Breaking Dragon Savage Brothers MC #1

Breaking Dragon Savage Brothers MC #1❰Download❯ ✤ Breaking Dragon Savage Brothers MC #1 Author Jordan Marie – NicoleAt one time I had everything I wanted in life Or I thought I did but I lived in black and white Then he exploded into my world DragonHe’s hot blooded cocky stubborn as hell and he drives me cr Savage Brothers eBook ✓ NicoleAt one time I had everything I wanted in life Or I thought I did but I lived in black and white Then he exploded into my world DragonHe’s hot blooded cocky stubborn as hell and he drives me crazy With him everything is It’s vibrant exciting realSuddenly I have everything to lose In Breaking Dragon ePUB ✓ fact I’m terrified that I might not be strong enough to hold on to it all Because I’m learning with life there are no hearts and flowers Sometimes there is just darkness DragonThere’s one thing I know about life You have to grab it by the throat and go at it full throttleThrown away with Dragon Savage Brothers PDF ´ the garbage on the day I was born hooked on crack before I even take my first breath and doing what I had to do just to survive—That’s who I am I’m the filth your mother warned you about The Savage MC is the only family I’ve ever had the only ones I can depend onThen she walks into my life Nicole Nothing like what I expected sassy smart and sexy as hell She’s everything I could want and Our worlds don’t mix I’m only going to drag her downShe should have never let me touch herLife can tear you into shreds make you bend until you breakSometimes you have to face death so you can live.

Savage Brothers eBook ✓ I'm just a simple small town country girl haunted by Alpha Men who talk in my head hours a day I knew I wanted to write when it became clear I couldn't be happy with just viewing other people's stories I always wanted to rewrite them Like why did Jack have to die Breaking Dragon ePUB ✓ Why couldn't Rose move her butt over Because that was a huge piece of wood she was on people Happy Endings should be fought f.

Breaking Dragon Savage Brothers MC #1 PDF ✓ Dragon
  • ebook
  • 280 pages
  • Breaking Dragon Savage Brothers MC #1
  • Jordan Marie
  • 06 July 2014

10 thoughts on “Breaking Dragon Savage Brothers MC #1

  1. Val ⚓️ Shameless Non-Snowflake ⚓️ says:

    25 StarsI picked this up with the intent that it would be a weightless guilty pleasure read but it just didn't hit the spot The whole Twinkie thing was tired and I get sick of the heroine having to pull other women off her man and that making her badass If another woman was crawling all over my man and he didn't shove her off after claiming supposed exclusivity with me? He wouldn't be worth the effort and I'd just leave Because fuck that And as for the Twinkie? That's kind of her role in the fucking club and I'm not gonna shake her down for it especially if my supposed man doesn't tell her any differently and ask her to stop They can have each other Other than that this had enough spank bank potential for me to try book two But only because it's available via KU

  2. Wendy says:

    This book really needed an editor The sentences jump from past tense to present tense and it makes for a messy read Not to mention all the spelling and other grammar errors Usually I can deal but this was really bad I also did not like the heroine In the beginning I thought she was funny but her whole bad Nicole thing sounded a bit too much KA to me And nobody does Kristen Ashley like Kristen Ashley herselfI also think that the heroine was a bad bff I mean she begins the book bragging about how her best friend Dani has always had her back and how they are finally moving out of their home town together to start out new But then she meets a biker falls in love within almost a day and mostly forgets about her best friend I hate women like that Sure Dani made a mistake in trusting someonebut damnNicole just left her friend hanging over a dude she just met Way too insta lovey for me and I really need a cooler heroine Maybe dani's book will be better I have hope this series will get better with each book We shall see

  3. ❥ KAT ❥ Kitty Kats Crazy About Books says:

    TITLE Breaking Dragon SERIES Savage Brothers MC #1 AUTHOR Jordan Marie GENRE Contemporary RomanceRELEASE DATE January 7th 2015MY RATING ★★★★★This book was recommended to me from a friend on here thank god for that because otherwise I would've missed an awesome book I LOVED this Totally different to any biker book I have read It was gritty and raw and scorching hot in others and in places so so funnyPlus Iloved how both characters were of ageI loved Nicole and Bad Nicole Usually I've read where it's the male character that has no filter this girl here is soooo bang on with her comments it's hilarious they just fed off each otherPlus I have never encountered the word Twinkies in relation to club bunnies lol Mama inserts melted heart here if you're trying to mold me into this perfect fcking boyfriend that's not who I am I'm dark I'm jaded and I like my sex dirty I'm not going to say I'm sorry for being who I am I like who I am baby I ain't changing for no fcking bodyLIVE FREE OR DIE TRYINGDragon was 36 years old his dark skin was marred with scars and tattoos had never been on a date doesn't know the meaning or what it feels like to be in love but when he does get a taste of all of that with Nicole he's gone I'm not shiny and new Nicole I've fucking been around the block I've got scratches and dents and a lot of fcking miles I'm a classic and not just anyone can handle me I'm not about to make apologies for that shit I am what I amI can not fcking wait for the next instalment of this I am hooked like a crack whore

  4. L. Wilder says:

    I can't remember when I read a book that drew me in uite like this book did This is the kind of MC Romance that people crave It has it all Sexy alpha male and a strong female lead that makes him work for it Dragon is broken and I loved watching him find his way with Nicole I was hooked after reading the first few pages You will not be disappointed Buy the book and prepare to have your mind blown

  5. Aisling Zena says:

    25 stars

  6. Twin Sisters Rockin& says:

    Overall Rating 45 Rockin’ ★★★★☆What happens when you mix a really dirty bad biker boy with a really good girl that knows what she wants? Chaos total chaos of course This is the break out novel by author Jordan Marie in her series the Savage Brothers MC Ms Marie tells the incredible story of two opposites that find out they cannot live without the each otherNicole had been raised in the lap of luxury but by parents that were as cold as ice While Nicole received every material thing a girl could want she did not feel the love all children need from her parental units When she graduated from high school life changed for Nicole She left behind the cold loveless home of her parents and moved in with her best friend Dani The girls worked to save up enough money so that they could leave their hometown behind and start a new life Everything is going according to plan until Nicole meets tall dark and handsome She knows that there is something different about this bad boy biker but refuses to be one of his club’s Twinkies Will Nicole be able to resist or will she succumb?When Dragon the Prez of the Savage Brothers MC finds himself in the presence of a barefoot hot mama he has no idea how to handle her Thinking that he will make her a club Twinkie and get her out of his system has the two of them in a face off She is a rich too good for me princess and he is a really bad boy take no prisoners kind of guy Or that is what he thinks until he starts to see the real Nicole The woman that he cannot stop thinking about and wanting than he has ever wanted anything in his life Dragon has nothing outside his life as a club brother Will he be able to mix Nicole and club life? Can he convince Nicole to give a bad boy biker a chance?Hero Detroit ‘Dragon’ West 45 starsHeroine Nicole Wentworth 45 starsSteam 5 starsPlot 45 starsCliffhanger NoWould I recommend this book Yes This book is filled with really dirty hot sex and fast moving MC encounters that will keep you panting from page one The characters are real and will make you laugh cry and live in their storyWould I recommend this author Yes Jordan Marie is a remarkable author that leaves her audience wanting the next book from her incredible imagination Cannot wait to read DancerBreaking DragonJordan MarieReceived an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review

  7. Cristina says:

    While reading this book this is who I saw as Dragonoh men he's hot DRicky Whittle is one fine piece of man candy DThe novel Breaking Dragon is you're run of the mill biker novel If you enjoy MC novels then you'll probably enjoy this one but otherwise it doesn't bring anything to the table except hot sex P Later editOhhI forgot to add that the way he kept calling her Mama was just bleahhh They where one step fron her calling him Daddy and starting in a bad pornDid I mention the sex was great? P

  8. Michelle says:

    I was given an unedited ARC copy of this book and I want to give my honest review as someone who has read thisI Loved it from start to finish Nicole and her best friend finally get to make the move in their lives that they always hoped for The decision to make a detour on the last stretch to their new home changes their life in a huge wayFrom the first time Nicole and Dragon lay eyes on each other you feel the sparks fly back and forth between themNicole is sassywith a strong backboneand she holds herself against every attempt Dragon makes to get under her skinDragon has a reputation to stand up to as the President he can't show his men the weakness she causes him His past and his life style has him trying to keep her at arms length But the chemistry is just to strong and keeps drawing them both back in The banter between them had me laughing and neither of them were afraid to say what was on their mind Throw into the mix her best friends opinions and Dragon has a battle on his hands When trouble really arises who will be strong enough to make it through alive ???I recommend this book and as a Debut Jordan Marie has created a great start to her new series I look forward to #2 5 stars

  9. Victoria says:

    425 RATING Breaking Dragon is a prime example of the guilty pleasure type book I just can't help but love It pulled me in from the beginning and kept me interested with steamy bits and dirty talk throughout Is it worthy of five stars? Nope Probably not even worthy of four stars for those that are looking for a uality read But for me this was a fun sexy read that had me highlighting my kindle all night long This book definitely couldn't go head to head with a Fanetti or Sheehan in terms of story development or overall writing but it's still probably one of my favorite MC reads of the year Definitely rates high on the readability and enjoyment scale for me Pure Guilt Note At the time this review was posted this book was available to borrow through 's Kindle Unlimited program To see other books available to borrow through Kindle Unlimited or SCRIBD check out the Subscription Addiction group

  10. Cindy says:

    45 StarsI have been on a roll with these MC reads lately and Breaking Dragon didn't disappoint It was uniue and yet familiar in a good way Nicole is awesome she is strong willed and won't put up with crap that Dragon want's to dish She puts him in his place and he doesn't uite know what to think of it all He lets her push a little but he is definitely all alpha malelol They have plenty of chemistry and are great togetherNow for the things that bothered me somewhat I wanted a little back story for Nicole we do get some I just wanted Also the feelvoice of Nicole for the first few chapters was off for me didn't sound like the way she would sound This fixes as the story goes onAll in all I really enjoyed itDragonNicole

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