Mischief (The Demon Gate #3)

Mischief (The Demon Gate #3)[PDF / Epub] ❤ Mischief (The Demon Gate #3) ✅ Nicholas Bella – Bluevapours.co.uk Holy crap I learned today that you don't piss off Adriel Having located a mutilated corpse of a young man in a dumpster I realize how serious the demon problem is The markings on the body are the same Holy crap I learned today that you don't piss off Adriel Having located a mutilated corpse of a young man in a dumpster I realize how serious the demon problem is The markings on the body are the same as the markings on the other dead bodies that I was told about That means one thing I have to check out this club and the sooner the better If that doesn't keep my plate full I still have to deal with demon bad boy King Adriel and Raphael my pain in the butt mate both want to control my life or rather sex life at least First things first find out who's killing people in my city Warning This serial contains strong adult content not meant for sensitive eyes so don't expect any roses or chocolates or touchy feelies The novelettes in this serial will be filled with dark twisted raunchy and steamy scenes between powerful sexy men and women that will either offend you or get ya revved up This series will not be pulling any punches and it won’t apologize for hurting your feelings either You’ll find no fluff and ruffles here These demons play hard and they fight dirty There are approximately words in this novelette.

About me Hmmm I'm just a person with a wild imagination and a love for words who was sitting around the house one day and said Why hasn't anyone written a book like this before As with every storyteller I wanted to share mine with the world I like my erotica dark gritty sexy and even a little raunchy I'm not afraid to go there and I hope you aren't afraid to go there with me When I.

Mischief Kindle ✓ Kindle Edition
  • Kindle Edition
  • 86 pages
  • Mischief (The Demon Gate #3)
  • Nicholas Bella
  • English
  • 24 June 2014

10 thoughts on “Mischief (The Demon Gate #3)

  1. Sophia Triad says:

    And just when I thought that things cannot get any weirder I discover that yes there is a new limitOne word for youTENTACLESKing can be very cruel to Raphael and BrianAfter this I really wonder what happens in book 4

  2. ❧A Bookish Berkeley Girl❧ says:

    3 Mischief StarsThis is His Majesty AdrielAnd Holy crap I learned today that you don't piss off Adriel And yes Brian learned not to piss him off The romance in this is not yet in full bloom Okay His Majesty was awesome and Dayen the Takata Demon was raunchy cute and super fun I still need that glossary Damn I love this world Okay the romance and bonding starts here Much needed bonderies are placed by the King In this book we get Mischief And IMO it is Brian causing so much mischief and Rafael's sexy ass adds to it And it is the King who will dispense his punishment for it and gosh his power is sexy as hell I love how Brian and Rafael's bonding is unfolding And I love what the King is doing to them This writer still amazing me with his originality and creativity in is tales All the many types of demons and all the auras of demons and humans are much and I could use a glossary But gosh it's also fun putting it all together This world is fab The romance needs work The characters are intriguing and the storyline has capture my attention which is shocking because I am NOT an erotica reader? And this is my downfall in loving this book But I do like it

  3. Elsbeth says:

    BR with my fellow Bellaholic JulieDear Mr BellaThis was AwesomeAwesomeAwesome Did I mention Awesome??At times I can not believe what I'm reading Nicholas Bella you're a geniousBrian is getting in all kinds of trouble I mean we have Raphaël Adriel and Dayen the Takata Demon the demon with view spoilertentacles hide spoiler

  4. Ula& says:

    Overall book rating 4Audio book NABook cover 3 StarsADRIELis kinda my newest obsession at this moment in time I love me a dangerous Alpha male Can’t help it And I love not knowing what he is capable of It’s like he’s already a real bad boy so you can leave your morals at the door and except him for what he is? NOT HUMAN therefore you really can’t judge him by human standards can you? Well you can try but he’s not gonna give a damnBrian finds himself in a bit of spot here He reminds me of a teenage boy wanting to claim his ground but he is so in over his head here it’s not even funny He doesn’t even begin to understand what exactly he is dealing with regarding Raphael and now he’s trying to stand his ground against Adriel and needless to say gets put in his place uite firmlyOkay Raphael might have not told him exactly what he was dealing with either but then again if your new you should maybe hold back on the “cocky” a little? Maybe? I don’t know What I do know is that its hella entertaining I love this journey that Brian is embarking on Finding not only himself but the world and the people in his new life People forcing him to own up to his deepest darkest desires I like I really like

  5. Tina says:

    Another must read for every Bellaholic

  6. Maree Repa says:

    Five Amazing Stars My King AdrielI was absolutely thrilled to read book three The Demon Gate Such an incredible and exciting sexual adventurous tale I simply adored this most raunchiest book of allWe met Brian Cordero again Now as a member of the Society now Still working with the Police on the streets He decides to head out in the night to meet up with some Demons to have some trouble with both Raphael and King AdrielThey simply couldn’t keep both their bodies and fingers off each otherI simply enjoyed and completely enjoyed this book It is completely such magnificent most sensational sexy book of all I completely loved all the marvellous characters I’m just enjoying this series so muchCongratulations Nicholas Bella I recommend this book to everyone

  7. Jacq ~ says:

    Enjoyable I so love this writer

  8. AGandyGirl says:

    I’m utterly speechless at this point  Yep I continue to be absolutely amazed at the mind of Nicholas Bella  He is just one crazy ass genius  I mean seriously people  I have never read anything as fucked up as the shit that is on these pages and Never once have I been

  9. Kynthos-the-Archer (Kyn) says:

    I am still enjoying this series although I did keep wishing it was longer because now it felt like I am reading the story by episode through each book The sex scenes are still as steamy and this round we even have tentacles coming into play and lovely orgasm denial session that drove the sexual tension sky high I am still frustrated with the MC for his naivety I really hope he could wise up in the next book I just didn't like him being such a pushover when he is supposed to be an all powerful being Another wishlist I have is for these three fine male specimens to turn their relationship to into a menage romance and for them to form an unbreakable bond with each otherThe book is fun and all but I did feel that the inner dialogues are a little too much Okay that's all for now I am off to the next book in this series Reviewed April 28th 2019

  10. Marinda says:

    More proof that Nicholas Bella is an AWESOME MM Paranormal writer I have been following this series from the beginning and it just keeps getting better and better I don't know where Nicholas gets his ideas but I pray it never ends I'm soooooo in love with his writingBrian has gone under cover to fund the demons responsible for some human sacrifices That's how he gets his self and Raphael in trouble with King Adriel and the punishment is swift and depending on how you look at it severeThe sex in this is HOT HOT HOT and definitely not for those of a sensitive nature or under 18 Thank you Nicholas for giving me the honor of reading such an amazing panty melting series please keep them coming Independent reviewer for Paranormal Romance Authors That Rock

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