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Goat Lips[PDF / Epub] ☂ Goat Lips By Matthew Taylor – Bluevapours.co.uk Goat Lips delivers a thought provoking romp through a lapsed Englishman’s life who—after a uarter century of living in the United States—realized he’d neglected to renew his subscription to En Goat Lips delivers a thought provoking romp through a lapsed Englishman’s life who—after a uarter century of living in the United States—realized he’d neglected to renew his subscription to England Matthew’s relentless wit and insight is front and center as we bounce between England and the United States experiencing one hilarious and sometimes poignant tale after another—from escaping the clutches of the law to the pain and joy of parenthood discovering the dangers of real ale and the agony of not being heard whilst savoring a fiery dessert the glamour of show business the awkwardness of nakedness and the utter wrongness of a Jesus piñata His ability to uestion the assumptions of everyday life with a wry grin tender touch and a twinkle in his kind eyes makes Matthew’s tales endlessly entertaining You’ll want to read them than once and even share them aloud with others in your best English accent.

Matthew Taylor was transplanted to Colorado from the small sailing village of Itchenor England He has been a professional actor improviser storyteller and humorist for the last twenty five years working throughout the United States and internationally He is a partner of ACE Entertainment which over the last fourteen years has written and produced over twenty five original shows and who a.

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  • Goat Lips
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  • 14 August 2014
  • 9781939919021

10 thoughts on “Goat Lips

  1. Sunny Weber says:

    Mathew Taylor's ability to describe his uirky upbeat view of life is engaging charming and beyond entertaining I couldn't put this book down I even read it while I awaited a colonoscopy—I'm sure others in their curtained cubicles wondered why I kept laughing out loud I appreciate British humor and Mathew's style of writing is fantastic—witty descriptive and fast moving I could see myself over his head as he narrated his experiences His poignant stories touched me his funny stories tickled me and best of all I felt a deep understanding of the male point of view throughout his passing years—from prankster college dweeb to career seeking vagabond to fatherhood to now mature immaturity His ability to transfer the most mundane life event into a hilarious romp seems all encompassingI own this book and will pull it from my shelf whenever I need a smile something to ease me out of sadness or to just lift my spirits when the world seems too serious

  2. Kevin Carlin says:

    Before I read the book I had already seen Matthew perform several of these stories at live storytelling events It helps to be able to hear the author's voice in your head as you read a memoir style book but even if you're not familiar with Matthew's voice some of these stories particularly Carpool are Sedaris level funny

  3. Roxanne Ho says:

    Throughly enjoyable tales from a funny man

  4. Deedra says:

    Loving Brits like I doI assumed I would enjoy thisI did not find it funny for the most partMatthew Taylor has a nice narrating voiceI was provided this book by the authornarrator or publisher

  5. Lynda Dickson says:

    This book is very cleverly structured The stories are not in chronological order although there is a map at the beginning of the book giving the order of the events From the first story explaining the origin of the book's title the author sets the tongue in cheek tone You just know you're going to be in for a fun ride The book covers such varied topics as Matthew's first car scattering his mother's ashes how he proposes to his wife fulfilling his mother's dying wish his time as a disc jockey and the time he was running late for a hockey match At the end we come full circle and discover what happens after the first story A very neat conclusion Cute black and white illustrations at the beginning of each chapter add a whimsical touchWhile many of the stories of Matthew's youth revolve around drinking many of the later ones feature funny things his children say Despite the humor there are also a number of sobering and touching stories There are also some beautiful descriptive passages We see Matthew in all of his personas as young larrikin Matthew son Matthew friend Matthew boyfriend Matthew husband Matthew and father Matthew By the end of the book you'll feel like you actually know himSome of my favorite stories Carpool Popping the uestion Surprise Party and Guess What's in Your PocketAn absolute pleasure to read With its dry wit humor and laugh out loud moments you'll need to be careful where you are when you're reading this bookI received this book in return for an honest reviewFull blog post

  6. S.A. Molteni says:

    Goat Lips by Mathew Taylor is a witty and well spun memoir of an Englishman transplanted to Colorado It is packed full of hilarious hi jinks and stories from the author's life in England as well as his transition to the United StatesI was not sure what I would find when I started reading this memoir but after the first few chapters I was hooked and wanted to know of what happened to this Englishman in America What followed was a few hours of laughter some tears and above all an entertaining time well spent From the story of Taylor auditioning for a part as a pair of goat lips for a famous beer commercial to dealing with a critical injury of a very close friend each tale is expertly written and takes the reader along for the emotional ride If you like funny memoirs then I would definitely recommend Goat Lips

  7. Reads A-Lot says:

    This is a collection of stories about Matthew Taylor chronicling events from his audition as “Goat Lips” to his near orgasm of owning his first car The author relays an honest and witty account in a light and philosophical manner The events in the book are somewhat analyzed from the character’s point of view like his theory on jumping in first naked for example Some were interesting while others were just weird like his idea of changing the word “clothing” to “jiggle stoppers” Ooo kayI thought these tales were good in a sense that they were generally well written; they didn’t impress me so much as some tended to drag on and on with gratuitous details It’s like the character was going on and on about a point talking senselessly about it but never actually gets to the point which caused for some enervated reading

  8. Kelly says:

    Matthew's personal stories will especially resonate with those that have had farcical experiences in their youth those that have lost a friend or a parent and those that have had their hearts warmed by the simple or generous act of a child I had the pleasure of listening to Matthew read a few excerpts from Goat Lips and it was truely even hilarious and touching I vote for an audio book read by the author

  9. Karen Morrissey says:

    I found this memoir by an English stand up comic to be entertaining I was expecting hilarious based on the back cover descriptions but I only found it amusing Maybe it was me but I thought the humor was understated enough how English that I only chuckled not laughed as I read the bookDon't get me wrong I recommend this book for those who enjoy dry humor just don't expect to roll on the floor

  10. Barbara says:

    A series of short stories by the lapsed Englishman Matthew Taylor Varied topics with the wonderful English wit that I love From the story of the author auditioning for the ghost lips commercial to the one about his son wanting to have a Jesus birthday party complete with a Jesus pinata you can't keep from laughing out loud If you enjoy English humor this book will not disappoint

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