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If Not For You✻ [BOOKS] ✯ If Not For You By Jennifer Rose ❅ – Bluevapours.co.uk What would you do if your days were numbered Tandy Manning was left to decide just that Housing long kept secrets secrets she would surely take to her grave she resolves to spend what time is left on What would you do if your days were numbered Tandy Manning was left to decide just that Housing long kept secrets secrets she would surely take to her grave she resolves to spend what time is left on a cruise around the world Fun and adventure If Not PDF \ would be hers for the taking After following someone else’s rules for most of her existence Tandy is elated to set off for a once in a lifetime experience where no rules apply days exploring the globe see the sights discovering exotic destinations and with any luck she would find a man to explore her untouched unexplored unspoiled year old state of virginity at last With no outside interference on a ship with hundreds of potential takers she would get her whambam moment and be done Unaware that her meddling father had assigned Gage Carter his newest security man to keep a watch over her while she travels Bad boy Gage is not at all happy with the idea of babysitting Mr Manning’s spoiled little girl that is until he sees her photograph Watching her takes on a whole new meaning once he meets her face to face Given strict instructions to maintain a distance and the warning to keep his hands to himself Gage isn’t so positive he can do the job he was sent to do Will the secrets they hold revealthan either of them expects Love Boat was nothing like this adventure on the high seas This book contains explicit sexual content language and situations not appropriate for those under.

Is a wellknown author some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the If Not For You book this is one of the most wanted Jennifer Rose author readers around the world.

If Not For You MOBI Ê If Not  PDF \
  • Kindle Edition
  • 376 pages
  • If Not For You
  • Jennifer Rose
  • English
  • 27 May 2016
  • 9781500431365

10 thoughts on “If Not For You

  1. Na says:

    2.5 stars

    Love cannot live without trust.

    First of all: I'm so sorry for not loving this book! If Not For You was my blind date book for May and it sounded promising. I was excited to read this story, but this time sadly I got disappointed. I expected a story that touched my heart deeply, I expected to be a teary mess by the end of the book.
    I missed getting all the feels.

    The idea of the story is such a cute one. I love the idea. I really do. I think it has a lot of potential, but the way it was written and executed unfortunately did nothing for me. I had trouble to connect with the characters and I didn't feel their connection or attraction. For me there was no chemistry. Yes, they worked together well, but I missed the sparks.

    I found myself skipping through a lot of pages. And I always get sad when that happens. But I couldn't help myself. There were many parts I found boring, I wasn't interested in, and in my opinion they didn't really contribute to make the story more suspenseful or more driven. However the story was told with a nicely flow.

    If Not For You is a enjoyably told story about the fear of death, finding yourself in this process and falling in real love for the first time.

    Gage had me by the heart, yanking at the strings and strumming them like a guitar. I was falling for him, falling hard and fast.

  2. Marsha says:

    If Not For You

    This is the story of Tandy and Gage. Tandy finds out terrible news and in an effort to run away from life, she books an around the world cruise. Gage is given a job, but it all goes wrong when feeling become involved. This was a good read, but it would have been much better with a little better editing.. which I hate to say that, but 🤷‍♀️

  3. Patricia Blevins says:

    This was such an inspiring book to read about a lady named Tandy who finds out she has a brain tumor. So she decides to travel on a cruise. Gage ends up being put on the job to watch her. Can he keep his distance or will Tandy and Gage end up falling for one another. Will he health do her end or will they get a HEA?

  4. Fiona Chislett says:

    Upon reading the first chapters I thought look out this one is going to be an emotional roller coaster but, I couldn’t have been more wrong. I understand that the graphic sex scenes were integral to the storyline however for me it just detracted me from the actual story being told. Sometimes less is a whole lot more. In the end I didn’t even find the sex exciting or new it was more like here we go again and I couldn’t wait to turn the page. Although this book was not really my cup of tea for those who are into erotic stories then I’m sure you will enjoy it. There were some highlights in the story being told but overall I was just a little disappointed.

  5. Alicia says:

    Not What I Expected

    While reading the first few pages of this book I expected it to be something completely different from the way that it turned out. The premise was actually good to me, the execution not so much. I really wanted to like this book, but it just fell short for me.

  6. Shannon Davison says:

    I just loved this story. I laughed and cried. Tandy and Gage were truly meant to be together. Filled with adventure and on so steamy scenes, you will be turning pages and hanging on to every word. I voluntarily reviewed a copy via QBDB.

  7. Spunky N Sassy says:

    SNS Rating: 4.75

    ~~~~~~~~~~Sharlene's ★★★★✰ Review~~~~~~~~~~

    A copy of this title was received in exchange for an honest review.

    Tandy and Gage are never supposed to meet. But they do and end up in a love story like no other. It was hard to tell at first, but Gage ends up being a beautiful alpha male with just a little hint of dominance in him. Just enough to satisfy Tandy that is. The setting for this story was unique - a 55 day around the world cruise. I loved how the author describes the cruise ship setting and lifestyle. She obviously has cruised before. Lots of ups and downs in the story. Characters are well developed, especially the main two. There are some other interesting characters in the story as well which give a few little side tales to enjoy. Overall, a very good story but I felt it was a little on the long side. Gage with his running hot and cold was the major contributor to this and also the reason I wanted to reach in slap him upside the head on a couple of occasions. But he finally gets his head on right and woos Tandy properly. I love it when a man wants to take care of his woman.

    This is a stand alone and does have an HEA.

    ~~~~~~~~~~Dee's ★★★★★ Review~~~~~~~~~~

    A beautiful story of love, second chances, forgiveness and happily ever after. Many emotions in this story telling. Frustration when every time Tandy was going to loose her virginity, Gage would back off and walk away. Jealousy when Gage's ex shows up unexpectedly. Great sadness and tears at the hospital scene and at a last love letter. Then there is a mystery concerning two brothers. And must not forget the interfering father that inadvertently became a matchmaker. All together, it was a very satisfying reading experience chock full of interesting sidelines, surprises, honest fearful emotions of impending death and one very special tattoo. I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Five Stars.

    ~~~~~~~~~~Patricia's ★★★★★ Review~~~~~~~~~~

    This story is about a Tandy who wakes up one morning and finds out that she has a brain tumor. Her father is a control freak and she wonders what she should do until she has to have brain surgery in sixty days. Well she decides to go on a cruise and when her father finds out he puts one of his employees on her to watch her on the cruise. Gage agrees to this and then when he sees her he can't keep his distance. So he decides to make contact Tandy and Gage are very attracted to one another. They start doing lots of things together. When she tells him about her brain tumor and him about what her father has done. Do they decide to move on with their lives or do they let lies and deception get in the way of true love?

    ~~~~~~~~~~Amanda's ★★★★★ Review~~~~~~~~~~

    I'm still trying to wrap my head around this work and how it made me feel. Emotional and breathtaking is what really comes to mind the most. It kept me interested from the beginning and throughout.

    How do you deal with being told to get your affairs in order by a doctor and you only have 60 days? How do you go about it alone and tell nobody? A must read to find out how Tandy does it.

  8. J.J. Harper says:

    I'm a lover of Jennifer Rose's books and eagerly dove into this one.
    We meet Tandy Manning as she is told of her brain tumour and the 60 days she has to wait for it to be operated on.
    Her life is controlled by her hard father who has the money to keep her in line, but when she spies a world cruise that spans the time between now and her operation Tandy books a ticket for herself.
    When she defies her father, he sends Gage Carter to watch her and report back daily on her routine.
    Of course Raff and Tandy are drawn to each other and instead of staying out her way Gage gets closer and closer to her.
    There are a few laugh out loud moments and some when you want to shake Tandy for being so silly but that is where Jennifer always draws the reader in.
    The cruise has it's ups and down but as the two begin to fall in love Gage hates the secret he keeps from her.
    As the cruise progresses we meet more characters, and this is one point that took the extra star away, I felt people were being added unnecessarily the story worked without them.
    The story is a good one and every one wants an HEA, Ms Rose keeps us waiting for Tandy and Gage to finally decide if they make it to the end.
    Worth reading.

  9. Michelle says:

    What can I say? Honestly I liked this book. There were a few things I thought could have been cut out that were irrelevant but the flow of the storyline was well told. The characters were well developed and likeable. The majority of the book was riveting and highly sensual. The romantic scenes were erotic and well written. The book had me laughing and crying. It was overall well written. Unfortunately like I said earlier some things were over exaggerated which is why I didn't give the book overall 5 stars. However I will definitely be reading this author again.
    *I was given this book for an honest opinion.*

  10. Nas says:

    Actual rating: 3.5!

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