Mail Order Christmas Brides Boxed Set

Mail Order Christmas Brides Boxed Set[Reading] ➿ Mail Order Christmas Brides Boxed Set By Jillian Hart – USA TODAY bestselling authors Jillian Hart and Janet Tronstad will capture your heart with stories that celebrate the joys and excitement when you combine Christmas with mail order weddings Enjoy thre USA TODAY bestselling authors Jillian Hart and Janet Christmas Brides PDF Ê Tronstad will capture your heart with stories that celebrate the joys and excitement when you combine Christmas with Mail Order PDF or mail order weddings Enjoy three romances of adventure and faith in one great bundle A little girl longs for a new mother for Christmas so she convinces Order Christmas Brides MOBI · her single father to advertise for a mail order wife whose arrival offers them the chance to forge a real family A would be bride discovers her intended groom has abandoned her before she even arrives but then she unexpectedly falls for the groom's brother A gruff rancher's marriage offer to a widowed single mother is based solely on convenienceuntil it becomes a matter of the heart This bundle includes MAIL ORDER CHRISTMAS BRIDES MAIL ORDER HOLIDAY BRIDES MAIL ORDER MISTLETOE BRIDES.

Jillian Hart grew up on her family's homestead Christmas Brides PDF Ê in Washington state where she raised cattle rode horses and scribbled stories in her spare time After earning Mail Order PDF or her English degree from Whitman College she worked in travel and advertising before selling her first novel When Jillian isn't working on her next story she can Order Christmas Brides MOBI · be found puttering around her rose garden curled up with a good book and sp.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 563 pages
  • Mail Order Christmas Brides Boxed Set
  • Jillian Hart
  • English
  • 14 October 2016

10 thoughts on “Mail Order Christmas Brides Boxed Set

  1. Sharon says:

    This is a good set of stories The stories are short an easy to read I would recommend this set to anyone who likes historical stories with a Christian theme without preaching to the reader

  2. Jo-Ann Fitzgerald says:

    This is a group of short stories which centers around being a mail ordered bride in the late 1880s The author groups the stories by two of women who meet on their way to get married and meet on the train but get off at different stations It's an interesting set of stories each time Each story is well written and realistic for the most part I could picture most of what happens to each women You really do feel for each heroine and hero I know with at least one story I could relate to it very easily there were a few instances I didn't believe but for the most part it's pretty well believable

  3. Cathy says:

    This is a set of 5 novellas revolving around the phenomena of mail order brides in the late 1800's in the Western Territories I am taken with this historical event because it seems so unimaginable yet there were many who did it and found happiness I realize it was a way to secure a home and possibly a family when there may not have been another option These stories were short rather formulaic Christian references but not overdone some better than others but intriguing and enjoyable It was nice Christmas fluff for a change free on Bookbub tooMail Order Mistletoe Brides set Christmas Hearts Widowed Mercy Jones and her 7 year old son arrive in Montana territory in answer to a little girl's wish for a new mother for Christmas Store owner Cole Matheson wants a mother for his rambunctious daughter Amelia A mail order wife offers them all the chance to forge a real familyMistletoe Kiss in Dry Creek Maeve Flanagan with her 4 year old daughter Violet arrive for a marriage in name only so she can cook for a rancher and his crew Noah Miller was a rancher who's wife uickly tired of their life and ran off divorcing him and leaving him with his heart and pride in pieces A meddling crew his former wife and a couple of baby to be draws the new family togetherMail Order Holiday Brides SetHome for Christmas Christina Eberlee has no money no family no home and no where to go but to accept and hope for love and a family from pig farmer Tom Rutger in the Montana Territory However a purse thief a broken arm and a helpful marshall change her mind when Tom's true nature and motives are revealed leaving her back where she was alone homeless and cold However Marshall Elijah Gable and Toby discover a gem in the process and a family is bornSnowflakes for Dry Creek Annabelle a would be bride discovers her intended groom has abandoned her before she even arrives but the groom's brother and children take her in and capture her heart as they prepare for a family Christmas the likes they have never enjoyed MAIL ORDER CHRISTMAS BRIDES SetHer Christmas Family Little Gertie has been asking for a mother for Christmas for the past few years since her mother ran off Tate Winters gives in and sends for a mature in name only mail order bride Felicity Filly a dreadful nickname arrives to marry Tate and be the mother for Gertie however her beauty and kindness is off putting and he puts off the marriage until he realizes that being together at Christmas is the best for everyone even himselfChristmas Stars for Dry Creek Please be my ma for Christmas Felicity Sawyer can't resist little Gertie's heartfelt letter Tate Winters seeks a bride for Gertie's sake not his own But as his reserve thaws before Felicity's sunny optimism this new family learns that togetherness is the best way to celebrate the seasonChristmas Stars for Dry Creek Eleanor McBride's outgrown her dreams of romance—but not her wishes for motherhood Wedding Sergeant Adam Martin will give her a daughter to cherish Yet it's not just shy sweet Hannah who's captured her affections And Eleanor's arrival in Dry Creek could be the start of a journey to true love

  4. Bess says:

    Pure fluff as expected Christmasy in mostly pleasant ways I thought the authors' pairing of their novellas was neat but overall I think the stories were a little uneven in uality At first I thought I didn't care for one of the two authors but on investigation the same author wrote my favorite and least favorite novella of the setI enjoyed the overall theme of mail order men and women meeting through letters and one traveling to the frontier and a life unknown Kind of like a permanent blind date I was pleased that in at least one of the stories the twist is that one of the intended pairing is uite unsuitable I suspect that was far often the case than happily ever afterMy big problem was with Her Christmas Family due to the unrealistic way one of the characters is portrayed view spoilerThe male lead had something really horrible happen to him He was attacked in his own home then later blamed for the crime spree of which he was one of the victims He was jailed for years due to the mob like connections of the perpetrators Then at some point in the recent past the real crooks are caught he is released and tries to pick his life back up And everyone in town still thinks he was probably responsible for the crimesThe author's description of these past terrible events is not much longer than mine yet the character is clearly still horribly traumatized As a reader it is hard to understand whether this guy is actually really safe at this point What is portrayed as a vast network of bad guys is just caught? No chance of reprisal? And then as a Christmas miracle this traumatized and miserable fellow gets all better because of Christmas and a woman's love The endSeriously? The guy seems to have PTSD and for really good reason and he should probably still be worried that bad guys are out to get him since the author has given us one thin clause of reassurance that this is over And people with PTSD or depression or whatever simply do not get all better overnight And I'm sure Christmas a woman's love and prayer really help balm the soul but it's not a problem that goes away in a short time This novella is probably really insulting to people who genuinely have PTSD And his emotional pain is painted in such heavy handed dark strokes that it's hard to understand why he hasn't attempted suicide or something He's got a lot to deal with in an era where there's no psychologists or psychiatrists But don't worry it can magically in the space of a few hours get all better because of Christmas hide spoiler

  5. Jeffrey says:

    Christian oriented cloyingly sweet schmaltzy sueaky clean highly improbable predictably formulated and those are just some of the reasons I LOVED these stories Set in the late 1800's in the rugged high plains of Montana I was fascinated at this glimpse into the social phenomenon of any woman gambling it all in consenting to become a mail order bride These romances range in length somewhere between short story and novella They are cleverly linked together by each of the mail order brides befriending another mail order bride on the train to Montana hard to explain but it works The heroines andor heroes have all fallen on hard times or have had tragedies befall them which explains their desperation in finding companions for themselves or their children Part of the attraction of these warm hearted stories is the suspense and unknown of total strangers meeting each other and how they overcame almost impossible problems and differences relying on their faith in God to somehow fall in love and make a new family unit with each otherThe principals in these Christmas stories for the most part are all cast as handsome andor beautiful but not all of them Author Jillian Hart and Janet Tronstad feature a few less than perfect characters with physical disabilities or other flaws to complicate the matchmaking schemes which I really appreciated If you like Hallmark movie style Christmas romances full of complicated difficulties happy endings lovable children plus admirable heroes and heroines these stories are for you

  6. Joanne Bagley says:

    A Wonderful Christmas ReadI thoroughly enjoyed this collection of mail order bride adventures Even true love doesn't always run smoothly and these stories of strangers making commitments to one another face additional challenges A total joy to share their journeys and their roads to the altars I think you will enjoy these glimpses into this bit of our history

  7. Lynsay says:

    Loved this boxed set however it should have been ordered differently Mail order Christmas Brides should have been first as the hero and heroine of Janet's story ended up being secondary characters in her story in Mail order Holiday So the boxed set should have been Christmas then Holiday then Mistletoe

  8. Kathy Barter says:

    Love the Christmas brides box set fun readThe two authors wrote stories that intertwined together to make a series about mail order brides meeting on the train on the way to marrying grooms they only met by mail Every story was different

  9. Sharon says:

    I enjoyed the three books in the box set They are good sweet warm stories The only problem I found is the stories are so similar and that gets a little boring I will never read a box set again

  10. Patricia Duvall says:

    Awesome collectionI chose to give this collection a five star rating because I couldn't stop reading them I hope anyone who reads them the same enjoyment I had

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