Initiated (The Demon Gate #2)

Initiated (The Demon Gate #2)❴PDF / Epub❵ ☀ Initiated (The Demon Gate #2) Author Nicholas Bella – I always thought I knew myself better than anyone ever could Now I'm not so sure Having been approached by some secret organization that polices the demon world I'm now left with the choice of if I wa I always thought I knew myself better than anyone ever could Now I'm not so sure Having been approached by some secret organization that polices the demon world I'm now left with the choice of if I want to join them or not My entire world has been flipped upside down I used to just be Brian Cordero sexy as hell cop with a body as masculine as my machismo Life was great Then a month ago I met Raphael The things he did to me changed me forever in ways than one Now I'm an Agoto demon a soul eater and apparently that's top tier in the demon world It's also one of the reasons I was approached by Agent Smith Really that's her name Anyway I've got a lot on my mind and I'm having a hard time focusing on what's important because I can't get Raphael's chiseled Mediterranean features out of it I spend every waking moment thinking about sex and with what I am I know I need him as he's my mate But I just can't bring myself accept that On top of that If I do decide to joined this organization I've been tasked with bringing in a very powerful demon into the fold God what the hell am I going to do Warning This serial contains strong adult content not meant for sensitive eyes The novelettes in this serial will be filled with dark twisted raunchy and steamy scenes between powerful sexy men and women that will either offend you or get ya revved up This series will not be pulling any punches and it won’t apologize for hurting your feelings either You’ll find no fluff and ruffles here These demons play hard and they fight dirty There are approximately words in this novelette.

About me Hmmm I'm just a person with a wild imagination and a love for words who was sitting around the house one day and said Why hasn't anyone written a book like this before As with every storyteller I wanted to share mine with the world I like my erotica dark gritty sexy and even a little raunchy I'm not afraid to go there and I hope you aren't afraid to go there with me When I.

Kindle Edition  ☆ Initiated PDF ✓
  • Kindle Edition
  • 88 pages
  • Initiated (The Demon Gate #2)
  • Nicholas Bella
  • English
  • 18 September 2016

10 thoughts on “Initiated (The Demon Gate #2)

  1. Sophia Triad says:

    Brian will meet the secret society that fights demons and tries to lock the gates of hell And since he is a good cop he will join them without realizing the conseuencesHe will also meet his King of his line of demons Very intense meetingAnd he will still resist Raphael unsuccessfully Very intense meetingOveral very dark and very intense continuation And maybe slightly weirder than the first book

  2. ☙ nemo ❧ says:

    these books are literally like mcdonalds burgers they're objectively not really good uality and full of all sorts of shite yet at you find them inexplicably delicious and addictingdamn now i want a big mac

  3. Elsbeth says:

    BR with my fellow Bellaholic JulieThis was again another great episode of The Demon Gate Series But I do think we're still working up to the really good stuffTwo new characters are introduced Mr Cassien President of the Society Adriel Sâma Demon King of Hell's eighth gateMy only wish for this series is that we get less m f sex As Brian needs to accept his new bisexuality “I won’t have you ashamed of me Brian You will accept both my role and your own” Adriel said rising from the kitchen chair“You don’t even know if I am going to accept your deal” I said “Don’t I? Remember I know the hearts of men I knew you were going to say yes even before you went into the bathroom So let’s make it official Say it” NEXT

  4. Ula& says:

    Overall book rating 4Audio book NABook cover 3 StarsRating this series one book at a time is not that easy cause you really have to see the BIGGER picture as a whole to show appreciation It’s not my usual type of thing There is no hearts and flowers moments here so move along if that is a MUST have thing for you I’m gonna keep reading on for a little while longer because I’m sensing something on the horizon and that just might make it worth the wait I’m totally in the dark here seeing as it’s my first Nicholas Bella and I don’t know the author or what his usual style is So I’m feeling like a kid with a lucky packet here Oh and isn’t Adriel a gift? Adrieland a little submission? How good is this gonna get? Can’t wait

  5. ❧A Bookish Berkeley Girl❧ says:

    3 Fem bits Stars I love this book but damn This would have been a rock solid 4 or 5 stars but I do NOT endure fem bits well these days So it it a shaky 3 StarsBecause besides the fem bits this book was absolutely fab The execution or rather intro this book was stunning I felt The engine roar of the engine as he speed to get to his mate This writer know how to set a pace I loved it the flow was splendid This writer has me hooked on his easy raunchy dare devil writing style for sure I am starting to not like Rafael leaving Brain without knowledge I simply do not understand that? But I still am on pins and needles in eagerness to open of the next tale to this story I so look forward to the next

  6. Yeochingyu says:

    this is how I see Adriel SâmaCan't wait to see what he would make of BrianI couldn't keep myself from thinking about how the Japanese use sama to adresse someone of higher rank so just saying Adriel Sama felt like I was saying master Adriel it just put everything into perspective from the first time his name was mentioned and it felt somewhat real like I didn't even need a tilte to adresse him his name is enough to demand the respect I felt Like I didn't have a choice but to submit to him in a way if it does make sense it's the influence of reading a lot of manga I guess sama had a strong impression on me

  7. Maree Repa says:

    Five Amazing StarsCommenceI was absolutely thrilled to receive book two The Demon Gate Written by the amazing Nicholas Bella In this demonic exciting sexual fantasy I completely loved and adored this marvellous tale so muchWhen we meet Police Officer Brian Cordero when he finds himself dragged into the Demonic World When he finally meets his match Raphael who becomes his gay sexual mate He then decides to join an organisation called the Society He then find himself confused Not knowing who he will stand with King Adriel or maybe Raphael instead?I completely adored this most wonderful steamy very sexual romantic tale I simply adored all these fabulous characters Such a marvellous book to read and loveCongratulations Nicholas Bella I recommend this book to everyone

  8. Kynthos-the-Archer (Kyn) says:

    The sexual tension is off the charts with sparks flying in every direction Plus the sex was intense and sexy as hell Yup it's a very steamy book indeedThe characters are interesting and multi dimensional I am excited to see a potential harem in progress and loved it when the MC gets tons of passionate affection and attention from attractive men Moreover Raphael and Adriel are than fine male specimensRight now we move on to the cons I didn't uite like the naivety of the MC since he is a cop and a twenty something adult therefore supposed to be streetwise than he is right now He makes me feel frustrated with the life changing choices he had made so far This is why his character felt much younger to me then he is supposed to be Apart from this flaw in the character creation of the MC the other characters seem pretty goodYup I am still in love with the story and excited to move on to the next book in this series I actually felt anxious having to stop and do this review first Reviewed on April 25th 2019

  9. Olga says:

    Nvm that I had to overlook the rape in the first book It was still interesting The relationship was at least developing and the book had a promising plot and future The demon society the soul eaters It was all a good plot needed I even rated it 4However this book was a huge disappointment It started really good but at the last 13rd it completely destroyed all the promisesbecause when I consider the authors other books you already know where this leads toWhen you ever read the books 'chained in darkness' you will see right away the authors preference for sub and Dom relationship again Not to mention that for some really twisted way she likes to build in 'rapes' as she does like BDSM Which is a shame for this book because she could have lead this series to another level than her previous achievement 'chained in the darkness' a series that has literally nothing to offer but sex Additionally to that why is it so hard for her just to create a bisexual or homosexual character from the start? I for my part do not care about straight boys who gets suddenly turned on by a dickI found it very annoying that It started to concentrate so much on his sexuality I don't care about it otherwise why would I care to read about it? I felt like the last 13rd of the story been all about how much he likes pusss and hates dicks Better to teach him a lesson to accept his new sexual preference eye roll I do not see how the 3rd book will change my opinion I'm pretty sure I know where it leads to I'm dropping of here

  10. Mimi says:

    Different from his previous series but this one is just warming up

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