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Death House❅ Death House kindle Epub ❥ Author Carole Avila – Fifteen year old Adley is on a terrifying journey She has yet to learn that something sinister haunts her grandmother’s old mansion or that it hides in a dark portal beneath her bed The demonic bein Fifteen year old Adley is on a terrifying journey She has yet to learn that something sinister haunts her grandmother’s old mansion or that it hides in a dark portal beneath her bed The demonic being born of a generational curse does than negatively affect Adley’s mood—it kills the first born child in each succeeding family by their th birthday—and Adley’s birthday is just around the corner She meets seventeen year old Victor Trumillo a descendant of the original victim and only he can destroy the hideous creature Victor and Adley want to end the curse and save future lives but will they succumb to fear just as they may have discovered real love.


Death House eBook ✓ Paperback
  • Paperback
  • 314 pages
  • Death House
  • Carole Avila
  • English
  • 19 July 2015
  • 9781626942080

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  1. ѦѺ™ says:

    creepylicious“Curses are like chickens they always come home to roost” Charles H SpurgeonAdley Lange's idea of a summer vacation with her parents was spending it anywhere but her late grandmother's mansion somewhere in the high desert of New Mexico over the sprawling Capilla Manor with its deteriorating facade and weed choked yard gave her the creeps inside the house something waits for Adley eager to welcome and enfold her in its bony embracethe book started out slow for me and my enthusiasm waned a bit due to Adley's mood swings it was getting to a point that i found her tactless behavior and disparaging language too unbearable to make me uit reading when i realized that the author's writing was uite effective in making me feel that way in other words i have been had i fell into the author's trap with that eureka moment my interest in Adley and her haunting rose again from chapter 8 onwards especially after her encounter with her neighbor Victor Trumillo that meeting i think when things began to unravel was the catalyst that spurred me on strong characterization appropriate word choice graphic details evoking vivid hellish imagery are some of the novel's strong points in particular i enjoyed the action packed hair raising confrontation near the end of the book it was like watching a tension filled championship game where one wrong move could spell disaster for one team and victory for the other however there was that specific twist in the remaining pages which i did not favor at first but what it resulted to seemed justified somehow i just wished it did not have to be that way but horror fans like myself know that when the horror stops the creepylicious fun ends too overall Carole Avila's novel about a generational curse an evil entity and two teenagers fighting for their lives has all the ingredients to scare you off while still letting you have a good time in the process review copy provided via Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review

  2. Kathy says:

    I could not put this book down I haven't had that feeling for a long time I was a bit nervous to read a horror as I generally don't go for the genre but I was pleasantly surprised I couldn't wait to get a spare moment to read it It kept me in suspense pretty much from the beginning I loved the characters especially Adley I loved watching her mature and develop as a young person As a parent of teenagers I couldn't wait to see what would happen The plot was well developed and scary but not excessively so for young people to read You are rooting for Adley all the way even though she has flaws There were lots of twists and turns and discoveries to keep me on the edge of my seat I wonder if there will be a seuel I'm keen to read another book by this author

  3. Kathleen says:

    This was a great YA horror story I immediately liked the characters and Avila totally captured typical teenage behavior and the way that your parents don't always get you Having the romantic relationship be one where they almost instantly felt a connection made sense given the circumstances of the curse It is well written allowing you to feel the horror growing from the maybe I imagined it to the Oh NoIt was suspenseful throughout The monster was unlike any I'd read about I loved the way the bones morphed into different shapes It was a satisfying story from beginning to end There was no simple solution and the good guys didn't just uickly win this one I highly recommend it to young adults and adults alike It is clean with just a bit of kissing the thrill of which is described in a romantic wayI will be reading Carole Avila when I can I received this in a goodreads giveaway

  4. lauren ♡ says:

    See this review my blog Wonderless Reviews Thank you to Carole Avila for providing me with a free e arc copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Death House tells the story of Adley and her parents moving into her grandmother's Spanish Manor also known as Capilla Manor in the middle of nowhere in New Mexico Her grandmother recently passed away and Adley's parents decided to spend the Summer there to fix the place upAdley soon discovers that there is an unfriendly entity in the house who is persistent in trying to make sure she doesn't live to see her sixteenth birthday With her parents dismissing her Adley turns to a boy she meets Victor for support She learns that Victor and his family's ancestors were the original recipients of the curse which backfired onto her family With Victor and his family's help Adley sets out to destroy the creature and curse that has plagued her family for centuriesDeath House is a really uniue spin on the haunted house genre I went into this expecting ghosts but instead I got a really interesting tale combing Spanish and Gypsy elements It was refreshing seeing the entity that haunted the house be a monster of sorts instead of just an evil ghost which you know I'm also down with it was just cool to see something different I loved learning about the history of the curse and how it was originatedFor the first part of this book Adley drove me crazy She was so incredibly annoying I started to wonder how much I was going to enjoy this book because she would throw childlike temper tantrums over the simplest of things However as the story continues Adley fully acknowledges how difficult she's being and she admits that she wants to stop but doesn't seem to have any control over her moods Then once you get to the end of the book you understand why Adley has been so irritable and I definitely appreciate how well Carole wrote that into the story Especially when you stop and think that Adley is only 15 and what she'd been going throughI also liked that Adley's parents got a voice in this It's rare that we ever see parents in YA I wasn't a huge fan of them for most of the book though They constantly dismissed Adley and acted as though she was being a huge inconvenience I know telling your parents that a skeleton is trying to kill you isn't the most sanest stories but it was visibly described in the book how shaken and terrified Adley was by what was happening and her parents just seemed annoyed instead of actually stopping and considering that maybe there was going on At the end of the book they do acknowledge their wrongdoings so that's somethingIt was why I didn't mind so much that Adley and Victor's relationship was pretty instalove y Taking into consideration that Victor was the only person who Adley had to lean on for support and who believed her it's understandable that she would grow close to him uickly I actually found myself thinking they were really cute at various points through out the book I also like that even though they did form a relationship uickly it wasn't love at first sight It's rare that I find romances cute it's why I avoid romantic contemporaries but I couldn't help but smile at some of their scenes together Adley became a much happier person when she was around Victor and she definitely deserved thatI also found Victor's family so incredibly interesting and I wish we had the chance to learn about them I also would have liked to known a bit about the creature and how the portal in Adley's room worked but that could just be me and my excessive need for history and detailsWhen Adley and Victor faced the creature to end the curse it was very intense and kept me on the edge of my seat I don't think I'd ever be able to look a demonic skeleton in the eye that I knew could kill me So major props to Adley's bravery She grew up a lot in this book and I actually felt rather proud of her Almost like she was my little sister I had times where all I wanted to do was keep her safe and give her the biggest hug especially when her parents weren't there for herThe preface for this book was so chillingly creepy it definitely hooked me in I read it in be d at night and it talked about things grabbing your feet if they weren't under the blankets and I actually subconsciously drew my knees up to my chestDeath House was a fast paced read that will make you want to keep turning pages to see what becomes of Adley's fate I definitely recommend this if you're a horror fan and want a different take on the whole haunted house tropeThanks again to Carole for letting me read this I really enjoyed it You can find out about Carole and her other books here

  5. Sarah Smith says:

    A little horror a little teenage love a likeable scary storyRecommendation It’s a good read If you don’t like this book it’s because you have a monster living under your bed and the story is just too personal I don’t think there’s anything life changing in this book but I liked it okaySynopsisAdley is in a bad mood She’s been in a bad mood for about a year Her bad attitude has driven away her friends and has worn on her parents And she knows it but she can’t stop it She doesn’t even know what’s wrongSo she’s super happy to hear that she’s being taken the middle of nowhere for vacation She’s not She’s not happy at allWhen she gets to her grandmother’s mansion she fights with her parents about which room will be hers Not long after she sort of wins she wishes she hadn’t Her nightmare has begunEvaluationAre you tired of vampires Zombies So am I Ms Avila’s monster wasn’t a standard run of the Hollywood mill monster and that was refreshing I was a little confused about where the curse met the neighbor’s evil monster but that didn’t affect the bottom lineAdley’s character development doesn’t seem to be in her control She’s had a bad attitude for unknown reasons we find out later what those reasons are and she begins to pull out of her funk for unknown reasons and we find out later what those reasons are In truth it’s pretty obvious to the reader what’s affecting Adley in both of those circumstances but it doesn’t change that fact that Adley isn’t exactly choosing to be better for the sake of being better So her character hasn’t really changed over the course of the book Instead the world around her changes such that she’s allowed to be herself againThough I was never afraid to go to sleep at night after reading this book it is a totally decent read and I liked itDisclosure I received a copy of this book from the authorpublisher through Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review

  6. Tara says:

    Interesting and creepy taleIn order to explain my review I have to break the story up in halves The first half of the book I couldn't relate to Adley Deedee at all I saw no redeeming ualities She came across as bratty spoiled and rude There were times when her decision making had me scratching my head and I uestioned reading further I can't say without spoilersThe second half of the story was much entertaining Some of the character flaws in Adley were resolved I understood the reasons behind her behavior The pacing picked up considerably and so did my interest Secondary characters were introduced and added to the depth of the story I especially liked the relationship between Victor and Adley The author did a wonderful job with the back story of the curse and I found it fascinating The final confrontation with the demon was great I loved the way the story ended It wasn't a cliffhanger but a hint that the story might continueReview copy provided via Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review

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