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Worth The Fight[EPUB] ✻ Worth The Fight ✾ Beth Maria – Bluevapours.co.uk My whole life as I knew it changed when I was just seventeen years oldThe night that I caught him killing a person and showing no sign of remorseHe promised me that he would never turn into this perso My whole life as I knew it changed when I was just seventeen years oldThe night that I caught him killing a person and showing no sign of remorseHe promised me that he would never turn into this person he would help me get out then we would move far away to start over He promised me that he would never hurt me but he didMy world shattered I was plunged into the dark pits of hell with no end in sight I just had to keep going on living in the Worth The MOBI :✓ motionsUntil four years later when we are forced to be in each other’s lives again Can we move forward from our past and leave behind the fact that he deceived me or will it all be too hard to forgive and forget especially when secrets are revealed that could threaten to ruin everythingAll I know is that I always have and always will be in love with Phoenix James.

Im the author of The Mended Heart seriesI currently live in England UK with my two year old son When Im not looking after my son you can find me writing or with my face in a good bookReading is where it all started for me It gave me the courage to write my own book.

Worth The Fight Epub · Worth The  MOBI :✓
  • ebook
  • 264 pages
  • Worth The Fight
  • Beth Maria
  • English
  • 20 October 2016

10 thoughts on “Worth The Fight

  1. Sara says:

    DNF 54%Couldn't do it It was too far fetched and had me rolling my eyes constantly For being a mob boss daughter she was so stupid I couldn't take her I just couldn't There were too many details that weren't the least bit believable for these type of characters The final straw for me was at 54% when she went all fan girl over seeing a fucking Cadillac Escalade in person I shit you not After that I just couldn't find a fuck to give

  2. Anke Zweel says:

    I got the ARC copy of Worth the fight in exchange for an honest review for the blog tour now I'm all on my own trying to find a way to get out of the dark pits of hell I call my life Love is worth the fight After reading this you will feel all warm and ahhhhh insideEmilia is the daughter of the head of the mafia Her father control every aspect of her life From what she says to who she can see even with whom she is friends with She has seen something terrible and lost her best friend in the process My heart always has and always will belong to Phoenix Phoenix was Emilia best friend since birth that is until he had to brake his promise to her 4 years ago And loose the one thing he truly loves I want excitement problems and arguments' something that will make my relationship strong something worth fighting for Phoenix way of coping is fighting underground Emilia way of coping is running until her body can't take it any and then some yeah I totally made that word up because I'm super cool like that Now let me tell you this there is a lot of shit happening and you feel just as conflicted as Emilia does But a wrong move from her dad pushes Her and Phoenix further into each other arms Emilia learn too stand up and fight for what is hers Phoenix saves her just like he promises his sweet Emilia so many years ago I didn't have a heart to give him I gave mine away when I knew what love was I gave it to Phoenix and he never gave it back Now I don't want to give away any spoilers but just say that you will go like hell yeah you deserved it your bastardWorth the fight is an amazing book with true emotions which any couple does go through if that trust has been broken You will feel love happy and uite frankly pissed while reading worth the fight I'm his Adrian and he's my Rocky I give Worth the fight 4 Fighting StarsIf you are looking for a book with a different plot twist and a Happily ever after than give worth the fight a fighting chance

  3. Michelle ♥ The Romance Vault ♥ says:

    I don't know what is in the water around here this year but this is the fourth book so far this year I am struggling to find a liking towards the heroineBeth has done a great job with delivering a read about following paths chosen by us by others and then fighting to get back on the initial path Phoenix and Emilia knew each other from little kids Growing up together Emilia thought it was destined that her and Phoenix would be together Sadly that wasn't going to be the caseNow hand on heart I wish the author had really delved into the mafia element whereas it's hardly touched upon for the duration I think if I had read about Emilia and what she had endured with her father might have made me understand her attitude towards everything a bit better As it is I struggled to find one likeable trait in her She whinged a lot she whined a lot and she stomped her foot a lot Well that's how I perceived her She had a wall up with me that just would not come down she didn't seem endearing or friendly therefore she kept me at arm's length She tends to get hot headed a lot and doesn't hold back in throwing her often neg feelings around But having said that she is definitely readablePhoenix ah now how about Dayum He's lovely he has an inner decency even though he's been made to do things he doesn't want to he just seems to shine I really really liked Phoenix He's been shagging pretty much anything that will open their legs until he can get his Emilia back but they're nothing so he's not even acting as a playboy He's just getting his rocks off whilst biding his timeAll in all this is a good read I did swing heavily between I like it to I really like it The action scenes 'I really liked' the inbetween 'I liked' I do wish there had been action My end score from that would result in a 35 star readI enjoy Beth's mind I like her writing style very much and for someone so young she has a lot of potential and will I feel go far in the book world as she publishes booksI received a copy of Worth the Fight in return for an honest review

  4. Escape Reality with Books says:

    Emilia DeCarlo and Pheonix James have known each other for a long time and became best friends after Emilia’s mother walked out on her She relied on Pheonix and his support and he promised her that he would never leave her alone in the world she despised and had grown up inyou see her Dad is a controlling angry stand offish mob boss who expects that Emilia will become involved in the life When she walks into the “basement” one day and sees Pheonix kill a man her world is turned upside down and she knows that she has lost Pheonix to the side he promised he would never go to What she didn’t know at the time was that everything Pheonix died was for herYears later and Emilia is still bitter and heartbroken over Pheonix’s betrayal to her and she goes out of her way to distance herself from him This is not easy as Pheonix now works for her DadWhen her Dad demands that she and Pheonix work together to manage a new night club Emilia’s feelings that she has so tried to bury and forget come back to the forefront and she knows that she is in trouble Pheonix can sense the arousal she has for him every time he is near He has been in love with her since they were kids and he will stop at nothing to have her back in his arms Will these two realise that the love they once shared is worth the fight before it’s too lateYou will love Emilia and Phoenix Emilia is headstrong and stubborn and Pheonix is sexy rough and dangerous Together their chemistry is explosive I was given a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review Reviewed by Tanya

  5. Ashli Rose says:

    Wow Beth Maria does it again I have been following Beth since Alive came out I was instantly drawn to the realness of her characters Since her first book Beth's writing has progressed tremendously I can't wait to see what Beth has in store for us in the future Now for Worth the Fight I LOVED this book The synopsis immediately drew me in As a reader that is how I purchase 99% of the books that I read So for an author to write such an amazing summary AND have story to back it up is doubly fantastic You never forget your first love In Emilia's case she couldn't forget him even if she tried Phoenix James is the bad boy of every girls dreams Tall lean and 100% alpha If Phoenix never broke his promise to get Emilia away from the life that she dreaded they probably would still be together today I could go on and on about this book but I will keep it short and sweet I was hooked from page one and Beth does a great job taking her readers on a roller coaster ride of emotions I was happy sad angry and happy again all within a few pages This was so much than a romance the romance took a back seat to the real story and I loved that The real story was fast paced and exciting The HOT sex scenes were only an added bonus I loved that all the characters had closure by the end and I wasn't left wanting Don't get me wrong I want from Beth Maria but as far as Worth the Fight goes I was fully satisfied

  6. BooksandBeyondFiftyShades says:

    5 Star ReviewBeth Maria has delivered one of the Hottest books to read in 2015Emilia DeCarlo was a young woman that had be handed a hard life thanks to her controlling heartless mob boss father After her mother left her she found comfort in the arms of her best friend Phoenix James Emilia and Phoenix had a clandestine relationship and the only thing that she asked him is to promise never to leave her alone Emilia is bitter and hurt every time she's around Phoenix since he broke the promise he sworn never to break But did Phoenix broke that promise to hurt or protect EmiliaPhoenix James had a plan to get back at the only man that destroyed his life and he kept his promise until he learned he never kept his end of the bargain Now he knew he had to get back to Emilia and tried to make her understand that what he did was her for But will it be too late for Phoenix to make her take him backCan Emilia and Phoenix ever be happy and get away from the man that has tortured and destroyed their life the man that was supposed to love her and protected her the man she calls her fatherWell let me tell you something if you guys are looking for your next BBF a gorgeous alpha male that will make you drool while you read the book Look no further Phoenix James has arrivedWorth the Fight is the book for 2015I recommend you this book you will not be disappointed

  7. Brittany Alexander says:

    Ever since they were little Phoenix and Emilia have been best friends As they grew older they knew that they had feelings that went deeper than friendship but at the reuest no demand of Emilia’s father they stay away from each other And it really helps that Emilia walked in on Phoenix betraying her in the worst imaginable way Going through the next four years ignoring Phoenix Emilia is finally forced to interact with him as her father has put the two of them in charge of a new night club This closeness has put their feelings for each other back in front of them and neither of them are sure how to proceed They give in to their feelings but of course it doesn’t last Emilia ends up running away from Phoenix and her father living on her own She’s tired of getting hurt and living under her father’s thumb Will these two be able to find each other again I really enjoyed this book but I didn’t love it While the story line is fun and full of action that’s just not my kind of book I don’t even watch action movies; they’re just not my thing But I think that Beth Maria did a wonderful job of writing this novel and I could tell she really loves the characters The only think that bothered me stylistically is how she would repeat a noun in a sentence I do that too when I write so I know it’s a hard habit to break I give this book three and a half stars I am looking forward to reading from Beth Maria

  8. Sam Oneill says:

    5 star review Worth The Fight by Beth Maria I have just finished my ARC copy of worth the fight Firstly I would definitely recommend this novel I have loved it from start to finish Not going into to muxh detail with this review foe those who havenr read ir yetVery well written and enjoyable Worth the fight isn't like a romeo and Juliet kind of love story this is uniue and joyableEmilia is a loveable character from the start she hasn't had the most wonderful life a little girl should have her mother wasn't around she had a bastard of a father and lost her best friend the love of her life Her life wasn't what she would have wanted hoped You will love her from start to finish over the years she finds the best of friends a person could have Phoenix James I'd a loveable rogue who you'll love from the start and fall in love with He's the typical bad boy with a heart of gold He lost his parents and the love of his life best friend However this all changes Is that wedding bells I hear Beth

  9. Maria Lazarou--Obsessed by Books Blog says:

    I was luckily enough to beta read this book and what I found right from the start that this is a book that is worth readingWe have a story of two people who have known each other their entire lives who had promised each other that they would get out of the life they were born into A story of childhood love where promises are broken and hearts are shattered It is true what you say that you never forget your first love and this is the same in Emilia's caseHer heart is shattered but her childhood love Phoenix as far as she is concerned promises were brokenIn the matter of Phoenix he had his own reason for breaking his promise to Emilia but that doesn't mean that he will ever give up on herBeth has written a book where you will be taken on a ride of your life where you will experience a range of emotionsYou will be hooked from page one and will read right to the end It is a different take on any story that I have ever readThis book is most definitely a worthwhile read

  10. Renee at Book Happiness says:

    I received this for an honest review I have to say that once I picked this up I had a hard time putting it down I absolutely loved the story lineI found that this book kept me intrigued and It was hot and sexy and filled with a nice mix of sexual frustrations for our Hh Phoenix has been in love Emilia for years and the same for Emilia Although Phoenix has let her down Now she just wants to get away from him and her father Easier said than done I loved this book and this story line who doesn't love a little MMA fighter with a little Mob boss thrown in for good measure Although that is not what kept me wanting it was the sexual frustration and chemistry between these two I have to say that this is the first I have read by Beth Maria and it definitely will NOT be my last

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