The Woods Out Back (Spearwielder's Tale, #1)

The Woods Out Back (Spearwielder's Tale, #1)[EPUB] ✼ The Woods Out Back (Spearwielder's Tale, #1) By R.A. Salvatore – The first in the Spearwielder fantasy adventure series from the author of the New York Times bestseller The Legacy In a magical spot in a forest Gary falls asleep and wakes up in a dangerous realm of The first in the Spearwielder fantasy adventure series from the author of the New York Times bestseller The Legacy In a magical spot in a forest Gary falls asleep and wakes up in a dangerous realm of elves The Woods PDF/EPUB ² and dwarves witches and dragons There he discovers he is the only one who can wear the armor of the land's lost hero and wield a magical spear.

As one of the fantasy genre’s most successful authors RA Salvatore enjoys an ever expanding and tremendously loyal following His books regularly appear on The New York Times best seller lists and have sold than copies Salvatore’s The Woods PDF/EPUB ² original hardcover The Two Swords Book III of The Hunter’s Blade Trilogy October debuted at on The Wall Street Journal best seller list.

The Woods Out Back PDF å The Woods  PDF/EPUB ²
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • The Woods Out Back (Spearwielder's Tale, #1)
  • R.A. Salvatore
  • English
  • 09 October 2014
  • 9780441908721

10 thoughts on “The Woods Out Back (Spearwielder's Tale, #1)

  1. The Shayne-Train says:

    Loved it when I read it as a kid loved it when I read it to MY kid

  2. Mike (the Paladin) says:

    I always feel that I should like RASalvatore's work I've never really been able to really get into his DD themed books As I've always enjoyed DD greatly that has always seemed odd to meI saw this and I picked it uponly realizing I'd read it years ago after I started itLook this book for me of course only barely gets 4 stars it's a fun read I don't grade it as just 4 because we've all seen the person from our world find's himher self in fantasy world theme I tend to enjoy books built around this theme and just because it's been done before is no big deal It's always how it's handledHere Gary ends up being pulled over into the realm of Faerie or Fairy because he happens to fit the armor of a legendary hero who's magic spear the Elf Kelsey not his full name but it's what Micky MacMicky the Leprechaun calls him has made a life vow to have reforged BUT they need someone who can wear the armorThe book isn't bad as a matter of fact as I said it's sort of fun We get a book that bounces back and forth between humor and action and doesn't do a bad job HoweverIt has 2 problems that wore on me to the point of complete annoyance One is a continuing joke that gets completely run into the ground as my dad would have saidhe was always saying when something got over used or we'd continued to ask about something over and over you're running that into the ground I'll put it under a spoiler warning in case you don't want to know it before you go inview spoiler The helmet of the armor is too large and it's continuity gets knocked askew or forced down blocking his vision Over and over we get treated to the picture of Gary with his helm knocked front to back hide spoiler

  3. Scott says:

    This is one of Salvatore's earliest works and one of his first forays into fantasy not set in the Realms If you know about Salvatore and his life and what got him into writing then it's pretty obvious that he based Gary on his own early lifeGary is a bored broken down factory worker who happens to love Tolkien He winds up in the Fairie land because he's the only one who can wear the armor of a long lost hero in order to complete the life uest of an elf who happened to capture a leprechaun He must capture a dwarf to reforge the lance after beating a dragon in combat to use his fire Yep that's the bookSome of it is uite charming but it's just totally obvious that this is the work of an author who is just learning the craftOnly recommended for hard core Salvatore fansTom Deitz does takes like this much better with his David Sullivan series of books

  4. Jim says:

    I vaguely recall reading a book of his ages ago but I don't remember what it was I've had this feeling that his work wasn't anything that excited me but I've run across several references to how good Salvatore is so I thought I'd give him another shot Maybe I wasn't remembering correctly was unfair Nope There wasn't a damsel in distress but otherwise I don't think I've read a typical fantasy It had just about every trope known to the genre Not bad but certainly not exciting In a word obvious The reader was pretty good I have 2 in this trilogy the next one's plot is already obvious

  5. Alexander Draganov says:

    Salvatore has written so many fantasy series that I have missed this one I discovered it thanks to dumb luck and decided to give it a chance after all I love the Drizzt adventures and admire the original Demon Wars trilogyI was not disappointedThis book is the story of a young man fan of Tolkien who is suddenly transported to the land of Faerie where old tales are true Garry is there not by chance but because he is kdnapped by a leprechaun captured by a powerful Elven lord who dreams of fulfilling his lifeuest reforging an ancient spear To do that he needs a spearwielder a man who can borrow the ancient armory of the original spearwielder a mighty hero known as Cedric Garry is the guy for the job and so he the leprechaun who is called Mickey McMickey and the Elven lord who has such a complicated name that he is called Kelsey by all begin a mad mad adventure in which they must capture a dwarf defeat a fire breathing dragon and evade a powerful witch who hates the spear and the threat which it is to her dark powerWritten clearly as a homage to The Hobbit The Woods Out Black is uite simply a marvellous fantasy book and one in which the author reveals himself to the reader very honestly it is uite obvious that Garry is modeled on himself Told with wit and in a brisk pace this book brought to me the sweet memories of the good old days of fantasy when heroes were valiant and villains were truly evil and the reader witnessed long and hard journeys trough marvellous lands met wondrous creatures and awesome monsters and witnessed feats of courage and bonds of unbreakabla friendship Lovable lovable book which reminded my why I had became a fan of R A Salvatore many years ago

  6. Melody Daggerhart says:

    Notes of InterestI am a huge RA Salvatore fan via his Forgotten Realms books with Drizzt Do’Urden But I never heard of this series until I came across it by accident I was surprised to find it’s uite old 1993 But it was on discount so I decided to see what he would write outside of a familiar settingFor me this book brought up the controversial topic of author “brands” A “brand” for an author or other creative professional is when fans come to expect something specific from the products offered It’s controversial because marketing gurus say the best way to sell your work is by having a niche A narrow scope of expertise tells the audience what it can expect from you and niche fans are likely to return Case in point I’ve read many of Salvatore’s DD novels in the Forgotten Realms setting so the reason I purchased this book was because I loved those booksBut creative professionals sometimes feel caged by “branding” their work because it limits their creative expression The niche market becomes a trap so that they can’t do anything else because experimental projects in different genres or whatever might not fit expectations of established fansAnne Rice became famous for writing about vampires But she has also written about angels Jesus and under a pen name erotica She is perhaps uniue in that each of her niches has a wide following depending on which books led that particular subset of readers to become fans Somehow she manages to handle the broad scope of differing often opposing opinions well But I for one will only ever be interested in her vampire books I can’t really explain why It’s not like I have anything against her writing other types of literature I feel authors should be free to write about whatever they please But from that spectrum vampires are the only topic and style that suit me So that is where my expectations or reader bias existsJK Rowling was a huge success with her Harry Potter series But her other works have not measured up to the same success not because the other books aren’t good but because fans expect of the same The world of Harry Potter is Rowling’s brandSo this uickly became my dilemma with The Woods Out Back When RA Salvatore is mentioned the book that comes to mind is Homecoming It’s one of my all time favourites therefore I have come to expect like that from him I tried not to let my expectations get in the way of my impressions while reading something completely different but they intruded anyway I couldn’t help itIn the review that follows I acknowledge my bias and will try to work around it as much as possible Opinion pieces which is what all reviews are will always have a measure of bias shaping those opinions In this case I admit brand reared its ugly head but I am 100% supportive of authors and artists having the freedom to explore different venues with their works Moving away from a brand might not win over loyal readers from one subset to another but doing something different can win a whole new subset of readers And there’s no good reason why an author shouldn’t be allowed to do that as long as they understand brand expectations can work against new experimental projects What could have made it better for meThe story starts off well enough with Gary an average Joe at work in a modern setting then turns into a portal story I love portal stories But because I was expecting characters like Drizzt Do’Urden to come to life in a DD type setting the introduction of a leprechaun complete with Irish accent and snarky attitude felt cartoonish A typical DD type elf showed up after that So of course I loved him But then there was a goblin who was a typical “grunt” laboring to please his ueen in all the wrong ways The evil ueen dressed in black with her shape shifting skills spies and minions made me think of Snow White’s wicked step mother And there was a dumb giant who had a vocabulary of “duh” in between dialog of a little substance In other words what came to mind was every major stereotype for every fantasy archetypeI do have a good sense of humor so it’s not a matter of taking the story too seriously But I think I was expecting a little in terms of uniue character development versus tongue in cheek placeholders for archetypes For example I loved the idea of a dragon named Robert How could you not love a dragon with such a mundane moniker following in the footsteps of dragons with such legendary exotic names like Smaug Falcor Draco and Paarthurnax? But in the end Robert was a typical blustery dragon who hates to lose and hoards treasure Robert had such potential to be something utterly unexpected but even he was predictable But it seems that was the goal for this tale writing about magical creatures using the typical archetypes the way everyone expects them to beI think I could have found iconic mascots coming together for a tongue in cheek tale like this enjoyable had I not been expecting the individual depth and persona that is a given in settings like Forgotten Realms What I liked about itSince I am a fan of many kinds of fantasy I don’t dismiss fantasy intended to be taken less seriously Therefore in spite of what I said above seeing a blatantly stereotypical group pursuing a very typical uest actually turned out to be something different The whole thing had a very tongue in cheek approach that made me think of Terry Pratchett’s books but with actionadventure and a subtle humour Salvatore is a master of writing fight scenes so the writing itself was bold vivid and moved at a good pace through each chapter along the uestGary—the average Joe protagonist—felt very real His down to earth personality becomes spasmastic in a way most people could relate with after having been transported through a fairy portal being funny frustrated frightened and courageous in all the appropriate places In my opinion he was the best developed character of the bunch And because he is new to magic and myth his naivety is something I don’t usually get to see in Salvatore’s writings That would be the major difference between a portal story and a story in which the characters are already expert swordsmen and mages; so it was interesting to see how he handled that difference and he handled it wellTechnically the book is a clean and easy read The plot’s objective and action is straightforward and classic rather than intentionally complicated with deep controversial themes or gritty ambiguity Because of that it does not have a lot of the dark matter some of his other books do So it makes for a lighter read too I love both dark deep literature and fun light literature depending on my mood So this balanced out the darker serious nature of the other book I’m currently reading Variety is good RecommendationIf you are a fan of Salvatore’s serious works go into this one knowing it’s meant to poke fun at fantasy stereotypes Don’t compare it to his DD works if at all possible; it should be enjoyed as something completely different I have not yet decided whether I will be purchasing the rest of the series I enjoyed it enough that I might return to it My expectations will be different for the second book after reading the first so that should help It’s a good book for anyone wanting a light read about a portal story or a classic hero’s uest

  7. Scott says:

    This is one of the earlier works of Salvatore and was a really good read I could see all of the influences of Salvatore in this book and imagine that he modeled the main character Gary Leger after himself Tolkein's The Hobbit is mentioned throughout the book and accompanies Gary on his journey Salvatore has said that The Hobbit is his favorite book Anyways a very enjoyable and uick read

  8. John says:

    A great little book that is written to tug at the day dreams of fantasy fans everywhere The book pulls you in and only really lets you go when you are finished

  9. Ruth Kyle says:

    Yet another excellent adventure from the fantasy master author I love love all the Tolkien references to The Hobbit

  10. Chy says:

    Short Summation Gary’s a factory worker with a college degree It’s the bad economy you see? In the world of Faerie meanwhile they need a dude that fits this historical armor Guess what size Gary is Gotta have such a person so he can hold the old dead king’s broken spear while a dragon breaths on it This is how you fix an old dead king’s magical spear when it’s been broken for many a year according to prophecy Dude I don’t even know I mean I read it in a day which is a tad outlandish for me with a book of this length so that’s saying something It got me to thinking though that here is a man that has found his niche Once the leprechaun yes the leprechaun gets Gary over to Faerie yes Faerie the elf comes to collect him This uest to re forge this spear is the elf’s “life uest” so he’s rather serious about it I think that’s why I like him so much You have this serious elf in charge with a tricksy leprechaun he’s trapped into service to the cause and Gary who’s still trying to wake up I like that the elf's name is Kelsenellenelvial yet we get to admit that’s completely absurd because Salvatore calls him Kelsey in the text—a name Mickey the leprechaun gives him that the elf does not appreciate but tolerates I can imagine him seething at the fact that his name is shortened in the whole text yet having to admit it's the best way for readers And just to show how sad my affection for the elf is I didn't have to look up the spelling of his full name up there This is so straight fantasy “we have a uest and it has steps and there’s an enemy putting obstacles in our way the whole time” that it’s not even funny The highlights are the character interactions for me I mean Mickey and Kelsey don’t get along—Kelsey had to catch Mickey in order to get him to help Gary and Kelsey don’t get along since it’s Kelsey’s doing that Gary’s here and because well Kelsey’s pretty much a snot the whole time Can’t help it—I like snotty good guy characters Gary and Mickey get on pretty well though Hey it’d get boring fast if nobody liked one another They set off with armor and broken spear to snag themselves a dwarf to do the forging once they get everything to the dragon The dwarf adds another element to the group that glues my eyes to the text By all accounts this foursome should all hate one another but you can see them becoming friends as they go along I’m such a sucker for that sort of thing I suppose I should mention that the land is on the downward slope to hell—everybody’s poor and the current king is a puppet of this evil “raven haired honestly why?” witch That witch by the way is the one that keeps trying to stop them And that’s because having this armor and spear back in action brings up thoughts of that long dead king that wore them Apparently he’s an avatar of hope since his reign brought all manner of creatures together in alliance There got all that? Now let’s talk about all the reasons I shouldn’t have liked this book Okay first off they’re on this long journey but I have no idea how these people feed themselves They take pretty much nothing in the way of supplies and they never get to stop in a town anywhere At one point they’re even stuck on this island and I really have no idea how they didn’t starve or die of thirst The water was as acid to them as per witchy woman’s spell Next Gary constantly sleeps in this armor For real yo Can you really get used to sleeping in armor? I think not though I admit I’ve never tried Heh Suddenly I have an urge to do it though Anybody got a set of armor? The dead king’s helmet is too big for Gary It constantly twirls around his head so that the eye slits are off kilter and Gary can’t see Now the spear is sentient and gives Gary some subconscious fighting lessons so that Gary can use the mundane spear he carries along with the broken magical one Yeah it’s a tad cheesy but it’d be boring if Gary didn’t get to have any skills at all and had to spend every fight crying like a little girl and ducking under the nearest rock Oh but I was griping about the helmet Just sitting here I can think of at least three ways to keep a damn helmet tight around my head—and my life doesn’t depend on it I mean wrap a towel around your head Gary And is there no chinstrap or freakin’ anything in that helmet? Stupid As for the writing Salvatore makes me cringe with his affinity for exclamation points They take a perfectly fine line and make it cheesy He also uses parenthesis a lot for “by the way” remarks Hush about my parenthesis in this review Here’s an example that shows both of Salvatore's tricks He knew it was only a matter of time before the behemoth looked his way and he felt naked indeed out on the rocks without his spear and armor though he didn’t know what good the puny weapon dwarven forged or not would do against the likes of this monster The behemoth by the way is a giant that joins the tale as well Now that I’ve gone through all that let me say that I actually did enjoy the spear talking to Gary now and then I did enjoy the stereotypical aloof elf bumbling human trickster leprechaun surly dwarf and dumb but loveable giant as a party Yeah I hate myself for saying it But damn it I liked it I don’t know this all got me to really thinking about revises and such whatnot I mean Salvatore would have gotten all kinds of reviews telling him he needed to clear up the “Where the hell does their food come from?” uestion But I can tell you right now had he went into that Mike and his friends would have thought it was boring and would have asked “Who cares about that shit? Get to the fight scenes” What I’m going to say next I’m going to make short in the hopes of avoiding a rant Yes it sounds like Salvatore “knows his audience” Really though I think it’s that he writes this way and lucked out that there was a group of people out there that really goes for his style All right so I did enjoy this book despite the template fantasy plot and the cheesy writing here and there It’s all about the character interaction for me I will be reading the other two books but I can tell you right now I’m already disappointed in the first sixty or so pages of the next one Maybe it’ll get better Or maybe I’ll take a break from it to read the second Harry Potty book or one of the other three loaned books I have in my possession

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