Absolute Justice

Absolute Justice[BOOKS] ✪ Absolute Justice Author Larry W. Pitts – Bluevapours.co.uk When an Atlanta corporate attorney discovers a dark secret it costs him his life Jason Garrett has a promising career prestige money and a beautiful wife He is Schmitt Lawson's biggest rainmaker and i When an Atlanta corporate attorney discovers a dark secret it costs him his life Jason Garrett has a promising career prestige money and a beautiful wife He is Schmitt Lawson's biggest rainmaker and is on the fast track to partnership Then he makes a startling discovery Shortly after the discovery Jason Garrett vanishes and Garrett's wife Julia who is frustrated with Atlanta PD's inability to find Jason hires Atlanta's premier private investigator Nick Price to find her husband As the case escalates Price digs deeper into the dark secret Jason Garrett uncovered a feat that could cost Nick Price his life In this first in the series of Nick Price novels with its lean prose crackling dialogue and razor sharp characterization the tough wisecracking and funny Atlanta PI uncovers a network of criminals who will stop at nothing to keep their dealings hidden.


Absolute Justice ePUB ✓ Kindle Edition
  • Kindle Edition
  • 306 pages
  • Absolute Justice
  • Larry W. Pitts
  • 12 September 2015

10 thoughts on “Absolute Justice

  1. Silver Screen Videos says:

    Being an Atlanta resident for some 40 years and working right around the corner from the supposed offices of Larry W Pitts's fictional PI Nick Price I was already predisposed to like Pitts's debut novel Absolute Justice before I even opened it Unfortunately by the time I finished the book I realized that the Atlanta setting was about the only unusual thing Pitts had going for him in what was otherwise a decently written but thoroughly unoriginal and derivative detective novelNick Price is the epitome of the hardboiled PI one who is so familiar to genre fans that they can probably figure out his every character uirk well before the author gets around to describing them He’s an ex cop who likes his booze his steaks and his current woman but he’s a bit of a softy on the inside The author gives Price a bit of an unusual background in that he’s a former professional baseball player but that never becomes a major plot point The plot will also sound uite familiar for those familiar with the genre a woman hires Price to find her missing husband a rising young attorney at a top downtown law firm As Price investigates he figures out that the law firm has been involved in some shady dealings with some shadier characters and that there are big bucks involvedLarry Pitts is a skilled writer but he’s just finding his way around as a novelist especially a mystery novelist Absolute Justice is well written with some good descriptive passages and the author gives Price a few good one liners that are sprinkled throughout Indeed the book is an easy read with the added bonus for me at least of some good local color thrown in as the author incorporates some familiar locations and neighborhoodsUnfortunately author Pitts also incorporates a ton of clichés into the book as well In about 250 pages Price gets involved in two shootouts and one fist fight has one woman throw herself at him and various bad guys either threaten or stonewall him on about a dozen occasions Although the plot emerges only in bits and pieces it’s extremely easy to guess in what direction the book is going The villains are so obvious that they are practically wearing black hats and twirling their mustaches the second Price meets them and anyone who has ever read a detective novel will probably figure out every plot twist some ten chapters before Price does The first couple of chapters pile the stereotypes so high that I wondered if I might be reading a parody instead of a standard PI novel Fortunately Pitts tones down the writing somewhat after that so that the bulk of the book is much easier to digestOverall I liked the skill of the writing in Absolute Justice enough to give it a marginal recommendation for its potential and a few of the peripheral aspects than for this particular main story Pitts has created a few good secondary characters some who won’t be back in future books but some who will like a couple of mobsters with whom Price is uite friendly and who help him bring down the bad guys And Price’s girlfriend a doctor who is in many ways the complete yin to Price’s yang is a good supporting character as well Their scenes together in this book are among the best Absolute Justice won’t win any prizes for originality but the the author feels assured enough of his material to abandon some of the clichés it’s absolutely got potential for better seuels

  2. MARIE MURPHY says:

    Interesting plot and a very plausible plotPartial look at the under belly of today's white collar criminal Held my interest through out the entire book Could not wait to finish If you like fast paced suspense this is the book for your summer reading

  3. Jennifer says:

    JusticeGood character development likable people Liked a few funny parts thrown in for good measure Story line had me engaged throughout Recommend

  4. Catherine says:

    Deleted 82218 Not for me

  5. chelepissbcglobal.net says:

    OUTSTANDINGWhat a great book This was a fantastic story with t great cast of characters What fun it was waiting to see how everything came together at the end I highly recommend this book

  6. cindy brooks says:

    Held my attention and had a good plot Characters were well defined Descriptive scenes were not overly done A good read Will read books by this author again

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