Oh Marina Girl

Oh Marina Girl[PDF / Epub] ⚣ Oh Marina Girl ✈ Graham Lironi – Bluevapours.co.uk The death sentence of a spaceman the claustrophobic editor of a newspaper's letters page receives a note from a kidnapper informing him that intolerance will not be tolerated and that a hostage will b The death sentence of a spaceman the claustrophobic editor of a newspaper's letters page receives a note from a kidnapper informing him that intolerance will not be tolerated and that a hostage will be executed unless he arranges for a letter to be published on the front page of the next morning s paper So begins the narrator's tale within which we encounter strange characters such as Chris The Crossword Compiler and Mark Twain or at least his namesake and hear of an enigmatic organisation of moral Oh Marina ePUB ✓ vigilantes called The Amino But who is the kidnapper What are hisher motives And why would heshe wish to pass a death sentence on the narrator.

Graham Lironi is a cult author who has been described as the ‘bad boy of Scottish fiction’ by The List magazine His first two novels The Bowels of Christ and Candyfloss Martyrs won plaudits for their uncompromising style and provocative subject matters A former journalist Graham now runs a PR agency Liuorice Media in Glasgow.

Oh Marina Girl Epub ´ Oh Marina  ePUB ✓
  • Paperback
  • 176 pages
  • Oh Marina Girl
  • Graham Lironi
  • English
  • 07 May 2014
  • 9781908643919

10 thoughts on “Oh Marina Girl

  1. Kimberley doruyter says:

    at times confussing at times heartbreakingthe mystery remains till the last pageyour not just reading along with the character your discovering with him

  2. Heather says:

    Intolerance will not be toleratedThe letter page editor of a newspaper receives a note from a kidnapper citing that he's taken a hostage and demands the full letter be posted on the front page should they hope to spare him This triggers the narrator's tale deciphering what's really going on without police involvement but through a narrative of calligraphy anagrams personal loss and writing it all out on the pageAnd frankly my head hurts It hurts even that since finishing the book in the last few minutes I've read that the author's name is an anagram of the title What was a uiet day a casual decision to start reading this book to kill some time between projects turned into the need to sit down and understand this riddle of riddles It's a kind of rollercoaster U turning mentality that kept the pages turning in uick succession As if one of the multitude of a ha moments I had lead to anything As if I've lost track of the amount of solutions I had to this story and each time I thought I had itI like it because beyond being crime it's clever on another level it's text based and looks at language and handwriting and all these other little linguistic things to take it to new territory; I know many people who would revel in the story just for this literary slant It puts it on a level that you think you yourself can work it out spotting an anagram before it's unveiled if it even is makes you feel like you've got a one up on the author but you likely don'tGoing into the plot would really take away from it because it's built on puzzles that the reader revels in trying to solve And that's kind of the point; I can't even remember the narrator's name I'm hoping this is because it was notbarely mentioned and not because I've been stupid but I vividly remember the analysis of handwriting the literary uotes that pull points together I felt like it was a code the reader had a chance of cracking and so the pages kept on turningIt's a bit of a journey I'm not going to lie but it's a good'un

  3. J. Simons says:

    A wonderful puzzle of a book full of twists and turns But in the midst of all the trickiness the beating heart of this novel is the soulful rendering of a man's relationship with his wife and son This is a book about murder and kidnapping and anagrams and revenge set against the background of the savage world of Glasgow journalism but most of all it is a novel about love and loss

  4. Clare says:

    This book was recommended to me by a friend who thought I'd like it I looked at the cover Hmmmm I read the blurb Hmmmm I took the plunge and uickly discovered my friend was wrong I didn't like it I LOVED itReviewing a book like this less is definitely I'm not going to relate the plot or reveal the contents Suffice to say the book is clever without being obscure it packs a punch and is an addictive page turner It is also I suspect a Marmite book which makes it an excellent choice for a reading group as well

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