State of Alliance (Collapse, #5)

State of Alliance (Collapse, #5)[EPUB] ✹ State of Alliance (Collapse, #5) By Summer Lane – NOW AVAILABLEThere is no such thing as safe For Commander Cassidy Hart staying alive is only one of her day to day problems As a newly minted Senator of the State of California she must travel to Mont NOW AVAILABLEThere is no such thing as safe For Commander Cassidy Hart staying alive is only one of her day to day problems As a newly minted Senator of the State of California she must travel to Monterey Bay with the hope of bringing an agreement between the militia forces and State of PDF or the Pacific Northwest Alliance as the United States desperately battles against the shadow invasion forces of Omega But Monterey is not what it seems The threat of another Omega attack is imminent and Commander Chris Young the love of Cassidy's life is not the only important person who is keeping secrets Assassinations betrayal and startling revelations lie ahead The war is now Fight or dieChoose your side The fifth installment in the international bestselling Collapse Series a YANA post apocalyptic romantic adventure.

Summer Lane is the bestselling author of hit books including the smash hit Collapse Series The final installment of the series STATE OF HOPE released June Summer is also the author of the bestselling adventures of the Zero Trilogy Bravo Saga Unbreakable SEAL Collapse The Illustrated Guide and State of PDF or Vigilante Running with Wolves historical thriller was released September .

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  • State of Alliance (Collapse, #5)
  • Summer Lane
  • 27 September 2016

10 thoughts on “State of Alliance (Collapse, #5)

  1. Summer Lane says:

    BOOK FIVE Extremely excited for this installment The work that went into this novel is crazy Sharing it with the world is the most satisfying feeling ever thank you so much

  2. TG KMT | QUESTL❥VE says:

    4 freedom fighter starsThis started off right where State of Pursuit finished Right from the get go it was filled with action bloodshed and horror Loved how Elle and Bravo From the spin off Zero series became part of the Freedom Fighters She's such a BadassSophia though One thing that annoyed the shit outta me Cassidy Goddamn girl You're in the middle of war Why you stressin' over yo mans past? Ugh Other than that I LOVED THIS Cannot wait for Book #6 State of Vengeance

  3. Holly says:

    First posted at Words Fueled by LoveThis series continues to be an action packed 100% clean Young AdultNA post apocalyptic series that I very much enjoy There's never much down time and the rare moments of perceived safety and contentment are short livedIf you're new to this series go check out my review for book one State of Emergency It's very hard to review book 5 in a series without giving away vital information from the previous 4 books to readers who haven't yet checked out the series You may not want to read ahead not because there'll be spoilers necessarily but because of the nature of the progression of this series than likely something will be spoiled for youThis series is about how an electromagnetic pulse destroyed modern society world wide The US and its government collapsed Those who survived soon find out a foreign force calling themselves Omega has begun to infiltrate the US to take over and capture everyone filing them into camps to do the work which will support the Omega troops Then there are those fighting against Omega forming militias and gaining momentum in their cause Now the characters are faced with negotiations to become part of the Pacific Northwest AllianceThe main characters 20 year old Cassidy Hart is now a militia member a sniper a Commander and a Senator representing the new government of California 29 year old Chris Young is a militia member a former Navy SEAL a Commander and the love interest of CassidyTo catch you up to speed for where our characters find themselves at the start of book 5 the capitol has just been hit by a bomb or a missile and everyone is scrambling to uickly set up a recovery area and teams to start finding survivorsI normally cringe when later books in a series spend pages and pages on recapping everything that's happened up to that point but this was a rare exception to my feelings on that There is so much leading up to book 5 in this series that it is important the reader doesn't lose sight of what has occurred and whose to blame I valued the brief recap that is listed in Chapter 1 It didn't go on and on It was to the point and was as if Cassidy was writing a journal entry telling her story of hardship and how she's come to be in the roles she finds herselfCassidy is a very strong heroine That's not to say she doesn't depend on and lean on others for support and encouragement But her circle of trusted friends is incredibly small especially as she soon realizes that nowhere is safe from Omega and its followers and sympathizersI have a few irritations if you want to call them that One is that we didn't get farther in the story I would like to see these books be much longer to therefore make progress in the overall story and plots I always feel like just when it's really getting good it ends My second irritation is that even though this whole series has been 100% clean of language and mature content that the romance part of the story between Cassidy and Chris would be developed I realize it's a very small part of the overall story but as a romance fan first and foremost I would enjoy their relationship to be a bit intense Sure war is all around them but what keeps humanity going are the connections you share with other peopleNevertheless I still very much enjoyed yet another Collapse book and look forward to what's to come for our favorite Freedom Fighters There's no word yet on book 6's release date as of the writing of this post but at the end of book 5 the author lets the reader know it's to be continued in book 6Favorite uotes I am a fighter now Nothing stands in my way I am capable I am fast I am smartDwelling on what was isn't a wise thing to do my girl It'll distract from what's important nowSometimes you have to say something or the moment will be over and it will be too lateHope for the best get ready for the crappyLove is not made Love just happensWe're not helpless I say We're fighters And we'll keep fighting because that's what we do bestLanguage Rating 0 noneMature Content Rating 0 noneFinal Rating 4 stars

  4. Sophie Snow says:

    I thought that this was the last book in the series but I'm so thrilled that it's not Which is odd because I usually have a rule that I don't read series' with 5 booksI forgot how much I loved Cassie and Chris They're so adorable This book was super action packed No filler here Where a couple of the books failed in the characterization department this book excelled I feel like I know Cassie so much better nowI also love the uick summaries that Summer Lane includes in each of the books about what has happened previously It hasn't been that long since I read book four but it was still helpfulOnce again my only criticism is that the book was too short Certainly not a bad criticism at all

  5. Katie Schuman says:

    waiting for book 6I love everything about this series especially the characters Amazing job Fell in love from the beginning and can wait till the next

  6. Janiece Rhodes says:

    I think this has to be one of my favorite Collapse Series books Summer Lane does an excellent job fleshing out her characters and giving them added depth which makes the stories she tells even better I have seen the characters evolve and feel as if the characters are old and well liked friends I liked the change of scenery and the way the author used the different terrains as story telling tools Not only did those details enhance the story they seemed to become part of the story itself Summer Lane is excellent at creating vivid mental pictures which also contributes to the overall story telling process I am still unsure about the ChrisUriahCassidy story arc but I have no doubt that the author will tie that up nicely That being said I eagerly anticipate the next installment of the series and a chance to catch up with the lives of those fighting Omega

  7. Donna says:

    I love this series The adventures of Cassie and Chris and crew continue We get explosions death and betrayal from the least likely sources Cassie has changed beyond recognition from the girl we first found sure she could take care of herself but continually having to be rescued She is now the Commander and the Senator from California And she is a lethal sniper Omega is still the enemy all around on top and within us causing chaos death and destruction So the group bands together with their militias and armies to take the fight to Omega One last battle finds them on the roof with Harry They have him cornered But of course there is to this than meets the eye This book is well written and I can't wait to read the next one As Cassie says The war is now Fight or Die Choose your side

  8. Carla says:

    I thought the story line was great and totally realistic of the not so distant future There were a few small things mostly petty that I didn't like about the series so far; the books seem short Maybe I'm just used to reading longer books? I'm not sure There was a lot of repetitiveness in the last three books All five of them have been somewhat predictable Cassie and Chris' love story seems a bit teen fiction than YA There is no lack of action in this series There is always some kind of action or something going on It really is a very realistic version of a post apocalyptic dystopian world story It definitely reminded me to be prepared because anything could happen at any timeBut all in all awesome job Summer I waited uite some time to read this series after reading a Kindle sample I'm looking forward to book six in June

  9. S.T. Williams says:

    These books are so uick I read this one in a matter of hours Ms Lane's apocalypse continues to be insightful and realistic Cassidy's progression has come full tilt she is now leader and senator of California on a mission to join the Pacific Northwest Alliance and take back the country from the evil Omega forces But of course nothing goes as expected and at this point you would think Cassie and Chris would decide that no place no matter how well armed is untouchable by Omega forces But of course they think they are safe and allow themselves to be ambushed while the whole time thinking they are the ones doing the ambushingI'm glad Chris's character is no longer in uestion though

  10. Staci Gillen says:

    This is a great seriesThis book ended with a small twist that I did not see coming This series is written so well The author builds characters but does it in a way which allows her to keep the story going She never strays from the characters in the book I also enjoy how her other series is coming through this one I was so excited that she wrote a book six and seven I cannot wait to see where this story goes

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