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The Big Book of Parenting Tweets❮Reading❯ ➳ The Big Book of Parenting Tweets ➬ Author Kate Hall – Twitter isn’t just for breaking news and celebrity stalking—it’s also a goldmine of the funniest comedy online Jokes People tell jokes on Twitter YES they do And they are hilarious but who wants Twitter isn’t just for Book of PDF Ê breaking news and celebrity stalking—it’s also a goldmine of the funniest comedy online Jokes People tell jokes on Twitter YES they do And they are hilarious but who wants to sift through the hashtags RTs and FFs to get to the good stuff WE GET IT Parents don’t have time for all that That’s why the duo behind the illustrated humor blog Science of Parenthood teamed The Big ePUB ✓ up with Twitter maven Kate Hall of Hall of Tweets to create The Big Book of Parenting Tweets —a laugh riot collection of than three hundred tweetable moments straight from the parenting trenches from the most hysterical comedians on Twitter who just happen to be parents Here is just a peek at some of what you’ll find insideMy yo is trying to sell my own MM's back to me This guy's Big Book of Kindle Ø going places— FatherWithTwinsWith my wife away my children keep asking me for things like meals and bandaids and sympathy but I don't know where we keep any of that— KalvinMacleodShe took yo to the park texted Can I get her ice creamGet her a Heineken for all I care Free babysitters get to call the shots— BunmiLaditanI wish bottles of ibuprofen came with a little prize inside like maybe a babysitter— SuburbanSnapsTo anyone out there thinking about having kids today my yo threw a temper tantrum because she couldn’t get rid of her shadow — XplodingUnicornPeppered with cartoons by Science of Parenthood The Big Book of Parenting Tweets is the perfect gift for every over worked under showered sleep deprived parent who could use a uick laugh because who has time for.


The Big Book of Parenting Tweets eBook ↠ Book of
  • Paperback
  • 195 pages
  • The Big Book of Parenting Tweets
  • Kate Hall
  • English
  • 10 May 2015
  • 9781503189553

10 thoughts on “The Big Book of Parenting Tweets

  1. Cheeseboy says:

    Five stars for this book because I wrote some of the words in it I was going to go with three stars but I feel like I would have undervalued the words I wrote Also my therapist told me to work on my self esteem Four stars probably would have been okay but five seemed to fit Six stars would have been acceptable but that wasn't an option If Good Reads makes it an option I'll have to come back and give it six stars which would be a chore I'd rather not doI like funny parenting jokes because they are funny If you don't like funny stuff parenting jokes steer clear of this book There are many funny jokes in this book that will make you laugh in an out loud fashion If you hate laughing or if you've recently gone through surgery and it hurts to laugh this book is not for you Wait until the pain subsides and then buy the book Or buy the book but don't read it until you've completely recovered from surgery If you've had surgery on your finger or toe you might be okay to buy the book and read it I'm mostly talking about if you've had surgery recently on your core areaIf you have had surgery recently and feel that laughing would be a painful thing might I suggest buying the book and learning to internalize your laughing What I mean by this is laughing on the inside not the outside I do this all the time when my spouse falls and gets hurt I'd never do it if my wife fell and hurt herself seriously First I check to make sure she is okay Are you okay honey? Yes? Good And then I laugh on the inside I suggest this method if you recently have had surgery and would still would like to buy this bookSo in conclusion you should buy this book if you like to laugh and especially if you are a parent that likes to laugh Steer clear if you recently have had surgery and it hurts to laugh unless you have taught yourself how to laugh on the inside only

  2. Andrea says:

    This book is the uickest read which is perfect for parents who don't have a minute to breathe let alone sit down and chug through a 400 pager The tweets are hilarious I found myself giggling out loud and laughing way too hard I completely related to wayyy too many of these parents' sentiments But we all survive and reading them proves that this sort of light hearted misery loves company And laughter Always 100% of the time A definite fun read and the perfect gift for that friend of yours who has the same sense of humor that you do

  3. Jen Mann says:

    I received an advance copy of this book I read this book and begged to blurb it because I thought it was so funny Do yourself a favor and buy this for YOU Forget everyone else YOU need this book It's little bite size nuggets of funny one liners that made me laugh snort and cry a little All of my favorite Twitter ers Tweeters? Twits? are here and I was pleased to find some new ones to follow too

  4. Julie says:

    The Big Book of Parenting Tweets Featuring the Most Hilarious Parents on Twitter is a fun uick read mostly because it's a bunch of 140 character jokes which don't take long to read But it's definitely worth it My husband and I went through most of the book together and we were both cracking up over these tweets from some very funny parentsThe best part is that I could relate to just about all of them Actually maybe that's not a good thing Now that my kids are older it was nostalgic to read through the tweets about babies and toddlers When I got to this one I said to my husband Yes That's us nowOne minute your kids are babies and the next you're sleeping in till 930 am because they have the iPad and can reach the cereal Amy Flory FunnyIsFamilyThere are plenty of tweets included about older kids and teens as well And several silly cartoon like pictures throughout the book that highlight some of the funny situations we parents find ourselves in The glossary at the end of the book is particularly helpful to anyone who isn't a Twitter expertI really enjoyed The Big Book of Parenting Tweets I highly recommend it to all parents if you need a little laughter in your stressful day It would make a fun gift for new parents as well

  5. Vicki Lesage says:

    With two kids running around I don't get much time to read much less figure out how The Twitter works and find the funniest tweets on it This book has curated the best of the best so that you can spend your precious 60 second breaks reading only the funniest Twitter has to offer I literally laughed out loud times than I could count and read every tweet twice because they were all so good

  6. Darcy Perdu says:

    It takes a brilliant wit to make someone laugh out loud in 140 characters or less but I don't have time to scroll through Twitter to find those gems Luckily some hilarious writers got together to gather the best of the best tweets in this book The illustrations are awesome and the tweets are literally laugh out loud funny

  7. Paige Kellerman says:

    I know what you're thinking This book seems hilarious but will it look great casually thrown on random surfaces in my home?Places this book looks great Within reach of the commode coffee tables with solid see through and wine cork topsin that magazine holder with the handle that falls off you bought at the flea market currently holding all your copies of Southern Living Forbes or Family Fun granite counter tops or laminate ones you tried to paint because you saw the idea on Pinterest even though your spouse was like Umm not sure that's the best idea What's Pinterest and why are you waiving that paint brush at the stove? Is that polcrylic you just poured down the sink?Like my experience maybe that didn't turn out so great but that won't have any affect on how funny this book isWhy you? Why this book? Why now?Mostly destiny But also because the jokes lovingly curated from Twitter are hilarious relatable and so much shorter than starting A Tale of Two CitiesUnless you're reading that right now In which case go ahead finish because it's a classic and you want to be well rounded but then buy this book afterwardsBecause you know there's a decorative bowl of fruit you'd just love to set it next to after you're finished laughing uncontrollably

  8. Marisa says:

    In this hilarious book the authors have consolidated some of the funniest parenting commentary on twitter What’s great about this book is that it’s in uick packets like twitter but all collected together so you can read as much as you like in one sitting I read the entire book in one sitting on the airplane and definitely was getting some stares for laughing out loud If it was that funny for me I’m sure it’d be even better for folks with kids At times poignant others completely hilarious the tweets range from morning afternoon and afternoon stories about parenting I’d highly recommend this for parents to have a reminder you’re not alone in your consideration of “the favorite kid who doesn’t wake up at 5am” and wanting to neglect parental duty Just be careful if you read it in public And for me? Well let’s just say this book has me thinking I’ll put off kids for a whilePlease note I received a free copy of this book in exchange of an honest review courtesy of the authorsWho should read it? Parents of all ages but couples considering to have kids may want to hold offSee all my reviews and including an author interview at wwwReadingToDistractioncom or Read2Distract

  9. Mike says:

    I received an advance copy of this book I read this book from cover to cover in one sitting and I think I got a week's worth of a workout from all the laughing I did Parenting is a rough business but it's also a truly hilarious one too Follow along as some of the best Twitter comedians recount their experiences with their kidswe can all relate

  10. Mehsi says:

    This is one big book of parenting tweets you will laugh you will cry because it is so funny and you definitely want of it all at the end First up thanks to my sweet fiance for giving me this book for Christmas I am so happy I finally can read this book and I loved itThe book is split up in various sections with a small introduction I really liked that they did that just continuous tweets may have just gotten a bit too much Now you can take a small break before diving in the tweets again I loved seeing Exploding Unicorn's tweets I have been following him for some time and I just adore his tweets they always make me laugh But thanks to this book I also found several other people I definitely need to follow on Twitter Though maybe I shouldn't in case books of these come out and they use the same Twitter people I don't want to be spoiled P There are also illustrations here and there with tweets and I loved that they added those it made those tweets even hilarious to read The tweets are fabulous I was glad to read that the makers of this book edited them slightly For readability for which I am thanking them You have to forego some things when you tweet and especially back when it was just 140 characters you had to pick what to leave out so your tweet would fit in the box The tweets are about kids from babies to teens I definitely hadn't expected teens I was expecting this one to be like most books about parenting about little kids So I was happy to see some teens making an appearance I had such a laugh at the dad showing a natural birth video to his teen daughter about to go to her boyfriend All in all if you are looking for a hilarious book you love tweets you are looking for some parenting stuff be sure to read this one Oh and I definitely need to get the next book yes there is Review first posted at

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