Usurper (Chaos #4)

Usurper (Chaos #4)❴Read❵ ➱ Usurper (Chaos #4) Author Claire Farrell – It’s been a year since Cara returned to the human realm with her daughter and the fae have come knocking again The game of kings is still being played power is the ultimate prize and Scarlet is an a It’s been a year since Cara returned to the human realm with her daughter and the fae have come knocking again The game of kings is still being played power is the ultimate prize and Scarlet is an asset every court wishes to acuireAs Sadler’s next move is revealed to be his deadliest yet and Scarlet’s burgeoning powers begin to develop into something that can’t be hidden Cara realises that something significant than a faery promise is needed to protect her family It’s time for her to build on what she started in Sadler’s courtBut although the game is seductive the price of winning might be too costly for a human to pay.


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  • Usurper (Chaos #4)
  • Claire Farrell
  • 23 October 2015

10 thoughts on “Usurper (Chaos #4)

  1. Runningrabbit says:

    Out of this series so far I found this book pointless and frankly a waste of space It achieved nothing until about the last 20 pages raved on repetitively with the same old issues and love remains unreuited The character went from a strong singular purpose to a whiny pain in the arseI will go on to the next novel but the story better ratchet up or I won't bother with the final book From a high in the third book of despair vs comic relief whilst displaying a feminine strength and commitment for a cause with a distinct flair for creative deception to a whiny piece of shit

  2. Cindy says:

    Excited to see what happens nextI knew that Cara would have to eventually deal with Sadler but she was definitely a bit too eager to do that I am really concerned how she is blocking her feelings though I love Scarlet and all of the other characters especially Brendan I just wish Cara would let go around him and trust him He deserves a second chance I don't blame her for trusting Drake though Anyone who would marry someone they didn't love just to get power is not trustworthy I just hope she fixes things with Brendan eventually I am excited to see what she does with the Darkside

  3. Liz says:

    Cara Kelly was getting on my nerves but it paid off in the end of the book Funny how through the series I started liking the characters I didn't like before and vice versa Good read still very good

  4. Shaly says:

    Yet another powerful read I don't know if Cara is one of the most loyal and courageous people in this book or the stupidestsighs She's not really known for making wise decisions but I was thrilled with her decision on protecting the Darksiders They are good people who were dealt a shitty hand Her humanity is not a weakness doesn't matter what Drake says He's an asshole anyway not the cool faery he started off as That's why I loved Zoe being around Cara being her BFF gave her the ability and grit to be honest with Cara especially when it came to Drake He's a lost cause was never meant to be with her He married Sorcha and she's in love with himdespite being a complete and total twat Cara needs to get over him fast and uick because he only cares about his stupid ass revengepsychoI feel bad that Brendan felt betrayed by Cara I know that even though she pulls away from him she does feel some sort of love for him Now is the time for her to focus on her people though so Breandan will have to wait if anything ever comes out of that relationship

  5. Shannon Ross says:

    Rip yourself in two for the people you care about and then be blamed for caring Hardening herself in order to survive and protect those she loves most is what our main character does at the cost of her happiness again and again Will she learn to cope with what she cannot control or learn to control what she cannot cope withget this series and you'll find out

  6. Jaime Andrews says:

    Thank God it wasn't as brutal as book 3 Holy moly what a ride I find myself angry at Cara they so much if this book Putting Brendan and hating Drake Power hungry sick with deceit and plotting The end was amazing I love Scarlet and can't wait to see what happens next

  7. Mary says:

    The title says it all What a great book

  8. Victoria says:

    It is a great book to read

  9. Maddy dooner says:

    This series oh my god what are you doing to me? So amazing Keep the books coming

  10. Federica De dominicis says:

    Intriguing readOnce again the world of the fae is described without rainbows and unicorns in a charming and brutal way A must read for lovers of the old world 's faeries

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