Train Station Bride Crawford Family #1

Train Station Bride Crawford Family #1✭ [PDF] ✪ Train Station Bride Crawford Family #1 By Holly Bush ✺ – Alternate Cover edition for B00IKYR5SI1887 Debutante Julia Crawford endures a lifetime of subtle ridicule as the plump silly daughter of a prominent Boston family Julia strikes out on her own to gain Alternate Cover edition for BIKYRSI Bride Crawford PDF Í Debutante Julia Crawford endures a lifetime of subtle ridicule as the plump silly daughter of a prominent Boston family Julia strikes out on her own to gain independence traveling to the Midwest to marry an aging shopkeeper and care for his mother Julia finds her new home rough and uncivilized after the sophistication of a big city while closely held secrets threaten to ruin Julia’s one chance at love Jake Shelling was Train Station PDF/EPUB or sixteen and grew up uick when his parents died from influenza on the South Dakota prairie Left with a half cleared farm and two young sisters he spent little time on his own needs till now At thirty five he figured it was high time to have some sons and a mail order bride would suit him just fine No expectations of love just a helpmate from sturdy stock ready for farm life Will fate and chance play Station Bride Crawford Epub Ú a trick on Julia and Jake.

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Train Station Bride Crawford Family #1 PDF/EPUB Â
  • Kindle Edition
  • 202 pages
  • Train Station Bride Crawford Family #1
  • Holly Bush
  • English
  • 09 October 2016

10 thoughts on “Train Station Bride Crawford Family #1

  1. Jonetta says:

    Originally posted on The Book Nymphouick summaryJulia Crawford beaten down by her family's ridicule decided to respond to an ad for a bride by a South Dakota man She secretly takes the train to Cedar Ridge and meets Jake Shelling who shows up with the the preacher by his side and marries her right there at the depot A bit of backgroundJulia comes from a wealthy prestigious Boston family Her mother is the ultimate Mommie Dearest only crueler They won't actually miss her but don't want her to leave because it would be a society embarrassment She has an older beautiful sister who married the man Julia was in love with Jake raised his two sisters following their parents' deaths and now that they're both married he's ready to find a wife to take care of him and provide him an heir What I liked about the storyJulia is a wonderful character despite her poor self image She's resilient caring and empathetic Jake is honest to a fault and despite his rocky start with her he comes to adore all that's right about her Their romance was sweet and sensual bolstered by the warmth and friendship of Jake's family There are also several surprising twists one coming at you in the very beginning One I guessed in advance of the reveal the other just catching me unaware The bottom lineI really enjoyed Julia and Jake's romance and her journey to becoming a woman of her own mind and self love I'm also a big fan of historicals set in America especially in the Midwest Its a wonderful change of pace far from the ton in London

  2. WhatIReallyRead says:

    This was a pretty solid comfort read Great for a time when you need some sweetness in your life Some of the plot points reminded me of Eyes of Silver Eyes of Gold and Silver Lining both of which I loved So it was an enjoyable read but it didn't awe me since it felt like of what I've previously read elsewhere Towards the end with the plot twist and all the drama that came afterward I felt like it didn't hold up very well at all There was some bs there for sure view spoilerThe thing about Jillian being Julia's daughter and the whole family pretending they were actually sisters seemed believable and logical enough IF the father wasn't in the picture It was the best for everyone in the circumstances But the reason for Julia and Jillian being put in this position lacks any reason We should believe Julia's father didn't insist on finding out who knocked up his daughter and never once asked her? That Turner knowing he slept with Julia and she became pregnant never asked her either? That's some major bs right here that the men in Julia's life didn't even lift a finger to look into a major freaking development in her lifeNow The mother is inexplicable evil to Julia and loving to the rest of her daughters Why? She didn't want to have Julia married to the person who knocked her up? That makes absolutely no sense Loss of virtue and a child out of wedlock for a lady at the time and her whole family was a complete disaster And the mom sort of shrugged and decided to marry the offending dude to ANOTHER of her daughters and cover up the illicit pregnancy instead WHY? This makes zero sense She also insists Julia is fat and ugly when in reality she's a beauty WHY? And Julia believes this Why? UGHJulia suddenly has this revelation that she shouldn't have covered up her pregnancy should havedone what exactly instead? This was such a stupid turn of thinking She was 17 with no property money skills or ability to earn anything or even withstand any sort of hardship With a bastard child she would instantly become a pariah and have her whole family shunned by society What good would that be to anyone? She couldn't become independent That was impossible And it was a dick move on Jacob's part to put these stupid and unrealistic expectations on her He was too judgemental and harsh towards her and wasn't properly contrite for it hide spoiler

  3. Lisa Kay says:

    Buying a train ticket 1887Photo Credit sochicfrenchblogspotcom Box entitled “Paris gare Saint Lazare in 1887”★★★½☆ I really liked this one Of course I love mail order brides mix up marriages westerns and fish out of water stories I debated giving it three stars but kicked it up a half star because it held my attention and kept me reading when I should have gone to sleep Yes there were some plot points with which I had trouble one of which was believing someone as well educated as Julia would end a sentence with a preposition In addition a minor spoiler view spoilerand that Jake was going to essentially do what he scorned Julia doing yet there was no contemplation on that point hide spoiler

  4. sraxe says:

    I liked the premise of the story and felt it started off well enough but I wasn't feeling it for most of the novel I liked that the first couple of chapters concentrated on the main characters before they meet one another I liked seeing glimpses of their lives before the inevitable marriage I thought most of the book would go a lot slower because of how the first couple of chapters were paced However Jack and Julia go from strangers to married lovers in practically no time at allOh and I wanted to slap Jake in the beginning when Julia fumbles over the SnellingShelling name and he's all view spoiler“Julia Crawford Julia Snelling I mean Julia Shelling” she stumbledJake whoahed the horses and pulled the break He faced his wife “Let’s get one thing straight right now You married me Not Snelling and his mother I can’t imagine why a woman like you would be batting your lashes for that skinny mealy mouthed pain in the ass but the fact is you married me Get him out of your head” He took her chin in his hand “What’s mine is mine and I keep and care for what’s mine Got it?” hide spoiler

  5. Maria says:

    I received a complimentary copy of this book as a part of a blog tour in exchange for my fair and honest review You may read the entire post here Station Bride by Holly Bush is a heartwarming historical romance set at the end of the 19th century With a likable characters witty dialogue and a well paced plot this book captured my attention from the first page Taking place both in Boston and South Dakota Ms Bush did an excellent job with the historical portrayal of East versus West during this period in American history With a sweet romance just the right touch of emotional angst two well developed villains and society's limitations on women this book packs just the right emotional punch Julia Crawford knows she's always been an embarrassment to her family; after all her mother tells her that as often as she can Determined to make a life for herself even though she's been told she's not as attractive as her sisters needs to lose weight and is socially awkward Julia secretly replies to a mail order bride advertisement in the Boston papers Claiming to head off to visit her aunt in Delaware Julia instead boards a train West and heads to South Dakota to marry a middle aged storekeeper Only things don't uite go according to plan Jake Shellings has decided it's time to do something for himself A self made farmer from the age of 16 he'd raised his two younger sisters when their parents died found them husbands and bought out their share of the family farm Realizing he's lonely and needs an heir Jake decides to send off for a mail order bride Determined to make a smart match he sends off a reuest for a woman he thinks would make an excellent farmers wife So what if the day he's supposed to pick up his bride is Founders Day? The activities in town shouldn't be a problem He never expected to accidentally marry the wrong woman Instead of marrying the perfect farmer's wife he finds himself married to a fine bred society lady from Boston The scenes between Julia and Jake are well written full of witty dialogue and sly humor The scene at the train station seriously made me laugh Since the town preacher won't undo the accidental marriage he's performed Julia and Jake will have to make the best of things Regardless of how he feels about his mistake Jake has one motto in life what's mine is mine and he's determined to convince Julia to make their marriage real and forever For her part Julia is determined to start over and finds herself attracted to her new husband even if she's afraid to tell him all of her secretsThe secondary characters especially Flossie and Gloria are all well developed and make good contributions to both the plot and the emotional conflicts in this story The two villains members of Julia's family are also well developed and there were several times where I really wished they were real and standing in front of me so I could slap them silly While I was a little disappointed Ms Bush didn't have Julia smack them around some what happens to them does make sense since their love of money and social standing was no doubt going to be severely affectedWill Julia and Jake make a complete success of their family? And will Julia ever really learn to cook and be a farmer's wife? You'll need to read Train Station Bride to find out I enjoyed this book a lot and see myself re reading this in the future I can't wait to see what Ms Bush pens for us next

  6. Deanna Lynn Sletten says:

    Holly Bush knows how to spin a story In 1887 Julia Crawford has little prospects for marriage and lives in the shadow of her attractive sisters and domineering mother Told for years that she is not as pretty or thin as her sisters and having had an indiscretion which the family hid well she felt she had no choice but to run away and marry a man she had been corresponding with By mishap she ends up marrying the wrong man – who actually ends up being the perfect match for her But Julia has left a secret behind her and soon decides she must right a wrong from years before and do the honorable thing Train Station Bride is a beautiful tale of love family and redemption Ms Bush does an excellent job of bringing the reader back to a time period now lost to us where decency honor and truth prevail Her characters are well thought out and believable to the point that you feel like you know them personally The settings are described with enough detail but without boring lengthy description that you can easily picture the grand home in Boston or the charming farmhouse in South Dakota I could smell the bread baking in the oven and hear the corn stalks rustling in the field Train Station Bride is the perfect historical romance

  7. Lisa Montgomery says:

    I enjoyed this book In fact I stayed up until 2 AM to finish it in one sitting I would rank it a 45 rather than a plain 4 but not a 5 I loved the characters of Jake and Julia They both had their baggage but they eventually prove themselves There were several tear worthy moments as well as a bit on humor I would have suggested that the author not use so many names starting with J I am a fast reader and I was constantly having to look back at Jacob Snelling and Jake Shelling as well as at Jane Julia Jennifer Jillian and Jolene Moreover there was William Crawford William Crenshaw and Will Gloria's husband

  8. Suzan Tisdale says:

    I adored this book It was so well written and I could not put it down The characters are very well developed and a very nice hero who isn't dark brooding or unlikeable Jake was likable from the get go And Julia? She found strength she didn't know she had Just a beautiful story with nice plot twists I do look forward to reading from Holly I've not got her on my top 6 most favorite authors list She's up there with Carmen Caine Laurin Wittig and Amanda Forester

  9. Vikki Vaught says:

    This was such an enjoyable read Julia was a refreshing heroine not the typical barbie doll woman Jake was the kindest and most tender hearted hero who has a fierce love for all his family Jake's two sisters were also a nice addition to this book Ms Bush weaves a spell binding tale with sweet love scenes and truly remarkable characters I rarely give 5 stars but this book deserved it I truly enjoyed this story and plan to read other stories by this talented author

  10. Keri says:

    This was a wonderful read and Holly Bush just gets better every time I read something by her Now Julia's older sister is up next Jolene and hummmnot sure how I am going to handle that Everybody says she gets redeemed but mangoing to take a lot for me to believe that But Julia's story was very well done This would be a great recommend for someone that hasn't read HB's work before and looking for a well done romance without the hard core descriptive love scenes

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