Lunar Braceros 2125-2148

Lunar Braceros 2125-2148[Reading] ➿ Lunar Braceros 2125-2148 Author Rosaura Sánchez – Best PDF Lunar Braceros 2125 2148 author Rosaura Sánchez This is very good and a main topic to read the readers are very amazed and always take inspiration from the contents of the book Best PDF, Lunar Braceros author Rosaura Sánchez This is very good and a main topic to read, the readers are very amazed and always take inspiration from the contents of the book.


Lunar Braceros 2125-2148 Kindle Ò Lunar Braceros
  • Kindle Edition
  • 120 pages
  • Lunar Braceros 2125-2148
  • Rosaura Sánchez
  • English
  • 11 May 2015

10 thoughts on “Lunar Braceros 2125-2148

  1. Wendy says:

    The concept of this story is great but the writing left something to be desired The narrators all protagonists speak in first person and don't identify themselves They don't have individually discernable voices which made for an extremely difficult read I can only imagine how tricky this would be for ESL students I think the themes and the general plot are important and there should be Latinx literature in the Science Fiction genre I simply wish someone with a gift for writing would write it

  2. sdw says:

    This short science fiction novel offers an incisive political critiue of the past the present and the future

  3. Seraphina A says:

    I had to read this for a college class and though not a book I would normally reach for I found it interesting after the first thirty or so pages It’s hard to follow at first as it jumps from different POVs and timelines but you don’t know which is which though this gets easier as the book goes on It’s about a mother who sends her son a bunch of memories and stories from her life and mainly from her time as a lunar bracero which is a continuation of the bracero program but in the 22nd century It gets into politics and history but since it’s in the dystopian future it’s mainly history from years that haven’t happened yet And it scarily connects to current fears and events It’s not very informative of Chicanoa culture like I thought it would be but nonetheless an enjoyable read It was also pretty short but sort of predictable

  4. Didi | Planty of Curls says:

    Okay this is a hard one because I really like the plot and everything but I could not get past the writing enough to enjoy the book It constantly changed perspectives with about 5 characters but it was hard to keep track of who the character’s were and when they were narrating It was a really difficult read for me to get into because as soon as I’d understand a little of who was speaking in context to the chronology and plot it would change up It felt like a chore to get through than a leisure read The narration became consistent to the end of the book but I couldn’t say that I enjoyed reading it I just spent the whole book being confused

  5. M says:

    Good book Interesting dystopian ideas from a Central American authors point of view Written as a series of messages to the main characters kids presented well Overall it’s a bit choppy Character development was pretty good

  6. Jared says:

    Kind of repetitive but certainly engaging and interesting at parts Strong basic plot but execution sometimes lacking

  7. Dana says:

    I'm not one to usually like novels that have little to no dialogue in it I often find myself skipping full pages when that happens and so when I discovered that this book was done in the style of a memoir and that the duologue in it was brief if even there at all I was than a bit apprehensive about reading this Seeing as how I finished it in the course of a day suggests to me that the dialogue issues weren't really an issue for me after all Lunar Braceros is an interesting science fiction story set over a century in the future where life on the moon is not only possible but it's where the jobs are now If you're lucky enough and intelligent enough you get to live and work up there paying off family debt and hopefully earning enough money to move your family out of housing developments that parallel concentration camps Only any government that actually thinks these camps are a good thing never offers someone a deal that cut and dry The entire story is from the voice of a mother telling her child about the revolution that is taking place behind the scenes of polite society in hopes that this child will one day understand why his parents left him at such a young age to further the cause It's sad and its moving and it packs just enough punch to make you feel for the characters amidst a lot of science jargon Overall it was a very good story and left me wandering just what happened to the characters after these memoirs ended

  8. D& says:

    An alright little book 120 pages long an interesting but surface level look into the future Sanchez and Pita get some of the science wrong but that's not as egregious as the two main plot holes that should have been caught considering how detailed the story is one the idiotic premise that should we overcome the dangers of shooting trash and radioactive waste into space we would bury it in the moon obviously we we send it to the sun not waste the moon just an absolutely silly plot device which unfortunately is critical to the plan of the book; and two the ridiculous oversight that once the first team or two started to go missing the families on Earth wouldn't start bitching Eh but other than these two massive holes the details and the structure of the book are pretty fun though a bit contrived

  9. Krystal says:

    I was assigned to read this book for one of my college classes This is not the type of book I read so I had difficulty getting into the story I also had a very hard time keeping up with the switching narratives The first 20 pages were especially difficult because I did not have a grasp on the different characters and how they all went together While I would not read this book again it actually wasn't a bad read The story was interesting once you understood what is going on For someone who wants a dystopian story with lots of history behind the story this is the book for you

  10. Sierra Hunt says:

    I had to read this book for school and it was a little bit of a struggle because of that I think I would have enjoyed this book a bit if I didn't have to try so hard to understand everything right away in order to participate in the class discussions The story is a little bit confusing The story is told very out of order and certain parts are narrated by different characters but it doesn't tell you that it's someone different or who it is So it takes a little bit of work to understand what's going on but once you get past that it's a really good and a little bit disturbing story

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