Devilish Details

Devilish Details[Reading] ➿ Devilish Details By Lynn Emery – Jazz Vaughn finally gets her own nightclub Candy Girls has everything necessary for a good time drinks music and pole dancers She's on her way to building a high class adult party central destination Jazz Vaughn finally gets her own nightclub Candy Girls has everything necessary for a good time drinks music and pole dancers She's on her way to building a high class adult party central destination Her pal reminds her they never recovered a load of cash hidden by Jazz's old boyfriend That money could make her business dreams come true at light speed Okay so tracking the cash is a good idea Never mind her ex is a dangerous drug dealer who also happens to smuggle illegal weapons Small details Besides he's in prison They track down the money pay some bills and live the good life What could go wrongWell let's see how about Jazz's former boss settles a grudge by framing her for murder a crazy gang member is stalking her and the city decides to shut down Candy Girls What's a woman to do Get help from a sexy homicide detective a collection of her shady friends and come out swinging What else.


Devilish Details PDF/EPUB ✓ Paperback
  • Paperback
  • 328 pages
  • Devilish Details
  • Lynn Emery
  • 13 March 2016

10 thoughts on “Devilish Details

  1. Ms. Reader says:

    I received this book from Goodreads First Reads in exchange for an honest reviewI found this book very cheesy and annoying I couldn't enjoy it at all

  2. M. P. says:

    I received this book through a Goodreads giveawayI had a strange experience with this one Whenever I'd pick it up and start reading I would find myself wanting to keep turning the pages Yet the moment I had to put the book down that interest seemed to get closed between the covers just as much as the pages I had just read From that I can only conclude that Devilish Details was while entertaining not very compelling It had plenty of fun elements thrown in with humour action and a rather likable cast of characters But the continuation to the story did not plague me enough to read it outside of my breaks at work the only exception to the rule being the last 20 or so pages which I wanted to finish before taking a new book to work The book got placed on the table and it sang no siren songs to me urging me to see what'll happen nextSpeaking of which I had another strange experience with this book Whenever I would read it I'd catch myself thinking there sure is a lot of stuff going down in the story only to suddenly note I was already over 23 done finishing it realizing there wasn't actually that much happening after all in relation to how many pages I had read The pages go by fast partly due to the pleasantly uncluttered font used partly due to the general good flow of the textI must make it a point to mention the plethora of typos as well I have no idea if the copy I got was some pre editorial version or some such but if not there sure were way too many typos Ain't the best typo evader out there myself but as a reader I find it a little distracting if there are too many of them It breaks the flow A thorough editing job would be advisedExtra words or even the absence of words in dialogues were also a little deterring I wonder if the characters actually spoke in sentences like I'll will done did or if these were also merely mistakes some good editing could have solved Either way it was another flow breaker for meAlso a half Chinese called Chyna Uh huuhAnd yet despite all I do think I liked it enough to warrant three stars instead of two though it was a tough call indeed It had a good flow good humour and I really enjoyed having a strip club as the primary setting That was basically the reason I joined the giveaway in the first place anyway to see how a female author might write of that setting and the sex workers as opposed to male authors I particularly enjoyed how the matter of clients keeping their hands to themselves was the desired manner of conduct in the book just like in real clubs of that nature Rather I should say I really enjoyed the viewpoint being taken to the backstage of a club All points for that

  3. Barbara says:

    One of the things that I enjoy about murder mysteries is descriptions of the people and places that provide the backdrop for the main story The main setting for Devilish Details is a nightclub in somewhat rough neighborhood in Baton Rouge complete with a cast of characters that fit the setting well The well crafted descriptions added to my enjoyment of this fast paced mysteryI received a free review copy of Devilish Details through Goodreads Giveaways

  4. Kerry says:

    Wow well written but some of it was easy to see through but not so much as some other books as the story proceeded Kind makes you wonder if people actually still hide money in furniture any It was a good book no denying it yet it was an adventure in the game of life death and watching your back The characters were well written funny attitudes and humorous at times The ending made me laugh as well which is one of the reasons I will read it again

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