The Nether

The Nether[Epub] ➟ The Nether Author Jennifer Haley – I've read the studies No one has been able to draw a conclusive correlation between virtual behaviour and behaviour in world The Nether is a virtual wonderland that provides total sensory immersion Ju I've read the studies No one has been able to draw a conclusive correlation between virtual behaviour and behaviour in world The Nether is a virtual wonderland that provides total sensory immersion Just log in choose an identity and indulge your every desire But when a young detective uncovers a disturbing brand of entertainment she triggers an interrogation into the darkest corners of the imaginationWinner of the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize The Nether is both a serpentine crime drama and haunting sci fi thriller that explores the conseuences of living out our private dreamsJennifer Haley's The Nether received its UK premiere in July at the Royal Court Theatre London in a co production with Headlong.


The Nether ePUB ✓ Kindle Edition
  • Kindle Edition
  • 80 pages
  • The Nether
  • Jennifer Haley
  • English
  • 11 March 2015

10 thoughts on “The Nether

  1. Craig Werner says:

    Very nicely realized play about the ambiguities of life inside the internet which Haley renames the nether to emphasize the demonic elements set free by divorcing physical and virtual experience This is a hobby horse of mine so she was preaching to the choir but her sermon winds up nuanced and complicated than it probably would have been had I been in charge The issues won't be a surprise to anyone who's thought about technology virtual violence pornography the multi leveled uestion of ethics and responsibility But there's a nice theatrical conceit at the center and some lyrically searching passages especially near the conclusion I'd really like to see it staged

  2. matthew says:

    This was recommended to me by a stranger who asked me about my research interests The play does sound entirely up my alley cyberspace selfhood the body ethics etc However The Nether is clearly not written for me or other people well versed in science fiction Instead this play is Baby's First Science Fiction None of the content is remotely novel nor is the execution particularly forceful or compelling The plotting is pedestrian and the characters have the annoying tendency of announcing themes in hyper articulate fashion Not that the stage absolutely needs realism but a deft hand could have walked the line between Brechtian estrangement and didactic pronouncements successfullyThis is sci fi for people who have never encountered sci fi The Nether really calls into uestion the class dynamics of the theatre in an interesting way while the novel is intrinsically bourgeois the stage should be less lateral in class accessibility Yet and the stage has become the playset for the elite as ticket prices increase to prohibitive levels The Nether with its simplistic ethics and bourgeois attitudes around sex and performance speaks to its rich audience inflating their ego with pseudo intellectual nonsense that sci fi has already been working out for decades in the ghetto of genre Frankly cyberpunk and postcyberpunk theorized and problematized the ethics of virtuality twenty to thirty years in better stylish less tryhard fashionIn a typically bourgeois manoeuver the play uses pedophilia to make its shocking points because I suppose audiences wouldn't consider the ethics of a crime less sensational Of course The Nether would involve pseudo Victorian garb language and architecture in its cyberspace as nothing speaks of the corruptible innocence of youth than a Victorian orphan This play is like a 15 year old's attempt at being edgy The Nether is awful

  3. Joe Labriola says:

    Forcing readers to consider the conseuences humankind’s growing integration into the realm of virtual internet reality “The Nether” by Jennifer Haley presents some daunting philosophical and moral uestions that are sure to arise in even greater detail in our near future

  4. Paquita Maria Sanchez says:

    Still thinkin' on it

  5. Max Heimowitz says:

    It's incredible what we have done using the materials of the earth Not only have we built roads and cities but we have created tools for our imaginationAs much as I am creeped out by Jennifer Haley's The Nether I'm drawn to it It is by no means a comfortable journey But I found the uestions asked fascinating The technology intriguing And the characters multi layeredThe nether is an alternate form of reality Virtual realities composed of multiple realms places and locations are accessible to all users They may login and indulge in their desires Detective Morris is investigating one such reality The Hideaway uestioning its creator Sims and a few of its users Papa runs The Hideaway where users may engage in their pedophilic and murder y fantasies without the repercussions of the real world We get a glimpse of this with Iris a young girl living in this virtual reality along with Woodnut and DoyleHowever the virtual connections reach into the real world Emotional connections span the two realities the real reality and the virtual reality But how dissimilar are these two entities? Does acting upon urges in a virtual space remove the conseuence of your actions from the real world? I'll admit Haley's example in this play takes things to the Extreme But nonetheless it is an extremely fascinating albeit challenging subject to explore And however twisted disturbing and gross it may have been I thoroughly enjoyed my reading experienceIt's all about ethics behavior and the internet with a strange but intriguing premise If you want to ask yourselves uestions you may have never asked yourself before and in this case leave in a state of befuddlement that doesn't necessarily annoy you because of how real it feels? then pick up this play and give it a shot Of all the pedophileviolence related plays I've read in the past week this one was the most compelling Not every part was incredible but I believe it was well done

  6. Nick K says:

    Hard hitting issues of morality and psychosis It would have been better if the characters were three dimensional but maybe she intended it to be that way Still a good play that asks tough uestions

  7. Nicole says:

    A moody rumination on the ethics of the internet with great latitude for staging possibilities and a fascinating central conceit

  8. John says:

    Very provocative Deals with sexual boundaries and the ideal of living killing and copulating in an online world known in this realm as the Nether Reminded me of Sword Art Online in which Kirito spends most of his time in the game world and No Game No Life for the same reason To think that a future for our society seeing how much time we spend today on social media and the Internet which has grown so vast to spend most of our waking hours in a virtual world and lose our natural balance of self For in a virtual world we have avatars that may be entirely different personalities than those we have in the real world However what is reality? Is it defined by pure sensation? Or is it merely real because any other worlds are created within?Which leads to the huge moral uestion posed in The Nether Say you molested children in the real world you would be condemned to imprisonment most likely; but if you did the same in a virtual world in which children may be adults behind the screens is it still morally reprehensible? If the victimized user feels the same sensations albeit not as profound as those in the real world but he or she as the avatar is going along with it by choice is it wrong?I shudder to think how virtual our world may become in the future as and of everyday life is being transferred to the new platform that we call the Internet We can already have avatars online and with the recent innovations like Oculus Rift and similar virtual reality facilitators I fear that we will spend and of our time in a nether world A world that may be run by different rules different customs different unspoken zeitgeists To forebode in fact an entirely second world to the real world a world where our people can in fact cross over or actually move mind to wholly like Sully does in the film Avatar Would it then be possible to do full mind transfer that is to completely depart from our physical vessels here and move mind and soul into a virtual realm?I did read this for my writing seminar Remembering the Future and based on the summary it's not something I would read on my own volition However it's a good read and makes you think and wonder about the future I find myself thinking about the future uite often nowadays What will society be like in a thousand years if we are still inhabiting this planet? Or wherever we dwell? I am beginning to appreciate the artistry of plays and am beginning to consider pursuing plays for leisure reading besides those by Shakespeare or whoever wrote those magnificently written worksWill it be possible to utterly redefine reify the world we know today to a virtual now become real one? In other words to make the entire world digital?

  9. Doug says:

    Intellectually intriguing well written play about the moral responsibilities that come with online gamerole playing My only ualm is that much of the play consists of two characters interacting while seated across from each other across a table which makes for rather a static play visually But how can you NOT love a play containing the line You're so pure you never even fcked an elf

  10. Yourfiendmrjones says:

    An amazing play that takes on morality ethics and the search for identity on the internet through a very dark prism I'm not sure if I could ever stage it but I am sure it's one of the best pieces of theater I've ever read

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