The Royal Seduction (Gator Girl, #1)

The Royal Seduction (Gator Girl, #1)❰Read❯ ➲ The Royal Seduction (Gator Girl, #1) Author Kari Nelson – THIS IS A SERIES 22 year old University of Florida 3rd year Law Student Kelsey Aimes has been betrayed by her best friend Tracy and has decided to venture out of her comfort zone of Gainesville Florid THIS IS A SERIES year old University of Florida rd year Law Student Kelsey Aimes has been betrayed by her best friend Tracy and has decided to venture out of her comfort zone of Gainesville Florida to the big city of New York in order The Royal MOBI :✓ to get revenge However in the midst of pursuing her revenge she discovers there is so much to life once she meets up with Swedish Prince Stephen Lyons Stephen is good friends with Kelsey's brothers she finds out during the course of also uncovering it is Stephen's company she has traveled to New York to work as an apprentice in Before she can start her apprenticeship she is ingratiated into Prince Stephen's seductive world of 'ROYALS' that includes privilege intrigue opulence and a wanton indecency that draws all women in but not Kelsey –because she is on a mission of seduction that won't allow her to be party to the crazy obsession and fascination that all women have with StephenKelsey stirs within Stephen a desire to have her as no woman has ever before ignited But in order to have Kelsey Stephen must meet her on her terms because she has nothing left to lose Her heart is broken and all that remains inside of her is a burning lust that breaks down all of Stephen’s walls as he allows her to break every one of his long held rules Kelsey has long ceased believing in fairy tales but with HRH Prince Stephen Lyons under her command her fairytale just might come true.

I was born in Spain and grew up mostly in Europe My father was in the USAF which I just love He was a broadcast journalist in the USAF I went to the University of Florida Go Gators Hence my book GATOR GIRLS GO AND GET The Royal MOBI :✓ AT BOOKSI work as a Financial Analyst and write on the side but I like to believe it is the other way around because I am always writing stories in my head all d.

The Royal Seduction ePUB ☆ The Royal  MOBI :✓
  • Kindle Edition
  • 324 pages
  • The Royal Seduction (Gator Girl, #1)
  • Kari Nelson
  • English
  • 06 September 2016

10 thoughts on “The Royal Seduction (Gator Girl, #1)

  1. Mojo_Mama says:

    I’m so appalled by every character in this book They are ALL horrendous and deserve the shit they’ve brought into their lives I hate them all BUT I CAN’T STOP READING THIS TRAIN WRECKI’d like to 3 star it just because of that but it’s so discombobulated badly written and difficult to follow that I can fathom another star

  2. Coco.V says:

    🎁 FREE on today 912019 🎁

  3. Faswop says:

    I don't really know what I just read What I can parcel together is coming in like a techno color trainwreck and I just can't seem to look away This book has left a very strong compulsion upon me to read the next book and I am uite powerless to resist I am hopeful that those fuzzy details that aren't aligning just yet will come in clearer so I can get a better handle on what the hell is going on with these fucked up people I can't really say if this good or bad but a few times it left me wanting to rock myself in the fetal position in the corner with the lights out and a blanket over my head Wish me luck

  4. L says:

    I LOVED the first 5 books but then it just started getting repetitive the last two books I really didn't like because they turn sifi which sort of ruined it for me she should have just stopped at 4 5 because then it would have made it one of the best series ever

  5. Marie says:

    DNF 47% Awful awful awful h She was so terrible The story was so ott Everyone in this story was a cheater The h came across as a bi%ch She moved to NY with the sole purpose of sleeping with her bf's husband while living in their house The husband Michael was such a douchebag I dont know why the h was in love with him He admits that he's in love with his wife but also tells the h he loves her and wants to have an affair with her One moment he is kissing and feeling up the h the next he's making love to his wife The h was such a sl%t one moment she was physical with Michael the next with the H She was also lusting after the H's brother in law The h's brother was trying to cheat on his wife with the H's sister The H was trying to cheat on his girlfriend with the h This book was an utter mess

  6. Lilly says:

    Best Series Ever Kelsey headlines as this amazing series begins She has a pure naievity and a genuine heart and she has been in love with one of her brothers friends since she was young Then she meets Steven Lyons HRH and he blows her mind and begins to change her world Was unable to put this down epic writing

  7. Virginia says:

    This series is a rollercoaster You will think you know but you have no idea There's a ton of drama Somethings may be unrealistic but I have felt for these characters I have loved and hated them I highly recommend giving this series a chance It is now one of my all time favorites

  8. Mar says:

    Well worth reading Book had me checking to see if these people were real LOL

  9. Beth Tatro says:

    loved itI loved this book I have read the first five books can't wait for the next one to come out

  10. Jennifer says:

    Wow don't even know what to say about this book It just blew me away he kinda scared me but it was a good book and now on to number 2

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