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Paul's Dream[Download] ➼ Paul's Dream ➻ Rowan McBride – Paul Graham is content with his life An up and coming lawyer he has no time to dwell on the mazes puzzles and riddles he solves while asleep He has no interest in dreams or anything that might derail Paul Graham is content with his life An up and coming lawyer he has no time to dwell on the mazes puzzles and riddles he solves while asleep He has no interest in dreams or anything that might derail his careerUntil Kian shows up Sensual playful he claims that Paul rescued him four years ago Now he's determined to repay him with the one thing he knows best sex laced with magicKian is unlike any man Paul has encountered He won’t go away for one The fact that Paul doesn’t remember him doesn’t deter his mission of seduction in the least But soon enough Paul finds that this strange carnal creature has the ability to melt his ice with a touch to bring out a sweetness Paul didn’t even know he hadAs Kian becomes a part of his life Paul finds himself and attached Forgotten dreams buried memories and the dangerous obsession of another conspire to tear them apart Is he strong enough to endure a trial by fire in order to keep them together.

Born an Air Force dependent Rowan McBride traveled the world and totally missed the ’s as most Americans know it In exchange xe’s gotten to walk in clogs break an arm at Mt Fuji and say prayers at a Korean Buddhist temple So far it seems like a fair trade Although xe graduated from high school in Hawaii xe didn’t learn to hula and make leis until going to college in Iowa After leaving.

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10 thoughts on “Paul's Dream

  1. Heather says:

    This was an engaging story that hooked me right from the beginning Kian is an incubus He has been captured by an evil wizard and kept chained in a dungeon for years One evening while he is sleeping a man comes to rescue him Paul is clinical and exact and has almost no emotion when he speaks When Paul tries to free Kian from his chains Kian is worried he might hurt him but Paul frees him then leaves When Kian wakes up he is actually free He decides to go in search of the man who rescued him Paul is an attorney for a huge firm and he is very successful He is so methodical and so thorough that clients ask for him by name to work on their cases One day when he leaves work Kian is waiting for him Paul thinks Kian looks familiar but cant place him Kian is shocked for two reasons One Paul isnt sexually affected by him even though he is an incubus and Two Paul doesnt realize he is a Dream Walker and that he saved Kian Kian decides to help Paul remember and the two of them embark on a passionate journey of magical discovery When that same evil wizard returns with the idea of capturing Kian once again will Paul be able to save the man he loves? This story is awesome Its full of magic and interesting characters I know this is the first book in a series and I cant wait for the next one to come out It is interesting to watch Paul start out so internal and open up and become loving and caring Its also romantic to see Kian an incubus known for his sexual prowess fall so completely for one human being If you like romance magic and a little mystery Im sure you will enjoy this book

  2. Bubbles Hunty Honest & Direct Opinions says:

    the first half of this book was about a 25 star for me but then the last half 4 stars I thought Paul was boring for the first half and i just didn't like Kian The only character i liked was Asher so i kept reading for those glimpses of him Then the second half stuff actually started happening and I found myself liking Paul as he got interesting and even liked Kian mostly Asher was still great and I really liked how they dealt with the fushion situation I really Hope Asher gets his own book since he was the only character i loved through the whole book

  3. Experiment BL626 says:

    I didn't enjoy this book I thought at the least I could enjoy the smutty parts but the kooky dream scenes got in the way the dream scenesThe plot had many dream scenes Some of them I liked such as when Paul helped a little girl find her stuffed animal but most of them I found frustrating and boring I didn’t like how long it took for someone to say to Paul “hey dude you’re a dreamwalker and magic is real” I really hate it when the protagonist is kept in the dark about their abilities and the reality of the world I hate it when there is no strong reason to do so like in this book When Paul finally was told so I didn’t like it when Paul actively practiced dreamwalking and Kian helped sex and sexually charged talking were involved I found it inappropriate and unhelpful because Paul had powerful magic and it shouldn’t have been treated as a light matter People could get hurt Paul could hurt himself and he did Magic training and sexy times should not be mixed the world buildingPaul is a powerful dreamwalker I understood the abilities of a dreamwalker and why Paul was important but I didn’t understand what role dreamwalkers play in the magical world I had no problem imagining the lawyer y non magical setting but the magical world eluded my grasp The book threw details here and there but nothing stuck and connected to make decent world building I found the world building ambiguous the charactersThe story was largely told from Kian and Paul's sides in 1st person POV I couldn't connect with either character I tired of Paul's indecisiveness ie “I want Kian I don't want Kian” “Kian loves me Kian loves me not” Kian was rather pathetic and spineless; I expected out of Kian when Asher confronted him especially when it’s a serious matter of true love I found the characterization of the couple shaky for a big part of the book specifically the middle Moreover the couple’s dialogue was cheesy; usually I don’t mind cheesiness but frustrated by the couple I did The romance ran hot and cold too many times for my patience and honestly I wasn’t fully convinced the two suited each other my least favorite part of the storyI was frustrated by the many missed opportunities to preemptively end the villain It could have been entirely avoided if Kian killed the dude in the first place at the beginning of the book or near the end of the book if Kian went to Asher for help before meeting the villain Kian knew full well was that the villain was never going to let things rest; the villain was a villain for goodness sake I also blamed Asher because if he had done his job as guardian of the city he would have known what the villain was up to and suashed his evil scheme before anyone got hurt Most of the scenes Asher was in or mentioned in there was a lot of talk about how powerful he was how smart he was his legacy his position blah blah etc I couldn’t believe the villain managed to pull off his evil scheme off of Asher’s radar There was no excuse for it my 2nd least favorite part of the storyAfter so much shit had happened with the villain I couldn’t believe the romance ran cold again Really Paul? The fuck is wrong with you? It’s not everyday someone risked admittedly in an avoidable conflict his life for you loves you and came back from a soul breaking and imprisonment evil magic for you Where was the logic? This was one of the examples of the shaky characterization; logical lawyer Paul was not acting logical and lawyer yIn ConclusionI rate Paul’s Dream 2 stars for it was okay I’m disappointed by many issues that stood in the way of what should have been a decent smutty read since the story was a sexual awakening

  4. Nikyta says:

    I must say that the beginning didn't interest me all that much I mean I really liked Paul others might say he was boring but I liked his coldness but I absolutely hated Kian I didn't like him because I felt like he was playing a game with Paul and using him for the sole reason that Paul never got tired no matter how much Kian feed off his sexual energy and because I felt that way it ruined my enjoyment of the first half of the book However as the story progressed I started feeling as if what Kian was saying and feeling was actually true and not some misguided 'you'll never be drained so I love you' emotion He definitely warmed up to me in the end to the point that I'm actually giving this a good rating Lol Paul and Asher were my favorites though Paul because he was naive of his dream walker power and his lack of emotions Asher because well he's just an automatically lovable character The storyline was a great one though It drags in a few places but it was interesting to learn about the world created with incubi wizards dream walkers and ciphers When things started to shake up with a foe from Kian's past is when I basically became glued to my kindle screen I loved the details to the dreams Paul walked in and how he unintentionally helped people All in all it was a good book If you can get past the couple of slow parts and stick through hating Kian if you do then you'll like this one

  5. SueM says:

    I probably wouldn't have picked up this book if hadn't been for the bingo challenge category well that and the strong reviews it had from my friends As it turns out I was right to trust my friends as I really enjoyed this novelPaul is a lawyer cold and unfeeling but ruthlessly efficient He doesn't know that he is a dream walker who whilst dreaming solves puzzles and mazes when no one else cares or can All he knows as he doesn't remember details is that he has no dreams of his own and his dreams always force him to solve the puzzle before he can awaken It is in one of these dreams that he finds Kian and sets him free Kian an incubus takes 4 years to both gather strength and then find Paul the man to whom he owes his freedom He is an old incubus whose mere presence can cause a crowd of humans to orgasm yet he fails to arouse Paul And of course this drives him to both succeed and to uncover the cause And so with Kian's advent in his life Paul discovers there is a lot to the world than he thought particularly when he finds out those around and about his own hidden powersI admit uite often incubus stories don't do a lot for me as they seem to be merely an excuse for freuent graphic sex scenes and not a whole lot of story Yet this novel while it does indeed have sex scenes most if not all were pertinent to the story as the barriers between Paul and Kian fall during this time and is revealed about them I also liked that both characters grow and deepen with each step of the story and each uncovered new things about themselves and the other There are no real dull points with pacing pretty even throughout The cast of secondary characters were also interesting and in fact I would not be at all surprised to read another story concerning two of them And yeah I am much likely to pick up that story now after reading this one 45 stars

  6. Vivian ♪(┌・。・)┌ says:

    I addoreeddd this book so much This book has a rather raunchy seeming premise to it I mean honestly an incubus They're creatures of sex there has to be raunchiness here somewhereNot only that the first half or so is deceptively fluffy though not overly so thankfully It introduces the cliche ice meets fire passionate and playful man meets cold suit donned corporate shark or some such or anotherBut what I really enjoyed about the fire to ice concept was how to was executed From the beginning you can immediately tell Paul is the cold type But he doesn't seem typically so In fact there is a sense of wrongness about it as if any personality or emotion is locked up And that is what kind of intrigued meKian is very much adorable Sexy loyal and also strangely childlike at timesAnyway the second half is actually where the story earned it's five stars and it perked up uite a lot I don't want to sound like I'm getting into the whole writing jargon thing but when the complication was introduced what other word can I use?? I thought it was very typical but also still enjoyable After that point however it got a lot interestingI really love the whole concept of a Dream walker Cipher how they were described and their abilities in the world Rowan has created Not only that Paul's Dream features what I've come to think of as the Rowan McBride Trademark I don't even know what to call it Muscle growth? Or is it just plain growth in general All I know is it's kind weird to read but not off putting Just weird And intriguing of courseThis book is a really sweet endearing and also surprisingly emotional read It really hits you in all the right places and hits you well I do recommend it especially as a comfort read you would think I have a horrible life with the amount of comfort reads I do

  7. Emanuela ~plastic duck~ says:

    This book is magical in its content and in its atmosphere What I liked The main characters had their own voices Kian is an incubus and he's really a seducer but he's always so refined incredibly classy The words he uses are carefully chosen and they are sweet and arousing at the same time I mean he can really pay a compliment Paul on the other hand is colder and his voice is the rational voice of a lawyer Their behaviour is always in character and when they are together their different personalities mingle into something new but they never lose their individuality The world of magic It's never really explained it's only suggested but we can fully enjoy it without being interrupted with notions or lengthy explanations It's really romantic and emotional You can't help feeling Paul's detachment from life and Kian's attempt to bring down Paul's inner walls It's a beautiful journeyWhat I didn't like I can't tell for sure There were times I felt the story was kind of stuck It had an interesting prologue during which Paul struck me as really nice and courageous In the first part of the book though his cold attitude was difficult to endure I know it had to be that way that was the point but still he seemed a bit dumb I think that's always the problem for characters on the receiving end of a love interest Anyway the end was incredibly movingThis is a book I would highly recommend to the readers who look for an emotional connection between the protagonists and a well written history that takes you to another dimension

  8. Unapologetic_Bookaholic says:

    Paul's Dream had a surprising mix of elements that came together to express a well written paranomal mm romance With wizards incubi and other magical creatures this very well could have turned into any other story in the hands of a less capable author Though I have never read Rowan Mcbride it is obvious she has a rare talent To be able to make you care for her characters as they care for each otherPaul is a lawyer Being a bit cliued saying he is wealthy wears nice suits and has a frosty emotional thermometer Kian is an incubus that sees Paul as a challenge well worth the pursuit He wants to make Paul burn for himThe chemistry that develops between Kian and Paul was such a treat to read From the moment these two share a page you could see the sparks arching between themI loved reading the exchanges between Zakai and Kian Between Kian and Asher Between Asher and Zakai Kian was so sure of himself as an incubus but wary when it came to being around Paul when he developed feelings he was unfamiliar with It really was exciting to see an author create a complex likable character Not just once but over and over again I don't think I have needed there to be a HEA ending Than for Paul and Kian

  9. Juxian says:

    I probably wouldn't read this book if it were by any other author I don't like urban fantasy and have never had a slightest interest in incubi But it was Rowan McBride so I just went ahead and read it and enjoyed it uite a lot It was very nicely written interesting and emotional with very likable main characters and a lot of obstacles to overwhelm before they could reach their HEA I think if you like the genre it'll be a wonderful read for you

  10. Tara says:

    This was my second Rowan McBride book and it won't be my last In this book Kian is an incubus that gets imprisoned by a wizard Paul is a special kind of dream walker but doesn't know it and he saves Kian Now it's four years later and Kian has found Paul to give his thanksThis book was interesting It made me remember why I really like pnr so much McBride has a different take on so classic kind of pnr types And as I said after reading Lone there are so many characters in this book that I would LOVE to find out about As a matter of fact and after checking the author's site I am happy to know that there is another book in this series in progress

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