The Kingdom of Strange

The Kingdom of Strange[Reading] ➻ The Kingdom of Strange By Shula Klinger – When she s assigned a group project in English what could be worse , Thisbe decides to work online with a student from another school The next twelve weeks change her life in ways she never imagined a When she s assigned a group project in English what could be worse , Thisbe decides to work online with a student from another school The next twelve weeks change her life in ways she The Kingdom Kindle - never imagined as she forms an important new friendship and makes new discoveries about writing, identity, friendship, and love.


The Kingdom of Strange Epub Ï The Kingdom  Kindle -
  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • The Kingdom of Strange
  • Shula Klinger
  • English
  • 10 August 2019
  • 9780761453956

10 thoughts on “The Kingdom of Strange

  1. Julie says:

    I loved this book.Maybe it s all because it s about a teenage author to be who s unsure of herself I have the same issue, though my parents are not authors I love to write, and this has a way of encouraging it.I love seeing Thisbe grow up throughout the book She has these mean friends, and she finds new ones over time It is excellent.but, of course, I m 14, so what I say doesn t mean much.

  2. Allison says:

    I love Thisbe I love Iphis I love Granny Ed Mostly though, I love how Thisbe describes what writing is for her and about her experiences in Granny Ed s yoga classes Also, this is another novel offering a wonderful adult character you gotta read it.

  3. Kate says:

    This was a weird book, but I liked it It was told almost entirely through the main character s journal and e mails The characters were so kooky, but in a good way The only problem I had with it was that the important twist was a little obvious Other than that, it was a great book

  4. $hanel says:

    Let me say that first when I got this book I thought that it would be bad, but I just finished this book last night and it was AWESOME especially the ending The Kingdom of Strange I know weird name is about your average 13 yr old girl named Thisbe who has a english assignment were she has to create a story and get an audience to read the story she wrote Thisbe makes a new friend online that is a girl from another school in Vancouver and they soon become best friends even though they are in different high schools The two girls chat about Thisbe s assignment and brainstorm ideas for it They also talk about some stuff that I would not recommend to girls 12 and under, and Thisbe and her new BFF chat about Thisbe s ex BFFs, Melinda and Kel who have moved on to the In crowd One day when Thisbe and her new best friend are chatting Thisbe discovers something about her friend that she never knew and it somehow gets in the way of their friendship and Thisbe s social life worst of all her english project that the two girls should be working on together Will Thisbe keep her new friend and get an A on her project The Kingdom of Strange is about a typical teenage life with an extra, as I like to call it, twist

  5. Emma Buckley says:

    this book was really good two teens meeting online to complete a writing assigment they got alot then a writting assignment, they got a friendship that would last a lifetime This book was really inspiring and opens your eye s to the world around you.

  6. Katrina Laffoon says:

    The end was pretty predictable, but good anyway

  7. Paige says:

    This book is definitely on my Top Ten It was so heartbreaking, yet so real The Kingdom of Strange is a definite summer read

  8. Kristi Lamont says:

    Picked this book up from the What Other People Have Been Reading cart at the front of my library today, once again a sucker for flyleaf copy Had read half of it before leaving the library property Best way to put it is that it s sort of a modern day cross between Are You There God It s Me, Margaret by Judy Blume and Claudia by Barbara Brooks Wallace Had I not already read both of these when I was truly a young adult, Ms Klinger s book would ve probably made of an impact of me Easy read, good for the tween in your life, esp if that tween is a girl Main reason I didn t give it three stars is because I felt like the author got a little too cutesy watch me write with how she dealt with the protagonist s relationship with words.

  9. Meg Foley says:

    I enjoyed this much than I thought I would, and have since passed it along to a language arts teacher at our middle school I particularly enjoyed the central character s growing unspoken acceptance of her grandmother through the passage of time in the story It felt organic and real, high accomplishments in YA.

  10. Cathy Carpenter says:

    I didn t like this book until over half way into it, so I m glad I didn t give up I wasn t enjoying the email as narrative style, even though it was pretty realistic I don t think I can pin point the spot where my opinion shifted, or the reason why I guess I would recommend it to teenage girls who write, or writers who were teenage girls.

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