The Uninvited (The MacKinnon Legacy, #1)

The Uninvited (The MacKinnon Legacy, #1)[Reading] ➻ The Uninvited (The MacKinnon Legacy, #1) ➱ J.A. Templeton – For readers who loved the international best selling YA paranormal romance series The MacKinnon Curse here is a new spin off seriesMadison Sinclair has a secret She can see hear and feel the dead At s For readers who loved the international best selling YA paranormal romance series The MacKinnon Curse here is a new spin off seriesMadison Sinclair has a secret She can see hear and feel the dead At seventeen Madison travels to Edinburgh to study and discovers that university is not the only adventure to be found there The historic Scots city is a hotbed of paranormal activity and Madison’s talents and empathy are tested when she meets the spirit of a missing teen JaimeMadison befriends Shane a fellow student and very human charmer from her home town who also knows a thing or two about ghosts and their waysMadison’s spirit friend Jaime has a flesh and blood brother Haven is a sexy tattooed bad boy with a dangerous reputation but is drawn to Madison because of the enticing truth she could give him about his little sisterShane and Haven help Madison use her gifts to uncover the secrets surrounding Jaime’s disappearance which puts Madison in danger from than wayward spirits The psychopath that killed Jaime now has Madison in his cross hairs and he has no intention of letting her reveal the truth THE UNINVITED is book one in The MacKinnon Legacy series and is intended for readers over due to language sexual situations and violence.

JA Templeton is the YANew Adult pen name for adult romance author Julia Templeton A psychic medium Julia loves history travel and reading in every subgenre of romance especially young and new adult.

The Uninvited PDF/EPUB ✓ Kindle Edition
  • Kindle Edition
  • 200 pages
  • The Uninvited (The MacKinnon Legacy, #1)
  • J.A. Templeton
  • English
  • 12 April 2015

10 thoughts on “The Uninvited (The MacKinnon Legacy, #1)

  1. Irena BookDustMagic says:

    Before readingThe MacKinnon Curse is one of my all time favorite seriesWhen I heard there will be a spin off I was just so I can't even put my feelings into the wordshappy excited beyond thrilled in the mood for dancing x3 I really really wish people would know about this author and her work I have read 5 of her books and loved every single one of themAfter readingThis one was no exception I really really liked itThis story takes place five years after The DepartedAlthough this is a spin off it is not fully tied to it's predecessor What I'm trying to say is that you are not obligated to read The MacKinnon Curse series in order to read this oneYeah most of the characters are in both series and stories are connected but are two separated piecesRegardless if you still haven't I suggest you to read The MacKinnon curse because it is an enjoyable readOur main character Madison is all grown up and she started college in Edingburgh I enjoyed reading her story and getting to know the person she became She is one interesting girl who's still not fully independent but is on a good way to be It was so nice to see Shane again I was always fond of him and I haven't change my mind I am really looking forward to read about himActually it was nice to see everyone once again and to find out how Riley and Kade are doing I only wish we got to know about Cait's lifeI think JA Templeton is really good in creating likeable characters There is really not one character that I didn't like and although it could sometimes be a flaw I don't think it was in this caseHowever I am curious how the story will develop from this book on because what seems flawless now could easely became drawback later if not shaped rightDo I think we should have character development trough the series I doBut I have no doubt Templeton will do a good job as she always doesWe do have a glimpse of a love triangle but I didn't pay that much attention to it because to me it was clear who should win in this love game Still I want to know if I was right and where the author will take us with itWhile reading this book I had a vibe I had way back when I was watching Ghost Whisperer TV showIf you liked watching that show I think you would like this bookThe novel ends with something I like to call The perfect cliff hangerIt makes you wonder what is going to happen' next but doesn't leave you desperate for the seuel You don't feel like you have to have it in your hands right away but it does announce to you that the seuel will be soooo good and you are looking forward to read it because you know you'll enjoy it then this book you just finishedSpoiler sectionview spoiler I think Haven is a mysterious guy and yeah I do like him but he's just not a boyfriend material if you ask me He eather cheated his girlfriend with Madison or he plays with that girl Alexa and sends her messages that she thinks she's his girlfriend when at the same time he's hanging with MadisonI don't know If Madison has to end up with someone I hope it will be Shane hide spoiler

  2. Emma Nellie says:

    The Uninvited by JA TempletonFour and a half starsI was given an ARC for The Uninvited It has not swayed my reviewI've read her MacKinnon Curse series when it first came out and absolutely loved it I remember waiting and waiting for the second and then the third book to release This was no differentI've always been curious about Maddy and her past While we see a bit of it from the MacKinnon Curse series its nice to be in her mind and experience it all along with her Maddy is one of my favorite characters and I loved reading from her point of view Maddy had a dismal childhood and I was glad she got to be with her Aunt and Uncle I love where they live as castles have always intrigued me with their history We don't see much of Hanway her friendghost man in this book but that's ok because it makes sense Maddy is going to college in Edinburgh but that doesn't mean there won't be a lack of ghosts The story of Jaime is pretty sad I just wish I could connect with her I didn't feel immersed into her past as I wanted to be but it was still rewarding in the end and it did intrigue me Haven her brother was a bonus in this story I'm curious to what she saw about him and how he will end up The romance between those two is light and just starting so I can't really tell how those two feel about each other Hopefully we get some in the next oneShane was also a bonus I wasn't expecting that to happen Maddy has two guys wanting her and she's stuck between them having no idea which one she wants I'm not usually big on love triangles but this one was done uite well There wasn't physical or verbal jealousy There was tension though We got to see Riley and Kade a bit I would have liked to seem them but I also understand that it's Maddy's story now not Riley's Still I hope to see of them in the next bookForewarned there is a cliffhanger It isn't too bad but you'll be eagerly waiting for the next one I need to know about this ghost and her story I feel like its going to be a good oneEmma Lynn

  3. Marla says:

    I was given an advance copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review I loved the MacKinnon Curse series and had been anxiously awaiting the start of this new related series My only complaint is that it wasn't long enough I was so into the story that I WAS NOT ready for it to end It was extremely entertaining and I was hooked from the beginning This is the type of novel I love It has everything I enjoy paranormal romance mystery and suspense I'm not one to put spoilers in my review I prefer to hopefully shed some light as to whether this book is worth your time This one definitely is JA Templeton is one of my favorites and I'm counting down the minutes until I get to read the second installment of The MacKinnon Legacy JA Templeton

  4. Maggie Chatterton says:

    The Uninvited by JA Templeton is a thrilling opening to the new series The MacKinnon Legacy a spin off of the unforgettable gripping and powerful Mackinnon Curse series The Uninvited followed Maddy as she ventures away from the Braemar Castle and away from her best friend a ghost named Hanway There is paranormal goodness in The Uninvited with groundbreaking characters and a mystery that only deepens as you delve further into the storyI loved the pace of the story and the mystery that surrounds the characters It was beautifully written and left me wanting book two sooner rather than later

  5. Beth Knight says:

    MadsI loved maddy from the other books and fell in love with her So good and she has the attention of some hot boys

  6. Janel Delmis Bechtel says:

    A interesting readI liked the main character Although she seemed timid with her gift that didn't stop her from knowing she could help A good read and entertaining

  7. Lily Blue, Blue Lily says:

    I read this book in less than 24 hrs i love the eerie feeling this story gives you also how the original characters life's continue after and their appearances in this duology I want

  8. Vanessa Fermin says:

    Loved itLove this book really recommend can't wait to read the second one Really good book Hopefully the second is as good as the first

  9. Rachelle says:

    I received this copy in exchange for a reviewIn this spin off series of The MacKinnon Curse this story is coming from Madison Sinclair Kade and Cait's cousin who has psychic abilities like Riley It takes place when Maddy is attending University where Shane and Richie are learning as well When a ghostly girl named Jamie asks for Maddy's help to find where her body is when she was kidnapped on her way to school she leans on Shane for advice since he is familiar with ghosts and her abilities since he has a sister who has been through the same thing Not only is Shane there for ghostbuster business but he's also there to watch over her and make sure she enjoys her first year of university away from home All this closeness leads to something Maddy never expected coming from someone who has history with his cousin Cait Not only does she have feelings for Shane but for Jamie's brother Haven He's a bit closed off because of his family's grief over the disappearance of his sister but he sees something in Maddy way before he finds out that she's a connection to her sister He does have a party girl that is always by his side at every party that he DJs which is something Maddy needs to think about However Maddy has both Shane and Haven to uncover the Jamie's body in this new thrilling and cringe worthy seriesI love that I get to read Maddy's POV and learning about her mother's addiction which is why she lives with her extended family I never really thought much about Maddy in the first series except that she was someone Riley could relate to but I'm glad that this book is out So we get to see few familiar people like Shane Riley Kade Richie and Cait I honestly didn't think of Maddy and Shane developing together not because of Cait actually I forgot that but it was brief I'm sure but because we viewed Maddy as this little girl and Shane was this player who would party and hated moving to Scotland in the first place It's nice seeing that Maddy is taming Shane into being someone who can take care of a girl who isn't his big sister Now there's Haven and I have to say he intrigues me I wish I got to know him better but he's a bit closed off at times and Alexa was always in the way I just think he needs to cut her loose and get to know Maddy However I get that Maddy thinks he's only interested in her because of her ability to find Jamie BUT Haven was already interested in her way before he knew I just think it would be better for her to go with him than Shane because Haven is new and there's of him to uncover when the next book comes outAlso this book never ceases to scare me a bit lol I was a bit creeped out with Laria from Riley's and now Jamie's murderer is still out there has got me a bit wound up However that is the way I like these books because I have not read any book like this The psychic abilities are awesome but when Maddy tells people in the book it just feel like people immediately accept it which makes the book move uickly It's just too good to be true that someone takes your word for it I mean Haven was the exception but when telling the public and Taylor was just rushed Other than that I can't wait for the next one

  10. Paula says:

    Having read and loved the MacKinnon Curse series I couldn't wait to finally read The Uninvited by JA Templeton the start of a spin off series In The Uninvited Maddy a young girl with a troubled past starts university in Edinburgh On her first night she's visited by the ghost of a dead girl Jamie This in itself wouldn't be a big deal She's been seeing ghosts and communicating with them since a young age But what makes this different is that the girl had been murdered her killer still at large and her body not yet found Trying to help Jamie find her peace Maddy is thrust into a world full of danger heart break but also emotional turmoil as she tries to make sense of her feelings for Shane a good friend from her hometown and Haven Jamie's brother who needs to know what happened to his sister As and details are revealed Maddy might be putting herself at risk She might just end up being the next victim Maddy was a likeable character Despite a rough childhood that still has an influence on Maddy's life she's well adjusted and ambitious She's driven and wants to prove herself At the same time she's closed off and has a hard time letting others in partly because of being let down one time too many partly because not many people can deal with her psychic abilities I liked how she had an open mind was very non judgmental and willing to go above and beyond to help Shane who already was a big part of the MacKinnon Curse series is now all grown up and visiting the same university as Maddy Being used to ghosts since his sister is psychic as well he's all up for helping Maddy and not allowing her to take risks He's sweet and sexy and could probably charm his way out of anything There is to him than just his good looks and charm though He's protective and caring willing to put others first He's really swoonworthy But so is Haven He's basically the dark while Shane is the light Haven is brooding distant and has that bad boy vibe But considering his sister disappeared and he doesn't know what happened it's easy to understand why he is not Prince Charming He's not a bad guy though He is just consumed by pain Despite that he's sexy sweet when he wants to be and incredibly attractive Though I loved the plot idea and the characters I just didn't connect with them and the story the way I did with the MacKinnon Curse series I'm not sure if it was intentional but there was a lot of switching of tenses even in moments where it didn't seem necessary It felt a bit choppy to me and didn't let the story flow Sometimes I missed a transition from one situation to another I had the feeling like I missed a paragraph or two Also what bothered me about the characters was that they at times felt contradictory Yet I'll definitely am looking forward to the next book in the series curious how it'll continue and who Maddy is going to end up with 35 suspenseful and mysterious stars

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