Mobile Pleasure (The Chasers #2)

Mobile Pleasure (The Chasers #2)❰PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Mobile Pleasure (The Chasers #2) Author Tanya Sands – Josie Stewart is a strong independent woman not fully recovered from her abusive past She put herself out there to others as a hardass With a past that would cripple most Josie rose above and conuered Josie Stewart is a strong independent woman not fully recovered from her abusive past She put herself out there to others as a hardass With a past that would cripple most Josie rose above and conuered Or has she It certainly guided her down the path to SM Enter Sam Jensen Part owner of a local BDSM club He knew he had a reputation as the club playboy but deep down he was looking for Can his experience as a sadistic dominant show her that she was meant for him meant for the lifestyle meant to be cherished Can a sadist show a masochist that love comes when you least expect it.

Tanya Sands is the pseudonym of a stay at home mom who having written but not published short stories for years finally took the leap and published her passion When she’s not writing she’s raising her young boys and furbabies while her husband supports them all by driving all over the country as a long haul truck driver She is the youngest of and a proud vet of the US Air Force.

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  • 12 September 2016

10 thoughts on “Mobile Pleasure (The Chasers #2)

  1. Elisa says:

    OK this story is really good and even better than the last one There is a lot in depth character building and the heroine yanked at my heart I needed a few tissues to get through this just so you knowThis story is a bit heavy on the slightly darker side of BDSM so if you haven't read any before you should be aware that this in not a vanilla story At All I thought Tanya dealt with the abuse of the heroine Josie in her past and the resulting emotional complications very well Sam is a strong dominant who can't uite believe that he has found his significant other while Josie is so busy running from him that you can't help but want to shake the 2 of them occasionallyTanya does an excellent job of creating characters that you fall in love with right from the beginning of the book I'm so excited to be able to watch as this author grows into a powerhouse writer as I have no doubt that she willHighly recommended

  2. Heidi says:

    i was kindly gifted this book in exchange for my opinions and a reviewThis is the second instalment in the chaser serious and where in book one with Miranda it was on the softer side this book is in no way as soft it has a whole different settingin this book we meet Josie and SamJosie Stewart is a strong and independent woman she has not fully recovered yet from her abusive past Josie know that she puts herself out there to everyone as a hard ass b But Josie has a reason she has a past that would cripple most anyone But not her Josie has risen above and all and conueredOr has she really It has guided her down the path to SM thats for sure but is this a good or a bad thing Sam Jensen is Part owner of a local BDSM club And yes he knew he had and has earned a reputation as the club playboy but is he really as deep down Sam is looking for much The moment he meets Josie he knows hes found what he has been looking for But Can this club owners experience as a sadistic dominant show Josie that she was meant to be his as well as being meant for the lifestyle as well as to be cherished Can this sadist show a masochist that love comes when you least expect it toThis is the second book iv read by Tanya and whilst i loved her first book i think this one is a heck of allot deeper Tanya has such a great style of writing and in this book touched on a sensitive nature so well i will admit i did have a little cry for poor Josie but i new she was and is a survivor which just made me love Josie even and Sam o mama what a hot and deep man i just new behind his hard exterior there was a true man inside of himAnother fantastic read with so much depth hotness as well as emotion poured in to it I adore this book5 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

  3. Patricia says:

    This is the second book in the Chaser series Sam and Josie's storyIf you remember you met both Josie and Sam in the first book At a barbecue He knew instantly that Josie was a submissive Well this is their story and how they overcome the past to bring them together Tanya has a way of writing that makes you instantly fall in love with the characters You find that their is bits of you in Josie She is a character that is tough but yet so vulnerable that you want to just hug her one moment but the shake some sense into her the next All her female characters are curvy and strong There isn't a stick figure in the whole book THANK GOD The men are hot and sexy and love them some curves AGAIN THANK GOD She also brings in the characters from the first book so we get to catch up with Randa and her men too There is BDSM in this book which Tanya writes with a realistic vibe to it Not fantasy like a lot of other writers do I mean there is a dick in every area and there is one in this book also I will say that Tanya's writing of the BDSM lifestyle is comparable to the writings of Cherise Sinclair as they both write with such an honesty and don't glamourize the lifestyle So if you don't like reading honest BDSM then this might not be the book for you So if you want a book that you can read in a evening and be thoroughly entertained and fall in love This is the book for you You don't necessarily have to read book one but if you want to get to know them all its a good idea So check out both DOUBLE HER PLEASURE you will want to meet Jack and Chase and MOBILE PLEASURE You will have an enjoyable night of reading ahead of you Trust me you will enjoy them

  4. Tracy says:

    WOW This was one hell of an emotional book Yes i may have shed a few tears whilst learning of Josie's childhood and i recommend that you have tissuses at hand when you read this story Sam is a Dominant with a hint of Sadist that will protect those he cares about with his life He 'officially' meets Josie when he takes his dog to her veterinary clinic and being friends with her best friends husbands they keep bumping into each other He can't get his head around the feelings he experiences when he is near her She is also a submissive who is a member of the BDSM club he co owns She has caught his attention now he wants Josie is a submissive who needs pain to enjoy pleasure She has a heart breaking past and it has stopped her from enjoying a proper relationship in any way shape or form so she is compleately baffled by her feelings to Sam She has a fantastic job of which she loves and friends that are like family to her she needs nothing in her life Or does sheThis story is a journey of two broken souls who find it almost impossible to open their hearts Is definately an emotion journey and one that will stay with you long after you have finished the book Following Sam with his new project and Josie coping with her past will they eventually be open to love Will they finally be rewarded with a HEA Or has too much heartbreak causing their hearts to be frozen forever Tanya has written a beautiful 1010 story and i can't wait to read from this wonderful authorReviewed by Tracy Ladies Of Love Book Blog And Graphics

  5. CoffeeMom H says:

    Having been gifted a copy of this book and thought it was only fair to leave my honest review First off for me every book must have 4 key elements to make it what I consider a good book The book must make you laugh cry want to throw it and lastly make you not want to put it down This book contained it all Tanya Sands did an excellent job with this book It flowed smoothly For it being part of a series you can still read it as a stand alone book What can I say yes this contains BDSM however this is one the few books I have read that captures it in a uniue way Tanya's way with words draws you in and makes you feel as if you are standing right there watching everything going on I am not one to give out spoilers Sam and Josie the main characters in this book are both love at first sight but both are afraid act on that desire in the start and then the rest is history as that is all I saying If you want to know get the book I am now looking forward to catching up and reading the rest of the books in The Chasers Series

  6. Becky Cox says:

    I was gifted a copy of this book for an honest reviewMobile Pleasure is the 2nd installment in The Chasers Series Josie suffered abuse as a child and Tanya does an excellent job of connecting you with Josie's emotions and her way of dealing with the abuse as an adult She is independent and strong except when it comes to Sam Josie is a sub at a local BDSM club Sam is a hot Dom who is an all around good guy if a bit of a player You have to fall in love with him He is a great friend an attentive employer and a considerate Dom Sam also loves his dog; who doesn't love a man that loves his dog ; The two of them are amazing together There is a great twist at the end that you never seen coming This book is a bit hard core so readers be aware I thought the book was well written and I connected emotionally with the characters Reviewed for JoIsaLovesBooks Blog

  7. Crystal Cox says:

    Amazing Romance With BDSMJosie only shows her tough exterior to cover the abuses of her past Sam is part owner of the BDSM club that she is a member of as a submissive Will Sam be able to break through her barriers and show her how much she should be cherishedOMG This book was so amazing First of all let me stress that this is a LOVE story with BDSM not a BDSM book with romance I fell in love with both Josie and Sam they are so complex and believable There are also many supporting characters that are fully developed The sexBDSM scenes were extremely sexy and HOT HOT HOT Tanya Sands is uickly moving up my list of favorite authors she has a great way of pulling you into her story and making you feel everything I will be devouring her next book and stalking her for of this series

  8. MELODY says:

    Tanya Sands brings us the second in the Chaser Series In this installment Josie is a lady that had a childhood that haunts her as a mature woman She hasn't had a real relationship since college Sam well same is a Dom at a club that Josie freuents and is friends with the characters from Double Her Pleasure Just know it stands alone for the most part but starts with a wedding from the main characters in book 1Can Sam prove to Josie that playing can be fun not necessary Can Josie win and keep Sam's heartI enjoyed the first in the series but can see Ms Sands maturing as a writer and look forward to following what should be a long career as an authorIf you do not enjoy BDSM or Erotica stay away from this novel It is hot enough to steam the windows

  9. Rhonda Campbell says:

    Good story Emotional hot scenes touching with just enough drama to keep you reading Josie is a strong take charge woman She's head vet and in charge at an animal shelter which causes lots of stress Added to the emotional pain and memories from her past she uses BDSM as a sub to give over control and release her emotional baggage from her life Sam is the sought after DOM Hot sexy in charge but tender he could have any sub he wants But after the emotional disaster of his past he vows to never get to closeUpon first meeting there is a connection and recognition for both But doubt and fear keep them apart Can they work through everything and make it work

  10. A.R. Senault says:

    Mobile Pleasure was a top notch read about love and the BDSM lifestyle Josie isn’t a waif of a woman without spine or gumption and Sam sees her as a strong sexy curvy masochistic with needs that should only be met by him As they get to know each other they get much than either ever anticipated Sam is a hot alpha leading a pack of sexy friends I cannot wait to see how characters find fulfillment in the Chaser series Tanya Sands is a must read and talented author able to twist a tale that will keep you wanting

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