Damned If You Do

Damned If You Do➼ [Reading] ➾ Damned If You Do By Marie Sexton ➱ – Bluevapours.co.uk The path to temptation is paved with a hellish amount of paperworkSoul acuisition is a drag but if Abaddon doesn’t catch up on his uota he could be demoted to scooping poop for the Hounds of Hell Wi The path to temptation is paved with a hellish amount of Damned If PDF/EPUB ² paperworkSoul acuisition is a drag but if Abaddon doesn’t catch up on his uota he could be demoted to scooping poop for the Hounds of Hell With a deadline hanging over him he heads for the Bible Belt looking for the perfect combination of sweetness and challengeSeth is a blind musician part of a traveling tent revival He’s cute mystically talented and uotes the Bible at every turn His soul is pure enough to fill Abaddon’s uota for months to come and Abaddon is determined to claim itThe problem There’s the revival foreman who watches Abaddon’s every move Then there’s the mystery of Seth’s many unusual talents Lastly there’s Abaddon himself He’s beginning to like Seth a bit too much Maybe Seth deserves something better than damnationBut Hell’s agenda isn’t negotiable and time is running out If Abaddon doesn’t play his cards right he could condemn both of them to the worst fate of all—an eternity apart Warning Contains a Bible uoting twink and an irreverent devil who’ll do anything to avoid going “back to the office” Also snakes Lots and lots of snakes.

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Damned If You Do PDF è Damned If  PDF/EPUB ²
  • Kindle Edition
  • 123 pages
  • Damned If You Do
  • Marie Sexton
  • English
  • 21 March 2015

10 thoughts on “Damned If You Do

  1. ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ says:

    Devils angels hippy revivals and bible uotes than Vegas hookers on a Friday night Abaddon is failing as a devil He hasn't met his soul acuisition uota in months and is in serious danger of being demoted as if his current job in Hell weren't bad enough There are never ending stacks of paperwork in triplicate millions of envelopes to lick and stuff photo copiers from 1985 22 hour waits at the DMV noisy neighbors and stinky subways So basically everyday life but with Trump Satan as president Seth is a blind musician with the purest soul Abaddon has ever felt Winning Seth's soul would be a major boon for Abaddon but he's a devil with a conscience and the time he spends with Seth the he falls Seth is innocent and selfless a sweet virgin who wants to see the Grand Canyon and find someone to call his own Seth yearns to spend time with Abaddon but Zeb his ever present guardian is determined to keep them apart This book isn't about religion but it is about FAITH; it's a literal interpretation of the bible with a twist There are visions miraculous healings and snakes Allow me to uote Acts 283 But when Paul had gathered a bundle of sticks and laid them on the fire a viper came out because of the heat and fastened itself on his hand When the natives saw the creature hanging from his hand they began saying to one another Undoubtedly this man is a murderer and though he has been saved from the sea justice has not allowed him to live However he shook the creature off into the fire and suffered no harmAt 1900 locations Damned if You Do is a delicious bite of what I wish had been a longer story I love Marie Sexton's writing style and wanted of Seth and Abaddon on page together There's almost no steam but there are serious feels I got all choked up toward the end Ultimately this is a story of love triumphing over evil of wanting to save someone than you want to save yourself Sometimes you gamble with the devil and win

  2. SheReadsALot says:

    45 Hearts 'If Satan rise up against himself and be divided he cannot stand but hath an end' Mark 326

  3. Shin Mon Thway says:

    Ok a lot people need to discover this book and read it because I believe this is one of Marie Sexton’s masterpieces ❤️😱 And no I am not exaggerating ☺️ This book was recommended to me by one of my very good friend who shall not be named J 😂 And I owned this book since it came out as an audio And every time we talk he’d always ask me whether I have listened to this audio or not and as the shiny new chaser I am 😅 I’d always say “I’d get to it” Now I’m kicking myself in the nuts for not listening this sooner because this is pure brilliance 💎 Abaddon works in the soul acuisition department of Hell And one irrefutable truth about Abaddon is that he’s not a very good devil He hasn’t been meeting his soul acuisition uotas for a while And now he has received an official letter from Satan himself that he has to meet his uota in two weeks or else Fearing that he might descend to an even worse position than he already is Abaddon tried to find that one holy soul that would not only fill his uota but surpass it for many years to come And he found the purest and most beautiful soul he’s ever witnessed in his life in the form of a blind young man named Seth in an isolated forest playing violin Seth is part of the traveling rainbow revival bible group Seth is everything Abaddon isn’t pure innocent religious and oh so trusting And there are many mysterious and inexplicable things when it comes to Seth And what’s the problem you ask? The only issue is Abaddon is falling in love with this blind devout young man whose soul he’s supposed to barter for a wish Isn’t everything just so peachy 😉Before you ask further this is the kind of book you need to read yourself to understand why I fell heads over heels in love with the story 😌 I can’t analyze and catalogue the MCs and their characteristics like I usually do in the other stories with Seth and Abaddon Because these two characters are very uniue everything about their relationship and love is uniue and the story itself is super uniue ❤️ Let me just say that this is one the most beautiful and lyrical love stories I’ve ever read regardless mainstream or MM 🥰💜 Was it angsty? Yes it made me ugly cry several times 😭😅 But every single drop of those tears were worth it in the end 😊 Abaddon and Seth’s love story provoked so many emotions I didn’t even know I was capable of And their happy ending was so well earned 👏💙 And I was crying happy tears for them in the end 🙂 And John Solo did a phenomenal job portraying the magnificent love story of Seth and Abaddon 👏 I believe Marie Sexton’s already marvelous masterpiece was perfected and even polished by John Solo’s masterful narration 👏 These duo deserves a standing ovation 👏 I think I would always remember this story and cherish it in my heart 🥰 And I can’t say how grateful I am to my friend “J” for recommending me this book 😍 Recommended to anyone who believes that love can blossom in the most unusual and uniue ways 💜5 Every moment I can spend together with you is my heaven stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Audio rating Story 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Narration 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Performance 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Overall 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  4. ☆ Todd says:

    This story of a soul collecting demon hot on the heels of a blind preacher's son was pretty cute and I suspect that many readers will really enjoy this oneAbaddon is a pretty crappy demon as demons go He isn't all that evil and he's a bit like that one co worker that you just want to slap most of the time Only showing up for the paycheck doing the bare minimum of work and letting others pick up the slack His heart's just not in tricking people out of their immortal souls And Satan just noticedMeanwhile at 22 Seth is pretty much the opposite in every way possible After being abandoned under a piano bench as an newborn and raised by a tent revival reverend in the Bible Belt Seth is about as devout as they come Even after losing his sight on his 19th birthday he doesn't see that as a punishment and continues to spout bible verses like an overly polite person would spout bless you's at a pepper factory And Abaddon just found the motherlode of all souls in Seth which will get himself back in Satan's good gracesI loved the back and forth between the tempting Abaddon and the not to be tempted Seth even though Seth thinks the ploys for his soul are only a game in the beginning much to his self appointed protector Zed's complete horrorBut Abaddon never lies to Seth in regards to who and what he is And what he wants Seth's cotton candy sweet soul It's all that Abaddon can think about once he's been in Seth's presenceBut then Abaddon's supposedly non existent conscience rears its ugly head and messes up his plans to reap the brightest soul that he's ever seen Which could put Abaddon himself directly in the path of Satan's wrath I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the two men develop a fondness for one another that continued to grow into something much much deeperI would however have liked a teeny bit less running around all over Hell very literally and half of Georgia as Abaddon attempts to work out the details of a loophole to save Seth and allow them to be together Forever In Hell While we did get a good bit of interaction between Abaddon and Seth I felt that the story could have used a bit in that respect as I still got a wee bit of an insta love feeling when all was said and doneI also loved the background story on Seth and how he came to be what he is in regards to his role during the roving tent revival sermonsThe first three fourths of the story worked really well for me but to be honest the big event and its accompanying bible uote which completely changed the course of both men's lives left me a bit confounded as to what actually happened and how What can I say I've always sucked at interpreting Bible versesOverall I'd say that this sweet and cute story rates about 375 stars for me and would recommend it to anyone looking for a non preachy story of salvation and redemption And who isn't afraid of snakes Because there are snakes Lots And Lots Of Snakes My ARC copy of the book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for a fair unbiased review

  5. Moony Eliver says:

    Witty and sexy As you’d expect it's heavy on the religious content but from a fantastical tongue in cheek approach I loved the author’s creative approach and I was rather riveted by the setup and delivery of this storyETA Excellent and much thorough review for this one

  6. Trio says:

    I was craving some vintage John Solo and I've owned this one for ages so glad I finally got around to listening to this audiobook If you're like me and own it as well move it waaaay up on your shelf it's amazingMr Solo's performance is perfection There's just something about the way he reads this kind of novel that works so well for me I love all the different voices he uses and he makes the most out of the way the characters interactMarie Sexton always writes a fantastic story but Damned If You Do is in a class by itself Really fantastic story very original and uniue Several times I thought I had it figured out and it turned out I was on completely the wrong path I love when that happens great story

  7. Teal says:

    4 stars a bit A recipient of my Ultimate Stamp of Approval™ After reading it for free on KU I spent money to buy a copy for myselfThere were a couple of words that kept coming to mind as I read this Fable That's what I'd call this story with its tone perfectly balanced between light and dark fantasy and realism humor and potential tragedy Chutzpah Super sized balls or the anatomical euivalent of your choice on the author to write a gay MC who's a true blue dyed in the wool Christian evangelical but isn't suffering a crisis of faith; isn't battling homophobia external or internalized; isn't ashamed or broken or self loathing; isn't oppressed by his fellow believers; and doesn't need to reject or reevaluate his faith in order to find true love and happiness As I read this every once in a while I'd pause for a moment to marvel Marie Sexton built a light hearted yet serious romance between a devout Christian and a demon from the depths of Hell and holy shit my first pun oh the self control it's taken to get this far without one I am impressed The ingenuity it took to make the story work the consistency of tone and the uality of the writing Wow Prior to this the only other thing of hers I'd read was Promises and I didn't much like it Since it was her debut novel I was open to giving her another try But I have zero interest in the BDSM novels she's been writing recently so she wasn't actively on my radar I honestly don't recall how I came across this one But I'm delighted that I found it

  8. Lorraine Lesar says:

    35Just ok for me Others loved it so read those reviews and decide for yourselves the humour was the saving grace for me

  9. Elena says:

    35 stars This book left me with mixed feelings so I have to resort to bullet points Thumbs UP for Humor The descriptions of Hell and of the devils’ lives were awesome Also extra thumb up for the best devil friend ever Originality Even knowing it would end with a happy ending obviously romance novel I could never predict where the story was going The ending I loved the last part which was a nice surprise and the only reason I’m rounding the rating up I was losing interest in the romantic relationship see thumbs down below for info on this and when that happens usually no amount of happy ending can save the book for me but here it worked Don’t ask me whyThumbs DOWN for Biblical uotes While the religious aspect was never heavy or preachy the uotes got old fast At least for me I don’t have patience for anything remotely religion related on the best day YMMV and it probably will view spoilerSnakes It wasn’t so bad at first when I thought it was just creepy in a normal snakes aren’t my favorite animal way but when the sexual connotation came into play something weird happened and I lost interest in the romance and any sexual chemistry Seth and Abbadon might possibly have hide spoiler

  10. Susan says:

    “You once told me that my soul is like a beacon to you Like a lighthouse”“You are my guiding star”“I don’t know if it worked but” Seth bit his lip “I tried to shine extra bright for you” Abaddon is a devil one of many slaving away in hell And by slaving away I mean do paperwork Hell is endless and endless paperwork Without a computer Well if that doesn’t sound like hell I don’t know what doesHe has to get people to cede their soul to him so that they can end up like him But Abaddon never liked collecting souls all that much So he is on probation He needs to collect souls or he will get demoted He will never be able to get to earth again and he will have to do an even worse job than he is doing now There’s laying asphalt around the Lake of Fire hauling rocks out of the Great Abyss poop scooping for the Hounds of Hell selling flashlights without batteries in the Outer Darkness And those are just the jobs in the underworld There are plenty of places they could send you up top too Mowing lawns in Louisiana in mid August cleaning hotel rooms in Vegas emptying bedpans in a celebrity rehab facility in Hollywood There’s retail work fast food franchises lunchroom duty janitorial work—” So he goes off to search for that one bright soul that will make him reach his uota It is then that he feels the brightest soul he has ever encountered Seth is a 22 year old blind young man who is traveling with a revival to spread the word of GodI have to say that there was a lot of bible uoting going on that I cared nothing about But besides that this was greatI loved how Abaddon couldn’t stay away from Seth How tender he was even though he was supposed to be a scary devil This book is low on sexy times There was one scene but this concentrates mostly on the growing relationship between the guys and not necessarily on the sexA very entertaining read

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