The Nativity Set

The Nativity Set❂ [EPUB] ✺ The Nativity Set By DeEtte Beckstead ➛ – Hannah’s parents insist she visit her grandfather during her Thanksgiving vacation from Julliard where she is studying violin performance What she expected is not what she receives during her visit Hannah’s parents insist she visit her grandfather during her Thanksgiving vacation from Julliard where she is studying violin performance What she expected is not what she receives during her visit Heartwarming and nostalgic The Nativity Set by DeEtte Beckstead will touch your heart and bring to mind your own holiday traditions.


The Nativity Set PDF È The Nativity  PDF \
  • Kindle Edition
  • 19 pages
  • The Nativity Set
  • DeEtte Beckstead
  • English
  • 23 March 2015

10 thoughts on “The Nativity Set

  1. S.A. Molteni says:

    The Nativity Set by DeEtte Beckstead is a heart warming touching story that reminds us to slow down and live in the present as you never know what tomorrow holdsThe story centers around Hannah a young college girl whose parents have asked to visit with her grandfather while she is home for the holidays Hannah wants to visit with her friends but out of a sense of obligation goes to visit her grandfather When she gets there she realizes that he does not look as well as he had months ago when she saw him last The stress of his wife's death and his current loneliness have taken its toll of the elderly manHannah decides to stay for a few hours and her grandfather proceeds to tell her the story of the nativity set that has been in the family for decades Alhough Hannah has heard most of the story before she sits patiently and lets he grandfather detail the story behind each hand carved wooden item in the set By the end of the story I was choking back tears The author's writing style is descriptive clear and concise with a powerful message to the reader to slow down live in the present and appreciate family This is a perfect short story for the Christmas season and one I highly recommend to those who love short stories especially holiday themed ones

  2. Brenda Perlin says:

    The Nativity Set by DeEtte Beckstead is written with heart and a real life force This is a touching short Christmas story that reminds us what is important in life This is a sweet tale that has soul The writing is clear and crisp while the story is told with true conviction Humanity is all over it and I love the inspirational message One of love endless loveuote “Of course you know this one was carved with your Grandma Grace as the model This is how I saw her when I asked her to marry me Her face was radiant She was just eighteen ya know” He smiled and tenderly fingered the sweet face of the figure in his leathery hand His eyes suddenly sparkled in a way Hannah had never seen

  3. Lauri says:

    Wonderful Yet HeartbreakingThe Nativity Set was a very compassionate and heartbreaking story I will admit that I was brought to tears no less than three times while reading this beautiful story The beauty of this tale lies in the amount of emotion DeEtte Beckstead was able to weave into a short story It made me think of my own grandparents the times I lost patience with them and their final moments here on Earth where I was just so grateful to have been able to share 30 years of life with them I will happily recommend this story to anyone and everyone though I will add the caveat that they will want to have some tissues at hand

  4. Nadia Kilrick says:

    DeEtte Beckstead writes from the heart I love her easy tug at your heartstrings style of writing Her love of family shows through in all her writings which brings the reader into a world of calm and love found withing the walls of a happy though not always perfect family home Whether she's telling a fictional tale or chatting with friends about real life events this author's heart shines through I look forward to every story

  5. Greta Burroughs says:

    What a touching story We've all been in Hannah's shoes in a hurry not interested in ancient history or hearing the same old stories for the hundredth time But if we take the time like Hannah did and truly listen not to the words being said but the meaning behind the words we learn than ever expectedDeEtte Beckstead writes from the heart and delivers the message to the reader's heart Beautiful story I highly recommend it

  6. Pamela Sims says:

    Get the tissuesA beautiful heart touching short story that contains a life lesson for year round Definitely a book to gift others

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