For the Good of All (Law of the Lycans, #7)

For the Good of All (Law of the Lycans, #7)❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ For the Good of All (Law of the Lycans, #7) Author Nicky Charles – Elijah Stone – a man committed to justice; his heart is as hard as his body Held prisoner for years he returns home to tie up loose ends only to find a psychedelic witch capturing his attention When Elijah Stone – a man Good of PDF/EPUB ê committed to justice; his heart is as hard as his body Held prisoner for years he returns home to tie up For the eBook Æ loose ends only to find a psychedelic witch capturing his attention When a rescue mission to Central America spins out of control he’s forced to make a the Good of ePUB ´ difficult decision Every action has its own conseuences Can he live with the results even if it is ‘For the good of all’.

Nicky Charles is an independent Good of PDF/EPUB ê writerpublisher who became an author uite by accident She always saw herself as a ‘reader not a writer’ and can thank—or For the eBook Æ blame depending on the day—her friendeditor and fellow author Jan Gordon for the career she now finds herself immersed in The tale goes something like thisIn January the Good of ePUB ´ of Nicky penned a fanfiction for an old TV series “Scarecrow and.

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  • For the Good of All (Law of the Lycans, #7)
  • Nicky Charles
  • 25 May 2014

10 thoughts on “For the Good of All (Law of the Lycans, #7)

  1. BrnEyesTX says:

    This book blew me away with all the twists and turns I did not see coming I love the common thread of the THE LAW OF THE LYCAN that ties this series together A few cameos from some familiar names huge smile but that is where it ends This books stands on it's own with a fresh location new characters and heart pumping story line I guessed the story line boy was I WRONG This story keep me on my toes and yelling at my e reader a few times As always Nicky is expanding into the paranormal world and introducing us to great ALPHAS and always leaving room for books to add to this series FIVE SUPER SHINY GOLD STARS

  2. Hayley Uncles says:

    This book is so different from Nicky's usual LOTL books However it was still fantastic I had a lot less of the paranormal and focused on adventure that I did miss but it didn't take away from the story I thought I new where this books was going to go but I surprise This book drew so much emotion from me I really enjoyed that she brought Lycan link back into this books and is expanding her world Her work keeps on developing and this is why she is one of my favourite authors I'm excited to see where she goes from this in the future

  3. Quentin Smith says:

    Stone a man who believes in justice no matter what the cost When returning back from a mission which still haunts him He find himself drawn to a psychedelic woman who captures his heart and finds that reputation of his company destroyed Soon he find himself going to South America on the mission that will change his future and that of others Find out how read the book

  4. Tonya says:

    Wolfie's was given a copy for an honest review☆☆☆☆☆ 5 STARS ☆☆☆☆☆Stone the wolfTina The witchlingEsteban jaguar shifterSister Bernita feisty nunReno oh yesAdisa ghost of past or notWhere do I start Stone was gone for a long while and everyone thought that he was dead including his own sister When Stone was able to make his way back stateside he has learned that his company the one thing he wanted to be successful to help not to kill was dragged into a dark path Dee will get her day oh yes she will Stone met a very colorful witch Tina oh she had so much spunk in her She drew him in when Stone met her in the bar she works in He had one rule and that rule was to only commit to a one night stand Little did he know he did then just one night The passion between these two was off the hook it just brings you back and drawn to the way these two talk joke and laugh I still think she hexed him lol There were so much twist and turns by this point with stone being sent on a recovery mission In a drug infested Central American Country Cantala Will he lose her before he claimed her? Oh my goodness AAAMMMMMAAAAZZZZEEEEIIINNNGG At this point I could not put this book down I will not ruin it for you let's just say that everyone plays a partStone has lost he has found he has claimed and he has shown how bad ass he is as well as his little witch OMG WISH I COULD TELL YOU but I want you to ride that same roller coaster as I did Nicky Charles has put so much into this masterpiece and I am so happy how it all turned out I will tell you one thing Your toes will curl you will scream at the book as I did lol you will cry because damn those tears were there Triumph passion caress it's all thereThank you Nicky Omg Can't wait for the next

  5. Carmen Reyes says:

    Another great read by Nicky Charles This story is a roller coaster ride of emotions and just when you think you know what's going on another twist comes up I really enjoyed this book there are some old friends from previous books that make an appearance I highly recommend this book

  6. Darcy says:

    I've enjoyed past books in this series but this one not so much I did feel bad for Elijah and what happened to him felt bad that his sister turned his back on him I liked Tina yet something felt off I didn't care for how Elijah met up with Lycans from his past It seemed like he had something to prove with his big chip on his shoulder which turned me off In the end this one wasn't for me

  7. Jeanie says:

    Nicky has done it again Another fantastic book in her Law of the Lycans series My favorite thus far is Book 2 The Keeping I have to say this one gave it some very close competition I absolutely loved the pacing in this novel There was so much action and the characters were all so well developed and all the little details just totally sucked me into the story Nicky Charles has a flare for giving just the right amount of detail so that it is never over the top but she still paints a clear picture of the scene for her readers I won't go into spoilers there will be plenty of those type reviews I will highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys paranormal romance with a healthy dose of suspense One of my favorite things in the book was getting to see some of my favorite characters make an appearance I love it when we get to take a brief peek into their current lives and see how things are going since we last read about them My next favorite was Tina the female lead I adored her strength and spunk She stepped up to the plate and met every challenge head on She never once gave up or acted like a weak link waiting for her man to swoop in and save her from some peril While she wasn't portrayed as the feminist type who had to constantly prove she was eual to any male she just put on her big girl panties and pushed through any adversity she facedThis was one of the best books I've read in a long time If you haven't yet checked out a Nicky Charles book I strongly urge you to do so Start with The Mating and work your way through all seven in the series so far I can't wait to read this one again

  8. Becky ♡The Bookworm♡ says:

    This series has always been dear to me Nicky Charles and her Lycans introduced me to the world of Paranormal Romance and her characters always manage to work their way into my heart Her latest installment does not disappoint and launches the series into a whole new realm of possibilities This was a slow build but a fun one that firmly establishes the parameters of Elijah and Tina's budding relationship The story then uickly transitions to Central America where a suspenseful rescue mission plays out I should mention that it was great to see Reno and Damien again I hope we'll see of them in the future and would love a follow up story with Reno and Brandi They are officially my favorite couple even thought Tina and Elijah are running a close secondI thought Tina was a great heroine She was smart witty and strong yet still carried an endearing Innocence She endured the dangerous side of Stone's world bravely and without complaint I really liked the way she softened his hard edges Elijah Stone was strong and level headed but yet has an emotional side The scene at the hospital between him and Lily a little girl was so moving it brought a tear to the eye All this and a great plot that plays out in the jungle with orphans drug lords human trafficking schemes and a few plot twists along the way If you haven't read this series you're missing out on something special I can't wait for the next book

  9. Judy says:

    For the Good of All by Nicky CharlesLaw of the Lycons Book SevenElijah Stone fits his name well He has learned to put his emotions behind a stone mask Yet he will put his life in danger time and time again to save others A year after returning from an intense mission he finds himself at loose ends And intrigued by a colorful witch at a bar Christina or Tina as she's known by works at the Club Mystiue A place where all are welcome as long as they stay peaceful When a new Lycon comes to town she is drawn to him Will she be able to break down his walls of stone?Nicky Charles has written a compelling story that pulls the reader in again Stone and Tina are opposites but as we all knowopposites attract The story brings them over the border to rescue some Lycons and ends up with a much bigger problem Not only do they have to deal with drug lords but they also discover a human trafficking ring The reader first meets Tina in Sam Harper's story Betrayed The Road to RedemptionSexual content and languagehttpjustjudysjumblesblogspotcom

  10. Deborah says:

    This story was so worth the wait Nicky Charles tells a wonderful well rounded story I really like the main characters in this story This is a intense read containing murder destruction violence greed and mayhem It touches on trafficking in several areas These situations are frightening and true Eli learned that what he thought was truth is not necessarily so Tina found out that she is powerful than she thought As usual the author wrote an interesting hot read Enjoy I did

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