Elemental Hunger (Elemental #2)

Elemental Hunger (Elemental #2) Alt Cover ASIN BKWFPLISixteen Year Old Gabriella Kilpatrick Can Shoot Fire From Her Hands, Which Would Be Great If She Didn T Get Blamed For A Blazing Inferno That Kills Schoolmates When Gabby Is Commanded To Manifest Her Element, Everyone Knows What She Is A Genetic Abnormality Not To Mention Guilty So She Does Two Logical Things To Survive She Runs She Hacks Off Her Hair To Assume A New Role That Of Gabe , Because In Her World, Only Boys Are Firemakers Not Only Does She Have To Act Like A Guy, She Has To Pretend To Know Everything A Firemaker Should Know When Gabby Meets Airmaster Adam Gillman, He Believes Her Act And Pledges To Serve On Gabe S Council But Adam Has The Mark Of A Sentry And Spent Years Obeying Alex, The Supreme Elemental And Alex Wants Gabby The Genetic Freak Dead And Gone Before She Can Gather The Magical Protection Of A Full Council With Adam S Lies That Sound Like Truths And Rumors That Alex Isn T Really A Firemaker Or A Man Gabby Sets Out To Charter A Council Of Her Own In Order To Uncover The Truth, Gabby Will Have To Learn Who She Can Trust, How To Control Her Own Power, And Most Of All, How To Lead A Council Of Elementals, Most Of Whom Have Control Over Their Power Than She Does If She Can T, She Ll Find Herself Just Like Those Schoolmates Burned And Six Feet Under

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 78 pages
  • Elemental Hunger (Elemental #2)
  • Elana Johnson
  • 16 March 2019

10 thoughts on “Elemental Hunger (Elemental #2)

  1. Marlene Moss says:

    Elana Johnson has woven an intricate world some 200 years after some human develop elemental powers The Firemakers wield the most power and became the strongest leaders, creating rules by which the rest must live by Some humans control water, some earth, and some wind Those without a power are called Unmanifested People group in Councils of one of each power plus a Unmanifested If not chosen for a council, particularly the Unmanifested live lives of drudgery and hard labor The only other catch to this orderly arrangement is when a woman becomes a Firemaker, as does Gabby, the main character, since that is considered an aberration She must struggle to find those she can trust as well as survive with this huge target on her back.I m a big fan of elemental stories have one in progress myself , so combining elemental with dystopian is a great mix for me.The book opens with a fair amount of backstory Not always the best start, but it is a complicated world Ms Johnson has a lyrical voice as seen in her previous novel in verse, Elevated, also reviewed by me Her voice was evident in this book as well, but sometimes harshly punctuated by the main character stabbing the word see throughout the book, as if she s addressing the reader and a large number of colon punctuated lists The lyrical descriptions sometimes muddled the action, leaving me to figure out what happened after the fact.But aside from those tidbits, the story is full of action, beauty, and pain, both physical and mental Gabby must grow beyond caring only for her own survival to working for the betterment of the whole organization of their society I m giving this one 4 stars I rarely award 5 and although I would probably come in somewhat under 4 stars for the minor issues mentioned above, this rounds to a 4 and is significantly better than what I would give a 3 It s a solid story with a well described world and the next book promises to set the characters into significant difficulty Looking forward to it.

  2. Laura Pauling says:

    There s something about story characters developing powers that intrigue me, especially when we get the first view of how they learn to deal with them and control them Along with that comes lots of mistakes, challenges, and sometimes, heartache And this story has it all.Elemental Hunger starts out with a bang, or I should say a sizzle, with Gabriella, a closet firemaker, running for her life The elemental school is on fire and a rumor is spreading that she could be responsible This starts out a story fraught with plot twists and the growing doubt whether we can trust everyone Gabby meets I enjoyed the writing, the story, and the conclusion wipes tears I highly recommend reading the free prequel novella, as I believe that will introduce even tension to the story with background story of one of the main characters.I received a free arc in exchange for an honest review.

  3. Jess says:

    Wow.I must admit I was a bit worried when I realised that I was starting the series with the second book instead of the first one, but I was already too deep into it to stop reading when I did realise it It s a wonder I found out before finishing my read though, because I don t remember reading a book so fast in ages I loved that the hero was female, and fighting for her rights as one at that I loved the whole elemental universe I was slightly disappointed to find that she seemed to be the only girl wanting to do something about her condition, but well.The story was great, really absorbing, and very hard to leave for the couple of hours of sleep I needed before finishing the book.Definitely a page turner, and definitely recommended to anyone who even remotely likes fantasy as the plot isn t too far fetched to make sense Edit, now that I m thinking about it I was a bit disappointed to find out that despite having been such a curious student that she got one of her teachers terminated because of her questions, she doesn t seem to be either curious or amazed to discover in real the world beyond Crylon s forest that she had never seen before While it does fit her character to be too proud and ashamed of her own lack of knowledge to ask the others things like how many cities and villages are there, why are there unmanifested villages, etc., and she is busy running for her life most of the time, isn t it strange that she would recognise a train without having ever seen one before, that she knows that they don t have much time, and that they can hop on it without it stopping Of course she must have been told about trains during her educator classes, but just how much could she possibly have been told I m not going back on what I said about the book being great, I guess I m just hard to please.

  4. Sandra "Jeanz" says:

    LOVED IT Left me wanting even Reunited with some characters from Bk1 and sadly lost one of them in this book two Full review to follow.INITIAL THOUGHTSAs I had read the prequel novella 1 in this series I was looking forward to reading about the Supremist that was hiding her gender and her faithful guard henchman Felix, who was head of the sentries.MY REVIEWThese books have recently been given new covers and though I did like the old covers, I have to say I love the new ones even The cover for this book features the rail tracks and expanse on stone and deserted surroundings that Gabby has to flee through I like the lines that represent elements that surround the series title on the cover So do I like the cover, and would it make me pick it up in a bookstore Yes I do like the cover though it doesn t necessarily hint of the book being YA, Dystopian as much as I think the novella covers do I do think I d pick this one up in a store and want to read the blurb.This book didn t immediately go back to the Supremist, Felix and Adam, the characters I was curious about after reading Elemental Rush This book was based in Crylon at one of the remaining elemental schools The main character is Gabriella Kilpatrick, a young female who is experiencing the manifestation of her fire element, but there are no female firemaker s other than the Supremacist Gabriella knows she must keep her firemaker abilities under wraps whilst she is working in the schools kitchen Gabriella s only hope is that her best friend, also a firemaker Jarvis will pick her as his unmanifested member of his council Gabriella secretly loves Jarvis, and regularly runs in the forest with him They are than just friends Gabriella rushes through her kitchen duties to finish stoking the fires and rushes into the ceremony of councils at the very last moment possible Jarvis takes to the stage, as the head of his council, he then chooses his earthmover, and his water maiden .and the time arrives where he has to name hi unmanifested Gabriella holds her breath waiting.waiting for her name to be called from the lips of a boy she considers her best friend It s going to be amazing being part of Jarvis s council with her other friends too When Jarvis opens his mouth to speak and say s Liz Gabriella can hardly believe her ears .you can visualize the paleness of her face full of disbelief, and shock, her heart literally shattering into pieces Now Gabriella s only chance of leaving the kitchen is to become an educator Then things become complicated when someone sets fire to the school and Gabriella is being framed as the culprit Gabriella must flee and fast That is when Gabriella gives herself a rather drastic make over, hacking off her hair and dressing like a boy Travelling will be much easier as a boy A boy can be a firemaker A firemaker can form his own council So Gabriella transforms into Gabe and goes off in a search for her own council It s whilst fleeing that Gabe meets up with Adam, an Airmaster who also has a secret A dark secret that will haunt him and Gabriella and her dreams in the near future Gabe also meet Hanai a spiritual master, that talks to spirit and have healing abilities as well as some other useful talents that come into play later in the book Initially Hanai keeps his gifts hidden and wishes to join Gabes council as the unmanmifested Spirit masters are kind of as unusual and looked down on as female Firemakers So Gabe s council is coming together well, but the Supremacist and her head henchman are closing in on Gabriella framing her for the school fire Gabe s cover is blown and it s a race against time for Gabriella to form a council and have it chartered recognised as well as join in the elemental rebellion against the Supremacist too Another two of Gabriella s friend join her council, an earthmover and a water maidenAnd that s about all I can say without giving anything a way This book has action, drama, betrayal, heartbreak and sacrifice as well as a love triangle going on between Gabirella and Adam and Hanai You really hope things work out for Gabriella, and get really behind her willing her on to suceed I really like Elana s writing style,it s so detailed and helps you visualise the things, people and places she describes really easily To me there were three main character s, the first being Gabriella, a female who is tough she has to be to do the job expected of her I d say the next main character is Adam Gillman, who has quite a few dark secrets he is holding back from his new friends, Gabriella senses this and wonders whether she can truly trust him Finally the third main character is Hanai, who is a trustworthy, safer support to Gabriella When Gabriella realises one of her dreams, she then has to confront the councils laws she disagree s with However Gabriella is forced to obey the rules that are distasteful to her Gabriella intends to change a lot of the rules and laws, if she and her council survive the battle that is looming.This book isn t all doom and gloom as within the book you have the friendships within the council that Gabriella is making and the humour they share Then there s the ultimate fight scene, who wins You ll have to read the book Sadly one of the characters I adored and wanted so much from, was killed There are some touching scenes written around water maidens who I d say are closer to the Spiritual Masters too.So did I enjoy the book Yes, it gripped my attention and held me right to the last words of the book Would I recommend the book Yes to all YA, Fantasy, Dystopian fans this is in my opinion a must read series Would I like to read in this series Yesss I want to read the next novella right now The only down thing about the next novella is that it ends the series I have so many questions and things in my head that need to play out, I m wondering if all these things will be concluded After just finishing Elemental Hunger I really don t want the series to end Would you read other titles by this author Of course yes, I already have read other titles by this talented author.

  5. Topsues says:

    Firstly I don t leave spoilers Secondly I do recommend to read Elemental Rush first as i feel this follows on from that book Finally, I had to give 5 stars for this book, because I was left in tears, and couldn t put it down I found myself speed reading in parts, then my heart clenched and I slowed Elana Johnson has managed to describe a plot that felt so tangible to me, she bought forth a society that was characterised, some by human misery, some oppression and some with enthusiasm The main characters strength shone through I felt the emotions hammer through me, there was so many Doubt, Disbelief, Mistrust, Affection, Hatred, Friendships, Joy and Love, some evolved into a constant struggle and changed, sometimes page by page This story was fast paced and action packed I could read it again and again, and I m sure I would find things I had missed the first time round Fantasy mixed with a hard world exploded with every chapter I would recommend this book to fantasy readers who like it with a hard edge, no faires, Fay or princes here Just a very good thought out plot and story that deserves credit for its creator I look forward to continuing with this series

  6. Jennifer says:

    I picked up a free copy of this book, not realizing it was in the middle of a series I was able to read it as a standalone novel, but I won t be able to read the first book now without already knowing a lot of what happens in it The story was interesting and held my attention I enjoyed learning about Gabriella s world and life At one point I did get tired of the I trust him I don t trust him , I love him I don t love him type attitude Also, I found that sometimes when Gabriella s memories came up, they were a little long and distracting from the story I was in the middle of reading.I will likely get around to reading the other two books in the series.

  7. Barb VanderWel says:

    I love this I can t wait for .I will be also leaving a review on Goodreads .And letting everyone know about it.So i gave it a 5 Stars.

  8. Dohina Felix says:

    The book is a really realistic experience on how life really would be if you were rich and mighty with powers It was a great read and it made my day.

  9. Erika says:

    The story is about Gabriella, a girl that has control over fire, something only guys are suppose to be able to do She tries to hide her power, because she knows what happens to those that are different But she is discovered and forced to run away and hide who she is When Alex starts to hunt her down, she joins the rebellion and ends up being the hero, as usual The story is pretty normal, including the love triangle and everything, but I liked it, not enough for a five, but enough to be than a three stars view spoiler So this is about Gabriella, her dream is being part of a council formed by a firemaker, airmaster, earthmover, watermaiden and unmanifested, someone without powers as the unmanifested, and she is hoping that her friend, and kind of romantic interest is going to include her in his council, but he chooses her friend instead of her and she feels betrayed Days later she goes for a run, something that s not allowed, and returns to find the school burning Jarvis, her friend, tells her that someone saw her starting the fire, and that they are blaming her, and confesses that he didn t chose her because he knows she is also a firemaker.She starts running and finds Adam, an airmaster, and when she finds out she is running away from the same people joins forces with him They go to the outcast people and have one of them join them as their unmanifested as they try to form a council At first they try to pretend Gabriella is a man, but soon she is discovered, and of course, Adam and Hanai find her beautiful and fall in love with her Adam says that he knows the right people to complete the group and soon they are joined by Isaiah, an earthmover, who is an old friend of Gabriella They barely scape Alex and go looking for Cat When they complete their group they go looking for the protection of another council, only Adam gets captured Since he used to be a sentry read Elemental Rush , Alex and Felix still have some power over him, and it looks like Adam is betraying them when Felix arrives to arrest them Adam goes ahead with Isaiah and Cat while Felix takes Gabriella Felix takes her to the same place where he tried to rape Cat and tries the same with her, but Hanai arrives just in time While she is running away Adam arrives, and Gabriella runs away thinking he is trying to capture her, but he is trying to help By the time Hanai and Adam find her again she is very hurt and it takes time for her to recover.Gabriella doesn t trust Adam any, and she thinks she was wrong by choosing him instead of Hanai, and thinks that Hanai is the better choice They go to face Alex, and in the way they find Jarvis, her old friend, who confesses that Alex manipulated him to burn the school and blame Gabriella, then he dies in her arms While they are still outside the city Alex finds them and goes to face them, as was the plan, but their backup is late to arrive and Gabriella and Hanai end up fighting Alex, who is a spirit elemental, like Hanai and can still other people elemental magic During the fight Gabriella release a lot of fire that kills most people there, including Hanai She goes to rescue the rest of the elementals and tries to kill Felix, leaving him in a burning building, but he is saved at the last minute Still not sure that she trust Adam, Gabriella reform her council with Adam, Isaiah, Cat and the friend that was the unmanifested in Jarvis council With Alex dead, they can have a real chance of having a good life, and they start training their powers to become a strong council and maybe someday rule a city, and Gabriella pushes the new councilman to apply some changes in the laws to find equality hide spoiler

  10. Ashtyn says:

    Well, dang This book had me all mixed up in the feelings department There were things about it that I totally loved and other things that I was meh about In all, it was a book I was satisfied with but not completely in love with For me, this book started off really slow And I don t mean that like, the action took a long time because it didn t Right from the start, things are happening which I normally really like However, the writing style felt a little underdeveloped for me There were some reoccurring descriptions and sentences which bothered me and it felt kind of forced Because of this, I didn t immediately connect with the characters or the world However, once we got through the beginning, things started picking up It was a lot exciting and flowed naturally the I read I began to really like Gabby She was in interesting character and I admired her strength and will I liked Adam a lot in this book, too He was a nice balance for Gabby and it was fun seeing the way their relationship was turning out There was a lot of tension between them and I just loved seeing that tension tested as they went forward The plot, like I said, was full of action from the start and became even interesting once I really began to connect with Gabby There was a lot of thrilling action and I liked seeing how it played with the elemental aspect of the novel It really made everything a lot exciting and heart racing but there was still times when I put it down and didn t feel the need to pick it back up for a long time I m excited to see what Elana releases in the future This wasn t my favorite book but I had a good time while reading it I hope in her next novels, the writing is a little tighter and we are able to connect quickly with the characters For reviews, check out Wonderland s Reader

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