How to Write Poetry

How to Write Poetry❰Reading❯ ➺ How to Write Poetry Author Cynthia Sharp – I believe that everyone who wishes to can write poetry that in finding and expressing our inner voice we unlock our essence This ebook is a compilation of the finely tuned workshops and lessons that h I believe that everyone who wishes to can write poetry How to PDF or that in finding and expressing our inner voice we unlock our essence This ebook is a compilation of the finely tuned workshops and lessons that have worked best in my many years teaching Using the methods outlined in this publication thousands of people at all levels of English from tremendously different backgrounds have emerged into poets and storytellers before my eyes The material can be used by individuals at home in group settings at community centers and retreats and in college and senior high school classrooms It is ideal for teachers and students of creative writing for mindfulness storytelling facilitators and participants and for anyone who wishes to write poetry Creating safe space for myself and others to blossom meditate and write in is my top priority What I offer you is the art of poetry with a spiritual touch – a guide to inspire your soul into words We begin with meditative prompts to evoke your inner voice As the chapters advance classical terms and linguistics analysis are applied into concrete steps tailored to enhance the literary uality of every poet's vision The book is intentionally concise as it was designed by reuest for use on weekend workshops however additional tips on editing can be found in the accompanying blog where I answer any uestions from readers.

Cynthia lives on the west coast where she enjoys the How to PDF or beauty of nature Her poetry has appeared in many literary journals and been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net Anthology A full member of The League of Canadian Poets and The Writers' Union of Canada she had a wonderful time as the City of Richmond's Writer in Residence as well as being one of the judges for the .

How to Write Poetry PDF ´ How to  PDF or
  • Kindle Edition
  • 58 pages
  • How to Write Poetry
  • Cynthia Sharp
  • English
  • 22 March 2016

10 thoughts on “How to Write Poetry

  1. Bill Arnott says:

    Author Cynthia Sharp KNOWS poetry Her work in prose and in verse reflect this Learning from her expertise is a pleasure I continue to hone my own writing as a result of this talented writer's work a good read and an invaluable resource

  2. Julie Thomason says:

    I have been composing poetry for over thirty years and through trial and error have found what works for me I wish I had had a book like this along time ago Beautifully written not in the circumscribed tomes of many creative writing dictates it talks to the potential poet in all of us I like the holistic structure connecting to us as people as opposed to liner structures of textbooks The focus on starting point suggestions was constructive and developing meaning through symbols was powerful Simple straightforward elegant and practical I need this in a paper copy

  3. Mike Mercer says:

    I rate this book a big 5 this book will help all poets of the future find their way to happiness glory throughout the rest of their lives

  4. Timothy Hall says:

    I found this book very helpful I need to remember to come back to it

  5. Emily says:

    Practical adviceThis is an extremely practical book that offers a one two three approAch in creating a visceral experience for the reader of poetry while staying true to a poet's intention The best section for me was her editing advice It helped me learn to let go of what didn't serve and save it for another poem

  6. Andy Luke says:

    Sharp has produced a rounded guide for beginners intermediates and teachers The first half is like a workbook with over a dozen well presented exercises while the second spends time with the holistic and technical advice A stronger emphasis on holistic not a bad thing

  7. Shannan says:

    Not the greatest how to book I've ever read but it is a decent start for beginners in poetry writing

  8. Lyn says:

    I enjoyed the process she presented in creating poetry and imagery step by step It's a resource I'll come back to when I find myself stumped

  9. Stephen Karr says:

    As I write and edit my first book of poetry this is an incredibly valuable resource to which I keep returning Way to go Cynthia

  10. Connie White says:

    Interesting Thinking very unlike my thinking but I recorded a few tips for later exploration I was surprised at the brevity of the book

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