A Wedding to Die For

A Wedding to Die For[Download] ➵ A Wedding to Die For Author Xavier Mayne – Bluevapours.co.uk When a high profile gay celebrity couple asks two of the city’s most established vendors to provide cake and flowers for their wedding and they refuse a resulting boycott threatens to shut them down When a high profile gay to Die PDF/EPUB ä celebrity couple asks two of the city’s most established vendors to provide cake and flowers for their wedding and they refuse a resulting boycott threatens to shut them down It’s up to the next generation in the family owned businesses to save them from ruin Justin Capella baker's son and Roman Montgomery A Wedding MOBI :✓ floral scion work together to plan the gay wedding of the year Justin and Roman haven’t seen each other since that fateful day in third grade when a single kiss shocked Justin and sent Roman to boarding school As fate would have it Justin and Roman rediscover love while working on the wedding But disaster might pry them Wedding to Die PDF ↠ apart again Troopers Brandt and Donnelly are working with a statewide task force for the rights of LGBT citizens—all while searching for a killer wedding planner As guests at the wedding of the year they are the first responders when all hell breaks loose In investigating the troopers are led to a shadowy figure they believe seduced Roman into doing his bidding But the real murderer will cover his tracks at all costs including Roman and Justin’s lives.

Xavier Mayne is the pen to Die PDF/EPUB ä name of a writer who has been both a university professor of English and a marketing professional for software companies He currently manages a team of writers for a large technology company based in the US Pacific Northwest Versed in academic theories of sexual identity he is passionate about writing stories in A Wedding MOBI :✓ which men experience a love that pushes them beyond the bou.

A Wedding to Die For MOBI ô Wedding to Die  PDF
  • ebook
  • 250 pages
  • A Wedding to Die For
  • Xavier Mayne
  • English
  • 08 April 2016
  • 9781632164704

10 thoughts on “A Wedding to Die For

  1. Sandi ♥& says:

    I love these guys What a great story and it's always good to see Nestor and Bryce stop in Thanks for the BR Cory XO

  2. Debra says:

    This was another solid book from Xavier Mayne Starting off Law Order style with a ripped from the headlines issue as a florist and baker refuse service to a gay couple planning their wedding Brandt and Donnelly step in to help enforce the state's laws but taking on the eual rights issue is only the beginning The sons of those business owners step in to work on the wedding and rekindle a relationship that abruptly ended when they were children but just as things seem to be going well tragedy strikes and Brandt and Donnelly realize they are up against than just a few bigoted businessmen As in the previous book Wrestling Demons the story focuses eually on the mystery and the relationships between both Brandt and Donnelly and newly introduced characters Roman and Justin Brandt and Donnelly's relationship picks up where it left off with them planning their wedding with plenty of help from Bryce Roman and Justin have an interesting back story and the true villain here really is a ruthless characterThere were plenty of different emotions I felt while reading the book and Xavier Mayne's writing is always strong The story had a number twists and turns humor mostly courtesy of Bryce and his list of potential wedding planners and as always they sexy sweetness of MC's Brandt and Donnelly Thanks to finecat for this lovely surprise

  3. Cory says:

    Another great Brandt and Donnelly story This one centered around gay marriage and certain businesses not wanting to provide services to said gay marriageI love the relationship between BD and I'll read any additional books that come out about them

  4. Tessi4M says:

    Brandt Donnelly are back Initially on a case of getting homophobic shop owners to comply with new laws Later on investigating the sabotaging of a weddingThis book got a bit serious than the previous ones bringing me close to tears at one pointI love seeing our troopers working together I love that they are so secure in their own relationship no drama between them Just contentment and friendly banterThese books are about cases they work on so they tend to sometimes take a secondary role to the main characters of the plot unfortunately Still they are one of my favorite couples and I cannot wait for book 4 view spoilerWhich has damn well better give me that wedding I was expecting in this one hide spoiler

  5. K says:

    I like how the author has labelled these as capers because really they are most definitely not police procedural type crime stories despite the two MC's being state troopers In this story marraige euality has finally reached their state which means that a big celebrity gay wedding is on the cards and not Brant Donnelly's just yet When the grooms to be are turned down by the best florists and wedding cake providers in town they decide to take legal action but Brant Donnelly are drafted in to speak to the shop owners and try and get them to change their mind The sons of the florist and baker Roman and Justin agree to take on the wedding and at the same time get reunited themselves But Roman doesn't really believe in marriage for gay men and is being pressured to do something to make a statement When the wedding ends in disaster Brant Donnelly have to investigate what happened Yes it's pretty unbelievable in terms of an investigation but it's a lot of fun Bryce Nestor do make brief appearances as Bryce is trying to find the perfect wedding planner for Brant Donnelly when they do tie the knot

  6. Marinieves says:

    Xavier Mayne does it again He is made his point across with this book Brandt and Donnelly need to open the eyes of a couple of business owners and explain that everyone has eual rights Justin and Roman the sons of the business owners take care of the wedding details for a famous couple But when things get complicated Brandt and Donnelly need to find the truth behind the situation This book is beautifully written and always Mr Mayne touches the issue of gay rights in a well manner and makes you keep supporting that everyone has the right to be recognize as a spouse Love is Love

  7. Ottilee B. says:

    It's been awhile since I've read this However certain things stand out homophobia ran RAMPANT so than any other book in the BD series The florist and the baker minus the candlestick maker know each other and though one's a Bad Man he was still one of the Good Guys Bravo to X Mayne for that achievement This was an enjoyable 'meh' read I expect from this author One of the mc's was into kinkier sex that I didn't expect from this author as well THAT threw me for a loop

  8. Love Bytes Reviews says:

    4 star review by RhondaI really wish I could sum up this book easily but no can do This is going to be the longest review I have done so far as it touches on many delicate issues that gay and lesbian couples go through when trying to exercise the same rights that heterosexual couples get easilyLaws have been passed which guarantee access to public accommodation to all citizens including those who are LGBT Even though that provides same sex couples those rights many couples when trying to plan a joyous occasion such as a wedding are denied services by wedding planners and caterers and such which is what this book is aboutWe meet Greg Sampson a television news anchor and his longtime partner Peter Lawrence a high profile attorney who are planning their nuptials and are faced with homophobia from the baker at Capella cakes and from Montgomery flowers amongst others in the wedding industry that have turned them down simply because they are a same sex couple Greg and Peter decide to take the situation public by announcing that they are suing the venues in uestion for denying them their basic rights guaranteed by lawThis causes such an uproar in the gay community that the district attorney wants things smoothed over before things get ugly so he has the chief of police assign officers Brandt and Donnelly to the case to help smooth things over and convince Capella and Montgomery to go ahead and do the wedding and get our high profile couple married While the senior members of the companies in uestion won’t do the preparations their sons Justin and Roman step up to provide the cake and flowers and save their businesses from destruction as word gets out about their initial refusal to accommodate the wedding and they are both swamped with cancellations that could ruin their businessesOver time as they work together there is a bit of a back story with Justin and Roman going back to when they were in the third grade together It involves an innocent kiss that separated them for the next 20 or so years but as luck would have it they are brought together as adults now and working together on the wedding Roman and Justin start a romance of their own Justin gives Roman what he has never given anyone else ever his heart and soul as well as his virginity thinking that he has finally found the man of his dreams As the old saying goes though don’t count your chickens before they hatch Roman has secrets and an agendaWon’t tell you the details you are just going to have to read this great book and find out for yourselves You all just had to know I was going to say that right?We encounter some humor as a wedding planner is sought and they encounter some real off the wall characters with ideas that are so over the top that the sanity of some of these wedding planners is called into uestion I don’t know where the author got the idea to release doves from a helicopter but boy am I glad they didn’t go that routeBrandt and Donnelly do an excellent job getting the wedding to go forward but when disaster strikes at the wedding guests are poisoned the flowers are nearly lethal and the guests are treated to gastric distress that they will never forget Basically anything that can go wrong does However that was really the least of the happy couple’s problems They eventually leave for their honeymoon and what happens next makes the wedding look good And of course I won’t give a spoiler as to what happens but you will shed a tear or three Our detectives are now charged with going from wedding facilitators to investigating a possible murder and the what where and when of what happened and by whomThis book runs you through a gamut of emotions I was angry laughing shocked and astonished at the ins and outs of the plot by a major character loss and by what happened at the hospital and how the authorities handled the situation I can say I was so angry I wanted to write a letter to my senator and complain about how same sex couples are treated when they are faced with a loved one being injured and not being allowed to be with them to comfort them This full length novel is going in my permanent library and I will be reading it againA copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review Please visit wwwlovebytesreviewscom to see this and many reviews author interviews guestposts and giveaways

  9. Lisa J. says:

    Frat House Troopers is one of my favorite GFY friends to lovers stories Ethan and Gabriel were just so right for each other and the book was full of humor and sweet moments The seuel Wrestling Demons had an adorable and touching young couple at its center and it served up cute and funny and lots of Bryce and NestorAnd this book was giving me that same light hearted fun despite the characters tendencies to talk in preachy speeches about gay marriage Ethan and Gabriel are getting married So cue the outrageous Bryce as wedding consultant and just sit back and enjoy the high jinks right? Well there was some of that here The search for the perfect wedding planner was inspired and I was intrigued by the nuptials of Peter and Greg If only the book had stayed on this trackInstead around the 50 percent mark it all fell apart for me There's a death that served no purpose other than as an excuse for preachy speeches Other plots view spoilerrape murder and BDSM hide spoiler

  10. Dee Wy says:

    45 stars This series I'm in love I swear Brandt and Donnelly are just as sweet and hot together in book three as they were when falling in love in book one Once again they have a mystery to solve in the gay community not to mention their wedding to plan for The new romance in this story centers around Justin and Roman who were friends as boys until Roman kissed Justin in the fourth grade and was promptly sent away to a Catholic boarding school They hadn't seen each other in years when they suddenly meet again I wasn't too sure about Roman at first Could I trust him with the virginal Justin? Eventually the answer was an overwhelming yesThough Xavier Mayne sprinkles humor throughout his books in this series he also takes on social issues affecting the gay community As an example Justin's parents refuse to accept that he is gay and if he insists on living that lifestyle they want nothing to do with him though they work together in the family owned bakery But Justin has a Grandmother who is so wise and tries to explain his parents to him People don't hate other people because they think they are different; they hate because they are afraid they'll discover we are all the same And also So we build up divisions where there were none and hatreds rise from the gulf of difference that we imagine separates us Xavier Mayne is a professor of English in the midwest US Love his mind and his heartLooking forward to books in the series I understand that two are already written Can't wait

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