Gregs First Adventure in Time

Gregs First Adventure in Time➝ [Epub] ❦ Gregs First Adventure in Time By Connie M. Huddleston ➧ – Archaeology time travel and a moose hunt combine to force 12 year old Greg to face his fears and find his strengths Greg explores a world that existed than 3000 years ago with his new Native American Archaeology time travel and a moose Adventure in ePUB ☆ hunt combine to force year old Greg Gregs First ePUB ✓ to face his fears and find his strengths Greg explores a world that existed than First Adventure in eBook ☆ years ago with his new Native American friend Hopelf While Greg learns about Native American ways of life how to hunt and fish and just to survive he is always searching for a way back home This new book for young readers allows your child to travel in time with Greg to BC Greg's wild adventure will excite and enlighten all while telling a rousing story about a young boy's intriguing encounter with Native Americans This book was written for pre teen readers.

As a child Connie Huddleston loved Adventure in ePUB ☆ history and dreamed about her future as an Gregs First ePUB ✓ award winning author However she got sidetracked and became an Army wife a mother an First Adventure in eBook ☆ elementary school teacher an archaeologist and an historic preservation consultant all before publishing her first book Now in she has published six volumes all dealing with her first passion don’t tell her husband and c.

Gregs First Adventure in Time Epub ´ Gregs First
  • Paperback
  • 178 pages
  • Gregs First Adventure in Time
  • Connie M. Huddleston
  • English
  • 22 September 2016

10 thoughts on “Gregs First Adventure in Time

  1. Laurel says:

    Well I've just finished reading this book So I'm still in a bit of a funk at having to come back to the real world from a fictional oneThe concept is simple A boy Greg is helping his archaeologist mother on a dig when a trowel and a uartz spearhead connect and he travels back in time What follows is the tale of his experiences as he spends two weeks with native Americans in the past particularly with a young man Hopelf who is due to be married in the winter it is late summer to early autumn during the storyThe writing is clear and vivid which I really appreciated The story is a masterclass in archaeology and native American history but concepts are kept simple and accessible good for children to read Moreover the story doesn't get bogged down in terminology but keeps moving at a good pace good for holding interestI really enjoyed the story and hope to keep it around long enough for my daughter to read when she is old enough

  2. Brandi says:

    When I was younger I used to go through phases where I would become fascinated by certain eras of human history I remember going through a phase where I became enthused with anything and everything associated with the Pioneer Era then my curiosity centered around the ancient world then the Victorian Era etc During my 'phases' I would go to the library and check out any and every book associated with the respective timeframe Since I was such a daydreamer still kind of am actually I loved books associated with these timeframes that were geared towards younger audiences but sadly there weren't many and I usually ended up reading books geared towards adults CM Huddleston's Greg's First Adventure in Time is a book I would have loved It deals with the protagonist twelve year old Greg as he time travels 3000 years into the past of Ancient America a subject rarely dealt with in many children's books and learns about the people of the time It is a blend of fantasy archaeology and historyI would recommend this book to any young day dreamers or history buffs CM Huddleston's book fills a gap in children's literature I hope she writes many books like this in the futureMy copy of this book was won from the Goodreadscom website

  3. Jonathan Ring says:

    Won in a goodreads giveawayThis book is absolutely fantastic I very much enjoyed reading about Greg's travel into The time out of mind His adventures with his friend Hopelf are humorous and engaging and I learned a bit about archaeology and early Native Americans This is a great adventure book for young readers and would encourage them to give it a try

  4. D.G. Driver says:

    This is a fun book for middle grade readers Greg's mom is an archeologist and one of the artifacts she has unearthed propels him back in time to that era 3000 years ago It has a very informal tone to it that makes it sound like Greg is your buddy telling you his big story The tone gets serious as the story intensifies toward the end Living in prehistoric times isn't easy and is often dangerous I like the way Huddleston builds the friendship with Greg and Hopelf and all the attention to detail I think this would be a great series for kids who liked The Magic Treehouse books but are looking for something with a higher reading level and slightly older protagonist

  5. S.A. Larsen says:

    A fabulous prehistoric adventureInitially Greg’s unexpected time travel fascinated him But it didn’t take long for reality to crash into him in the form of fear – fear of the unknown and what was to come And what if he didn’t make it back home? He had a great relationship with his mother which added depth and longing to the story Exploring these personal aspects of Greg were some of my favorite moments from the book The author shared Greg’s sweet innocence in an intellectual way not demeaning him in his youth in any way But showing the reader that collecting data piecing together your surroundings and digging deep inside yourself are all part of problem solving which kids not just of the time travel sort can use in everyday life Greg grows and learns to trust in himself and in his skills This story is really a confidence builderGreg’s voice was easy and definitely middle grade with his thoughts flowing like a conversation I enjoyed how he explained his experiences as they happened as well as those from his backstory He was genuine and likable; he was also pretty funny and clever I liked the way he reasoned out to find solutions to his problems It was great meeting this character And who wouldn’t love him? He talks to himself A guy after my own heartThe historical aspect of this story was fascinating from techniues to catching fish to the natives’ culture and traditions This story is sure to engage and interest young investigators and future archeologists Middle graders will enjoy learning about how prehistoric people lived and how they weren’t all that different from us today Humanity has universal desires of family safety and happiness no matter what age of existence I’m looking forward to Greg’s next adventure

  6. Literary Classics Book Awards & Reviews says:

    When Greg finds himself transported in time back to 1000 BC he feels than a little lost Greg is an outcast in this foreign time and place; but then he finds a friend who helps him to survive Hopelf is a Native American who teaches Greg how to hunt and fish and about the cultures of his people After Greg saves his friend Hopelf’s life the native people honor him for his bravery Despite finally achieving a sense of belonging Greg is still determined to find a way back home Young history buffs will revel in this book which offers fun and interesting historical elements wrapped up in an engaging story; and reluctant readers may discover an affinity for the subject of history Greg's First Adventure in Time sets the stage for many books all of which are likely to spur an interest in the imaginative minds of young readers while fueling an interest in learning about history

  7. David Duncan says:

    Greg's First Adventure in Time by C M Huddleston is my eighty second book that I have received and read from Goodreads This book is a fantastic read I really enjoyed reading about Greg's travel in time It takes place in prehistoric setting Greg travels back in time 1000 years He meets up with his friend Hopelf He and his friend teach us about archaeology and early native Americans Greg learning how to hunt and fish start a fire without matches In the end of the story Greg saves Hopelf life and he is treated as a member of Hopelf people I would recommend this book to be read by all children I would like to thank the author of this book and for all the post cards that he sent

  8. PEGGY says:

    I loved this little book Lots of room for a serial and Greg would be awesome Lot of fun within this book but a lot of serious material as well Great book for young and young at heart as well I am looking forward to any additional stories by this authorI received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads giveaway

  9. Patricia Reding says:

    CM Huddleston has hit upon the secret of good reading for middle graders in her award winning Greg’s First Adventure in Time The formula includes taking a respectful but sarcastic 12 year old boy an adult ready to share an interesting life calling—such as Greg’s own mother’s career in archeology—a magical travel in time and the discovery of a new land that comes complete with some soon to be new friends In Greg’s First Adventure in Time Greg travels from his mother’s worksite at Cresaptown on the edge of the Potomac River in Maryland to a time with some native Americans who once called the area “home”—at least for a part of their year Young readers will learn something of the lingo of the archaeologist some facts about the scientific process a dig reuires and some details about those who’ve gone before Greg’s First Adventure in Time is sure to be enjoyed by young readers Greg has just the right amount of sass to keep him interesting But parents too can appreciate the series as Greg also shows respect for his elders for information learning and history He is a ready student—and sure to encourage other young and ready students to keep reading as they’ll find many adventures through the leaves of the pages of a book to faraway times and lands just as is presented in CMHuddleston's tales

  10. K.S. Jones says:

    What kind of excitement can a twelve year old have on his summer vacation when Mom is an archaeologist? 1 Dig in the dirt 2 Find cool artifacts 3 Travel back in timeGreg may not want to admit it but digging up ancient artifacts is a very cool summer job Best of all since his mom is the lead archaeologist on an excavation destined to become a modern ballpark he gets tagged her assistant and helps a class of eleven year olds learn the basics of archaeology For a twelve year old Greg is kind of a veteran at this whole archaeology thing While using his Mom's favorite trowel Greg discovers an arrowhead and a rabbit and his life changes foreverGreg travels back in time where he meets Hopelf son of Cray of the People of the Long Valley with the Long Mountain With no way to get back home Greg must find a way to survive and making friends with Hopelf may be his best hope This time traveling historical adventure is the perfect book for middle grade readers It is one of those rare and wonderful books that has the power to enthrall young readers without them even realizing they are learning about the prehistory of America Classrooms would do well to add this book to their reading list It is entertaining and informative Highly recommended

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