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Wild Card➽ [Reading] ➿ Wild Card By Lora Leigh ➲ – Bluevapours.co.uk It was supposed to be simple All Navy SEAL Nathan Malone had to do was rescue three young girls from a Colombia drug cartel, then allow himself to be captured just long enough to draw out a government It was supposed to be simple All Navy SEAL Nathan Malone had to do was rescue three young girls from a Colombia drug cartel, then allow himself to be captured just long enough to draw out a government spy That was before his mission went disastrously wrong…and before his wife, Bella, was told that Nathan was never coming homeBella’s mourned her husband’s death for three long years But she has no idea he’s still alive Forced to assume a new identity, the man Nathan was is now dead If he can get back to his wife, can he keep the secret of who he really is…even as desire threatens to consume them? And as danger threatens to tear Bella from Nathan’s arms once ?.


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    iOS for the iPad is the biggest iOS release ever now dead If he can get back to his wife, can he keep the secret of who he really is…even as desire threatens to consume them? And as danger threatens to tear Bella from Nathan’s arms once ?."/>
  • Mass Market Paperback
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  • Wild Card
  • Lora Leigh
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  • 24 April 2019
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10 thoughts on “Wild Card

  1. Jessica& says:

    4 go síoraí Stars



    A man that's whole. That's what you deserve, Sabella. And I'm not whole any longer. I haven't been in a long time.

    So Wild Card is the first book in the Elite Ops Series, and the first book I have read by the author Lora Leigh, and I loved it. Life is good for Nathan Malone. He is a Navy Seal. Married to his beautiful, young, soul mate. When not out on missions for the Seals, he is running his mechanic shop. He goes out on what he thinks will be a simple in and out mission rescue three young girls from a Colombia drug cartel, but instead he is captured, beat, had almost every bone in his body broke, cut up, and pumped full of a drug called Whores dust for months and months before being rescued. By the time they get him out his wife Sabella was already told that he was dead. He is insane from all the drugs and pain, so he refuses to let the Seals tell his wife the truth that he is still alive and very messed up, instead he gives her up for her own good. He leaves the Seals for a group called The Elite Ops. Now Nathan is legally dead he takes on a the name Noah Blake, cold, super trained and deadly. It's been 6 years since his wife Sebella was told he was dead and he is being sent back to his home town to his home, and garage because his wife and brother are in danger, can he keep himself from feeling again. Will Noah be able to stay away from his bella, or will he find out he is not as dead inside as he thought?

    Why are you so frightened of this? he whispered then. Or are you just too frightened to live again?

    Noah /Nathan:


    Noah, Noah , Noah what am I gonna do with you!!!!!! Noah made me love him and want to beat him in equal measure! He was sexy, strong, all alpha , Irish, but he was also bull headed, prideful, and at times selfish. Don't get me wrong he was really messed up, lived through hell, but in my book letting your wife think your dead for years, because you are scared that she can't handle how messed up you are, or you don't want her to see how weak you are is selfish!!! I loved that he was a total dirty talking bad boy, Loved that he remained faithful to his wife, loved his protectiveness, and at the same time I wanted to beat the shit outta him because he wouldn't tell his wife who he really was. I think him hiding who he was from her for almost the whole book made him kind of a candy ass! Like I said equal amounts of love for him and wanting to beat him!!!! I think Lora Leigh did a really good job of making you understand what he was feeling . The fear that his wife wouldn't forgive him because he didn't send for her and let her know he was alive, the fear that he wouldn't be able to stay with her because he was part of the Elite Ops, and his pain and regret over his past mistakes. Fighting to win his wife's heart again from the ghost of himself.

    Tell me, Sabella. Did you ache? Did you dream of being taken hard and rough? Of getting wild and dirty with your husband? Were you too afraid to be the little wildcat you wanted to be?

    Get that in your head, Sabella. I am not Nathan Malone. I am not the man you loved, but by God I am the man that's going to fuck you. That's going to hold you when you cry in the night, and the man that's going to bind you to him so tight, so hard, that you'll never think to hide even a partical of who and what you are from him.

    You're the best thing that ever happened to me, he finally said. In my life, touching you, holding you, is the best thing I've ever done. But shit happens, baby. And shit blew up in my face a long damned time ago.



    I loved Sabella. I loved her name, loved her personality. She was strong when she needed to be, soft when she needed to be. Loyal, sweet, understanding , forgiving , but she wasn't a doormat. I could empathize with her, understand her pain, confusion and longing, she never felt fake to me. She was very brave and fought for her man. Smart figured out who he was right away and knew their was a important reason he wasn't telling her.

    If I wanted a manicure then I would have one. If I wanted to sit back and play receptionist all day then that's what the hell I would do. If I wanted another man to decide how I should act, dress, or present myself then I'd have one. That is not a part of your job description, Mr. Blake, and if you think you can make it happen then you can take a flying leap into hell.

    It was my right. She was back in his face. Do you hear me, Noah? My fucking right to put up with it. And to do it gladly. You bastard!

    You are my husband. My lover. And you hid that from me, Noah. I had the dark passion you hid from me while we were married, and I saw the ferocity of the man who would protect me in those mountains. It doesn't matter if your name is Nathan, Noah, or Hey Fucking You, you are my lover. My soul. My heart. And by God, you are not dead. Because if you were. Her lips trembled. If you were, then I'd be dead. Don't you know that? Don't you see that? If the man that loved me was gone, then I'd be ashes now. Not standing here screaming at a moron with more pride than good sense.


    I carried your scratches last week like other men carry a medal, he growled, then nipped her lips. I jacked off remembering how hot you were in my arms. And then I imagined your mouth. Watching your eyes. Seeing how hungry you could get.

    Noah and Bella together had tons of chemistry and tons of drama. I loved them together, and I was rooting for them to make it the whole book. I loved Rory, Noah's brother, he was great , so was nik and Jordan. This book had a great plot, and made me feel. There is only two reasons this book is a solid 4 star book instead of a 5.

    1. there was 2 sex scenes too many!!!! My eyes kinda glazed over there was so much sex

    2. I think Noah should have told her who he was sooner!

    Other than that I think this is a great start to the series and I can't wait to read the next one. I leave my favorite moment in the book below:

    I'm telling you. I have to tell Grandpop, and we're all gonna pay. All of us. Tell him that one for me. He does it again and we're all screwed 'cause I'm squealin' like a pig to the old man and savin' my own ass first. You tell him that.


  2. Aquit says:


    I wish I can say how much I loved this book and how much the characters made me root for them ... but...

    I can't, plain and simple. I refuse to call Lora’s characters as the Hero and Heroine since they are anything but that.

    Wild Card was one of the first books I read from Lora Leigh and I admitted that I was anticipating an actual love story between the characters since the back cover seemed so interesting. But no, all I got was a book that was 418 pages long and half of them contained the words of pussy and cock and f**k. The sex scenes were intense but about halfway I was skipping them to make sure this was a romance novel and not the Kama Sutra with crappy dialog in-between.

    When I read Wild Card I couldn't help but give in to the urge to cuss and throw the book across the room when I read just how cruel and disrespectful Noah was toward Bella. It took me awhile to pick up the book while wondering who the hell wants to constantly be told you're the weaker sex therefore you're only good for f**king! If my husband disrespected me just once he's in the dog house for a week; but in Bella's case she's just going to spread them wide.

    Bella had no standard for herself and definitely no self-respect. Every time Noah would start sexing Bella up I wanted to clonk a hot frying pan at them; he seems to have a dick for a brain and Bella? Please, even a worm has better sense. She keeps getting aroused by his insulting words and big hard-on dick when what she should do is get some common sense and hit him in the groin--with a sledgehammer.

    Noah and everyone around her kept telling Bella to have sex with Noah but NOBODY, not her friends nor her family, would tell her that he was her husband Nathan back from the dead. And Noah, this guy takes the cake and yes, he f**ks with it and gives it a great mind-blowing blow job and eats it too. Selfish and abusive. What a turn on. NOT. He didn't want Bella to know that he was her husband Nathan but oh no, it was alright to deceived her by telling her to Get over your husband. I'm the man for you, as he's plowing into her like an animal in heat. I expected Bella to get mad as hell when she found out that Noah was actually Nathan but no, little Miss Sunshine just went along with his charade and still open her legs wide for him. It was unbelievable to the point of sickening. They truly deserved each other.

    Noah and all of Lora's men have this anger management problem. They tend to jump into conclusion and say some pretty cruel stuff to the woman character and instead of leaving the idiots; these women go back to them. Reading her books are like: guy gets horny, girl is turn on, guy & girl fight, have sex, guy gets horny, girl is turn on, guy & girl fight, have sex, horny, fight, sex, horny, fight, sex, horny, fight, sex, fall in love, horny, fight, sex, and happy horny ending. Halfway through the book you would expect Bella to have a rat's nest for a head and Noah, a broken dick.

    Lora Leigh has this fascination of verbally abusive men and weak willed women. Hell, she makes Diana Palmer's men look like angels with halos. All or most of her women are untouched and/or virgins and no offense but they make all virgins seem naive and desperate for sex. These womanly virgins are stupid, not realistic, has no standards, has no confidence, have a stick for a brain, and the only good usage for them is their pussy--according to the man of their dreams.

    No wonder women, virgins in particular, are given a bad rep these days. They're only good for a quick laid, they would NEVER EVER get mad at their man no matter how much he deserves it and they're simply a doormat for anyone. I shudder to think that this is how all women want to be treated like.

    Wild Card is just about a self-centered man and a dim-witted woman who distrusted each other from the beginning and through out the entire book. I want to point out that I find a hard time accepting their relationship if you can call it that as one that is based on a solid foundation of love and trust.

  3. Mo says:

    Nathan Malone was one dirty talking guy. I loved him. I see the cover has been changed since I bought this book. Bought it 3 years ago. Bit of a cover whore, I am. Not sure what was wrong with the original cover... This is the new one.

    It was supposed to be simple. All Navy SEAL Nathan Malone had to do was rescue three young girls from a Colombia drug cartel, then allow himself to be captured just long enough to draw out a government spy. That was before his mission went disastrously wrong…and before his wife, Bella, was told that Nathan was never coming home.

    Now, I am happily married to my own Irish but he's not a patch on Nathan!! Sorry honey!!

    These images are not mine. I did a quick search on Pinterest and came up with these so if they belong to someone on here, I hope you don't mind me using them.

    One small quibble I would have is that it seemed to drag a bit towards the end. I mean, I love sex in books but Jeez Louise, this guy could keep it up 24/7.

  4. Buggy says:

    Opening Line: Nathan Malone stood in the clinical white office he had been brought to

    This one is a keeper. One of those books that you can't stop reading and then find yourself sad as you approach the end because you don't want it to be over. WILD CARD is a beautiful romance with scorching hot love scenes, plenty of action and a sexy alpha male hero that literally jumps off the pages at you. Bound in leather chaps and just daring you to get on the back of his Harley. What an escape, I loved it.

    Navy Seal Nathan Malone was happily married to his young wife Sabella. His last mission was supposed to be simple, infiltrate a Columbian drug cartel and rescue three young girls. But things went disastrously wrong and Nathan finds himself at the hands of Diego Fuentes the evil crime lord. He is held captive for 3 years, pumped full of experimental drugs, tortured and beaten beyond recognition. When he's finally rescued there isn't much left of the man he used to be. Scared inside and out, Nathan now feels that he's too damaged and violent to ever return to his wife and joins a team of covert ops. After several reconstructive surgeries Nathan Malone becomes Noah Blake aka Wildcard. The man his wife loved is now gone forever.

    Several years later a new mission (ironically enough) takes Noah back to his hometown and puts him undercover as a mechanic in Sabella's garage. He'd assumed that after 6 years his wife would have moved on with her life but she hasn't ever let Nathan go. After learning of Nathan's death Sabella didn't leave the house for 3 years, barely functioning, she dreams of him. There's is a love that will last forever, she tells herself. Only after almost losing their home and business does she manage to pull herself together enough to rejoin the world. Sabella initially has no idea that the sexy new Harley riding mechanic is her dead husband but something draws her to him and awakens feelings she had thought long buried. Nathan is stunned that Sabella isn't the agreeable little wallflower that he remembers as his wife anymore. Where did this tough, no nonsense woman come from?

    This establishes the characters into their plotlines and that's when the story really gets going. The sex scenes are amazingly hot but they are also filled with such tenderness and longing that you will simply sigh. Lora Leigh pushes the boundaries further each time Noah and Bella are together and just when you think they couldn't possibly do anything else sexually, that it's just going to be another sex scene, she manages to make it different and even more exciting. The running internal dialogue is also well done here and heartbreaking as Noah struggles with the ghost of the man he used to be and Sabella tries to not let on that she knows who he really is. The endings full of suspense and I wasn't certain until the last few pages if our couple would truly get their HEA or if our testosterone filled hero would leave again.

    For an erotic Romance this is a very involved story and surprisingly long at 415 pages. Lora Leigh however had me enamoured from beginning to end and I feel that this is some of her best work. The unconditional love between the main characters was beautifully written, the story interesting and suspenseful. My only complaint would be the few sloppy mistakes overlooked by her editor.

    This is a story that I won't soon forget. Highly recommended.

    It's now been a few days since I finished reading Wildcard and an interesting thing has happened. I can no longer remember the sex scenes but I still find myself thinking about the love story.
    Go Siorai, Forever my soul.

  5. Aly is so frigging bored says:

    Where to start? … Where to start?
    This was a completely disappointing book! Seriously! I expected some hot sex, action, some humor, likeable characters and I got a blend of angst and melodrama and idiots. I kid you not, both MCs were cretins.

    To help you understand why I’m making those statements, let me tell you about the plot. We have the MCs living happily in a backwards town in Texas, he was a mechanic and a SEAL she was a… I have no idea because it was never said[or I might have missed it]. He was called away to a mission involving a drug cartel, it went horribly wrong: he was tortured, drugged, mind-fucked and every bad thing you can think about… Sabella, the heroine, gets news that he was killed and goes into tailspins of grief for 3 years. Meanwhile Nathan, the hero, was rescued after 19 months of imprisonment and put back together, literally and figuratively. You would expect that any time he might want to ask about his wife or something, well, he doesn’t! He lets her live thinking he’s dead, while he’s co-opted in a shadowy organization by his uncle and getting reports on her[that he doesn’t read, but that’s not important]; he also changes his name since, you know, he’s legally dead and all.

    This goes on for years, until he and his unit get a mission in his hometown. Immigrants and the FBI agents sent to investigate are being killed, so they go undercover, Noha aka ex-Nathan working in his own garage, now run by his half brother and his wife. He gets there and it’s lust at first sight. They can’t wait to get into each other’s pants, they don’t talk about birth control or STDs because it would be so un-romantic. They fuck and regret it and keep fucking and not communicating[rhyme unintended].

    What drove me insane was the way Noah/Nathan kept saying he still loved her and they were soul mates and every other crap you can think of, but he KEPT LYING TO HER! And the idiot was jealous of her loving her husband and not letting go. WTH is wrong with you?! How can you say you love someone and not want to be with them, especially knowing that they love you back and they kept faithful to you and that they still grieve? Every time he whined about forever or he glared at her for wanting to have a semblance of a normal life I kept yelling “you friggin’ idiot” or “you stupid moron” or “you are such a pea-brained mess” at my e-reader.

    Not to say that Sabella aka misspelled Isabella was a paragon of communication. No, she was a mess as well. She was kind of catatonic for 3 years[while he was incarcerated and recovering I guess], then she decided to keep his dream alive: the garage. She kept parts of her hidden, her love of making cars work and her backbone being some examples, from her supposed soul mate, and then wanders why he didn’t come back. She keeps falling into bed with Noah/Nathan and torments herself with thoughts of him no longer loving her and using her and on keeping secrets. But she never decides to talk to the guy! The conversation could have gone like this:

    “I know you are my husband, I hate you for never coming back so now I’m divorcing you so you can go on your merry way!”


    “You fucking idiot! I know you didn’t die and you never even contacted me you asshole! How could you after promising me forever, and the first time you really need me you decide you’re better to me dead? I want a divorce!”

    No, she’s kind of like this:

    “Oh you’re so strong and your eyes and jaw and eyebrows remind me of my husband. Let’s fuck.”

    I didn’t even like the sex that much! When you think Lora Leigh you expect some great love scenes, but I was disappointed there as well. Everything was so overblown from her honey sweet taste(right *rolls eyes*) to his incredible stamina(coming and still being hard). If I read a SF erotica or a fantasy one, I could have believed it since you can make your own rules there[she could have added a penis as well or something to make things interesting], but this was supposed to be a contemporary, in this world! How can a man be hard indifferently, even when he’s almost bleeding to death? I’ll never know the answer…

    All in all I finished this just to know if will get better and to know if I was right about the mole person[I was btw]… As a friend summed it up perfectly:
    “a bad porn with lots of angst”


    PS:who thought Sabella was a good name? I totally didn’t!
    PPS: Sorry for the pic explosion

  6. Alex ☣ Deranged KittyCat ☣ says:

    3.45 stars

    Ok, Wild Card is definitely a 2016 favourite, but there are things that got on my nerves big time. This is a +400 pages book, so all the whining from both our main characters gets repetitive and extremely annoying. He's all oh! my baby can't handle the truth, and she's all I know the truth, but why doesn't he trust me enough to tell it to me himself.


    Then he grunts, she silently cries, they have sex, he grunts, she cries, they have sex, he grunts... Stars! It just goes like this on and on and on....


    Also, Noah (who is Belle's husband with a lot of plastic surgery after being tortured for 19 months) is jealous of Nathan (Belle's husband who had been declared death). And that leads to some major self-confidence issues if you ask me.

    Yeah, baby. Scream my name. Noah's f***ing you. Taking you.


    Damn right. Noah. Noah's f***ing you.


    So far I talked only about what annoyed me. But let's get on to why this book is one of this year's favourites. Well, for starters, there's the dirty talk.


    It's not too nasty, nor too disgusting, it's just enough to be very interesting. While Nathan had limits before his torture (and the Whore's Dust - a drug that gave him a constant state of arousal), Noah is constantly testing his and Belle's. There's even some anal play involved (so be warned if you're sensitive to that).


    And although they are testing their limits and let their lust run wild, there is no gross stuff, no BDSM, no real pain inflicted. I don't like erotica with those kind of things. Belle and Noah are two consenting adults, enjoying each other.


    Bottom line is I enjoyed the book and I'm going to read more from Lora Leigh.

  7. Auntee says:

    Awesome. Suspenseful. Explicit. Romantic. And definitely erotic. Finally, the story of Navy SEAL Nathan Malone, the poor soul who was captured during a rescue mission early in the Tempting SEALs series by evil drug lord Diego Fuentes, and was tortured as a guinea pig to test a potent aphrodisiac known as whore's dust, in order to break him to reveal government secrets. Nathan was held captive for nearly two years, and given up for dead, and was tortured and beaten and tempted with women while high on whore's dust, but was never broken. He managed to stay true to his beloved wife, Sabella, even though he was in an agonizing state of arousal every day. And when he was finally rescued, he was a shell of the man he once was. His wife already thought he was dead, and physically he nearly was. But after years and countless surgeries to repair broken bones throughout his body (including his face), he was finally in fighting shape physically, if not mentally. Six years had passed since he last saw his beloved wife, and Nathan thought it best that he remained dead to her. He was not the man he once was; he looked different, and he had a dark sexual side now, one he thought his wife would never be able to handle. (Boy was he ever wrong!) So he became a new man, named Noah Blake. Since he couldn't be a SEAL any more, he became the next best thing--a member of a secret quasi-government unit called the Elite Ops.

    Well, coincidentally, the Elite Ops are needed on a mission in Nathan/Noah's hometown of Alpine, Texas. It seems that a white supremicist group called the Black Collar Militia have set up shop in town. The BCM like to hunt and kill what they believe are undesirables, namely, illegal aliens (and a few FBI agents who were sent in to stop them, too). In order to fund their little militia, they need a good business to launder the money for their illegal activities. So they set their sights on acquiring the garage/gas station business the deceased Nathan left behind to his widow Sabella. Well, Nathan/Noah isn't about to let Sabella get caught in the middle of this militia's activities, so he goes undercover and gets himself hired to work at the garage with Sabella. What happens after that is one surprise after another for Nathan, as he finds out the sweet helpless little wife he thought he married is a lot stronger and not as helpless as he thought. Nathan/Noah and Sabella engage in a hot, hot, hot affair, and Noah actually becomes jealous of Sabella's dead husband (Nathan) figuring she's still in love with him and always will be. It doesn't take Sabella long to realize that Noah is really Nathan, but why won't he tell her?

    Oh, this was a hot one! This was all about Nathan and Sabella, and their love story. We find out how they first met, their early, passionate married life, and how devastated Sabella was when Nathan was 'killed'. We find out that each of them held something back in their marriage--that neither spouse totally revealed their true self to the other. Later we see how each character has grown, and how each of them react to the changes they see in their spouse. The love scenes are many and explicit--probably the most erotic and numerous in the whole series so far. They have sex everywhere imaginable, including the table, the countertop, the stairs, and in Nathan's truck. But at times it got a little frustrating--I wanted Sabella to tell Noah she knew he was really Nathan, but her pride stood in the way. And I wanted Noah to tell Sabella he was really Nathan, but he was too chicken and thought Sabella would kick him to the curb for not telling her he was alive years ago. He thought since she had an affair with him (Noah), that she was finally over Nathan, and would be ready to move on with a more deserving man. Stupid alpha. He didn't realize that practically the whole time she was with him, she realized that he was her long deceased husband.

    Anyway, it all comes to a suspenseful end when the Elite Ops team finds the wild card person who is providing the leaks to the militia so that they can stay one step ahead of the authorities. To say I was surprised is an understatement--I just didn't see this one coming until right before it was revealed. And we also see if Nathan/Noah will walk away from his beloved Bella one more time. What do you think?

    This book was pretty fast paced, but would have been even better if about 50 pages were eliminated. I started to get a little bored with all the sex scenes, and that's not a good thing! Still, it picked up at the end, and thankfully Noah's secret was finally revealed, and there was still a few chapters left. All in all, I'd say it was the best of the series, although technically this is the first book in the new Elite Ops series, with more to follow. A solid 4 1/2 stars!

  8. Emily May says:

    If you can't say anything else about Lora Leigh, you can at the very least acknowledge that she can write a hot and kinky scene as good as anyone. But be warned, she isn't into the vanilla and if you're looking for strait-laced 'nice' sex and love, don't even bother delving into her world. If you're okay with extreme, and I do really mean extreme, dirty talk and seriously hot sex, then you've found the right woman. There are also numerous elements of light (but incredibly hot) BDSM and mentions of anal sex.

    I can understand why Lora Leigh's tendency to go over the top with the dirty talk can be off-putting for some, there were many times when I thought damn, I can't believe he just said that! But I'm ridiculously open-minded so I let it slide, especially because the author managed to do a convincing show of dirty talk one minute and sweet nothings the next - can't believe it worked so well, but it did.

    The story is about Nathan Malone, a navy SEAL, who gets captured and tortured. Anyone would come out of this a different person but Nathan's case is unique, whilst in captivity he was subjected to a horror of a drug trial. The drug, known as 'Whore's Dust' is like Viagra but times a thousand, leaving Nathan completely out of his mind with lust (painfully so) and tortured physically beyond recognition (of course, he was still made sexy-looking after some serious plastic surgery). This series of events creates Noah Blake, the dark, angry side of Nathan Malone that he never knew existed and was sure his pretty, good-natured wife would never accept back into her life and bed.

    But Bella has a dark side of her own that was never tapped into with Nathan. When the oh so familiar Noah Blake strolls into town, she is swept up into one hell of a wild romance and an even wilder set of sexcapades. Noah Blake is both the old man she loved and the new man who helps her realise all her greatest fantasies... and let me tell you now, our Bella likes it rough and dangerous.

    The story was fantastic and the love between them only made the sex scenes even hotter. At first I found that I wanted Nathan Malone back and I thought the story would eventually lead to him being re-awakened into his former self through Bella's help. This soon changed as Noah became more than just a shadow of Nathan, and at the end I was rooting for Noah all the way. I've always found it hard to get into romances where the lead couple are already happily married but this novel puts an entirely new twist on that tale. Absolutely fantastic!

    I felt confident enough about Ms Leigh after finishing this book that I have already ordered 3 of her other novels. I can't wait to see what else she has in store for us readers.

  9. Tammy says:

    Wild Card is definitely a contributor to global warming. Very hot! But with that said, I was disappointed to see the same old formula used in other stories I've read by this author.

    18-year-old virginal girl? Check!

    Older man who lusts for her from afar? Check! Check!

    He growls.

    He snarls.

    He's an uber-alpha and she's in need of his protection. Big Ole' Hairy Check!


    I loved this plot in the first Lora Leigh book that I read, which probably explains my love for my man Clint. (HaHa!) However, I'm so over it and ready for something fresh and new from this author.

    I originally thought the premise of the story was similar to the movie Bird on a Wire. Remember that one with Goldie Hawn and Mel Gibson? (Not old, crazy Mel Gibson but the younger, hotter version a la' Lethal Weapon days.) It's about a couple reunited at the garage where he is working undercover after an accidental death. Nathan and Sabella's story has similar vibes, only in a nice twist they are married shortly before Nathan's death.

    All in all, this was a pretty decent book by the author. Probably my favorite if I were forced to pick one. The emotions and the suspense were there. There were well-planned twists to the plot. Nathan and Sabella were likable enough characters. In all honesty, if this had been my first book by LL, it probably would've survived my moodiness and made it's way on my keeper shelf.

  10. Alex says:

    Let's sit down and talk about something for a minute. That one thing we all think about but don't really talk about. You know the one.


    I'm not going to get into the romance is porn for women discussion. Not gonna do it. But obviously, I'm a girl that likes a good romance. I love the snap and sizzle. The gutting heartbreaks. The push and pull between people falling and fighting. The eccentric families that always seem to surround them. In all its shapes and forms, I love a good love story. And that usually includes some sexin'. There's a frat boy in me that can't deal with blue balls of the heart. I've invested in the back and forth, and there's got to be a reward. A FINALLY. There's a certain way to write a really good love scene, and that's where this differs from porn. There's an eloquence about it. A surgical, precise dance with the words. A way that can turn a kiss into a conversation that has a reader entranced by it all.

    Lora Leigh's books don't do that. She just straight up drills you with it. And it becomes relentless. Like a marathon session you have to walk away from because damn it, you're tired, and this is all getting a little ridiculous.

    There was a story here. Something. I was intrigued by the mystery and the brokenness of the hero and how does somebody come back from that. And his poor, supposedly widowed wife. I wanted to see how it would all pan out. And I did. But the emotion, heart and sex wasn't done with that precise touch that I love. More like a jackhammer.

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