One Year Love (One Year Love #4)

One Year Love (One Year Love #4)❮BOOKS❯ ✯ One Year Love (One Year Love #4) Author Devon Hartford – The sizzling conclusion to One Year Love a four part New Adult series from bestselling author Devon Hartford River Freeman is heartbroken after billionaire businessman Drakken Skalakova dropped anothe The sizzling conclusion to One Year Love a four part New Adult series from bestselling author Devon Hartford River Freeman is heartbroken after billionaire businessman Drakken Skalakova dropped another bomb in her lap She has to wonder if their scorching hot sex is worth all the heartache or is it time for her to let One Year Epub / go of Drakken and his drama and move on Find out what happens in the exciting conclusion to One Year Love.


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  • 175 pages
  • One Year Love (One Year Love #4)
  • Devon Hartford
  • English
  • 05 October 2015

10 thoughts on “One Year Love (One Year Love #4)

  1. Gloria Herrera for As You Wish Reviews says:

    Drakken is such a tragic figure He has gone through so much and now we really get to understand his relationship with his father and the danger he lives underRiver is hurling from the events at Drakken's hotel suite and the run in with Drakken's father He has broken her heart and cannot understand why she felt so comfortable with him Juliette agrees to go with her to get a few drinks and there they meet Cage This man is again telling stories I do not trust him After several Seven and Sevens River is starting to soften and goes home with Cage AARRGHHH You will just have to read this to understandDrakken is desperate to save his sister and River from his father's wrath He is also so close to finishing his business deal and being independent from his father He must take steps to protect all You will be surprised how far he will go to protect his sister and ensure River will not get hurtThere are surprises galore in this final installment When the pieces of the puzzle start falling in place the story moves rapidly to a conclusion I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did

  2. Morilyn says:

    The final part of One Year Love by Devon Hartford was everybit as heartwarming funny as the rest of the story I was swept away with the passion love between River Drakken I really enjoyed both earlier series by Devon am looking forward to whatever follows on from this one

  3. Mitha says:

    Well nowthis book is downright stupid

  4. Jess says:

    Okay so part 3 left us on the edge of our seats and we learn some interesting truths about Drakken He is engaged O So River decides to get drunk and forget him But who decides to show up? Cage I was like no River no Don’t do anything stupid And poor Drakken is having to deal with his fiancé and his father His main concern is protecting his sister aw and finding River to explain the whole story I loved the conversation between River Stone and Drakken Absolutely classic And then the truth comes outWoah did not see that coming And the truths he reveals about his father Poor River is overloaded with everything Drakken then goes and breaks her heart because he wants to protect her He is sadly mistaken if he thinks that River will go down without a fight She won’t lose him and refuses to give up I love that about her When she does catch him man oh man The locker scene So hot I’m telling you it has to be my favourite scene With his pants still around his ankles he shuffles forward until my back presses against a cool metal locker The chill surprises me as does the name tag mounted on the locker above my headSkalakovaDrakken begins a slow thrusting rhythm while burying his face in my bosom and his manhood in my bodyPheww ; And that is just a small snippet I included You think everything is going to be okay but it isn’t Devastated River starts losing hope that she won’t have her happily ever after with Drakken If that wasn’t bad enough she loses her job Oh wait that isn’t the worse part after handing in her uniform she walks straight into Drakken’s father It seems he remembers her being with his son In a moment of panic and Drakken’s warning ringing in her head River acts like a ditz hoping to throw the man off It is Finch who comes to the rescue and gives River an opening to make a run for it Aw Finch she is a friend you definitely want to have on your side So after escaping the clutches of evil ; you'd think River would run for the hills right? Wrong She decides to follow her instinct and chase after her man I absolutely loved this little conversation between Drakken and RiverWhat are you doing here Rivka?My mood goes from vaguely worried to ecstatically happy I return his smile I came for you DrakkenHe smirks I said I would come for you my loveI shrug Does it really matter who came for whom?He winks suggestively If we both come is good yes?I blurt laughter Ha Yeah Coming is always goodHow incredibly sweet and funny They are so close and adorable together And Drakken sigh You would think by this point it would be smooth sailing but no So many reveals surprises and shocks It was definitely a roller coaster ride And no I won't say what because I want you to me as excited and surprised as I was while reading it This definitely has to be my favourite part of the One Year Love series I loved the first three but Mr Hartford exceeded my expectations and blew me away So much action and drama shocking reveals love and humour The characters here are amazing Mr Hartford is brilliant in his creation of the characters and you really feel for them He has done something different with this story that instantly draws you in I was just upset that it ended It does however give me an excuse to go back and read them again So excuse me while I go fangirl some and re read Mr Drakken Skalakova ;

  5. Jennifer says:

    So I was graciously asked to read this awesome series by the wonderful Devon Hartford and I'm just now getting around to writing my review I actually finished this series a week or so ago but got so sidetracked and forgot to post my thoughts I really enjoyed this series I've actually enjoyed all of Devons booksOne Year Love comes to a conclusion in Part 4 this is the part where all of Drakken's secrets come front and center When part 3 ended I was like what the flip? However everything I needed answered had answers in part 4 which is great because sometimes books don't wrap up the way I think they should This one did I loved that Devon gave a conclusion that made sense and meshed well with the rest of the books I know it seems like I'm making a big deal about the ending but the ending and the epilogue of books are important to me Sometimes that's what decides how I rate a book because I like stories that have some kind of ending which is why I absolutely despise cliffhangers LolAnyway I would definitely recommend reading any of Devon's books They are fun and the words he uses crack me up Sometimes I think he invents his own vocabulary when he writes a story I love books that make me laugh and this series did I love books that irritate me because I love a good drama but only in books not in real life Go buy these books PS Devon Sorry it has taken me so long to post this

  6. Sharla Metheny-ybanez says:

    River and Drakken conclude in this riveting four part series River is faced with a broken heart and Drakken has to deal with his past; not to mention his father Everything is hitting Drakken and he can't keep running; he must deal with his demons if he wants to move forward River and her insecurities are at an all time high she experiences every girls nightmare; being called another woman's name during an earth shattering orgasm Now; Drakken's biggest hurt needs to be told Drakken must break away from his father's clutches; and getting his secret project off the ground is imperative He wants River loves her; however his need to protect her is of upmost importance So in this last hoorah Drakken and River fight to have it all Her brother Stone is over protective and gives Drakken a run for her money; how does he react when he learns Drakken's true heritage?? Better yet when River learns about Karina and Drakkens heritage how will she deal??? This speedy lust filled journey comes to a rip roaring conclusion Hang on and enjoy the ride

  7. Muriel says:

    One Year Love part 4where do I start?Devon has the ability to keep you on your toes throughout the entire serie and give you whiplash with something so unexpected and crazy but that actually works perfectly and gives so much sense to the storyThrough the entire story you want to know what Drakka does and what he's hiding that's so important to him who hurt him so bad that he's having fits of pure rage will he be able to love again and find love You get all your uestions answered and so much Even in the final installement of this series he manages to make you want to throw your kindle at the wall in frustration because it's not going how you want it to go yep happened to me on a plane but the way he turns things around are bringing the story to a whole new level that makes it even perfectThis was the perfect ending to such a beautiful and tormented love story and I'm beyond happy I'm lucky enough to be one of your beta readers I cannot wait for your next project

  8. Lisa Miller says:

    First of all I received an ARC for my honest review so here it is In the end of last 3 we learned that Drakken has a fiance and his father was introduced to us River is a mess after learning about Karina the fiance she doesn't wait around for an explanation she finds Julietta and they go out drinking Things go from bad to worse when Cage shows up but River learns the truth about why he left her and I believe she has forgiven him Now on to the good stuff Drakken and River are together she finds out some of his secrets but she doesn't like the outcome I could get carried away and tell you the whole story in this review but I won't that wouldn't be much fun for you I really enjoyed this series and I can't wait to see what comes next

  9. Carole says:

    What a fantastic conclusion to the seriesThis book hit all the right spots with plenty of intrigue good character development andoff the charts sex scenesI went into this series not knowing what to expect I suspected with Drakken's secretbusiness and his hiding secrets I was looking at reading another Russian Mafia storyI was surprised I am not going to spoil anything for you but you have to readthis seriesIt also helps to read it in one sittingI will definitely reread this series again

  10. Erin Dennis says:

    I loved this serial series This is a four part series full of laughs steamy love and drama I love how Devon is always to blend humor in with just the right amount of action and drama This series follows the love life of River a masseuse in LA and Drakken a mysterious dark stranger with a sexy accent River and Drakken's paths cross and sparks fly They both are overcoming obstacles from their pasts and those obstacles make it practically impossible to find a way to each other I highly recommend this series

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