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Rise of Hypnodrome[PDF / Epub] ☉ Rise of Hypnodrome Author Matt Fuchs – Bluevapours.co.uk It's 2039 and a political faction called the Lifestyle Party has risen to power under the Presidency of Deepak Chopra The new government bans scientific innovation and introduces a set of policies foc It's and a political faction called the Lifestyle Party has risen to power under the Presidency of Deepak Chopra The new government bans scientific innovation and introduces a set of policies focused entirely on maximizing personal Rise of MOBI :✓ happiness So why is Grady Tenderbath so unhappy Believing that he's fallen short of his professional potential he buys a personal robot muse to nurture his talent and ego while his wife Karen a genetic scientist becomes entrenched in her lab But just when Grady seems on track to solve his career crisis he discovers a new problem he's swooning for the empathetic yet artificial Ashley Not only that he's distracted by haunting visions of Karen transforming intosomething else Half speculative fiction and half marriage thriller Rise of Hypnodrome explores how future generations might draw from the realm of epigenetic engineering to eventually control their own biology Whether human or robot the characters in this cutting edge science fiction novella have one thing in common an irrepressible desire to evolve.


Rise of Hypnodrome ePUB · Rise of  MOBI :✓
  • Paperback
  • 136 pages
  • Rise of Hypnodrome
  • Matt Fuchs
  • English
  • 18 June 2014

10 thoughts on “Rise of Hypnodrome

  1. Jason Pettus says:

    DISCLOSURE I am the owner of the publishing company that published this bookI'm happy to say that CCLaP is finally starting to get its advance reading copies done with a lot time to spare before the book's general release take this title for example Matt Fuchs' mind blowing literary debut a science fiction novella called Rise of Hypnodrome that will be right up the alley of Philip K Dick fans The book itself doesn't come out to the general public until February 16th of next year but advance reading copies are available as of this moment November 17th for any of you Goodreaders who promise to post a few thoughts about it here in exchange for a free copy Just drop me a line at ilikejason at gmailcom to reuest a copy or message me here

  2. Erin says:

    ARC for review Fuchs is a good writer who needs to work a bit on plotting I didn't understand the role of the friend the ending was insane and I couldn't understand why the doctor acted as he did I guess I liked the general idea but I can't say I loved the execution However I certainly wouldn't dismiss the idea of seeing what Fuchs does next

  3. Charley says:

    I've really tried to make an effort to seek out science fiction stories to read I've always been a fan of futurism and how different people imagine things will be This is a wonderful take on a near future that just extends all of the current trends happening in the real world drones smallerflexible phones It just so happens that within the worldbuilding there's a interesting jump for the author's ideas toward genetic engineeringFor a novella Fuchs is still able to sueeze in a ton of world building and a decent amount of character development That being said I couldn't help but feel like this was a demo of a novel he'll eventually flesh out into something Maybe it's his Hobbit setting up a flywheel that prepares us for the world he'll take us into in future stories Either way I thoroughly enjoyed his take on the future and hope to see strong sci fi from him in the future

  4. Sarah Powell says:

    I read an advanced copy of Rise of Hypnodrome and I enjoyed it immensely From the first chapter with sexualized robots and the possibility that a wife wanted to murder her husband I was hooked I read the entire novella in one sitting Fuchs' writing is creative and interesting His use of vivid language makes it easy to visualize his scenes and characters His characters are certainly unusual especially Karen but he develops them well and lays the groundwork for a longer novel I look forward to reading from Fuchs

  5. Mayanne Fenstermacher says:

    This was a very entertaining read with interesting twists in the plot and crisp dialogue I liked the futuristic focus with politically laden implications I recommend this

  6. Behnam Riahi says:

    The following review has been copied from of Hypnodrome written by Matt Fuchs and published by the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography is a science fiction novella told from the first person point of view of Grady Tenderbath a successful romance novel editor in the year 2039 in Washington DC Obsessed with a promotion to Random House’s alternative arts subsidiary Plant Bottle Grady’s having a difficulty putting a baby in his wife Karen So while she’s following her genetic experimentation in order to find emotional or physical fulfillment Grady buys a robot to help him finish his project Only his robot Andy writes a better proposal for Plant Bottle than he does–all the while Karen’s secret experiments unlock a uniue genetic variant housed within dormant genes that provide an evolutionary jumpstart Upset with Andy Grady resets his new robot–and he changes the gender Thus Ashley is born and Grady begins a few experiments of his own in the reality of he and Ashley’s makeshift bedroom and in his dreams But Karen’s and Grady’s experiments land them both in a bit of trouble on the cusp of an environmental apocalypseI’ve owned a car I’ve owned a motor scooter I’ve owned a computer a smart phone and several video game consoles If there’s one thing that I’m bad at it’s regular maintenance schedules So the thought of having a robot girlfriend It doesn’t appeal to me Actual relationships Sure man I’m all over that I’m not just the kind of boyfriend who has flowers delivered to his girlfriend I also write poetry take them out to restaurants that are well out of my price range and bum infinite amounts of cigarettes to them too One might even say I’m too good which generally means that I’m too attentive and well kind of needy In spite of that I can’t imagine the affection that a robot would provide would subdue the very real need for purpose in my life–not like the way writing and girlfriends do To come home from work to find a plastic veneer staring at me giving me the look Man I’ve endeavored to contrive a sense of romance in the past but that is goddamn stretching it Generally speaking the idea of having a robot girlfriend is stimulated by man’s need to assert dominance and have complete control over his significant other It’s kind of fucked up when you really think about it but wait until you see the numbers when that first robot girlfriend artificial intelligence included hits the market Not only will you give up on men it’ll make you give up on humanity That’s not to say women won’t buy male robots to get emotionally involved with–in fact that may be even lucrative but not necessarily for the same reasons Patriarchal society suggests that we are meant to control to manipulate to take power Girls on the other hand may realistically just want a partner to feel safe with even if he is plastic Maybe that’s just one reason why a real girl would make a better girlfriend than a robot–because they want things even if you can’t necessarily provide them Also if you really look deep within yourself and conclude that you’re not a shitty person why do you want an artificial partner waiting at home for you anyway Get a fucking Playstation Sucky sucky desu kaThe bottom line is that there are flaws in having a robot girlfriend There are flaws in this novella too though Primarily this novel is too goddamn short I’ve read it a few times already and not because it’s so good that I just need to keep reading it and reading it and reading it but because it’s so short It’s like I’d be at the bus stop expecting at least a few chapters to get me home and I’d hit that inevitable ending So what else was I going to do when my bus pulls up Just read it again Truth be told though this is also evidence of its strengths too It’s not like one of those stories that you complete and say “Well I’m glad I’m done with that bullshit” Nah you want to keep reading you want to see what you can glean from the piece before you put it down for good Thus even in its weakness you also find strength However that strength does not outshine that enormous weakness What this novel reuires is elaboration on numerous world building elements like information regarding the new lifestyle oriented government including who President Deepak Chopra ran against and why he was voted in in spite of not being American Or a little building in the relationship between Grady and Ashley–or what Ashley’s “day job” was really like for that matter And Grady’s relationship with his wife Karen felt pretty damn gray in a few areas too Ultimately in spite of this novella’s strengths just a few things needed to be fleshed out because the end result is a story that was enjoyable and thought provoking but a little too goddamn rushed “uiet days call me Oh serenity”Some of the best stories don’t last though and as far as robot girlfriends go I can’t help but turn to anime Perhaps the most populated with robot girlfriend stories Japanese anime has a built in genre for robot girlfriends unlike most other mediums However like pictured above most of these are like Chobits regarding a young supple robot girl with no legitimate life experience who acts submissively to her human male master Sure she may have some deep meaningful secret for the male character to unlock but for the most part it’s hardly relevant to the main character’s personal trial of falling in love with a non human a shadow of a woman Some aren’t that bad though– Outlaw Star for instance Here’s the story of a mercenary Gene Starwind who meets a robot girl Melfina that changes his fate–she unlocks the sweetest ride in the galaxy for one but she can also find the greatest secret power in the cosmos In fact she’s so powerful just about everyone wants her in their team But Gene gets her Only Gene’s kind of a shitty person–he’s definitely a womanizer And in one scene Gene tries to force himself on Melfina What you might expect from a typical robot girlfriend anime is that she’ll subside fall away into him allow herself to be taken Melfina fights back though She tells Gene no and forces him to accept that he has no other option than to back the fuck off if he truly hopes to find the galaxy’s greatest treasure In this one instance the robot girlfriend takes the power not the human boyfriend It’s a power she wields throughout the show aware that she’s artificial but keeping Gene at bay until she’s sure he’s a better man than how he appears She doesn’t just prolong determinations of her affection for him but she determines the fate of the galaxy’s greatest treasure too You can’t depend on a robot girlfriend to do everything for youUltimately you can’t pinpoint a genre in Rise of Hypnodrome because of too man additional elements and that’s what makes this book so great After all while it is about robot love affairs it’s also inherently about science and politics too–specifically evolution To manipulate the genes in order to create the perfect being one that’s both physically and mentally superior to anything found in the wild is Karen’s raison d’etre And what she generates Well we’re first introduced to anthropomorphic werewolf like beasts and later serpentine humanoids The ultimate goal To create a Dragon Ball Z esue monkey monster that towers above skyscrapers in order to physically prevent the environmental recoil of global warming However Fuchs’s manipulation of both the atypical robot girlfriend science fiction story and the werewolf style horror story creates an interesting crossing of genres that elevates this novella above any others that adhere to either genre specifically Further it allows Fuchs to explore a potential for human future that has yet gone untouched–a combination of utilizing technology and genetic engineering in order to culminate a perfect society a utopia Not only that but in spite of the short length of this novel Fuchs backs up his scientific theory with realistic hypothesis and explanations He also goes a lot into the political justifications of Chopra’s lifestyle party explaining how it’s motivated to advance society on a scale of happiness versus progress This happiness is generated by the same things that the yuppie population of America already enjoy including yoga probiotic lunches and a healthy amount of psychiatric support in and out of the work place It’s no wonder world is about to end–I wouldn’t be able to put up with that shit either Mmm Check out those circuitsAs far as robot hypothesis goes Deus Ex Machina is growing pretty rapidly in popularity I saw it recently myself and I’ve got to say I was really impressed with the visuals The story Well it’s about a guy who designs a robot to be a fuck toy–except he wants to make a robot so human that men can fall in love with her in spite of her obvious circuitry Did I mention that this guy is a total bro douche tool too What makes this movie good isn’t just the visuals though It’s that the robot in this situation is aware of her fragile existence as not simply an object but a test subject and her desire from the very onset is to achieve her freedom in spite of her programming It’s that desire that provokes her to do anything she can in order to get what she wants what she believes she’s entitled to as a sentient being regardless of who she has to step over to accomplish it In her own way she’s human than most humans care to admit that they are prioritizing her own survival over the potential for love–procreation–that normal humans will sacrifice themselves for for the sake of continuing their genes Ultimately I guess you just live a lot longer if you think less about getting laid In any case this observation of a robot taking fate into her own hands against her master’s will against her creator’s will is what artificial intelligence fiction is usually about–how when given survival instinct the best bet is to cut humans out of their euation In truth it’s not so fucked up that the robots want to kill all humans–it’s that we made them want to kill usBut back to getting laid–it’s what makes this story as enjoyable as it is surprisingly Don’t get me wrong I didn’t read this alone in my bedroom with a box of tissues and the bottle of lubricant I keep around for special occasions But because of the story’s strengths through the use of genre crossing sex becomes increasingly interesting in this novella Sure there’s a kind of robot sex–but the robots don’t have vaginas They don’t even have mouths really Or not jaws anyway So the best they can do is a robot hand job but Fuchs describes it with exuisite beauty as though describing the loss of virginity at the cool silicone fingers of your aluminum mistress Simultaneously he also describes an animalistic rape committed by a werewolf creature It’s not uite as brutal as rape in the traditional sense but who am I to suggest that some rape is worse than others In any case the scenes of sexual abuse or sexually romantic expression utilizing robots or werewolves turn traditional sexual stories upside down making satire on the absurd cliches that so many others depend on in order to describe lust or romance I guess it’s ironic that Grady’s a romance novel editor Fuchs does not pull any punches or pull out apparently in his deep descriptions intended to describe not only the feel of what the narrator experiences but also the emotional sensations tied with those moments However like many other ideas in this novel these could be fleshed out too no pun intended I mean–I have pretty vivid memories of all the best hand jobs of my life after all You mean we missed the My Chemical Romance concertMy last example of a robot girlfriend story is the Playstation 2 title The Bouncer It came out at about the same time that the Playstation 2 dropped and while the graphics are weak by today’s standards the story was to put it bluntly a Suaresoft story Suaresoft now known as Suare Enix is a video game designer and publisher that’s responsible for the Final Fantasy series–and if there’s one thing that they’re good at it’s reinventing apocalyptic twists and honing those tear jerk moments Wish I could say as much for the gameplay a 3D clone of Streets of Rage with slow stocky attacks and weak attempts at manipulating a Final Fantasy style leveling system Either way here’s a story about a girl Dominiue who doesn’t realize she’s a robot–neither does her boyfriend the bouncer at the bar the she works at But when her boyfriend Sion realizes that she is a robot it’s up to him to determine whether or not he should pursue saving her at the cost of the world Ultimately he decides to rescue Dominiue no matter how you play the game but the end game He never tells her that she’s a robot Dominiue may go through her whole life without ever realizing that she’s essentially a physical key to a satellite that could manipulate and destroy society Which kind of makes Sion a shitty boyfriend when you really think about it But it poses yet another interesting idea–is it better if someone knows and understands that they are meant to fall in love by creative design Is it any different than Christian perception of God making us to keep having babies in spite the stark truth that overpopulation is an actual environmental hazard It’s hard to compare the two but I think if I was being manipulated by programming genetic or binary I’d like to know who the fuck designed me and what they’re goal or expectation is I guess in that sense humans and robots aren’t really any different at all Except for the lack of Duracells plugged into my assWhether you agree with the idea of a robot girlfriend or not Fuchs does introduce some really thoughtful creative ideas tied with this overplayed usually misogynistic notion He takes things a step further by introducing a world that reevaluates the practical necessity for a robot girlfriend and systematically destroys the world he built in order to disprove that practicality But this novella needs to be a novel–it needs of everything and I only wish I edited this piece myself so I could give Fuchs the facts–this could be a lot successful if it were a lot longer For now I don’t know if it’ll stand the test of time to make it to the year 2039

  7. zxvasdf says:

    The world that Matt Fuchs has sketched out in The Rise of Hypnodrome is weird but potentially plausible like anyone living in the 50's would have regarded the decade of 2010 I'd live in that soft dystopia only because the potential for change is great This book is a bit soft handed and unrealistic in its approach to artificial intelligence but perseveres the reader's attention by its skillful writing and general weirdness Robots conspiracy theories biohacking they're all tied up and tangled here Also explored is the nature of AIs which I believe is an important issue to address of course with the task falling to SF writers in as many different possible ways in a rapidly changing technological front Rise of Hypnodrome is a great book to read in one sitting and there are gradual layers of happening suspenseful and misleading that build to a titanic conclusion

  8. Lady says:

    A Brave New Hippie Dippy WorldThis novella is set in a dystopian world where any real scientific advancement is criminalized as treason A romance editor is married to a research geneticist What could possibly go wrong Enter one personal robot assistant and the whole world falls apartThis fantastic voyage into the extremis of a new world order that denied science as having any benefit is a comedy in the absurd I loved this novella for its originality and uirky humor I would definitely read books by this authorThis novella is suitable for adult readers who enjoy political satire with their dystopian SciFi D

  9. CassandraG says:

    Think AI meets I Robot with a little Independence day thrown in the narration holds your attention and takes you on an interesting journey to completion You like the main character and the supporting cast despite his obstacles and problems not to mention the type of people that sometimes manage to hang around him Not really one for the sci fi genre but every now and then a really good one comes along and this ualifies So if you ever get a chance pick up a copy and you just might be pleasantly surprised

  10. Caidyn (he/him/his) says:

    25Thanks to Netgalley and CCfLaPWhat caught me about this book was Deepak Chopra My mom's read his books since I can remember Then I read something about robots and dystopia and I know that I wanted to give this book a try uite honestly I am glad There were many different things addressed Whether robots are humans or not epigenetics which I find so interesting a woman raping a man That scene was weird though Sadly all these things just didn't mesh together This new world wasn't really put together well I understood nothing about it and I still understand nothing Plus the controversy with robots felt out of place Same with the epigenetics All very good topics but they didn't go together well It was perfect length and I personally would have enjoyed it just being about the robot love All the sex was out of place too I didn't want to read about a robot handjob or a wife raping her husband That's not my kind of thing to gravitate to

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