as mysterious as hers Together they must face the flames and the darkness for the sake of their people and for the sake of her homeElphinstone’s first novel is one full of energy honesty love and adventure There are so many aspects of the story that I enjoyed the descriptive language evocation of setting I loved how Moll knows the land and can name the trees and the flowers around her clarity of character and mastery of a complex plot all help find a fine balance between immersion and paceAn aspect of The Dream Snatcher that helps it shine a little brighter than other children’s stories these days is the inclusion of the Romani people I loved spending time with them in the forest leaping over broom handles listening to fortunes being told telling and seeing their good luck omens swaying gently above the front of their wagons This is a colourful and exotic world; wholly unusual to most of the readers and that makes it excitingThe pace of the story is as fast as Moll’s own beating heart Even when Elphinstone feels the need to explain something such as how the soul splinter works or subtle allusions to both her and Alfie’s parts to play in this story Moll is restless and working climbing trees or foraging amongst the undergrowth she is a hero who is happiest embracing and exploring the wild This passion and pace comes through so strongly in the narrative that the story with its short chapters and cliffhanger endings sweeps you along halting only when Skull appears and commands the pagesTrue to his name and the face of Moll’s nightmares Skull and his fellow Shadowmasks make great archetypal villains Never do we see what lies beneath their masked faces We cannot look into their eyes or identify with them in any way These are villains who stay true to their purpose monstrous creatures that we should be scared of When I first stepped into that camp with Moll I could feel a powerful sense of captivation that reminded me of Darth Vader – except Skull is a lot meaner And in case having a great bad guy alongside a gang of savages isn’t enough to send shivers down your spine there are savage hounds and vapours too that warp and bend the land for their own devicesElphinstone has packed so much into her story riddles and songs talismans and superstitions cuckoo calls and magical amulets; secrets and spells almost too much for the 278 pages to hold Thank goodness then that there are to come because I get the feeling that Elphinstone is just warming up She’s probably writing down a dank cave or up a tree poking in woodpecker holes looking for her next idea or riding bareback through a forgotten wood Wherever she is I promise you she has tapped into the spirit of adventure and a love of the natural world that many children crave yet are missingPut a copy of The Dream Catcher in their hands and they’ll happily go with her

  8. Luna says:

    With my ever growing TBR pile I didn’t think I’d read Abi Elphinstone’s debut prior to publication but much like Moll being called the Dreamsnatch there was something about this book that kept calling me I just kept picking it up so better read it to find out whyI loved the world building and characters There is this bit towards the end which I won’t spoil because it’s SO awesome and that would be mean but I was literally happy clapping while reading it The clue is ‘tree’ When you reach it you’ll know what I mean If you weren’t loving Moll’s world before you will be then It’s so vivid and the description – wonderfulMoll Siddy and of course Porridge the 2nd Mooshie Oak I liked them all Moll is headstrong which is a trait I personally love in protagonists but Gryff Can I have my own Gryff please?The Dreamsnatcher is a brilliant debut and I can’t wait for the seuel Seriously I can’t please don’t make me

  9. Satsuma says:

    The Dreamsnatcher is a thrilling page turner It really is I am a great fan of the author and have read uite a few of her books so really enjoyed this one I was taken on a journey with Moll and Griff and then Alfie weaving through each page one by one The definition of a GoodRead

  10. Amy says:

    This was a lot darker than Abi's other books i've read and was uite jarring at times It was a mixture of magical and fantasy and then every now and again someone will pop a gun out of their pocket and shoot it into the sky It was a bit of an odd mixture and I really didn't know how to take it I did enjoy it and was immersed by the story but there was something that held it back from being a five star review for me and i'm not sure what it was The world building was just a bit off it was never clearly explained whether this was meant to be a fantasy world completely or if this was earth but jut a little bit magical Hence why the discussion of guns threw me when they were mentioned I do love that Abi has a clear style of writing and that her characters are always accompanied by glorious animalsOverall this story intrigued me and gripped me enough that i'll definitely be listening to the rest of the series over on scribd

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