Beyond The Rage

Beyond The Rage❰BOOKS❯ ⚡ Beyond The Rage Author Michael J. Malone – Even though he s a successful criminal Glasgow villain Kenny O'Neill is angry Not only has his high class prostitute girlfriend just been attacked but his father is reaching out to him from the past d Even though he s a successful criminal Glasgow villain Kenny O'Neill is angry Not only has his high class prostitute girlfriend just been attacked but his father is reaching out to him from the past despite abandoning Kenny as a child after his mother s suicide Kenny is now on a dual mission to hunt down his girl's attacker and find out the truth about his father but instead he unravels disturbing family secrets and finds that revenge is not always sweet An intelligent violent thriller shot through Beyond The ePUB ✓ with dark humour Beyond The Rage enthralls and disturbs in eual measure With an intricate plot all too believable characters and perfectly pitched dialogue this is a masterclass in psychological crime fiction writing.


Beyond The Rage eBook ☆ Beyond The  ePUB ✓
  • Paperback
  • 330 pages
  • Beyond The Rage
  • Michael J. Malone
  • English
  • 22 October 2016
  • 9781908643704

10 thoughts on “Beyond The Rage

  1. Liz Barnsley says:

    An immensely readable thriller from Michael J Malone here both exciting and often very funny a bit of a dark heart and some terrific charactersKenny O’Neill is a bad guy Except actually he’s very likeable Plus you don’t really want to get him mad I loved him and for me this was what made the novel I was rooting for him all the way as he tries to track down the culprit who attacked his girlfriend at the same time unravelling family secretsThis is delightfully crafted keeping you hooked into the story – the sense of place is fantastic Mr Malone brings the underworld and darker side of Glasgow magnificently to life giving the characters a beautifully visual backdrop to work against This is modern noir at its best an intelligent thriller with great depth of storytelling still with a lovely flow to it that makes the reading of it a pure joyThere are some twists and turns along the way an often brutal and terribly authentic story – the characters and the world they inhabit pop it will often have you on the edge of your seat and the next moment laughing out loudExciting believable and hard hitting yet with a heart and soul that will appeal to thriller and crime readers as well as anyone who can appreciate a well constructed yarn this comes highly recommended from me

  2. Noelle says:

    I bought this book when it was first released but unfortunately due to my ever growing “To Be Read” pile it sort of got buried Well shame on me This book was absolutely phenomenal and I smacked my hand for letting it get lost on my kindleKenny is a character I have come across before in the author’s McBain series a great series by the way We get to know a lot about him in this book He really grows on you You know he is a criminal he can be cold and a right so and so but there is just “something” about him that is uite likeableThe story line itself keeps you guessing throughout At one point I was uite pleased with myself thinking I had it all figured out and then BOOMthe OMG moment where I was left a little shell shocked as I was completely wrong Loved thatThere was one character who literally made my skin crawl Mason Budge Even just typing his name gave me shivers This is one sadistic psycho The author’s characterisation brings this guy to life within the pages and I found myself hoping that he would get his just desserts at some point Whether he does or not as I am not telling you know you want to see this guy sufferAnd I absolutely adored Mark and Calumhow they meet Kenny is a story in itself but I won’t spoil anything Kenny takes the brothers under his wing and these wanna be gangsters find themselves in some difficult positionsAnd of course there is Alexis–the high class prostitute poor Kenny finds himself deeply in love with Not your typical love story at all I am not sure how I actually felt about her as I felt that the author only scratched the surface on who she is Which of course made the mystery and suspense all the intenseBy all accounts this was a fantastic read and I thoroughly enjoyed this book Another winner for Michael J Malone which I highly recommend Why not click the link below and get yourself a copy

  3. Gordon Mcghie says:

    I loved this story of a Glasgow gangster showing a human side Beyond The Rage is a brilliant readthe characters are well realised expertly utilised and the story is gripping I have no ualms over scoring it 55 it’s an absolute gemExtract from a full review which can be found at wwwgrabthisbooknet

  4. Craig Sisterson says:

    Glaswegian author Michael J Malone's prose is onyx; uniue and glittering in its darkness While journalism is a common background for crime writers Malone has 200 published poems to his name and that rare talent for language bleeds into his storytelling in this noir ish taleKenny O'Neill is both hero and villain; a likeable criminal at the core of this exuisite thriller A Glaswegian gangster capable of brutality but with a degree of heart and sort of moral compass whose rage powers a fascinating thrill ride into the underbelly of ScotlandKenny has every right to be angry His father abandoned him after his mother's suicide yet is now reaching out years later while at the same time his girlfriend a high class hooker has been viciously attacked Balancing white knight and black hat Kenny is driven to try to solve the mysteries of the past and the present uick stepping through a minefield of dangers as he seeks answers and vengeanceMalone does a tremendous job at crafting a novel with a dark heart yet peppered with moments of humour and plenty of things that can make readers grin even laugh Kenny is Tony Soprano esue in that he's a bad guy but also incredibly fascinating layered and you just can't help but root for him on his uest There's an intriguing cast of characters that orbit around Kenny's life too from the high to the low in Glaswegian society wannabe tough guys to aging mentors and dangerous monied men Malone infuses them all with some nuance there are no cardboard cut outs or caricatures here People want things for very human reasonsBEYOND THE RAGE has a twisting plotline that will thrill crime fans keeping the reader guessing as events unfold while delivering depth of character and stylish prose that elevates it to the higher echelons of the genre Just a damned good story Dark absorbing filled with ferocity and feelingDelightful seems a bizarre word to use for such a noir tale full of unsympathetic people but delighted I was as I was carried along by Malone's craftsmanship the words crackling with intensity pages filled with sparkA violent and visceral read from a master storyteller Highly recommended

  5. Maggie Craig says:

    Disclosure Michael J Malone is a good friend and colleague As an author myself I have a self imposed rule that I don't review friends' books It can be an ethical minefield I am now going to break that ruleReason for this is that Beyond the Rage is such a bloody good read This is Glasgow set tartan noir with emotional depth humour and heart It's robust stuff in terms of sex and violence both honestly depicted but that depth humour and heart run through the story adding hope and sparkle Our hero is a criminal not a lovable rogue but he does have standards The banter between him and his policeman pal made me laugh out loudWith Michael J Malone's books I always feel that I'm getting an insight into the psyche of the 21st century urbanWest of Scotland Scottish male The sense of place is also terrific and the story fair bowls along More please Michael less

  6. David Gilchrist says:

    A grim a gritty novel set in Glasgow lightened with some humour The story of a Glasgow badman searching for his father

  7. Sarah says:

    I think this is another book that was good just not my style Kenny was a likeable character but I didn't feel any real connection to him I also felt like there were far too many irrelevant characters that were difficult to keep track of Plenty of scenes are filled with Kenny talking to someone who does nothing to advance the actual plot The story of Kenny's father and how everything wraps up was really well done but even though this book is only 300 pages I felt like it took far too long to get to that point

  8. Sandra says:

    For the first few pages this teetered on the edge of overly blokey for my personal taste but then the character of Kenny O'Neill and the need to find out about his several dilemmas took hold and the story fairly cracked along with enough heart stopping moments very well told to keep me glued to the finale

  9. NarniaGirl says:

    Received through GoodReads First Reads for reviewing thank youI have to confess this has been sitting on my shelf for some time and I regret not have read it sooner I was surprised at how good this was I like Kenny Yes he's a criminal but he has a good heart The characterisation is excellent I would love to read by Malone and certainly this is a book I would happily read again

  10. Linda Wright says:

    A likeable villain in a world of harsh realities and retribution 'Even though he’s a successful criminal Glasgow villain Kenny O’Neill is angry Not only has his high class escort girlfriend just been attacked but his father is reaching out to him from the past despite abandoning Kenny as a child after his mother’s suicide Kenny is now on a dual mission to hunt down his girl’s attacker and find out the truth about his father but instead he unravels disturbing family secrets and finds that revenge is not always sweet 'This is the third book in Malone's successful McBain series but this time DI McBain's pal Kenny O'Neill is the central character Malone's writing style is fluid and compelling Kenny is a likeable villain and the reader is drawn into the seedy underworld that is Kenny's life Malone creates conflict and introduces just enough information for you to feel sure that you know what is happening while feeding you enough misdirection for you to miss it It is a clever and complex tale interweaving the life of a villain with the nightmares of childhood and the possibility of happinessYou don't need to read the other books in order to enjoy this one And it is a great read As a writer Michael J Malone is a skilled exponent of his craft As a storyteller Malone presents an exciting and page turning adventure This is is a book that you'll find it hard to put down Hard man Kenny O' Neill is shown to be vulnerable in a world where weakness can get you dead Malone takes the reader into Kenny's world with its harsh realities and retributions creating suspicion and hope in eual measureBe prepared for a marathon reading session as you’ll find it difficult to put this book down

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