Deliverance (Uncovering You #6)

Deliverance (Uncovering You #6)[Reading] ➬ Deliverance (Uncovering You #6) ➳ Scarlett Edwards – EvilThat is really the best way to describe Jeremy Stonehart When he was StonehartIs he that any I don't know As he reveals and of himself to me I start to see a glimmer of the man beneath the surface EvilThat is really the best way to describe Jeremy Stonehart When he was StonehartIs he that any I don't know As he reveals and of himself to me I start to see a glimmer of the man beneath the surface I start to understand in some small way that even evil comes from a source from some initial seed that sprouted and took hold of a person's soulEvil is what Jeremy was But is it what he will continue to beI will only find out by sticking to him until the very end It is my only choice It is my only option It is the only way I will get answers and the only way that I will getRevenge.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 203 pages
  • Deliverance (Uncovering You #6)
  • Scarlett Edwards
  • English
  • 13 July 2016

10 thoughts on “Deliverance (Uncovering You #6)

  1. Michelle says:

    I'm giving this 25 stars I was very disappointed Besides the fact there is another book and still no light at the tunnel?? I didn't buy into the reasoning or the rationale for decisions that were made Why he abducted her? Why the turn around with his feelings if that's what you wanna call it He never groveled Just stated it and she was to move on He obviously knew her well Because she did Some how she managed to convince herself his abduction actually saved her from her dreadful life Who wants friends who support you when you can have a hot guy with lots of money rape you starve you make you eat your pet shock you rape you while your asleep makes you watch the videos of you being raped constantly reminds you of past transgressions with glee and lastly has your father locked up drugged and constantly shocking him for pure joy I absolutely forgot about the heroine being a test rat for the his new battery He is a keeper But I liked the book better when he was a monster and she was a heroine wanting to get away I at least understood those dynamics But the I love you and he rescued me theme is just wrong Sorry this is a major spoiler so uit now When did people with disabilities and teased most of their young lives turn into sociopaths? Another writer did a similar theme but at least he stuck to his psychotic behavior he never waivers even in the end But I won't lie when I say I noticed several situations that looked really similar to other books

  2. & says:

    I'm a little upsetAt first I was all over this series It was dark suspenseful and even though the price was a little steep for the length the story had me hooked so I kept coming back We were initially promised one every three weeks Between 4 and 5 that wait turned in to two months and between 5 and 6 4 months Still I was patient and tried to be understanding because Ms Edwards explained the delay was because she wanted to provide uality it was being edited etc REALLY? Because the numerous mistakes tell me otherwise Tell me how she can emphasis with him empathize maybe? And that was just the start Missing letters missing words made several passages difficult to understand That being said we finally get some answers and the story is pretty good so I compromised and gave it three stars but I don't know if I'll continue especially if the wait is another 4 months She promised December but we've heard that before

  3. Zaynab says:

    5 Stars

  4. Elfina Renee says:

    Hands down applauds are in order for talented Ms Scarlett Edwards Once again her books left me feeling overwhelmingly ranting and raving and thoroughly pissed off So you know its a damn good read Captivated from page one kinda OMFG good All throughout my status you could see the journey the author took me through Notice I did my best not to spoil it for you So onto the review Warning will contain spoiler infoSpoiler alertspoiler alertHow do you describe a living breathing monster? Would you give him horns scales and fangs? Maybe you'd age him with wrinkles or warts or some kind of bodily scarring Or maybemaybe You'd dress him up in the worlds finest tailored suits Shower him with wealth than Donald trump could ever spend And make him so elouently sexy and appealing he'd give Ben Barnes and Hugh Jackman run for their modeling careers Jeremy is all of those things and His mouth watering looks is nothing but a lie right down to his pressed silken shirts Then again everything is about maintaining appearance Lilly I shudder and rub my arms I said before that it was not the physical abuse that got to me It was the mental assault Can a man who makes a woman eat an animal she’d adopted as a pet really be capable of love? Can that same man ever be redeemable in that woman’s eyes? Here is a man that set out to destroy her because of her father's sins Threatens the life of everyone Lilly holds dear and we're all expected to believe he has fallen head over heals in love with her After he's kidnapped raped and damn near killed herbullshit He's a sick pathological liar he's still playing his evil games For what purpose maybe to screw with her head some or maybe its vindictive revenge But no matter what he's not throughJeremy is to cleaver and cunning

  5. Christine says:

    I hate to say it but I prefer the evil Jeremy Stonehart Give me the sadistic evil one than this tender caring one After waiting so long for this book it finally gave us an answer as to why he abducted Lily and treated her the way he did Now I feel he is trying to redeem himself because she has found out the truth I hope Charles says a lot and we get Rose to reveal her true self and why she acted the way she didI thought this was the last book in the series till I came to the end and see to come So we have to sit this rollercoaster ride out and hope it will come soon Should off waited for all the books to be out and then read in one go Too drawn out

  6. Ella P says:

    I enjoyed the first book but the following books got worse and worse since it was all so revolving doors This book however at least gives us some answer as to Why Lilly? but the rest were or less the same thing as the previous books The big reveal was blah also Major spoilers ahead view spoilerLilly's father and Jeremy's mother had an affair since he used her to fuel his drug habit She died during a fire at paul's apartment Dun dun dun Not very exciting I know hide spoiler

  7. Katya says:

    44 StarsWho am I kidding? I am so addicted to this storygive it 5 stars I don't like cliff hangers where I have to wait but I do love being in the dark as I read a novel and having to put all the pieces together just like the heroine does in this storynever uite knowing what is what The man who once abused her brutally both physically and mentally has been allowing and access to the outside world to his captured prisoner Showing his trust and sharing with her Can he have really changed into a caring and loving man? or is the real man cruel and vindictive laying close to the surface? Playing an act ready to pounce on Lilly Lilly is getting sucked inand then remembers her fathershe is not sure and clinging desperately to evidence of his depravityremembering her planto gain his trust in order to crush him It is the only way out She knows if she runs he will chase after herand even if he is arrestedthey will end up in court and he has the money to hire the best lawyershe will win And despite her fearshe wonders if she is succumbing to the Stockholm syndrome Especially those moments when he is romantic kind tender and she wonders if there is a tiny moment where she feels something for him toward him She uickly snaps her mind into realityremember who he is what he has doneFey her college best friend and her fiance have done some digging and found something very interesting about Jeremywhy he abducted her what his plan has been all alongand he is not denying itCan Book 7 come any faster? We must be close to the end of this series How much can you spread this out over? I will be there for book 7 eager to read and unable to put it downGreat Read Wonderfully detailed and clever story

  8. Candace says:

    If you've been following this series then you absolutely MUST read this 6th installment in Lilly and Jeremy's story The lines between friend and enemy have blurred and emotions run high Jeremy's increasingly tender demeanor is an unexpected development His sudden change has Lilly conflicted about what she truly wants his love or revenge Still a uick read this installment is packed with information Lilly has grown stronger and it seems that she is finally in a position to get the revenge that she longs for The book ends in the mother of all cliffhangers with the revelation of Jeremy's motives for abducting Lilly With this new information finally brought to light I'm dying to see where Lilly goes from here Will she follow down the same path as Jeremy consumed by her need for vengeance? Book 7 cannot get here uick enough Loved it

  9. Charlie says:

    Dec 2018 reread what an absolute mind fuck———This series has really screwed with my head In each previous book I wished for Jeremy to suffer a painful death preferably at Lilly's hand By the end of this book he'd shown remorse for everything and he finally granted her freedom Even though this is what I wanted I still don't know if I can forgive Jeremy What worries me is that I want to Scarlett Edwards has created a character that I've both loved and hated She's expertly manipulated all of my feelings time and again I read the first 6 books within 24 hours I desperately want to read the next part but it isn't released yet I can't wait to see how this turns out

  10. Darvina says:

    I don't know what is going on with Jeremy I think I can't trust him Lilly is off the chain trying to figure out what is going on Come on 7

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