Into the Fire (From The Wreckage, #5)

Into the Fire (From The Wreckage, #5)[KINDLE] ❆ Into the Fire (From The Wreckage, #5) By Michele G. Miller – Into The Fire is a standalone novel At fifteen an accident turned my world upside down Scarred in every way possible I shut down finding comfort by self inflicting painI’ve grown accustomed to the t Into The Fire is a standalone novel At fifteen an accident turned my world upside down Scarred in every way possible I shut down finding comfort by self inflicting painI’ve grown accustomed to the truths of my life but I’m tiredTired of this realityTired of the needOf the painI’m weary of being this personOf being aloneThough I’m afraid of letting someone inIt’s been five yearsCan I return home and face my fears Overcome the painIt’s Into the PDF/EPUB ² time to find outFor too long the story of my life has been one of horrorI want my fairy taleI want my prince my happily ever afterThe uestion is does it want meInto the Fire is a spin off of the From The Wreckage series The From the Wreckage series is a Young Adult to New Adult series with one trilogy and multiple character spin offs Please see the reading order belowJules and West's story​ From the Wreckage Out of Ruins All that Remains Spin offs best read in order but CAN be read alone West A POV novel of From the Wreckage Into the Fire Dani's story After the Fall Austin's story.

Michele loves words Funny words inspiring words dirty words sad words All the words Use them wisely and kindly Spin stories with them mend fences with them heal with them Words are powerful Words are forever.

Into the Fire PDF/EPUB è Into the  PDF/EPUB ²
  • Kindle Edition
  • 260 pages
  • Into the Fire (From The Wreckage, #5)
  • Michele G. Miller
  • English
  • 03 October 2014

10 thoughts on “Into the Fire (From The Wreckage, #5)

  1. LeAnn says:

    I'm moving forward but I'm not living I'm pretending How do you know if you're dead or alive? I wouldn't know I feel dead even as I live and breathe When I heard Michele was writing Danica's story I was excited but scared because the subject matter was dark I went in knowing it would take an emotional toll on me It was heartbreaking and soul crushing but most importantly it moved me After suffering tragic loss and recovering from a terrible accident Danica struggles with the emotional and physical pain She pushes everyone she loves away because she can't process the grief until one small cut changes everything 'You're a walking corpse' I accuse the unrecognizable girl staring at me Except you still bleed Cutting is the only thing that makes her feel alive She knows it's wrong but it becomes an addiction When her family finds out she is sent to an institute but even the professionals have a hard time getting through to her Her family friends including her childhood best friend Jonah tried to break through her walls but they couldn't even make a dent We all suffer alone but we don't have to This book is so powerful because it sheds light on very real problems that many people suffer from Sometimes it's the people we would never expect and sometimes it's the people we are closest to This book teaches us to never give up even when the situation seems impossible Once again Michele has crafted a painfully beautiful story with characters that reach inside and pull on your heartstrings This book will make you feel It will devastate you but it will also heal you So grab some tissues and prepare yourself for an emotional journey You're my missing piece Jonah You're the one who completes my wonderful picture

  2. Jessica Surgett says:

    I love all of Michele's books but this one is definitely my favorite so far I laughed I criedAnd criedAnd criedThe subject matter is much darker in this book Danica is a cutter so the narrative is very intense She's a deep passionate person and Michele definitely rose to the challenge that type of character demands Rose to it and then flew above and beyond I'm trapped in this body something within is arguing pushing at me to snap out of it but the rest of me moves forward as though the voice is insignificant For a while I sit examining the glass in the moonlight The edge that snapped and broke away is jagged slanted and imperfect Like meThis is some of her best writing to date The prose is deep and meaningful even lyrical at times And the imagery is powerful There were many times I had to stop and stare at the wall to fully process what I'd just read I got goosebumps multiple times in between all the cryingSimply put this book blew me away And it's not all doom and gloom The story is ultimately about someone broken slowly finding the pieces to put herself back together It's a story about hope As Dani saysI’m a million miles away from being perfect but I’m a thousand steps closer today than I was yesterday And tomorrow I’ll be closer still

  3. Samantha says:

    I have been a huge fan of Michele's for uite some time She has this ability to tackle any genre and really put her own spin on it Her words capture you and her stories are dripping with emotion reality and honesty Into The Fire is no exception in fact it stands out above the rest Michele took her hand at something new and a little darker and has been wholly successful She tackles the subjects of depression loss and self harm without getting too heavy but still manages to convey the reality of the emotions Danica is experiencing I loved this story and found myself getting attached to the various characters throughout Dani's timeline Take a chance on this book and see Miller's poetry dance across the pageDisclaimer I helped edit this book

  4. Babbling Chatter Reads says:

    Joanna 5 starsVery few novels leave me speechless This is the exception Into The Fire literally broke me It is one of the most intensely captivating stories I've ever had the pleasure of readingMichele G Miller is a literary genius She compels us from the first line intriguing us and tugging on our heart strings Danica hasn't been dealt an easy hand in life Surrounded by tragedy she finds an escapism only she understands self infliction Through Dani's eyes we embark on a journey of loss heartache depression and ultimately forgiveness This story is absolutely phenomenal Michele you truly are amazing I eagerly await your next masterpiece

  5. Shayna Varadeaux says:

    I cannot wait No pressure Michele

  6. Giselle says:

    I received a digital copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Review also posted here This book follows a heart breaking story of a young girl named Danica Reese Evans who experiences a great tragedy and lost both of her parents in a car accident A car accident driven by Danica herself leads to a terrifying nightmare “There is nothing left to break in me My heart is already dead my soul is gone” It explores the dark nature of depression and loss It was so raw and so brutally honest It vividly describes how the young girl struggle and cope up with grief and isolation It explores a very dark topic yet the author was able to weave the story into such a beautiful proseEvery chapter starts with “Today’s Reality” It was about Danica’s perception of reality like a journal entry which was one of the reasons I liked about this book She unapologetically narrated the reality that changed who she was “It takes me to where I long to be To where nothing else matter” Jonah Hall and Danica Evans were childhood friends Their parents were best friends before they were born This is not another “bestfriends fall in love with each other after years of friendship” This one is about denying their feelings they didn’t even know it existed and continually falling for someone else until they realized that there can only be oneThe descriptions of the narrator as well as the unambiguous account of Danica’s bereavement were definitely heartbreaking Her form of escapism was through self infliction She finds solace pleasure in cutting herself “It’s not every day that I feel the need to press the cold of tip of the blade into my skin and watch my blood bubble up It’s only the darkest days The days when I sit for hours staring at the sky the ceiling the dent in the sheetrock of my wall The days when nothing anyone says or does will pull me from the dark abyss of my own mind Those are the days when I wait until the house is uiet before finding the absolution at the tip of the blade and the slice of my skin” And then that part a year later where she panicked because she can no longer remember the voice of her father that moment really strike me as the most painful one She was on the verge of breaking down because she kept on asking herself how could she forget the voice of her loving father she’d been with for 15 fleeting years “This time the tears are not for my parents or my injuries This time they’re for me and the girl I lost” THE DOWNSIDEI couldn’t uite believe it when Danica realized that there’s still hope and she’d been living in the dark for uite too long ONLY after contacting a total stranger named Luke who was also involved in the car accident a year ago Jonah Hall had been with her during her grieving moments and all she ever did was turn her back to him and push him away Jonah Hall who had been her best friend before they could even learn to walk and here comes a stranger talking to her on the phone and she automatically had the guts to say thank you? “And like that Luke Claborn secures himself a spot in my life” Are you serious?I was sympathetic for her in the first uarter of the book and suddenly there she was exchanging selfies with the handsome stranger? What the hell?I was starting to like the story between Dani and Jonah Hall even if they had less interaction and reciprocity in the book And then Luke Claborn entered the story and all of a sudden the insta love ruined it for me I couldn’t even fathom the romance because they fell in love in a jiffy and it was too cheesy for meShe was too concerned with the guilt of this guy and all the repercussions of the accident but she could care less with the all the suffering of the rest of the family her grandparents who wanted her to get well; Jonas’s parents who also lost their best friends and were struggling for seeing her the way she was and lastly Jonas who was also in deep pain trying to get her backI was really patient with Danica for at least half the book but after saying those two short words to Mr Mrs Hall for checking up on her I became so frustrated with her character They asked if there’s anything they can do and she answered right ahead and said “Back off” to Jonas’s parents who were so worried about her current condition “My life what happens to me isn’t your problem My grandparents and I will deal with it Got it?” Did I hear it correctly? She even managed to say got it? God Danica Have some manners will you? It seemed to me that her behavior was no longer due to loss anger or guilt It was pure stubbornness It’s perfectly okay to get angry and to grieve over a loss but it doesn’t give us any right to be cruel to others especially to those people who care for youOVERALLBOOK COVER 45PLOT 25CHARACTERS 35WRITING STYLE 45ENDINGDENOUEMENT 55In the end I came to a sudden realization that Danica Evans’ behavior was both a conseuence of the situation and of her choices She was acting out based on the situation she experienced in the case the car accident and not because of her character She was 15 when she lost her parents in a split of a second She was a loving daughter before a good singer and a cheerful best friend But everything changed because of the accident; from then on she chose to remain in the dark to swallow the guilt and become a one broken soul For her cutting herself would be a way to lessen the guilt Self infliction became a form of atonement She denied herself of good things to embrace self condemnation and confinementAt first I don’t understand the significance of the title but near the end the author explained it symbolically Fire is a metaphor for love Fire is beautiful powerful and scary How the fire which was once the cause of your pain could also become your strength “It’s okay to fear power but admire the beauty” If there’s one thing that will keep me away from forgetting this book it was the writing style The author’s writing was compelling and afflictive I liked all the lines written on this story Although the climax was no extraordinary the protagonist’s stages of coping over the loss were poignant and devastating the denial the anger the depression and the bargaining I really liked how the author ends the story leaving the readers with a beautiful metaphor that is almost lyrical “ ‘I love you’ makes one soar ‘I hate you’ can tear out your heart The ‘hello’ of a long awaited beloved’s voice may cause your stomach to dance Thank you so much Red Coat PR for providing me a copy of Into The Fire

  7. Louise says:

    I was provided a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis book follows 15 year old Danica Evans who has a pretty idyllic life with great parents friends and just keeps getting better as her best friend Jonah wants to be her boyfriend Everything is going great until one tragic night after a party there is car accident which results in Danica's parents dying what makes it tragic is that she was driving and lived After being in hospital for skin graft after skin graft and recuperating from the accident she decides to move to Texas with her grandparents without saying goodbye to any of her friends Jonah or the Hall family Her parents best friendsDanica starts to suffer with depression and grief she feels it's all her fault and does not deserve absolution The only way to ease the pain is to leave everything at Grove Pointe that reminds her of her parents so she cuts all contact One day she is so unhappy and seeing a picture of her parents it gets too much and starts cutting herself for release to make her feel alive her punishment for living but it soon becomes an addictionWith rehabilitation clinics finding love and trying to find herself and piece her life back togetherDanica wonders if she will ever be herself againMy thoughtsI have never heard of Michele G Miller before but this definitely won't be my last book by her that's for sure She is truly an amazing author This book was so emotionally charged it was raw poignant and an honest portrayal of depression and griefThe first part of the book is told 5 years after the accident in 2018 then back to 2012 from the day the accident happens and her story of grief rehab and so on and then the third and final part is her returning to 2018 Throughout the book there are sections which are written in italics and these are Danica reminiscing about happy events such as holidays with parents and friendsThe characters in this book were great and really well developed Jonah was such a caring young man and truly loved DanicaLuke is also another very thoughtful young man I liked that these characters never tried to act any older than they were they wasn't pretentious they were just ordinary teens dealing with an awful situationThis isn't just a saddepressing story there is love and it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy at times and can tug on the old heartstrings It will probably make you cry and it will most likely make you smile and that's what a good book is all aboutI really cannot recommend this book enough It's only £2 on go buy it and I bet you will like itI was not keen on the cover though that's my only complaint This is a standalone book but I believe that the characters West and Jules have their own entire story called 'From the Wreckage'I rated this book 5 out 5 stars

  8. Mandy (I Read Indie) Anderson says:

    It’s not every day that I feel the need to press the cold of tip of the blade into my skin and watch my blood bubble up It’s only the darkest days The days when I sit for hours staring at the sky the ceiling the dent in the sheetrock of my wall The days when nothing anyone says or does will pull me from the dark abyss of my own mind Those are the days when I wait until the house is uiet before finding the absolution at the tip of the blade and the slice of my skin I usually blurb my first part of a review Just a little summary of what I think the book is about But this is one of those books you just have to read to feel to know to understand It took about halfway through getting to know Dani and her past The last half is what she does with the pieces of her past Does she pick them up and move on? Or will she allow her past to slowly and painfully kill her?Back when we first met Dani in the Wreckage series there was a split second I didn’t trust her Soon that moment blew over and I cared for this girl It wasn’t to the extent I cared for Jules and West but then again that wasn’t her story When I finally got to read this book her story I became her biggest fan We finally see her past and now know what makes her tickor should I say what makes her a ticking time bomb I got to a certain point of the book not even done with it yet and determined it was one of my favorites of this year already How can that be? I haven’t even finished it yet The author could very well take it and wreck the ending But she didn’t And I will say that the last half the author would shred my emotions and then beautifully redeem herself a few pages later You’d think that this would only happen once maybe twice You’d think that huh? But no The author took something so raw and painful and had us go through it several times Why? Because that is the way life is It is not something that resolves itself the next morning And I applaud this author for taking such a serious topic and not sugar coating it I don’t have experience with Dani’s addiction but I can only imagine everything that happens is the close to the real deal and a lot people get My heart is still recuperating a couple days later after finishing this book Yes that good So I absolutely 100 % recommend this story Pick it up today and get at it 5 Stars All The Way

  9. Jessica Brooks says:

    45 starsInto the Fire Wrecked #1 was definitely a darker book compared to the books in the From the Wreckage series but I loved it just the same In fact I had to order a paperback immediately following reading the eARC just to have it in my collection Stories like Dani's aren't often told Not just in YA but in young adult life Going through something traumatic and blaming yourself never goes well Dani's reaction and therefore way of coping with a traumatic experience is a stigma something those who do it and are truly suffering try to hide; something those who don't understand speak of as if it's something that can be fixed with a discussion once or twice Considering this I appreciated Michele's insight into the mind of someone who didn't want to be in the place she was in and got to a point where she truly triedwanted to move on It's not always as easy as it sounds or appears to be and the fact of the matter is that sometimes those scars are simply a physical manifestation of what a person is feeling inside Also we're all human and none of us ever make all of the right choices Dani thought she was she did what she needed to do at the time but things didn't always end up right Still she learned from it I loved that about her her resilience even when she probably thought she was far FROM resilient and choice to keep trying My scars itch my bravery wavers my eyes water as my mouth twitches into a smile I'm a full blown mess and yet I'm perfectly happy with it allIt takes a while for Dani to get to this point but she does And as the book concludes you find yourself happy for a long lost friend who's gone through a tumultuous dark time and is finally back to feeling and seeing the light I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  10. Saptarshi Prachi says:

    A huge THANK YOU to Ms Miller for giving me a copy of this book I honestly don't know how Ms Miller does it but once again she has managed to make me smile cry and laugh all within just a few chapters into the story Dani's story immediately captured me from the moment I started reading and the moments that I had to part with the story was pure torture There's just something so real about the writing and the characters that really makes all the emotions jump out of the page It was so heartbreaking watching Dani go through all the emotional and physical trauma Watching her struggling to find herself again and failing and then trying again But it wasn't just about Dani's struggles This story also had a very nice blend of romance in the mix and it wasn't the typical boy and girl falling in love There was a lot of depth to it and beyond just the romance it was also about allowing someone a person from her past back into her life and trusting that they will be there for herThis book was absolutely heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time Ms Miller has captured Dani's voice perfectly There wasn't one moment where I wanted to take a break from reading this story It was a heart wrenching roller coaster of emotions and I loved every single second of it And the ending was just absolutely perfect After everything Dani went through and faced she definitely deserved the happy ending that she got This is one amazing book and I definitely recommend that you read it

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