The Last Bite

The Last Bite➹ [Reading] ➻ The Last Bite By Evangeline Anderson ➮ – Cade is a demon hunter with one distinct advantage he is also a shifter His animal side makes him immune to the deadly venom of demon bites Always a lone wolf Cade is surprised when a young man named Cade is a demon hunter with one distinct advantage he is also a shifter His animal side makes him immune to the deadly venom of demon bites Always a lone wolf Cade is surprised when a young man named David shows up as his door begging to be trained to The Last PDF/EPUB ² hunt and kill the evil forces of the nightBut David is pure human with no immunity to protect him from the deadly demon venom Cade isn't about to turn him since over half of those infected with lycanthropy die Still there's something about the young man with the beautiful eyes that calls to him and Cade decides to train him against his better judgment He takes David into his home and into his heart but not into his bed for despite David's obvious desire he can never bring himself to admit his true feelingsThen the unthinkable happens David is fatally wounded during a demon hunt Only by risking everything and taking David to bed can Cade save the young man who is so much than a protégé For now he must give David The Last Bite the curse of lycanthropy which will either release the wolf within or kill the man he loves Publisher's Note This book contains explicit sexual content graphic language and situations that some readers may find objectionable Anal playintercourse malemale sexual practices.

Evangeline Anderson is a registered MRI tech who would rather be writing And yes she is nerdy enough to have a bumper sticker that says “I’d rather be writing” Honk if you see her She is thirty something and lives in Florida with a husband a son and two cats The Last PDF/EPUB ² She had been writing erotic fiction for her own gratification for a number of years before it occurred to her to try and get paid for.

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  • The Last Bite
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  • 07 March 2014

10 thoughts on “The Last Bite

  1. Monique says:

    This is a novellashort book and I would class it a s a Gay for you read 3 StarsDemon hunters Cade and David are in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains on what was supposed to be a routine hunt tracking Demons Unfortunately they were unaware that the area was also a nesting place and breeding ground for the hell spawn they were dedicated to eliminating Stumbling onto the nest unprepared for what they were facing David is attacked and bitten and unlike Cade who is a wolf shifter and therefore immune to the demon bite David is pure human to whom the poison is fatalThe story is then told in flashbacks going back to the day they met when a scrawny 18 year old kid turns up on his doorstep in answer to an advert he place for an apprentice Demon hunter Cade has no idea why this idealistic kid from the burbs all 5ft 7inches of next to nothing would want to hunt demons but despite his better judgement and his knowledge that David did not have superhuman strength as well as not being immune to the demon bite his inner wolf was calling and he wanted David in his life The wolf could sense the good in the boy and Cade wanted him too but was not sure whyThis book is about Demon hunters so you would think that there would be a bit of action sadly not although we are treated to uite a bit of sex for such a short read and they aren't even Gay Cade concerned with David's nightmares after a hunting invites David to share his bed where he is able to comfort him and relieve any stress from the hunt he does this by bringing him to release In Cade's mind David is his pack and as Alpha he is responsible for him wants to nurture and protect what is his David just adores him and wants to reciprocate but Cade is adamant that his motives are simply to care for and protect him Confusedthe wolf gets it the other two are just a bit slow on the uptake There wasn't enough time in this book to develop the characters or their relationship it bordered on dipping into a Ds relationship David calls him Master and he is eager to please and follow direction in the bedroom he is Cade's Cub and behaves as a Cub would and submits to his Master this is where it lacked substance and although it was a sweet relationship I would have liked a bit story

  2. Unapologetic_Bookaholic says:

    45 of 5 reallygiven it was only a novella but goodWithout giving too much away about this mm shifter romance novella It is safe to say that if your looking for well developed well liked characters a tight fast moving plot an easy yet emotional read took me a couple hours tops and the highly praised heat that only Evangeline Anderson can bring to a mere 77 pages Then you will enjoy this book

  3. Diane says:

    It's all about werewolf love This is a wonderful and unbelievably hot story The sexual tension and affection between the two main characters a werewolf and a human is palpable If you are a fan of Evangeline Anderson this is a must have and if you are not give The Last Bite a chance It is a uick read and you won't regret it

  4. Ayanna says:

    It was good ish and then it was okay and then it became porn for the sake of porn with excuse plot And I guess I just have a thing against flashbacks but still Flashbacks are a really awk way of telling a story unless it's something like Memento and the lost memories are kind of the point On a somewhat unrelated read completely unrelated side note I've found that mm really is ratheridk Can't find the adjective That whole when you go mm you can't go back kind of thing? I find that with my drabblesficlets I simply can't make it not mm It was really awk cuz I was trying not to shock my writers' club and strugglingand then going fuck it and just writing the MCs gayAnyways Story Well 2nd star because it WAS good you know Before it you know became All About SexOh almost forgot to mention the wangst Oh the wangst Okay he's definitely going to live a'right? He's your LI There's no way the LI's gonna die Sheesh Anyways there's a total Beauty and the Beast moment view spoilerNO Don't die You can't die I love you sobs uncontrollably LI magically comes back to life WOOT rolls eyes hide spoiler

  5. Clerah says:

    I had a hard time getting through this 77 page book The book overall wasn't that bad I just wasn't really getting into it Maybe it was because I wasn't really in the mood Who knows I'm usually a huge fan of Evangeline Anderson but this book was kind of a disappointment for me What I did think was interesting about this book is that most of the characters interaction was told through flashbacks Maybe that is what bugged me everything was in the past until the last main event I didn't hate it but I didn't love it either

  6. Emily Moore says:

    35 starshttpthreedollarbillreviewscom201An extremely detailed blurb tells you most of what you need to know here Cade is a demon hunter but he’s also a wolf shifter This makes him even proficient as a hunter since being a shifter makes him powerful and specifically immune to all demon bitesHe has always been a lone wolf working alone but after a particularly rough hunt he spontaneously posts an ad on craigslist to find a partner to work with him After six months he assumes there will be no answer until young David shows up at his door David is pure human and only seventeen but is driven and has a deep desire to hunt and kill as many demons as possibleFor years Cade and David work together side by side beginning with David’s intense training as the young man becomes Cade’s protégé Cade uickly comes to care deeply for David and is determined to keep him safe despite the high level of danger related to their job When a hunt one night finds them walking into a nest instead of the one or two demons they had expected David is unable to fight back the attack and ends up covered in bites that immediately begin to poison his soul Cade is desperate to help David but must decide to what lengths he is willing to go to save DavidI first discovered Evangeline Anderson through her story The Assignment which I read near the beginning of my foray into mm fiction I loved the story and got immediately engrossed in the characters I have read several of Anderson’s stories and when I wanted to read a werewolf tale I picked this out of my TBR list What I didn’t know is what this story held in store for me It’s not a typical werewolf story by any means The most important thing is that Cade is a demon hunter and being a shifter is another piece of his arsenal of protection against those he is driven to eliminateThe story has a very fast paced feel and is constructed like a web It begins in the present as Cade is trying to get David to safety and aide The story jumps to the past telling the story of how Cade and David met and what they have been through over their years together The flashbacks are a mixture from Cade’s point of view and others from David so there is a good balance between the two The flashbacks are all driving to their current predicament in the present and that’s where the ending comes inI liked that this isn’t your typical shifter story that there is a detailed paranormal aspect that is integral to the story Anderson integrates many of the facets that are typical of shifter stories but picks a few to really focus on such as the submission of pack members to the alpha and the connection and bonding among pack members Cade has for so long been a lone wolf but the appearance of David in his life creates his own packThere are intense feelings between Cade and David ones that neither man is willing to admit to which is common within Anderson’s stories Both men have to admit their feelings before they can move forward which is not an easy taskI enjoyed the story uite a bit and didn’t put it down until I reached the end but at times I wanted to strangle both men There is a lot of sexual content in the story well before either of them have admitted how deep their feelings run And here is where my biggest frustration enters the pictures This is an issue that I am finding is common to uite a few stories in the mm genre which is both frustrating and disturbingHe had long ago stopped thinking of his protégé as straight but he didn’t think of David as gay either He was simply a lost kid who had come to Cade for guidance and somehow taken hold of his heart And Cade himself was simply a lone wolf — someone who had never needed anyoneThe men care for one another struggle to admit they love one another But they aren’t gay Cade gives David a handjob and a blowjob and makes David submit by inserting the head of his cock into David’s ass But they aren’t gay David has found his way into Cade’s heart and David would do anything for his mentor and alpha master But they aren’t gayI understand that often it’s hard to pick a label for a character as labels can be restrictive and too rigid but I do not understand why an author who writes a story about two men who love each other feels the need to make it abundantly clear that the men are not gay It’s the “yeah they aren’t straight but they totally aren’t gay” aka “gay for you” mentality that I’ve read often in books and I just don’t understand And the real problem with this element of stories is that it usually lowers my overall enjoyment of a storyThat is what happened here as well and a story that overall I did enjoy uite a bit was lessened by the author’s insistence that the characters “aren’t gay” They seem uite gay to me and the assertion that they aren’t makes it seems that there is something wrong with the characters being perceived as gay and sheds an unfortunate but unavoidable homophobic light on the story I uestion why an author would include something like this in a book being marketed as LGBT I understand that the majority of readers of a book like this will be straight women and I would hope that readers would recognize how derogatory and exclusionary comments like those are The story would have been perfectly fine without the “don’t forget these boys aren’t gay” insertions and I argue that it would have in fact been betterIt’s very possible that many readers will not stumble over the “gay for you” addition to the plot and will enjoy the characters and the sex I did like the story but my overall impression is unavoidably tainted

  7. Elisa Rolle says:

    Cade is a werewolf and a demon hunter Thanks to his supernatural nature he is immune to demon bites and so he is a very good demon slayer but he is alone He chose long ago the hunter life to avenge the death of all his family and even when an alpha proposed him to be part of a pack he refused Now years later he has a chance to not be alone David a very young guy barely eighteen asks him to be his apprenticeCade takes David in and makes him pack and for Cade this means treating David like a cub embracing him at night when the kid has nightmares and giving him a blow job or two when he is agitated after an hunting well for sure David likes the treating and he would be happy to reciprocate but Cade seems to believe that if he allows to the kid to go even further in their sexual exploration he will be scared by the idea to be gay All right this is maybe one of the thing I don't exactly understand how can Cade believe that David is not gay? The kid likes to much what they do together and he also tried in the past to reciprocate when Cade was sleeping and only cause Cade interrupted him the kid didn't finish And then he is too eager to do to not being desperately in love and totally gayIn the end the decision is taken to Cade since David is badly wounded and only becoming a werewolf he could survive If he manages to remain alive through the changingThe story is not very long less than 80 pages and it has a strange structure the main story is a night on Cade and David's life the night when David is wounded; throught the night both Cade and David remember how they met and what they shared in the past to at the end of the night arriving to the finally decision turning or not turning David? And since it seems that bodily fluid exchange of every nature allows a better changing the procedure can be pretty erotic bordering in almost hard

  8. Jimmy Hanson says:

    A good intro into Evangeline Anderson's works and what I consider to be one of her better novels or in this case novella The way David and Cade meet is kind of loose not uite ridiculous but not even remotely believable either Both of their reasons for hunting the demons is touched on briefly but never truly gone into detail enough to make us care exactly HOW they got to the point they are just that they're THEREWhich is essentially a good description of the whole novella; it's not so much what has happened in the past so much as what is happening NOW David is poisoned and near death and Cade can save himI like how the story was transitioned from 'current' day and back to an instance that happened before and then back again; Anderson does the separation of scenes well better than a lot of other readers I've run across I also like how not everything happened in a wild rush not EVERY instance of them getting comfortable and progressive in their relationship happens over the span of a night a week or a month Rather four years pass with only a few brief scenes of gathering attraction between themI would have liked for the whole story to have been longer for their family histories to be brought up a bit their actual fights with the demons etc Yet for the point Anderson was trying to put across in this case that love can grow despite any circumstance it was all done extremely wellAnd of course the schmexy werewolf aspect of it didn't hurt any either ^

  9. mlady_rebecca says:

    Not uite as good as the last two books I read by this author The book kind of jumps into the middle of the action and tells the back story via flashbacks I've seen that work successfully I'm not sure it did this time It reminded me of the writing adage show don't tell I think the flashbacks did too much telling how much the couple was in love and not uite enough showingThe demons also reminded me uite a bit of Supernatural which I initially enjoyed but have soured on It's bad when a show gets too weird for me gOverall decent read but not as stand out as Slave Boy and Eyes Like a Wolf I'm sure I'll give this author another go

  10. Laylatusakeena says:

    This story is about the demon hunter that fall in love with his protege The demon hunter is a tall dark lone wolf and the protege is a young innocent boy with desire to hunt demons for shake to revenge his sister's death Anderson develop their relationship as master apprentice until then be as lover After their last hunt the protege was hurt badly on the verge of death and his master has to take the last bite to save him This story is full of darkness I think lol and i'm so carried away while reading it Once in the past I've made story with the plot just like this but I've never finished it lol I guess I have to continue write it again after I've got lot of aspiration from Anderson ;

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