This Venom Shade (Dark Stirrings, Book 2)

This Venom Shade (Dark Stirrings, Book 2)[Read] ➪ This Venom Shade (Dark Stirrings, Book 2) ➲ Alex Demasi – Thrall an erotic paranormal novella by Alex Demasi from the second book in the Dark Stirrings seriesElise doesn’t know when the web closed around her but every time she struggles it just twists tigh Thrall an erotic paranormal novella by Alex Demasi from the second book in the Dark Stirrings seriesElise doesn’t know when the web closed around her but every time she struggles it just twists tighter Already on the run from a deadly secret how This Venom PDF \ will the strands around her warp and snare with the arrival of Brendan and Glenn unaware of the terrible truth they’ve stumbled upon Can she escape the venomous grasp of her mistress or will they all become flies in the web of her insatiable hunger her relentless passionThe Girls Next Door an erotic paranormal novella by London Beck from the second book in the Dark Stirrings seriesHis degree not yet complete Andrew rents a cheap room in an old villa where he plans to work on his thesis over the summer The room is small and grotty but it does have one advantage a window on the house next door providing Andrew an intimate peek into the comings and goings of the women who live there But things are not what they seem and soon Andrew finds his world is entangled with theirs his life spiralling dangerously out of control.


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  • ebook
  • 112 pages
  • This Venom Shade (Dark Stirrings, Book 2)
  • Alex Demasi
  • English
  • 25 April 2016

12 thoughts on “This Venom Shade (Dark Stirrings, Book 2)

  1. Tequila says:

    Oh my gawdAlex Demasi and London Beck have done it again If you're looking for some extra dark horrorish erotica short stories then This Venom Shade is for you Thrall the first short story by Alex Demasi introduces us to two brothers Glenn and Brendan Straight laced older brother Glenn has taken his younger pot head and alcoholic brother away from all temptation to try to get him sobered up This plan is working well until Brendan meets a very attractive older lady who definitely gets his attention and a whole lot than what he bargained for There are so many twists and turns and surprises the reader doesn't know what's going to happen to everyone involved The Girls Next Door by London Beck tells the story of Andrew a grad student who's living on borrowed time to finish his thesis while living with a bunch of sociology majors who get on his last nerve He's become fascinated with the young girl who lives next door and gets lucky when she comes into his place of employment asking for help with the business's website the business that she runs with her two cousins Andrew uses this as his opportunity to get to get close to the pretty girl next door when he finds out that the house next door is a small brothel While everything seems normal deep down there's some secrets that all the women are keeping from Andrew which he stumbles upon while playing peeping tom Like the first story The Girls Next Door will keep the reader on their toes as Andrew finds out about his neighbors than he really cared to

  2. Nance says:

    I just finished with the first novella Thrall I'll admit that it's my first read into supernatural reading I enjoyed it It actually brought me back to some flashback of true blood with the season about the God This one is about a little groupie and the musician who need to come together in order to terminate the web spinning evil There is one thing I would have enjoyed and that would have been a few pages on the origins of UrsulaI loved The Girl Next Door Sometimes it good to go out of our comfort zone to discover new reads Here we meet Andrew who's mostly a bloke within his own head until he finally get to know his girl next door crush let's just say that sometimes thinking you are above something or safe just makes you slightly delusionalBoth novellas are uick reads and are definitely worth your time

  3. Melissa Christenson says:

    This book is dark and paranormal and awesome The first story has a HEA about a girl who is trapped with a women who can control her and she's able to break free from the demon The second book is about the girls next door who are something out of mythology These 2 novellas are dark and twisted You never know what's going to come next I would definitely suggest reading them if you like paranormal erotica

  4. Tracey Zelukovic says:

    Must say it is not what I usually read but OMG it had me talking to people about this book for days I really enjoyed it because it was different

  5. Emma says:

    London Beck and Alex Demasi reunite again for Dark Stirrings #2 'This Venom Shade' in their paranormal erotic series I adored This Dark Shade and book two does not fail to live up to and exceeds book one with chills thrills and killsThe first tale is Thrall by Alex Demasi and sees a tangled web of lies and deceit play out in this darkly disturbing but captivating tale The thrillingly erotic pages kept teasing me to read on whilst the hairs on the back of my neck said beware The tale follows Brendan Kingsley a young wayward freeloader who wants nothing from life than sex drugs and rock and roll His older brother Glenn has had enough of his ways and decides to dish out his own form of rehab at a boat club well away from all of life's temptations But other forces are at work and the unsuspecting brothers are about to meet one very hypnotic powerful and deceptive lady called Ursula and discover how far people have to go for those they love to stay safe even when facing a threat that defies the realms of reality Book two by London Beck is 'The Girls Next Door' This is a cautionary tale about being careful what you wish for Andrew Metcalfe is a college student whose down on his luck He failed his exams due to having his grant declined works to pay debts so can't join in socially at college and has the worst housemates ever He is curious bordering on Peeping Tom towards his beautiful dark haired neighbour and his curiosity lures him to discover about them Their his one enjoyment in his depressingly lonely lifeThis novella is loosely based on the classic Cinderella tale with two beautiful sisters being cared for protected and tended to by a dark haired beauty Rest assured Selene Andrew's fixation needs no prince charming to save herThis novella is full of shocks twists and turns and many scenes to scare you as their chillingly realistic Believe me just when you think you know what's going on it turns out your wrong I devoured this book in one siting and now need my next Dark Stirrings fix soon

  6. Lita Thomas says:

    I was given this book for an honest review This Venom Shade by Alex Demasi London Beck is the second installment in The Dark Stirrings series The book consists of two separate novellas Once again Night Gallery metes The Twilight Zone The first story is of 2 brothers Brendan and Glenn who while out one day on the water come across 2 ladies who seem to need help What happens next is something so strange you would have to see it to believe it and sometimes when you think you think it is the end it may just start back up The second book was about Andrew a guy who has a prime view from his bedroom window He is a Peeping Tom but sometimes you have to beware of the things you see going on in other people’s home Sometimes you have to know when to run the other way because staying around can be deadly Another book with stories that had me saying “ Oh My” Truly enjoyed this book and the stories would love to see on TV Dark paranormal erotica at it’s best Looking forward to the next installment

  7. Emski Macbooks says:

    This was some thing a bit different for me as I haven't really stepped past vampires and werewolves on the paranormal books this is 2 short stories book kept me interested and contained lot's of sex and dark twists they were well written and although short the characters were built well and stories weren't rushed recommend to paranormal fans

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