The Old Testament Made Easier, Part 2 (Gospel Studies)

The Old Testament Made Easier, Part 2 (Gospel Studies)[Reading] ➶ The Old Testament Made Easier, Part 2 (Gospel Studies) By David J. Ridges – In this study guide, noted teacher and gospel scholar David J Ridges brings the books of Exodus through Ruth to life with his wellknown teaching skills In addition, he provides some direction and help In this study guide, noted Testament Made MOBI ☆ teacher and gospel scholar David J Ridges brings the books of Exodus through Ruth to life with his wellknown teaching skills In addition, he provides some direction and helps for understandingSamuel through Proverbs Intheverse notes provide a highly effective, unique teaching tool Notes between the verses provide additional insights and teach principles and doctrines Join the tens of thousands of readers who have experienced spiritual growth from reading and pondering the books in this series.

Is a well known author, Testament Made MOBI ☆ some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Old Testament Made Easier, Part Gospel Studies book, this is one of the most wanted David J Ridges author readers around the world.

The Old Testament Made Easier, Part 2 Epub ñ The Old
  • Paperback
  • 377 pages
  • The Old Testament Made Easier, Part 2 (Gospel Studies)
  • David J. Ridges
  • English
  • 07 January 2017
  • 9781555179298

10 thoughts on “The Old Testament Made Easier, Part 2 (Gospel Studies)

  1. T.K. says:

    Let me preface this review by saying that I have loved all of David Ridges' other study guides. Granted, his books are always filled with typos, but I overlook them because the content is so great. However, this particular volume feels like his publisher only allowed him 375 pages, and after a thorough treatment of the remaining four books of Moses, he ran desperately out of space. He skips so much of the Old Testament (including passages covered in depth by the Gospel Doctrine Teacher's Manual) and then summarizes other parts so briefly as to be appalling. For example, Ezra, Nehamiah, Esther, Job, Psalms, and Proverbs are all covered on pages 373-375. Esther is disposed of this way: The beautiful story of the courage and faith of Esther fits chronologically with Ezra 7:1. That's it. That's the full commentary for Esther. :(

  2. Josephine M Morris says:

    Old Testament

    I really enjoy reading David Ridges books. They help my understanding very much. I have read most of them and will continue reading the rest of them. They have been a blessing o me and many of my family and . friends

  3. Sherrill says:

    I have read the first two volumes of this work and find it fascinating. I have always found the Old Testament to be hard to understand but David Ridges makes it much easier to grasp. He uses the actual scripture and just explains it so that you can figure out what all of that hard to fathom stuff is all about. I have purchased the last volume which is all Jeremiah and I am at Jeremiah right now in my Old Testament reading. My only complaint is that after I read the first volume, Deseret Book decided to make them into three volumes instead of four. Fine but when I finished the first volume of the old version I missed all of the plagues or miracles that the Lord sent to Pharoah's people. I guess I could have bought the second volume of the new version but I sort of thought that Deseret Book should have printed up the last part of the first version and sent it to me. I mean it is a $20 book. haha

  4. Helena says:

    The Old Testament can be very confusing, but David Ridges really helps with this book. I only wish that it had the complete text like his other book series. I found that reading this book helped me realize just how much about Christ there really is in the Old Testament. I appreciate the research done to explain cultural differences that account for some of the things we find really strange.

  5. Linda says:

    I am grateful that David Ridges shares his abundant knowledge of the scriptures with us in these books. I do wish it could be expanded somewhat - some of the books had very little of his comment. However, what he does write is eye opening and helpful in my study of the Old Testament - which I love to read.

  6. Dawn says:

    Really made the Old Testament come alive for me. It just made so much more sense. I missed having the complete scriptural text but that would make a very long book. I thought the last few chapters were just barely mentioned and not really discussed but it is a very enlightening book!

  7. Michelle says:

    These books are great, but for whatever reason this book and book 3 skipped to much of the old testament and did not cover many of the chapters many of us needed covered for teaching Gospel doctrine. That is the only reason the rating is so low.

  8. Karen says:

    I was surprised, after the first volume addressed each verse in such detail, that there were parts of the Old Testament completely missing in this volume. I can understand how daunting a task it is to write commentary on the whole Bible, but I was still disappointed.

  9. Katherine Woodin says:

    Helped in my understanding of the Old Testament.

  10. Barbara Van Buskirk says:

    These books really break down the scriptures so they are easy to understand.

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