Eden High (Eden High, #1-6)

Eden High (Eden High, #1-6)❰BOOKS❯ ⚦ Eden High (Eden High, #1-6) Author Jordan Silver – Bluevapours.co.uk Sian Claiborne is not a happy camper Just when she was getting into the groove of high school hijinks her parents decide to pick up stakes Now the popular cheerleader is off to the ritz and glamor of Sian Claiborne is not a happy camper Just when she was getting into the groove of high school hijinks her parents decide to pick up stakes Now the popular cheerleader is off to the ritz and glamor of the Hollywood Hills where her new school is home to the offspring of Hollywood's elite Determined to hold her own she befriends one of the school's outcast on her first day thus drawing a line in the sand between her and the ever popular 'Mean Girls' Little does she care until she claps eyes on Jace Saunders and almost loses her pom pomsOf course the head cheerleader already has her eyes among other things set on Jace and lets Sian know in no uncertain terms that he's off limits What's a girl to do when the first guy to make her heart go pitter patter seems to already be taken.

Jordan Silver is the author of than steamy romance novels and novellas featuring over the top alpha males and the women who love themhttpwww eBCVXJY.

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10 thoughts on “Eden High (Eden High, #1-6)

  1. Raine says:

    Re read the series again the boxed set instead of individually and still really liked it so I gave it 5 stars Jordan Silver books are my guilty pleasure

  2. Emily says:

    Sian Claiborne is not happy about the move her family is making to the Hollywood Hills but she will deal She finally has permission to date now that she has turned sixteen but at a new school she has to start over She was a lead cheeleader and plans to make the school team again but when she sees the hierarchy she changes a few of her plans She makes friends with the girls that get bullied and she doesn't put her goals aside she plans to cheerlead tooJace Saunders the school uarterback is the by everyone wants to be with He had broken up with the vapid most popular girl in the school and although she seems to think he will come back to her she is mistaken Jace has set his sights on Sian and she is not just going to e a girlfriend he plans to go the distance with Sian Call it love at first sight he doesn't care he only know Sian is his destinyI opted to read the series in the #1 6 which was great Very fun read it did have a couple things that had eye rolls because it seems so out of place for their ages but I also believe in HEA One of the better Jordan Silver books

  3. Nicla says:

    Jordan Silver's books are a bit hit and miss for me but I enjoyed this one She definitely knows how to write a crazy OTT alpha like nobody else Overall a fun readHEA view spoilerNo Cliffhanger but not a bad one Just not everything resolved hide spoiler

  4. Bella says:

    4 'It's so bad it's good' STARSThis series is like a literal version of a TV Soap Opera It's ridiculous everything is unbelievable the characters are full of themselves too beautiful for real life and capable of EVIL and the whole thing was completely addictive to read It's like my new guilty pleasureThere's everything I usually despise including insta love to the EXTREME But for whatever reason I just didn't care A sixteen year old gets engaged to a guy she's known for less than a month I mean usually that shit wouldn't fly for me but it suited the craziness that is this series There's the typical hot jocks the mean girls the unpopular girls that become the popular girls and all the usual stuff you'd come to expect in any High School drama Oh and lets not forget the whole plot to kill storyline You basically need to switch off your brain and ignore all the bad grammar spelling mistakes and poor editing if you decide to read this or you won't enjoy it Just sit back and revel in the dirty talking guys from Eden High But be warned there is a CLIFFHANGER This pissed me off greatly The whole reason I decided to read this series is because I thought it was only six parts and they were all published but nooooo Not only is there a whole other series to come which I'm okay about since I want of this nonsense but the author has no release date for the next series Not only that but she's asked people to please stop asking her when her books are coming so it could be agesss until we find out what happened with that bitch Mandy

  5. Varied Books says:

    375 starsI want TammyShane JaredBelle This OTT unbelievable drama is fun I'm currently re reading I wish Jace wasn't such an ass I enjoy when he's alpha sweetEden High are my favorite books by JS Characterization is lacking so is plot development but I could care less I have fun reading

  6. C.J. says:

    Great series Lots of ups and downs Suprisingly mature considering it revolves around seventeen year olds and holy moly what an ending Looking forward to series two

  7. Dina says:

    1 starI couldn't even finish the first book let alone the others

  8. Suzana Thompson says:

    I will be continuing my review but I had to share what I've read so far It's like when something is so unbelievable that you're telling everyone You've gotta hear this I feel confident that my rating will not change because the story is becoming progressively worseThe book starts out with the love interest asking the girl's dad for permission to date her No such permission is needed from the girl herself He simply tells her that they are now dating I could have enjoyed this premise if this was a historical romance but it doesn't work in a contemporary YA Now that the girl is apparently his property he gets mad that guys are looking at her ass He of course blames her for wearing jeans that make her ass look too good Don't worry because he's rich enough to buy her an entire new wardrobe that adheres to his specifications of what she is allowed to wear Whew relationship savedSo then he forbids her to leave the house during a sleepover she's having with her girlfriends He's entitled to completely control her life because why ladies? It's for her own good Yep it's exactly like the relationship she has with her dad except with some sex thrown in YuckThis teen guy is the same age as she is but he clearly knows best because he's male I actually discovered this book through a review for Paper Princess and I was eager to read about another hot jerk I like the hot jerk when he is presented as such What I have a problem with is presenting him as a caring loving boyfriend when he is a controlling and overbearing caveman If you've been wishing that cavemen survived into the modern day and developed the ability to speak and drive cars this is the book for you I'll update when I see what other neanderthal goodies this book has to offerUpdate DNF at 70%This is the first book that I wasn't able to finish I was having fun laughing at how absurd it was but then it wasn't funny any The philosophy of this book is completely warped The love interest purposely hurt her during sex to punish her for flirting with another guy He also told her that if she didn't fix her listening problem he would have to punish her by spanking her because that's what men do This is not BDSM which reuires consenting adults It's not any kind of sex play It is clearly an abusive relationship although the abuser claims that there is a difference between what he is doing and actual abuse There is NOT When your boyfriend is doing something to you against your will that is abuse It's sickening that this guy is being presented as a loving doting boyfriend who is protecting her from the mean girl Who is going to protect her from him?I was going to mention all the other problems with this book like the countless missing uotation marks but I am too upset that this is being marketed to teen girls So I deleted a comment I wrote last night because I realize it was bad manners to criticize the author personally I do apologize for that but the rest of my review standsI am so so glad that I only borrowed this book and didn't actually buy it

  9. Quinn says:

    Well I actually like this series a lot I wish it was just 1 or 2 books instead of 6 novellas I thought the books were written really well for being novellas no major time gaps or anything and not really any angst I also like how the author gives everyone's point of views especially Mandy's because you see how nuts she really is Mandy needs to die a horrible death I LOVED Jase I love how bossy he is with Sian and I love Jared and Belle and even Shane and Tammy I can't wait to find out what happens next

  10. GimmeAllTheWerdssss says:

    Horrible grammar horrible editing if there was any irritating writing style BUT damn it’s addictive

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