The Phantom of Belle Acres

The Phantom of Belle Acres❮PDF / Epub❯ ☆ The Phantom of Belle Acres Author Marilyn Ross – Newly married Suzy Vernon was filled with joy when she left London to live with her husband Eric in his Southern mansion Belle Acres But her joy uickly turned to terror as the ageless evil of the old Newly married Suzy Vernon was filled of Belle PDF É with joy when she left London to live with her husband Eric in his Southern mansion The Phantom MOBI :✓ Belle Acres But her joy uickly turned to terror as the ageless evil of the old house began to engulf and smother her Phantom of Belle Epub ß Life became a nightmare of suspicion treachery and revenge When even her husband and his domineering sister seemed to abandon her Suzy turned to the one man she knows who could her only to discover his hidden past of insanity violence and murder Then a ghostly terror stuck a terror that finally drove Suzy into a the night away from the house toward freedomand death.

Laura Frances Brooks.

The Phantom of Belle Acres ePUB ï of Belle  PDF
  • Paperback
  • The Phantom of Belle Acres
  • Marilyn Ross
  • English
  • 15 April 2016

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  1. Ella says:

    I read The Long Night of Fear just a few weeks ago so it was very obvious to me that the author practically plagiarized one of their own books At least 10 things that went on in the earlier book went on in this oneOnce again a woman marries a man who is nothing than a stranger What Suzy saw in Eric I will never know Eric was one of the most irritable and whiny male characters I have ever come across his unpleasantness nearly leapt off the pages as I turned themI'm guessing that Suzy wasn't normally such a nagging and whiny person but Eric's behavior brought that out in her The constant back and forth between the two made me wish one of them would jump off the nearest cliff preferably EricAfter Suzy and Eric arrived at his family home in New Orleans Suzy was well aware of the fact that very few people wanted her thereInevitably bad things start happening to Suzy She can't figure out if Harriet or Jean one of Eric's sisters is behind it all or maybe it's Mark a close neighbor No matter what happens Suzy continuously goes out alone in the woods for strolls or does whatever she pleases while taking no precautions then acts surprised when something untoward happensI have to say this it can be very trying reading any Ross book I don't like to throw the word racist around all willy nilly but I usually have to side eye Ross big timeIn one of the Clarissa Ross books there was a Chinese man and you were not allowed to forget that he was Chinese Anytime there is a character who isn't white that fact will be drilled into your brain The Phantom of Belle Acres takes the cake the pie and the browniesEric's family had two black servants by the names of Ben and Melissa Instead of always referring to them by their names they were usually called the black man or the black woman Ben and Melissa were a black this or that on every page they were mentioned on one page Melissa was called black over 10 times I started to think black was her name it was that badIn a book written in 1973 I do not expect to come across the same nonsense I would in Gone with the Wind or a Nancy Drew book from the 1930's yet here I was reading a book where a black woman's eyes roll in her head every time she is afraid If you've ever seen one of those stereotypical horror films from before the 1950's with a black man in it you might know what I'm talking aboutI have no clue what is with this eye rolling trash but apparently that is what black people's eyes do when they are afraid of course most people stopped showcasing such absurdities well before 1973 but not Ross It was really too much If you're not white or if you're old fat or adopted you will be insulted by Ross at some point

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