Winner of the Benjamin Franklin Award (Independent Book Publishers Assn)

Winner of the Benjamin Franklin Award (Independent Book Publishers Assn)❴Reading❵ ➸ Winner of the Benjamin Franklin Award (Independent Book Publishers Assn) Author Peter K. Studner – Expanded revised and interactive here’s the latest edition of the manual that has helped than 300000 men and women learn the secrets behind a successful career change Whether you’re about to embar Expanded revised the Benjamin MOBI ï and interactive here’s the latest edition of the manual that has helped than men and women learn the secrets behind a successful career change Whether you’re about to embark on your first job search are in mid career or are seeking to re enter the job market SUPER JOB SEARCH Winner of PDF or IV will help you land the best of all possible jobs The Step Program will show you how to• Evaluate what you want to do and in which kind of environment • Organize your accomplishments to easily market your skills • Write a knockout resume that gets past the screeners and highlights your of the Benjamin eBook ✓ most impressive skills and attributes • Discover ALL the places where jobs are found including the hidden job market • Write broadcast and cover letters answer advertisements and work with recruiters • Prioritize your job search to maximize your time • Obtain job leads and research companies on the Internet • Become a great networker even if you have never done it before using LinkedIn Twitter Facebook and other online resources • Get interviews by telephone e mail and social and professional networks• Interview so that you can guide any discussion to focus on your most important skills • Successfully manage phone one on one group and competitive interviews • Negotiate to get the salary you deserve BONUS BOOK INSIDE Considering a business of your own Learn all the steps for becoming an entrepreneur including where to get free advice on your business and financial plans All is detailed in Part III A Business of Your Own THIS INTERACTIVE EDITION points you to tons of online resources available from SuperJobSearchcom and the app superjobsearch You’re just a click away from millions of job leads and companies all over the world as well as thousands of recruiters listed by city and country“ the best resource and most definitive book ever written on job search ” —Neal Maslan Managing Partner Caldwell Partners Executive Recruiters “Excellent easy to follow It takes the fear out of finding employment and is encouraging and concise” —Danielle Kerins Reviewer GoodReadscom“Super Job Search IV is your search GPS for landing your next big opportunity Peter Studner masterfully guides you step by step into being an in demand candidate It is a disciplined journey that when followed delivers amazing results I know—I’ve applied it to my own searches and it works” —Peter M Kardash Operations Manager com.

Peter K the Benjamin MOBI ï Studner is a graduate of The Ohio State University with Bachelor and Master of Sciencedegrees in engineering mathematics and business He served as a United States Air Forceofficer and later became a licensed professional engineer Early in his career Mr Studner moved toParis to head up the European operations of HK Winner of PDF or Porter Company Since then he has been CEOand served on boards of.

Winner of the Benjamin Franklin Award MOBI ☆ the
  • Paperback
  • 456 pages
  • Winner of the Benjamin Franklin Award (Independent Book Publishers Assn)
  • Peter K. Studner
  • English
  • 09 November 2016
  • 9780938667063

10 thoughts on “Winner of the Benjamin Franklin Award (Independent Book Publishers Assn)

  1. Ariadna73 says:

    Another book that contradicts everything that is said in a similar volume Well my takeaway is that this job hunt endeavor must be taken lightly or we could easily die in the attempt lol

  2. Kelly Haggerty says:

    I would like to thank Jamenair Ltd for allowing me via NetGALLEY to read an unreleased copy for a fair and honest reviewNeed a job? Parents dream of an empty nest?A 5 star rating for a book about finding a job? I can hardly believe it myself I actually enjoyed and was fascinated by the thought process and the procedures that are laid out to find jobs that are not advertised College Grads if you are looking for a way to break into your chosen field this book takes you all the way from which part of the work force you should be in and whether your dream job really exists in this market through your final interviews Those of you later in life who have been downsized or laid off due to the economy at any level up to executive this book has the advice to you also Each of the sections are laid out so the parts that apply to your situation are easily identifiable Mom or dad if you are worried about your adult offspring finding a job this book is the perfect present Perhaps you can even help them with interviews and decide you might want a better job yourself The information for that is clearly presented in there to help any job seeker It even has the answers for those tricky uestions that some employers ask that are just on the verge of legal about your private life if you do not wish to answer them Studner has thought of everything and almost makes me want to come out of retirement to use his book to get a job Well almost but this book is still getting a solid 5 from me and I recommend it to everyone in the job market if you think you could get a better job or a job I wish there were a 10 out of 5 as I could not praise this book as much as it deservesWant book reviewsReading Room and Reviews by Kelly Haggerty

  3. Angela says:

    Very informative manual with plenty of valuable advice and great examples Everything mentioned is basically common sense when it boils down to it however it's nice to see it written down and a great source to refer back to Recently I had to write a covering letter as part of a job application something I have not done for over ten years so was great to be able to view some decent advice about the process of writing one This would be an excellent manual for those who don't have much experience with job searching such as graduates or for those looking for a career change and feeling a bit rusty on their application skills An advance reader copy was kindly given by the publisher via Netgalley

  4. Jill Miller says:

    I won this book in a Goodreads First Reads contest and I'm really impressed with the material that is included in this book There are not only things to donot to do but also the reasoning behind these recommendations is explained so the reader is able to apply the reasoning to other situations as well Actual suggested phone scripts are included to give you the best words to use at certain times and also allow you to practice a script before making a call I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in changing jobs especially if you've been in your current position for a number of years and really need a refresher course in job hunting The rules have changed and this strong guide will help bring you up to speed

  5. Nikki Hensley says:

    This book literally HAS IT ALL It takes you step by step through the entire process From the initial decision to search for a new job to creating the ideal resume marketing yourself networking and nailing that highly sought after interview There is even a section on creating a business of your own which I found highly valuable since I am currently self employed With all the sample resumes cover letters emails and even dialogues you will feel like a job searching pro by the time you're done with this book I don't think I've ever encountered a complete guide to anything let alone job search Highly recommend

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